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Howdy from West Farmington – By Mrs. Rudy Kathryn Detweiler


Nov. 24, 2017: It’s already time to write another letter. How time flies. Today is Black Friday and I am sure many happy shoppers are out there. Our daughters and I decided to wait until tomorrow. Maybe then part of the rush will be over.

We are getting older, but I almost feel like a child again as I sit in the basement and wrap all the grandchildren’s and adults’ Christmas gifts. It’s a thrill to again hear the Christmas carols, the greetings. And to see the cards coming from our loved ones.

Also, there is a feeling of sadness when thinking of all the lonely and sick-of-heart people, and of our loved ones who God has called away from this earth in the year of 2017. When a new year starts, it is an unknown year but when the old year is closed, it is full of grief and joys and only memories remain.

We felt honored to have a Visiting Group here Tuesday night, and thanks to (Jam) Andy Miller on Burton Windsor Road for choosing us. A lot of reminiscing was done of when they lived across the street on the Bill Clark farm years ago when his wife Esther was still living. (She died Dec. 2, 2010 from cancer.) Coming along was (Derby Dan) Mary Miller (87). Widow Vernon Linda, Paul and Laura Miller, Joe and Ada Miller, Jonas and Linda Miller, and Miriam (11) daughter of Timothy and Marie Miller.

Ouch! (Homers) Wally Yoder is under doctor’s care when he was replacing glass on their stove door. A piece broke and flew into his eye. He has a severe injury and doesn’t know if he will be able to see with it again.

Son John R. and Laura Detweiler family treated us and son Marty and Lori and family to a delicious turkey dinner yesterday. Going along and enjoying the day was widower Aden Yoder, while Homer Martha Yoder attended the wedding at (Ada Joes) Mose Millers and one of Nevin Lizzie Troyers sons.

September Days

By Mrs. Rudy Kathryn Detweiler


What a magic time … September.

When the summer and the fall,

Combine to make a season,

Enjoyable for all!

The goldenrod is yellow,

The corn is turning brown.

The trees in the apple orchard,

With fruits are bending down.

The day is getting shorter,

Followed by a chilly night.

Geese are flying in a V,

Preparing for their flight.

Aug. 31, 2017: Good morning everyone. Before I start my busy day, it’s time to get this letter done, deadline being tomorrow. Who can believe it will be mid – September (Lord willing.) When we see all the mums, apples, etc. at the roadside stands, we know it is here,.Us ladies are busy with the Autumn Harvest … canning corn, tomatoes, peaches, apples … the list goes on and on. We are thankful to our Great Creator for the bountiful harvest He sent us once again.

Family reunions are here to get together before winter arrives. On Labor Day, Rudy’s side of the family plans to go to Orwell Park for his brother John’s 50th birthday. Their daughters and his wife Sara planned the event. We need to pack our own lunches, but we will plan and call Domino Pizza in Orwell for our lunch.

Our annual camping cookout gathering is held at Danny and Mary Troyer’s on Wilcox Road (Kurtz residence) where Marvin and Emma Kauffman, son Marty’s, Joe Kurtz Malinda and son Dan Kurtz and we get together on Sunday night. They also have church at their place on Sunday. Our church is planned at Amos and Kathy Hostetler’s where six young girls plan to be baptized.

Mothers are busy getting their children ready to go back to school after Labor Day. We watch 5-year-old Mary Ann (Marty’s) go on the big bus to Bristol School Kindergarten with a few tears falling.

Rudy and I enjoyed the day Monday traveling with Plain Country scribe Katherine Byler and her hubby Joe, Andy and Ida D. A. Millers, Crist J. S. and Barbara Ann Miller, Joe J. S. and Tillie Miller, and Poley and Ruth Byler to the home of Daniel Jr. and Sara Ann Byler. Glad to see they are both better, although not able to work.

My husband Rudy is ready to go to the doctor this morning (3 times in 1 week). We went to Trumbull Memorial Hospital ER last week … CAT scans, MRI tests, etc. were done with gallbladder, colon, and prostate showing some problems. We had to cancel a trip to Virginia, creating some sad faces for our girls.

Our visiting night was enjoyed at the home of 90 year old Bishop Mel and Fannie (88 years) Yoder’s in Parkman. Yogi Maryann was missing with heart problems and seeing a foot doctor also. There were Lester and Sara Hostetler, Emanuel and Maryann Stoltzfus, Ray and Sue Burkholder, Yogi Miller, Mel Kathryn Byler and us.

Enjoy the beautiful autumn!

Where Did Summer Go?

By Mrs. Rudy Kathryn Detweiler


I wonder where the summer went.

It had so short a stay.

Why, seems a few short weeks ago,

‘Twas Memorial Day.

We sang of “Good Old Summertime”.

And on the last refrain,

Resorts were closed … tis Labor Day,

And summer’s gone again.
We’ve traveled through the countryside.

We’ve picnicked in the park,

Devoured so many hot dogs,

It’s a wonder we don’t bark.

Next week the children return to school,

All dressed for the occasion.

They’ll study 9 long months before,

Next year’s summer vacation.

July 16, 2017: Since we have a busy week ahead cooking and catering, I will write my letter today … or I’d probably not get it done at all. I see the due date is July 21.

We were saddened to hear (Bishop) Erfs daughter Linda who lives on Penniman Road is having tests since her cancer came back, and Bishop Eli Troyer on Donley Road did not get good news from the doctor. It was that dreaded word “cancer” at several places.

Joey and Mary Esther Detweiler (Rudy’s brother) and the children of “late” John and Ada Gingerich had a family silent auction to raise money for a needy family. They used to do this every year when their Mother was still living, to pay her bills, so they keep this tradition and give the money to somebody needy. After all, John and Ada had 17 children.

Mrs. David Emma Detweiler in our church got the shocking news her dad, widower Mr. Neil Fisher from Reeves Road, was in a car and buggy accident. She hurried to the hospital and was glad he wasn’t hurt as badly as they thought. The buggy was in pieces, hit by an elderly taxi driver somewhere on Bundysburg Road.

We were glad to see daughters Miriam and Kathy come home 7:00 Monday when they got off the Amtrack train in Cleveland, having been gone Wednesday to Monday to a single girls gathering at Laplata Missouri. This is a yearly event. There were 356 girls from 14 states attending. A group (local) traveled together on the train.

There were many visitors in our church at Minister Marlin and Fannie Kauffmans, namely Bishop Sam and Nancy Kemph, Minister Adam Bontrager, Minister Cory Joes Mahlons Ray, Minister Mel and Alma Kauffman, Minister Noah (Busters) Schrock, Deacon Stef Yoders Joe, Aden and Miriam Miller, Danny Schrock and 6 children, and John and Ruth Miller (Guernsey County).

Nelson and Barbara Millers had a Miller reunion on his side on Saturday since it was a year ago that his mother, Mrs. Rob Emma Miller, passed away. She is missed by all who knew her.

Our annual Detweiler-Shetler family reunion on my side was held yeaterday at sister Joe and Martha Bylers (Donely Road), our old homested, with a good turnout.  There was a busload from Kentucky, the Poor Dave Juniors, Robert Gingeriches, brother Freeman Detweiler families and others. Locals were the Crist Bylers, Joe Bylers, Dan Hershbergers, Dewey Detweilers, Albert Kauffmans and us and brother John’s family from Quaker City, Ohio.

Widow Uri Crist Lizzie Ann woke up one night and couldn’t walk. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance with staff infection, gout, and arthritis in her knee from after knee surgery. She was in hospital for 8 days and is being taken care of at home by her family for 6 weeks.

We were glad to see son Marty and Lori and 7 children come home from their fishing and camping trip for 2 weeks at Lake Erie, They rented a cottage at Kelly’s Island. They had over 200 fish altogether. It was lonely around here and quiet without them.

Danny and Mary Troyers, widow Joe Kurtz Malinda, Dan Kurtzs, and Billy and Malinda Millers took supper and reminded Mrs. John (son) Laura Detweiler of her birthday Sunday evening.

A load of us ladies were to Hartville Flea Market on Friday. It was open Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday until 5 p.m. It covered 12 acres and hosted up to 200 vendors. Going were Mrs. Les Fan, Mrs. Andy Barb, Mrs. Milo Mary, our daughters Leah and Kathy, Mrs. Eli Alta Byler, widow Harvey Fisher Mattie and me. A fun day!

June 18, 2017: We couldn’t wait for summer and now it’s here, full blast with temperatures in the 90’s all week long! Florida had nothing over our weather now and I doubt many would want to go there (unless, maybe, to cool off at the ocean, huh?). The days of sunshine are such a beauty, but we do need rain desperately, for the garden! Maybe today? It’s in the forecast!!)

How many of you travelers who traveled along to Yosemite National Park in California 2 years ago with Stutzman Bus Tour read in the paper about the big rock slide they had? Four thousand tons of rock fell from a cliff off the mountain, hit a ledge, breaking into pieces blocking a 1,000 foot wide entrance that 800,000 visitors use to get into Yosemite Valley. I wonder if that was the entrance we took. (Called Portal Road, continues off Highway 140.)

Bishop Crist D. Miller church district was held at Milo’s Dan and Betty Detweiler. Visitors were their son Danny Ray and Kathy Detweiler’s and many young folks. Church is planned to be at Roy and Miriam Millers next. (I just have to write this and hope he won’t read it.) My husband Rudy put on quite the show in church during services when his chair broke down.

Now, I have to tattle on myself … I fell and flew across the living room floor, suffering an aching head and sore bones. Today was a good day to soak up the sunshine for Vitamin D and to lie on the earth for aching bones. Thankful to go for x-rays Tuesday … getting old is not for wimps.

Last night there were huge fireworks in Middlefield when they had Community Days. They could be seen and heard for many miles away.

Dr. Albert Evans, 87, passed away on June 6 in Middlefield. He was a dedicated physician who delivered over 3000 babies. (He delivered several of ours.) He donated land for the Birthing Center and was very active in the Community.

This is now Monday morning and want to get this in the mail so Jacquie doesn’t have to drive down and pick it up. This week will be a busy one for us getting ready for the Farmington Community (80+) Yard Sales. Am also planning to go to son David Mullets in Atlantic Pa. on Saturday where they have the huge Pennsylvania Benefit Auction on their farm.

Yesterday was enjoyable when a load of us traveled to Guys Mills, Pa. to the home of Daniel (Junior) and Sara Ann Byler for Junior’s 74th birthday. They both can’t do much anymore. Going were Bishop Marvin and Sara Detweiler, (Crawford Urie) Junior and Susan Byler, Nelson and Barbara Miller, Minister Crist J.S…. and Barbara Ann Miller, and Bill Stutzman, and Rudy and me. A lot of reminiscing was done.

And we drove in and out of storms and hard rain, so we feel blessed and refreshed, as the ground is soaked!

Thinking of My Father

By Mrs. Rudy Kathryn Detweiler

Deep in our hearts are memories,

More precious than silver and gold.

Everything he taught us,

Will never grow old.

I always thought my dad was so strict when I was growing up, but he taught us to keep our faith and have Christ first in all we do. He was a hard working farmer who always told us “work is my hobby” and he handed this hobby down to all us children. He was my teacher, my leader, my guide. I liked being with him, right there at his side. Happy Fathers Day in Heaven, Dad.

“Peace is the beauty of life. It is sunshine. It is the smile of a child, the love of a mother, the joy of a father, the togetherness of a family. It is the advancement of man, the victory of a just cause, the triumph of truth.” 

   ~ Menachem Begin

“One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.”   ~ George Herbert

“Mothers play an important role as the heart of the home, but this in no way lessens the equally important role fathers should play, as head of the home, in nurturing, training, and loving their children.”

    ~ Ezra Taft Benson

“A dad is someone who wants to catch you before you fall but instead picks you up, brushes you off, and lets you try again. “ ~ Anon

April 26, 2017: Paper says 80 degrees today and the sun is already coming up so beautiful at 7 a.m.

It’s time to think about planting our big garden. Rudy got a big load of mushroom compost and last night when son Marty was spreading it on the garden, it stank so bad we couldn’t stand it outdoors. Even the little children held their nostrils shut and said, “Phew!”

Our thoughts are with my brother-in-law Dan J. Hershberger when he goes for surgery for the cancer in his mouth (gums and jawbone). The doctor plans to take a small bone out of his foot and put it in the jaw. May 3 is the date for surgery. They live on 17121 Tavern Road, Middlefield, 44062 if someone wants to send a line of cheer. He is married to sister Linda.

We felt honored to do the dinner here for my first cousin, widower Mels Freeman Miller (his big 70th) on Larson West Road. His daughter Amanda (Feffy) David Miller family booked the dinner for him and it was enjoyable.

This Saturday is the Benefit Dinner in West Farmington Senior Center for Linda Vanhorn who used to have Farmington Hardware (where Robert Detweiler has his now). Some of us were asked to bake, etc. I want to make several cream cheese pecan pies.

In our paper, “Warren Tribune” was a letter that said in 2016 an estimated 90,000 or more Christians worldwide died for their faith. Most of these deaths occurred in the Muslim nations in the Middle East.

For Mothers Day … A Young Mother’s Psalm

By Mrs. Rudy Kathryn Detweiler

My children get me to clean; I shall not want.

They make me to lie down on crumb-y couches; they lead me across muddy floors.

They give unto me more cleaning when they lead me through paths of doggie poop (and we step in some) to see the new baby puppies … for their sake.

Yea, though I wash piles of icky sticky dishes and walk daily in the valley of my basement, washing piles of smelly laundry, I will fear no nakedness, for we are blessed with so much.

They prepare the table before me and spill water beside each one’s plate. In the presence of my husband and me, they eat spaghetti until their chins and noses are stained with sauce.

After being cleaned up, they run to the sandbox and their heads are anointed with sand. My cup of impatience runs over.

Sure children (and if the Lord tarries, grandchildren, too) along with brooms, rags and mops shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall be cleaning forever…

It was the ending of time and the beginning of time.

It was darkness and it was night.

It was tears and it was hope,

It was the crucifixion of Christ and a Resurrection Day.

Happy Easter to everyone!

March 27, 2017: A joyous time of year to see everything turn green!

Widow Nancy (John Henry) Mast is enjoying her many cards and visitors as she suffers cancer. Bishop Crist D. Miller’s church made up a money basket bouquet. Nancy receives loving care where she lives from her daughter (Harleys) Bill and Barbara Hochstetlers, 7283 Girdle Rd. West Farmington, Ohio, 44491. All her family take turns to stay with her. On Monday night, visitors there were Mrs. Lester Sara Hostetler, Mrs. Emanuel Maryann Stoltzfus, Mrs. Harley Martha Hochstetler, Miss Linda (Bill) Mullet, Miss Jennifer (Lee) Bontrager, myself and daughters Leah, Miriam and Kathy.

Visitors at Marty and Lori Detweilers for a pizza supper were Homer and Martha Yoder of Clark Road and their marrieds Willy and Erma; Robbie and Laura Masts; Widower Aden Yoder; Les and Rosa and family; Homer Jr. and Kathryn and family, and us.

We visited some with Deacon Mike Slabaugh at their Salvage Store and so glad he has fairly well recovered from his illness. But he has to be careful about lifting. One day, he was hauling wood … well, to make a long story short, he got some doctor orders … and some family orders … to be more careful.

Two van loads traveled to Guernsey County to church last Sunday at daughter John and Ruth Millers. Going were Delbert and Rosanna Kurtzs, Minister (Corey Joes Mahlons) Ray, and Deacon Leroy and Mary Ellen Hershbergers. On our load were Eli and Alta Byler and daughter Kathryn, Wilmer and Liz Millers, Rudy, me and Leah, Miriam and Kathy.

We missed church at Amos and Kathy Hostetlers where they had visitors: Minister Owen and Martha Mullet, Deacon Marvin and Mary Ellen Hostetlers, Bishop John Schrocks, Minister Norman and Viola Byler, Deacon Rudy and Marie Bylers and Amos and marrieds. Church is planned to be at Bishop Crist and Esther’s place next.

Was an enjoyable day Wednesday when a van load of us traveled to Knox, Pennsylvania along with sister Joe Martha Byler and her daughters, Andrew Ruth Hershberger, Al Barb Miller, Dan Betty Detweiler, myself and daughters. An extra special guest was daughter John Ruth from Guernsey County who came and went along.

Having a 70th birthday celebration for sister Crist Ida Byler were all 8 of us sisters and Dewey Emma. Coming from Kentucky was Junior Barb, Les Maryann, and Rob Sue. Locals were Albert Kauffman Alma, Dan Linda, Joe Martha and myself. We were happily catered to by Crist’s girls, Jacob Sue, David Maryann, Marty Miriam, Marvin Esther, and Ben Ida Mae. Every time one of us sisters turns 70, we have an all-nighter (two days) together. Ida is the third one to turn 70. Much could be written … not much sleep involved … we’ll leave it at that. Many memories!

Feb. 14, 2017. It’s perfect sugaring weather, when we see the sugarhouses steaming.  I feel Spring is in the air, our woodpile is getting low so enjoy days like today 53 degrees…when it doesn’t take so much wood.

Today we got our Middlefield Post and Plain Country Issue, my last letter in that issue was written Dec. 31.  I guess I got the dates mixed up as this week is the deadline for the March 1 issue already.

Today is Valentine’s Day and had a nice surprise when I came home with some beautiful flower arrangements on the table from hubby and our daughter. Also, a group of us ladies had a fun day at Mrs. Eli Alta Bylers for a Valentine Chinese gift exchange.  From Guernsey County was Willis Anna Mary Miller, Mrs. Les Marcia Yoder, from here was Mrs. John (Smily) Barbara Byler, Mrs. Harvey Mattie Fisher, Mrs. Lester Clara Fisher, Mrs. Milo Mary Detweiler, Mrs. Robbie Cindy Burkholder, Mrs. Freeman Edna Mullet, Mrs. Quake Clara Byler, Mrs. William Liz Miller, Mrs. Norman Miriam Miller, myself, Miriam and Kathy.

Rudy and Bishop Joe W. Byler and John Weaver and Skip Weaver visited Bill Weaver who is suffering with cancer.  He doesn’t have a lot of pain and can sleep well he said.  He has cancer in the liver and pancreas, 4th stage.  He is not taking any chemo.

Roadside Trash

By Mrs. Rudy Kathryn Detweiler

Since the snow has melted and we drive along the roads, we wonder why anybody would want to throw so much trash along the ditches and countryside?

I don’t like to see our roadsides

All littered with trash

Why don’t people pick it up

And turn it into cash?

Recycling centers take pop cans

Glass jars, aluminum and such

Being clean, neat. Tidy

Should be among us “Dutch”.

Beer cans, pop cans, paper trash

What does this all mean?

Let’s all stick together and try hard

To keep our Countryside clean…

We  wouldn’t do it at home, why do it when going somewhere else?

From My Garden Dreaming Scrapbook

“Who plants a seed beneath the sod and waits to see, believes in God.”

It is not too early to start potato plants … put a sweet potato in a jar with water so half of the potato is in water. When it gets shoots, break these off and stick them in the ground like tomato plants (when the frost is over). When they get runners, put them in a row and cover lightly with dirt. They like poor soil and no fertilizer.

When planting onion seed, we like to plant radish seed with the onion. It will be easier to see the tiny onion shoots. We plant radish seed with carrots also. (Vidalia onions are the sweetest.)

It is the time of year to take care of grape vines. We put 2 cups common table salt around each vine about 6 inches away from the main stalk. Also put 1 tablespoon sulfur around each stalk and hoe this into the ground, then mulch. It’s best to do this in February or March. They like wood ash, calcium lime also. Instead of table salt, you can use Epson Salts.

For early eating potatoes, plant in March and April. For winter keepers, plant on or about July 4th.

Rhubarb is already coming up. They like wood ashes and manure. Submitted by Mrs. Rudy Kathryn Detweiler

Dec. 31, 2016: First of all, I want to thank Barbara Fontanelle for the Vinny’s Gift Card for Christmas. I can’t wait to use it. Italian is my favorite food!!

Also, thank you to Jacquie Foote for the Dairy Queen Gift Card. It will be enjoyed. Many thanks to both of you!

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and we wish every one a Happy New Year! Rudy, the girls and I are ready to go over to Sam Marty and Lori and family. They made a freezer of homemade ice cream and I made one, too, with the fresh fallen snow again … all hand cranked. They expect more company, Sam and Edna Yoders and Homer and Maryann Yoders. I don’t know yet if we’ll watch New Year come in at midnight. Guess it depends on how tired we get.

We were glad to hear the good news that my nephew Samuel and Caitlyn Kauffman’s baby Samuel came home from the hospital, being there since birth. It is their first baby. First time grandparents are Albert and Alma Kauffman and Nubs Bill and Marlene Detweiler.

Enjoying a Christmas evening at (Crawford Urie) Junny and Susan Bylers on December 30 were Nelson and Barbara Millers, Andy and Laurie Hostetlers Jr., Bishop Jake and Betz Gingerich, David and Missy Milers Jr., Eli and Angie Millers, Rudy, I and the girls, Leah, Miriam and Kathy. We played games and had Chinese gift exchange… twas fun!

Bill Stutzman was missing, as he wasn’t feeling the best as was in the hospital three days over Christmas. We missed all the others that used to be with us.

Let’s remember the sick and the lonely in our prayers.

Nov. 25, 2016: We hope everybody is keeping warm and happy. Brrr, this is our coldest morning … 22 degrees … but not too bad as I sit here at my desk with hot coffee and a thick housecoat. When I decide I had enough coffee, I have a thermos mug of just plain old boiling hot water I sip to keep warm and cozy!

There is no snow which is good for those going to work, etc. We had a bad experience coming home from Pittsburg Babies and Children Hospital on Nov. 20. Rudy and I and our three daughters picked up son Davids in Atlantic, Pa. to go see the baby born to grandson David Jr. and Emma Mullet. He is in the hospital since he was born and has to stay until around Christmas. The tube that the food uses to go to the stomach was not connected.

The only thing that keeps him alive is the hospital’s feeding tube. The doctors will do a scope to see if his tube has grown long enough to connect it to his stomach. Anyways, coming home on Route 79, I never saw such hazardous snow and icy roads with so many accidents on the hills and curves. It did not look nice in the dark with the long rows of traffic, ambulances and police flashing lights all over. Some cars were upside down, others in ditches. One vehicle went down a steep cliff.

We had an excellent driver, Lisa from Montville, but most important of course, a Higher Hand was guiding us. Home looked so good that night! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and we wish everyone a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving enjoying turkey and all the trimmings. We’ll enjoy ours over at son Marty’s along with some of Lori’s family.

Oct. 24, 2016: It was a beautiful drive with all the fall colors yesterday when a load of us traveled the three-hour drive to Guernsey County to church. Rudy’s nephew, Minister “Andy’s” Marty Detweiler, called Monday and asked if we would get a load. Our Bishop Crist D. Miller, Minister Milo and Mary Detweiler and Sarah and Ada, Deacon Allen and Martha Kemph all from our church went along and also Rudy’s nephew Andys Mel and Susie Detweiler on Route 534 went.

We had a good day. This was in Bishop Owen Fisher district. Those of us who took supper for son John R. Detweiler’s 46th birthday were Albert and Alma Miller, Marvin and Emma Kauffman, Billy and Malinda Millers, Widow Joe Kurtz Malinda, Dan Kurtz, Marty and Lori Detweilers and us. Our feathered friends need to be remembered as the weather turns cooler. A good way to fill the feeders is to remove the spray cap from a garden watering can. The spout fits into feeders with small openings and seeds pour out easily. Crist D. Miller church was held at Allen (Harleys) and Jo Ann Hochstetlers, with welcome visitors Deacon John (Jake Mary Ellen) and Marie Miller, Joe and Ida Eicher, Joe Jr. and Pollyanna Eicher, Menno and Laura Eicher, Daniel and Barbara Bylers, William and Elizabeth Benders, and Kathryn and Ida Mae Eichers. Several of the Eichers are deaf, so the others help with sign language so they understand what the ministers are saying. (Makes me feel quite guilty I don’t appreciate hearing like I should.)

Church is planned to be at Amos (Lester) Hostetlers next, hoping that Lester can attend. Mrs. Sara Hostetler attended again after missing a long time, since Lester’s heart surgery. Also, we were glad to have daughter-in-law Marty Lori back in church with the new baby. Reminding widow Mel Shetler Maurine about her 78th birthday Monday evening was Minister Andy and Ida Miller, Deacon Mike and Emma Slabaugh, Rudy and I, also, Allen and Clara Mae Mullet and Aaron Shetler joined for a while. Allen Mullet Family and Mel Maurine Shetler traveled with the Green Country Tours and enjoyed the peak of beauty fall scenery in the famous Smokey Mountains.

Oct. 5, 2016: The harvest is gathered in; we have so much! God has blessed our land again. Pumpkins and mums are the colorful scenes at this time of year! Big news is another baby girl, named Marcia, here at son Marty and Lori Detweiler. Now, we have five little girls to enjoy and spoil, and two boys also. Other grandparents are Atlee and Erma Bylers. Our old house over there where we lived 40-plus years is being torn apart and remodeled by Martys. I had to drop a few tears.

Last night, our visiting group took supper, cake and ice cream to Lester and Sarah Hostetlers for Sarah’s 79th birthday and Lester’s 83rd birthday. Lester is slowly gaining after his massive heart attack and open-heart surgery. Laugh of the evening was when this lady walked to Farmington Hardware (so she thought). She put the mailbox sign up and away she went, glad her letters were mailed. On her way home, the lady stopped to see if the mailman took her letters. No mail. Sign still up. She thought this was the first time we never got some kind of mail and put the sign down.

When she got in the house, there the letters she thought she put into the mailbox. Do you know of any Burkholders on Girdle Road, West Farmington? Who could this be … smile! Did you ever hear of the old lady who took her letters to the mailbox? When she got there, she couldn’t remember if she had put letters in the mailbox or had taken them out. So she opened them and found that she had opened her own letters … the ones she had taken out to mail! Mrs. Milo Mary Detweiler and I walked 3 miles today down 534 to brother John and Sara Detweilers where they had Open House for her Mom, Mrs. (widow) Mahlon Fisher Ada’s 75th birthday. There were lots of people; the house was full.

Ada has been very sick for a year. She still gets those headaches, etc. even though she’s on high doses of predosone. She has her home at daughter Jake and Dorothy Bylers on Girdle Road. In the afternoon, we walked down Larson West Road to (Moni) Mel and Laura Bylers where she cares for her Mom (Widow) Jonas Troyer Fan who fell at church and has her arm in a sling. She can’t use her right arm.

Aug. 28, 2016: Hello, everyone, on a humid Monday morning. Signs of autumn are sneaking in on us … school’s re-opening … days are shorter. Hubby and girls all left for work, and I have a patch of sweet corn to keep me busy today. We are glad to report that Lester Hostetler, age 82, is finally getting better after a massive heart attack. It’s almost 2 weeks he has been at St. Elizabeth Hospital where he had open heart surgery. We have been friends and neighbors close to 50 years.

Once a year, we Detweiler ladies enjoy a fun day at the Hartville Flea Market. Going Friday was Elmer Yoder Mary, Andy Barb, John Sarah, Milo Mary, Nub Fan, myself and daughters Leah and Kathy. Joey Detweiler Mary Esther found out her Mom, John Gingerich Ada, in Burton went into a coma and couldn’t go along with us. Joe Ada and Sam Maryann also missed out. Later, Mary Esther’s Mom passed away, age 83. She was lovingly cared for and lived at her daughter’s, Deacon Allen and Susan Slabaugh. She leaves behind 17 children, all living, nine sons and eight daughters.

They say big families are more fun. She always looked young, even when she was bedfast. We had an enjoyable evening last night when Bishop Marvin and Sara Jane Detweiler, Nelson and Barbara Millers, and Andy and Laura Hostetlers came and were our supper guests. It was planned for Nelson’s late 60th birthday. I want to thank everyone for what was done for my 74th birthday … the surprises, cards, flowers, etc.

Our newspaper carrier for the Warren Tribune was arrested Thursday morning, 4:20 a.m. by police after she and her male driver were taking mail out of the mailboxes on Gates Road and surrounding areas. A deputy put some mail inside a mailbox on Girdle Road at 3:30 a.m. When the Carrier arrived at 4:20 a.m., the mail was missing and they were caught in front of Joey Gingerichs on Gates Road. Several deputies were hiding in the neighborhood waiting for them. They were also our newspaper carries. This had also happened to us earlier.


Back to School

By Mrs. Rudy Kathryn Detweiler

Fall comes again; a little lad and lass Go trotting off to school, To learn to write, to read and count, And keep the Golden Rule. He swings his shiny new lunch pail, Just packed full to the brim, With goodies that Mom baked, you know, To please and nourish him. The schoolhouse floor is swept and scrubbed. And they polished up the stove. The woodshed is filled with wood, Hauled from a wooded grove. The water pail and dipper too, Were purchased new this year. The dictionaries help to understand, That they never have to fear. The pencils say, ”Don’t chew on me! “I’m often dirty and fall on the floor, “I’m probably covered with germs, you know, “And who knows what more??”

July 17, 2016: I can hardly believe it’s time to send another letter to Plain Country. This is Sunday evening, 4:30 p.m. and our day turned out different than was planned when we received word that a long time precious friend passed away. It was widow Robert Emma Miller who passed 5 minutes before midnight, at age 90. She finally got her wish to meet her Savior and we hope she is resting in peace after a long battle with cancer.

She was lovingly cared for at her home with son Nelson and Barbara Millers. They have nothing to regret and will greatly miss her. We have many happy memories of good old times when our group got together. The funeral is tomorrow at Nelson’s. Mail will reach them at 15838 Old State Road, Middlefield, 44062. She was in Bishop Jake Gingerich District. She leaves to mourn her death five sons (Ray, Chester and Ella, Robert, Marty and Mary, Nelson and Barbara), 36 grandchildren, 111 great grandchildren and one great-great grandchild. Yesterday we enjoyed the rolling hills of Holmes County when some of us visited Widow Maude Raber whose husband Andy passed away suddenly from a heart attack. Going was Bishop Erf’s Dan and Linda Miller, Deacon Mike and Emma Slaubaugh, Widow Mel Maurine Shetler, Mrs. Joe L. Elva Miler, Rudy and me. I thought it interesting when Erfs Dan was telling us about his Martins. He had Purple Martin houses (102 holes).

He lowered them to count the eggs and they had 360 altogether … later, flocks of Martins! We enjoyed the wedding on Newcomb Road at John H. and Sue Troyers for their Nancy and Sam son of Mel and Mary Fisher. Aufung by Minister Noah (Mahlon Gert) Byler, married by Bishop Bill Bender. Our grandson Sam Yoder Jr. and Linda Troyer were nava hocka. Sorry, I don’t have the other couple’s names.

John H. Troyer is feeling better and is cancer free but still gets very tired. We hope he can stay well. In the evening, we went way up on Huntley Road, Huntsburg to attend the wedding at Sam and Esther Millers for their daughter Edna Mae to Homer and Martha Yoder’s son Wayne, one of a set of twins. (Willy got married last week to Erma daughter of Minister David O. and Ruth Burkholder on Girdle Road. Both twins were married by Bishop John Kauffman from Hasting, Mich. Aufung by Minister David O. Burkholder. Today, we went to visit Sams John Joe and Tillie Miller to see how Joe is doing since his knee surgery. The visit was very enjoyable. Joe was having a lot of pain, but is getting around ok. Summer days are glorious, with some complete relaxing while doing nothing!



The West Farmington Community Yard Sales are almost over with. While sitting out here waiting for customers, I’ll try and get this letter done. Probably won’t get very far as we have been swamped with people. This is the Community’s ninth year and we had 68 yard sales. We grow every year. One older lady came here and said, “I am tired! This is my 57th yard sale.” The dates were June 16, 17 and 18. The Sale is usually right close to those dates every year. The Benefit Auction here on Route 534 for Susie (Dan) Detweiler was a good success. It was held at David Lee and Sara Miller’s big shop. Davids have a nice variety store there and a produce stand. They raise lots of produce. (Hard workers!) The Joe Bricker church planned this event and served a delicious Haystack Dinner. They also had a Silent Auction. I won a new roaster full of all kinds of goodies from Erbs Variety Store, Made me smile! We hope to go visit widow Rob Emma at Nelson and Barb Millers Sunday, as Hospice doesn’t give her much time yet. It has been her wish to leave this world. She is 90 years old.


A Pontoon Ride By Mrs. Rudy Kathryn Detweiler

After a long day of fishing at Pymatuning Lake, it was time to head home. Rudy geared up the motor and away we went. Some of us decided to sit on the back end of the boat so we could stick our feet into the water. All of a sudden the boat nose-dived (too much weight on the back). Rudy went up into the air, but held onto the steering wheel. We hung onto the boat and Rudy yelled for us to get up front. It was rough but we finally made it and the boat straightened up again We did some fast cleaning before docking the pontoon. Our daughter, Sam and Ruths were alongside us in their pontoon. They said it looked awful and figured we were all going to drown! Twas a nightmare we’ll never forget. This happened in the late 1980s or early 1990s. WARNING … Stay away from the back end of the pontoon boat! Don’t overload either end of a boat.



Time, Like Ice, Melts Away By Mrs. Rudy Kathryn Detweiler

These are memories from my old Budget Letters when our children were all at home yet. They might not be of much interest to the younger generation, but to us Oldies, they are golden. “Saturday was the funeral for old John Kurtz, age 87, a deacon in Bishop Jack Detweiler district. He had his home at Mose N. Wengerds on Clark Road and was not well for a long time. Preaching in the home was Bishop Jack Detweiler (my uncle) and Minister Ervin W. Byler, both of his home church, and Bishop Crist R. Hershberger (Mumford Road).” (Crist, do you remember this? You were in your younger years back then. I’m sorry … Preacher Poor Dave (Old Dave) also preached.) (Many of us West Farmington residents remember old Bernard Rush. He lived about 2 miles from us, south on Route 534. He was a taxi driver. … In my old Budget Letter … “Last winter, a group of us Amish neighborhood men made wood for old Bernard Rush, so he filled his freezer with lots of ice cream and treated them at the Eli G. Detweiler farm here on 534, “ (Eli and Liz moved to Carroll County and both passed away. Levi’s Dan and Linda Miller bought the farm.) (I wish I had all the dates for this, but I don’t. The 1980s?)

May 24, 2016: Hoping this finds everyone happy and doing well on this lovely summer morning. May has been a wet month. It is a warm welcome to see the sun coming up to dry out the dew … a rhyme about the weather is true … Evening red and morning gray, Set the traveler on his way. But evening gray and morning red, Brings the rain upon his head.

Yesterday Crist D. Miller, church ladies spent the day with Mrs. Joe Ada Miller to cheer her up with gifts and a potluck dinner after she suffered a stroke. We are happy she is doing better. Their daughters help out most every day. Mrs. Marvin Mary Yoder was there yesterday. Since school is out, the bigger children also came along and mowed their lawn. The ladies there were Crist Esther Miller, Emanuel Stoltzfus Maryann. Harley Hochstetler Martha, Allen Kemph Martha, Joey Detweiler Mary Esther, Dan Detweiler Betty, Joe Miller Leona, Mel Miller Susan, Marlin Kauffman Fannie and myself and Marty Detweiler Lori. I keep thinking of our neighbors Joe and Leona Miller who have over 4000 strawberry plants just starting to ripen.

Leona’s fear is snakes as they had seen them last year. They have no children to help, buy her family, Dan and Betty Detweiler help out. No pickers are allowed in. I’m happy with our 100 plants. We did our share while growing up, as dad always liked his big strawberry patch. A lot of changes are being made at the Homer Jr. and Martha Yoder residence. (It’s almost like upsetting a fruit basket!) Homer bought the big Ralph Silvernail farm on Clark Road with much acreage. Their son Lester and Rose Yoder and family will move on the farm and do the farming. (Even though Lester has a wooden leg, he never gives up and is a go getter.) Then the Robbie and Laura Mast family will move into the tenant house at Homer’s until Homer and Martha have built their Dawdy House. Paul and Regina Yoders will move in where Robbie’s were (this is where Aden and Nancy lived before Nancy passed away.) Let’s remember widow Robert Emma Miller, age 90, and her caregivers Nelson and Barbara Miller … her son and wife who give her TLC.

Sometimes, as we go in and out of our busy everyday lives, we don’t stop to think of the less fortunate ones who are housebound, etc. Also, caregivers surely need a break once in a while, so why not send a card or make a visit. Nelson and Barbara’s address is 15838 Old State Road, Middlefield. Emma has the same address. A card or note would be much appreciated, I’m sure. Rudy and son Marty got up at 3 a.m. and left for Lake Erie fishing. I hope it gets warm enough so Rudy can go out. He gets sick easily and can’t stand the cold. The last time they went, he never went out because of the cold wind. And the freezer at work is getting pretty empty of fish. I’ll baby-sit Marty and Lori’s children this afternoon while she goes and gets her plants for the garden.

May 4, 2016: The lilacs here are blooming and the fragrance fills the air! May is filled with beauty and song! The warble and melodies of all the different birds add glory to our day. Every day of our lives, we are so blessed! The benefit auction held at Middlefield Auction Barn for Mahlon and Elizabeth Miller was a huge success, lots of good food, full of people from far and near, and lots of donated items to sell. Such a caring community! Our sympathy goes out to Mrs. Levi Esther Yoder and family since Levi passed away from a battle with cancer. Mail will reach her at 17718 Newcomb Road, Middlefield, Ohio, 44062. He was 74 years old. Also, let’s remember Mrs. Andrew Viola Farmwald and two sons since Andrew died unexpectedly in his sleep while taking an afternoon nap. Mail can reach the family at 15900 Georgia Road, Middlefield, Ohio, 44062. He was 51 years old. Most boys are happier when school lets out for the summer, but girls seem to enjoy school more. (That’s probably why there are more female teachers.) Whispering Pines School, here in our neighborhood, came to sing for Mrs. Joe Ida Miller who had a stroke. Am sure it brightened her day. Let’s remember Sadie Miller, a single girl, age 42, who was rushed to the hospital with severe pain. She could hardly walk or talk. She had a busted cyst and was in surgery several hours. (Single girls do not have it as nice as some people think.) She is the daughter of Freeman and Katie Ann Yoder. Mail can reach her at 17747 Peters Road, Middlefield, Ohio, 44062. Daughter Miriam says thanks for so many Birthday Cards and surprises for her 40th birthday.

Son John R. and Laura and family, and son Marty R. and Lori and family surprised her last night. This really happened …a 1-year old boy was playing with marbles one day and that evening and during the night, he was very restless and awake for 3 hours. His Mom gave him some Motrin, thinking he was getting sick. The next day, when changing his diaper, she found six marbles. And he kept passing marbles for the next 48 hours until he had passed a total of 40 marbles altogether. After that, he was a happy boy again. The editor of the newspaper that first carried this story thought it was most unusual story he had heard, so he checked it and found out it was 100 percent true!Feb.10, 2016: We hope everyone is keeping warm and healthy as another cold spell hits us again. Just when we have a touch of Spring Fever, here comes the snow again. The five-day forecast for this week is in the single digits and a low of 2 degrees below 0! We are thankful for a roof to keep out the snow and four walls to keep out the wind – God bless it! So, we’ll put more wood on the fire, brew more coffee, pop more popcorn and keep dreaming. Wonder where our robin is we heard singing outside the other day.

What a nice surprise when I received a $40 gift card for Vinny’s Restaurant from the Fontanelle Group  and a thank you card the other day in the mail. I did not expect anything and it is very much appreciated. I have never been to Vinny’s and Italian food is my favorite! I repeat a great big Thank You to all of you!

Our grandchildren live all over and it is always interesting to go visit them in their homes. Yesterday, we traveled way down Moore Road in Orwell, close to Fenton Road where Robbie and Cindy Burkholder live. Cindy grew up in Guernsey County (Homers Sams). There for a late Christmas Chinese gift exchange and a good dinner were her Mom, Ruth Miller and Stephen Swartz Miriam of Guernsey County, Danny Schrock Ruth, Milo Detweiler Mary, Eli Byler Alta (and daughter Viola), Wilmer Liz, Norman Miriam (Millers), Eli Burkholder Katie (Robbie’s Mom), Homer Yoder Martha, myself and daughters Leah and Kathy. What a Precious Time!

This is a good time of year to reach out to others who are homebound and lonely when the nights are long and the days are dreary. Some of us church ladies plan to visit shut-ins and Saturday a load of us want to go to Guys Mills, Pa. to visit recently widowed Joe Mullet Betz for her 80th birthday. Joe was a brother to my first husband, Les Mullet. Les drowned in 1967. Our good friends Junior and Sara Ann Byler of Guys Mills, Pa. plan to meet us there at Joe Betz and spend the day there also. We are really looking forward to seeing them again.

On Monday night, Albert Dans Andys, Alvin Erb, Carey Joes Mels, Sams Johns Joe Tillie, Ray Burkholders and we plan to take supper to Widower Em Erb Mel in West Farmington on Ensign Road.

On Friday afternoon, Feb. 12, son Marty and Lori, Danny and Ruth Schrock, and Joey and Mary Esther Detweiler plan to attend the benefit auction at Sue Johns Busters for Church District 52 for hospital bills.

Jan. 19, 2016: February is still a winter month, but, in the midst of the cold weather, it is warm with the promise of Spring before too long. The weatherman was right when he predicted snow … the earth will soon be a white, beautiful wonderland! It’s coming down fast.

We just got home from visiting Mr. and Mrs. Marvin and Emma Kauffman here on 534. She had back surgery three weeks ago which turned out to take longer. The doctor had some complications when he had to make a cut three inches long and use a chisel to loosen the disc between the vertebrae as it had hardened that much. (Normally, it should be like jelly.) She has a long recovery and is not allowed to sit. (She can stand or lie down.) Rose, her niece, daughter of Bishop Simon and Annie Miller, is helping out. Her husband Marvin is on a wheelchair but can pretty well take care of himself. Our son John R. and Laura Detweiler help a lot also.

We are sorry to hear Plain Country Scribe Bill Bender was in an accident on the way to work and was in Intensive Care. We hope everything will go well with you, Bill.

Our thoughts and sympathy also go over on Tavern Road to Owen and Elva Yoders since their son Andrew, age 19, passed away, funeral tomorrow. He was suffering from cancer (leukemia).  He leaves five brothers and four sisters. Grandparents are Bishop Jonas Yoders and Bishop Mel and Fannie Yoder.

Our church ladies had a fun evening together at Joey Mary Esther Detweilers with a Chinese gift exchange, snacks and games.

A load of us attended the Neutriburst  weight-loss meeting at Sawmill Joes held by Crist and Rosanne Miller from Holmes County.

Since the last “Post” letter was written, a very sad accident happened when Nathan, age 22, was hit by a car on State Route 45 and died. He was the son of John and Barbara Byler on Parkman Mespo Road. A group of us ladies visited them Tuesday. They are going through much grief. It is not easy when someone passes away so suddenly. The shock is severe and painful.

Elmer Yoders and Les, Sam, Milo, Rudy, John Joey Detweiler families and Joe and Ada Miller all had Christmas at Andy and Barb Detweilers yesterday.

Widower Josiah Miller and Eli, Alta, Owen, Viola, Kathryn Bylers had Christmas here Friday evening and son Martys also came over.

A baby girl named Lori Ann was born to Crist and Cindy Hershberger’s at Middlefield Care Center. Grandparents are Deacon Mike and Emma Slabaugh and Widow Joe Mary Hershberger.


Jan. 6, 2016: Today was an Amish Holiday that we call “Old Christmas”. It is when a lot of families who couldn’t get together on Christmas Day celebrate together. We had a very precious day when my side of the family was here. My two brothers, John and Sarah and Maryann Detweiler (who is in a wheelchair), Dan (Dewey) and Emma Detweilers, Dan and Linda, Naomi and Marvin Hershbergers, Deacon Crist and Ida Byler, Bishop Joe W. and Martha Bylers and daughter Clara, and Albert and Alma Kauffman were all here.

The John and Barbara Byler family on Parkman Mespo Road had a very sad holiday when their son Nate, 22, got killed on Route 45 when hit by a vehicle. He was taken to Trumbull Memorial Hospital where he died 1/2 hour later. The whole community was saddened and much sympathy was shown to the family. Their address is 8018 Parkman Mespo Road, Middlefield, Ohio, 44062.

Homer and Maryann Yoder (Eli’s) on Donley Road invited a group of us last night for a pizza supper. Attending were Robbie and Laura Masts, Lester and Rose Yoders, Homer and Martha and Matthew Yoder, Marty and Lori Detweilers, Marsha Yoder and us.

Today, Jan. 6 marks 20 years since our dear daughter Martha passed away. The year was 1995 and she was 29 years old.

Christmas has come and gone, leaving many memories. Now, we say goodbye to the old year and greet the new year as it starts. We stand upon the verge of the unknown. We need to take just one day at a time and pray for God’s guidance.


By Mrs. Rudy Kathryn Detweiler

We send our best wishes to each and everyone for the most blessed Christmas and Happy New Year.

Today, a group of ladies got together at the home of Mrs. Atlee Erma Byler in Mespo on 534 to make Christmas cards. The group included Emanuel Stoltzfus Maryann, Paly Byler Ruth, Noah Miller Rosanna, Ammon Miller Sara, Enos Barkman Susan and they are all very talented at making  the most beautiful cards! They go out to eat at Mary Yoder’s breakfast buffet before starting their project.

Today is the first day of deer season (gun), so as the men go hunting, many women go Christmas shopping.

Rudy and I, along with Leah, Miriam and Kathy enjoyed another bus tour (Anderson) trip to Lancaster to shop the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving Day. Bill Stutzman is our tour guide and has approximately 56 people every year go for this special event. We meet new people but also see many familiar ones who like to go every year.

On the way down on the interstate, we passed an emergency crew. We thought there was an accident, but found out they were really loading up a bear that got hit.

Did you all enjoy turkey dinners on Thanksgiving Day? We had a 40 pound 6 ounce turkey. It came all dressed and ready for the oven. We had to cut it in half and it filled two big roasters! Son Johns and Martys and Billys helped eat it. The turkey was raised by Dans Marvin on Nauvoo Road and was it ever good.



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