Sept. 28, 2018: A beautiful Friday morning. Seems very good to have the sun shine.

Leaves are starting to get their nice fall colors and there’s a chill in the air. All signs point to Fall. I turned the heat on to take off the chill. Daylight is getting shorter and I’ll let Katherine do the countdown till Christmas!

Last night, Perry, Katie Ann and David, Dan and Sylvia, Joe and Saloma. Richard and Sue and children and I spent the evening at Waynes. We sat around the campfire, which felt good. All too soon that will end for this summer.

Rich Sue had shoulder surgery three weeks ago and will be stating therapy next week. This was from a fall.

On Thursday, Oct. 4, Richard Jr. Miller and Linda, daughter of Chester and Laura Kurtz have plans to be married. And on Tuesday, October 9, Aden and Susanna, daughter of Chris and Cora Fisher plan to be married. Richard and Aden are brothers, so that will be a big change for their family.

Al and Mae Kauffman have moved into their new house they built on Madison Road. On Monday evening, Sept. 17, we had a house warming for them. After living in a small house, they now have lots of room. We had an enjoyable evening. We had pizza and snacks and they were given many nice useful gifts.

We are looking forward to having daughter Betty and Melvin coming from Mio, Mich. for grandson Aden’s wedding on Oct. 9. Also, my sister Sylvia and Albert and niece Betzy and Joe Miller will come.

On Saturday, Oct. 13, there will be a Benefit Auction at Buster Millers at the corner of Newcomb and Nash Roads for the DDC Clinic. They will be serving breakfast starting at 5:30 a.m. Auction will start at 9 a.m. Lunch stand will open at 10:30 a.m. with burgers, BBQ chicken, soft pretzels, sandwiches, salad bar, whoopie pies, homemade ice cream, coffee and drinks. There will be train rides and games for the children. So, mark your calendar for a day of fun and helping a very worthwhile cause … our special needs children.

You all have a good time. 

Until next month.

(* Due to a shortage of room, Sarah’s letter written for the Sept. 12 edition of the Middlefield Post was printed in the Sept. 26 edition.) 

July 16, 2018: Another warm, muggy day. Maybe we will get some rain. We could use some. Lawn mowing has slowed down to being cut once a week.

Our sympathy to the Dan Yoder family in the passing of their mother, Edna Yoder. Her funeral was on Saturday, July 14.

On Saturday, July 14, I went with a bus load of our family and church people to the Columbus Zoo. We had a very nice, interesting day. By afternoon, it got very warm, but that’s summer. And a nice big ice cream cone helped cool things off a bit!

Born to Eddie and Regina Miller, a daughter, Kaylene. Grandparents are Ray and Judy Miller and Marty and Susan Miller. Kaylene is also my great granddaughter.

We are planning a Miller family reunion at son Rays on Friday. July 27. Planning to come from Mio, Mich. are brother John and Esther and their married children, and also our daughter Betty and Melvin Byler. I have plans to go home with Melvins and stay for a week. Then daughter Sylvia and Dan and children, and daughter Rosanna, Aden and family will come up the following week.
I will come home with them.

Tuesday morning, June 26, my sister Emma and Andy Weaver and niece Ellen and Levi Farmwald from Jasper, N.Y. picked me up and we traveled to Cashton, Wis. We arrived at sister-in-law. Malinda Hershbergers at 6:30 p.m. On Wednesday, many of the Hershbergers gathered at niece Ellen and Lester Mullets where Malinda has her home. Thursday, we visited more of the nieces and nephews, spending the night at niece Mary and Joe Millers. Joes are care takers of nephew Chester who is a Downs boy. He will have his birthday Aug. 19. He will be 68. He is slowly getting more feeble. We returned on Saturday afternoon, having had a very nice trip.

Sunday evening, I spent at John Mat Miller, along with Dan and Sylvia, Joe and Saloma Millers, Al and Mae Kauffman and children, Aden and Rosanna Troyer and children, and Mark and Sue Yoder. We had grilled burgers, baked beans, salad, chips, fresh peaches, coffee and drinks. It was an enjoyable evening sitting under shade trees.

Widows Andy Lydiann Miller, John Mat Miller, and Eura Sarah Miller spent last week in Clymer, N.Y. at Mrs. Bill Mary Hershbergers. They said they had an enjoyable week with dinners being brought in, and having folks visiting, and so forth.

Still weddings going on. I will have to miss out on Raymond Detweiler and Linda Millers wedding on Aug. 2 if I go to Michigan.

You all have a good week!


June 18, 2018: Another beautiful warm day greets us. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and so the seasons go on as God promised.

Our thoughts are with the family of Mrs. Melvin Yoder Anna who passed away on Saturday morning, with the funeral being today. Sister Elmina and I were to the viewing Sunday afternoon, Anna being a friend of Elmina. They were only 2 months apart in age.

Leaving early Friday morning, June 15, for Washington, D.C. with Anderson Bus Line were Ellen Hershberger and I. We boarded the bus at 6:15 with some pickups enroute. We arrived In Washington in the afternoon. We toured the city, stopped at the Viet Nam memorial and some museums. On Saturday, most of our time was spent at the new Bible Museum, a beautiful place and very interesting. The highlight there was the flyboard ride which takes guests on a panoramic flight above and around the nation’s capital while revealing the biblical texts and imagery that embellish some of Washington’s most important landmarks. The genesis of the flying theater goes back to the early 1990s when a new form of motion technology allowed guests to stand while in a theater. This semi-prone standing position changes participation from passive to involved, providing a feeling of complete immersion in the experience. The special effects include wind fans, water spritz, scent and LED lighting. It takes about 4 1/2 minutes and you really feel you are flying over Washington, D.C.! After dinner at Hosses Restaurant, we started home. Some of us were dropped off at Cortland where we had a driver pick us up, arriving home at 1 a.m. A wonderful trip. Fellow passengers were great, and the drivers also did a great job as did our coordinator, Judy.

Now, on the homefront, we are cleaning. getting ready for church services here pm Sunday, June 24.

Tonight. Sisters Edna Byler, Fannie Yoder, niece Ellen, and Barbara and I have plans to visit sister Elmina. She recently moved to her granddaughter Linda and Nelson Millers on Ensign Road. They added on an apartment for her. It is very nice.

On Tuesday, June 19, is Senior Day at the Farmington Center. I would like to go if plans hold, so I need to fix something to take along. With all the weddings, there might be a smaller group.  On Thursday, June 28, I hope to attend the wedding of Kathryn, daughter of Owen and Mary Ellen Miller of Madison Road, and Jonathon son of Freeman and Martha Mullet.

Enjoy the summer, all too soon, it will be gone.

May 17, 2018: Thursday afternoon and a beautiful day we are having. A perfect spring day! I have been busy with spring cleaning. Have the kitchen left to do and then I will be done. Have been to several weddings and still have four more invitations for the next several weeks.

On Wednesday morning, May 30, I have plans to go to Jasper, New York. Hopefully sister Edna and Bill Byler and Sarah Byler, Sarah J. Miller, Mary Hershberger and maybe son Ray and Judy will come along for my brother Melvin Hershberger’s 80th birthday. His birthday was really on Feb. 8, but we didn’t want to travel in the winter, so we decided to wait until nicer weather. Sisters Clara and Eli Kauffman, Sylvia and Albert Miller and sister Liz Yoder (if her broken wrist is healed and less painful) also plan to go from Mio, Mich. (Liz fell several weeks ago and got a bad break.)

Our sympathy goes to the family of Sammy and Linda Yoder in the passing of their daughter Kay Emma in an accident. She had one 3-year-old brother. Her grandparents are Abner and Mary Miller of Mumford Road and Allen and Saloma Yoder of Newcomb Road.

Two of neighbor Enos and Esther Byler’s daughters have plans to be married in May. Rebecca plans to be married on May 22 to Steven, son of Marvin and Joanna Schmucker, and Laura plans to be married on May 29 to Crist, son of Uria E. and Martha Byler. Also, on May 22 is the wedding of Matthew, son of Enos and Laura Hershberger and Becky, daughter of Eli and Lydia Slabaugh, Hayes Road. Oh yes, weddings are in full swing!

Monday morning and the sun is shining. A nice day to dry laundry. Word came of the passing of Daniel M. Troyer of State Route 534, West Farmington. Our sympathy to the family. Haven’t heard any details of what he died from.

Spending Saturday afternoon with Dave Yoder Marie were Marvin Kathy Wengerd, Chester Edna Byler and myself. We had a lovely time sitting on her beautiful patio, watching the many birds … plus having coffee and snacks!

Sunday evening, I had supper at son Ray and Judys along with their daughter Regina and Eddie. Later on, Perry, Katie Ann and David and John Mark, Ruth Ann and children joined us for S’mores made over the fire pit. Delicious!

At Joe and Saloma Millers Sunday afternoon were Saloma’s mom and her children and grandchildren for her birthday. Burgers, snacks, cake and ice cream were served. Happy Birthday, Matt! Born in 1942 … you do the math! Ha!

On Wednesday evening, May 16, Toby and Esther Stoltzfus had an auction to sell their things they won’t need when they move to their daughter’s in Salineville. Ohio. Their property has been sold to Jacob and Betty Ann Miller.

You all have a good week!

April 20, 2018: What a beautiful day we had today. Is spring here to stay? We can hope!

The spring flowers are starting to bloom. Last year, the tulips were in full bloom by now; this way they will last longer.

This morning sisters Edna and Elmina and I went to visit Mrs. Melvin Anna Yoder. Also, there were Mary Ann Miller and widow Mrs. Marie Fisher. Anna wasn’t feeling too good. Mail and visitors are a good pastime.

Mrs. Henry Sadie Miller of Mumford Road tripped and fell, breaking her shoulder. She didn’t need surgery but had it in a sling.

Relatives went to Cantrell, Iowa for the funeral of Robert Detweiler. Some went on the train and others with vans. His wife had died several years ago. Before moving to Iowa, they had lived here in Geauga County.

MY company last night were widows Eli Katie Yoder, Mervin Kathy Wengerd, Merf Vera Detweiler, Vernon Linda Miller, Marty Erma Miller and Owen Clara Miller. They brought delicious snacks. We had a good time visiting and doing crafts.

Wedding season has started. I plan to attend one on Tuesday, April 24 for Aaron, son of Vernon and Nancy Yoder and Amanda, daughter of Mervin and Cindy Fisher. This is on Rice Road. Also, on May 1 is the wedding of Aaron’s sister Barbara and Daniel, son of Melvin and Laura Miller of Bridge Road. Barbara’s folks live on McCall Road in Parkman.

I had several days of silence last week due to having laryngitis! I’m still a little hoarse, but it’s getting better.

Relatives were notified of the terrible accident that happened on Friday evening, April 20, when Allen and Laura Wengerd of Sparty, Pa. were both killed. Their three sons were also along and were all hurt. But all were released from the hospital before the funeral. I have plans to go along to the viewing tomorrow. The funeral is to be on Tuesday.

My company on Saturday afternoon, April 21, were Mervin Wengerd Kathy, Chester Edna Byler, and Dave Marie Yoder. Also stopping in a while in the afternoon were John Dan Marie and her two daughters, Elizabeth and Barbara. They came from Farmdale, Va. We all had a nice visit.

Spring work has begun for the farmers and greenhouse folks … having a little late start. I suppose sugaring has come to an end.

Thought to remember:

Home is the haven you don’t find anywhere else.

If you smile when no one else is around, you really mean it. So, keep smiling!

You all have a good week!

March 25, 2018: A beautiful Sunday afternoon. I have been reading and resting this forenoon. And, although the sun is shining, that wind is still chilly.

Yesterday was the funeral of Owen M. Miller, 58, married to Cindy J. Miller. The funeral was by my son Richard and Sue, who is a daughter to Cindy. Relatives came from Kentucky and Pennsylvania. Owen’s sister Mike Emma was able to attend the funeral after having a stroke several weeks ago. She is coming along pretty well.

Tomorrow, Monday, I have plans to attend the funeral in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania of my cousin Tillie’s husband, Abe Miller. He died Friday, March 23. There are several vanloads going. It is a three-hour drive, so I’ll need to be ready by 4:30.

Last Saturday was the funeral of Dan Linda Miller of Orwell, which brought relatives in from Kentucky and Wisconsin. Sister-in-law Menno Malinda Hershberger, her daughter Ellen Mullet and son Menno Jr. and Dora came from Cashton, Wis. Menno and Dora were my guests on Saturday evening. They left for home on Monday morning after breakfast. Malinda is 91 years old and still gets around well without a cane!

Born to granddaughter Mae and Allen Kauffman a son Allen Ray. He has four brothers and one sister. Grandparents are son Joe and Saloma Miller and Joe and Sara Kaufman. Son Joe’s now have 11 grandsons and one little granddaughter.

Sister Liz Yoder, her daughters Ruth Gingerich, Clara Bontrager and Sylvia Miller plan to attend the funeral of Abe Miller in Pennsylvania on Monday. They will then stop in Geauga County to visit sisters Fannie and Mel Yoder and Elmina on Tuesday. Sister Edna Byler and I hope to join them.

Sister Elmina has now moved down to her granddaughter Linda and Nelson Miller on Ensign Road. So, I’m anxious to go see her new home. Nelsons built a new house and added an apartment for her.

If plans hold out, the new Heritage Meat Store will open on April 2. They will have a full line of deli and fresh meats, with more added on later. The store is located where the Chinese Dragon used to be. The Grand Opening will be on a later date.

Now it’s time to finish up this letter.

Hope you all had a very nice Easter. When Christ arose from the grave to Victory!

Feb. 25, 2018: A beautiful Sunday afternoon. It’s 50 degrees and feels almost like spring!!

Out thoughts and prayers are with the families who recently parted with loved ones. On Friday, Feb. 16, was the funeral of Dan T. Yoder of Mumford Road, widower, and on Tuesday, Feb. 20, was the funeral of Mrs. Allen Elizabeth Miller of Tavern Road. She leaves her lonely husband and siblings. They had no children. Sunday, Feb. 18 were two funerals … one of Mrs. Elma Kempf, 89, and the other of David A. Miller, 57, of Curtis-Middlefield Road.

Born to granddaughter Edna Mae and Wayne Hostetler on Monday, Feb. 19. A little Rosalyn Grace. She has a little sister, Emily to help love her. Grandparents are Richard and Sue Miller and Daniel Ray and Martha Hostetler.

Tonight, supper guests at Bob and Mary Lou Miller on Chipmunk Lane are Dan and Sylvia Millers, Joe and Saloma Miller, Dan and Leona Gingerich and Missy and Ray and Judy Miller.

Maple sugar season has started. Might be a short season if it stays this warm. They sold quite a lot of new maple syrup at the benefit school auction last Friday night. They had a huge crowd and lots of nice things to sell … and good food. They had fish, cole slaw, pizza, fries and ice cream and drinks.

Sister Elmina is coming along pretty well from when she fell breaking a small bone at her right knee. As soon as she can walk on her leg, she plans to move down by her granddaughter Linda and Nelson Miller. They built a new house and added on an apartment for her.

Tomorrow, Monday, sister Edna Byler and I have plans to go down by our sister Fannie and Mel Yoder, as niece Laura where they live with has an appointment at Shriners in Pennsylvania with their son James.

We are glad to hear Rudy Detweiler is feeling better. Our singing group plans to go sing for them in the near future.

Hopping the train and leaving for the west coast two weeks ago Sunday were Noah and Barbara Yutzy We hope they have a grand time. I’m so glad we got to go a year ago last summer. It was only around a month or so later when Joe died. Precious memories …

Monday morning and it looks like it will be a nice day. Those who are doing laundry will be glad. It is always so nice to dry laundry outside. Ah, that nice clean smell!

My company last night included sons Perry, Katie Ann and David, Richard, Sue and children and Mark, Fran and children. We had a great time visiting and having snacks.

You all have a good week.

Nov. 27, 2017: A beautiful fall day with a beautiful sunrise this morning.

Our thoughts are with the Enos Barkman family, as today is the funeral of their father. At 94, he was the oldest Amish man in our community. And tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 28, is the funeral of Jonas J. Miller of Madison Road. He was the second oldest Amish man in our community being 93 years old. The next oldest is Ervin J. Miller at 92 years old. Our oldest Amish woman is Mrs. Sam E. Yoder who was 96 years old on March 7. She is living with a grandson, Joseph and Nancy Miller on Seine Creek Road.

I spent nine days at daughter Melvin and Betty Bylers in Mio, Mich. from Nov. 16 -24. On Thanksgiving Day their married children were also at Melvins. Going up to Mio for Thanksgiving Day were the siblings of Mrs. Joey Betz Miller. There were two van loads, including their brother Owen and Celesta Detweiler from Fredericktown, Ohio. They arrived on Wednesday evening and returned home on Thursday afternoon. Also visiting in Mio for Thanksgiving at Eli and Clara Kauffmans were Elis’ brother Joe and Sara and 4 married sons and their wives, and sister Rebecca Kauffman. They returned home on the Friday after Thanksgiving and I returned with them.

Our family had our Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday evening, Nov. 26, at son Perrys. We were served turkey and all the trimmings, and all were able to come, including Philip and Martha and their two youngest sons.

Can you believe in less than a month it will be Christmas? I will let Katherine Byler do the count down!

It is quiet here in the door shop this morning with all the guys deer hunting. At least it’s not as cold to sit in their tree stands. Granddaughter Eddie Regina Miller got a deer with bow and arrow.

Visitors in church here at Dan and Sylvia yesterday, Nov. 26, were my sisters Edna and Elmina and niece Ellen Hershberger. We had a nice visit in the afternoon.

Sister Fannie and Melvin Yoder are both not feeling up to par. Melvin spent almost a week in the hospital recently with a blood clot on his lung and pneumonia. Brother-in-law Clarence Bender is also still in the hospital after falling and breaking his hip, needing surgery. He is not doing too well. They need to put in a feeding tube. We wish them both better days.

The birds are busy at the feeder this morning. They probably were wondering where I was for nine days.

You all enjoy this mild weather as I suppose soon we will have some of that white stuff … which will brighten up things.

Our family won’t be getting together for our Christmas until New Years Day. We will gather at son Richard’s.

The churchwomen plan to get together at my place for our gift exchange on Monday evening, Dec. 11.  And on Friday evening, Dec. 29, our church people plan to gather at Eli and Kathryn Bylers for snacks and singing.

Wishing all the staff and readers of the Middlefield Post and Plain Country a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sept. 1, 2017: A cloudy, cool morning … a little fire feels good. It’s just enough to take off the chill. Feels very fallish. The martins have been gone for a few weeks, already. Other birds are flocking at the feeders.

Well, my auction is now past. We had a good crowd. Our school, Sawmill Lane, had the lunch stand and did well. They sold over 700 hamburgers and chicken sandwiches, plus salads, pie and ice cream, root beer floats, and drinks.

I have moved over to the shop apartment at daughter Sylvia and Dans at D & S Door. My new phone number is 440-834-1742 and my house number is now 10560 Shedd Road, Burton.

Today, Friday, Bob and Sylvia Hershberger and family are planning to move into the house I moved out of. Son Waynes are renting it out for the time being, but will be going on with the window shop.

On Tuesday afternoon, daughter Betty, Melvin, Marcus, Juanita, Lorena and husband Loren came down from Michigan for the auction. Then, on Wednesday afternoon their married sons Norman Ray and Nathan and families came also for the auction. They all left for home again on Thursday morning, planning to stop at the Cleveland zoo on the way home.

Wow, I just filled my bird feeder 2 hours ago and those greedy starlings have almost emptied it already! But I did see a cardinal and several other birds sharing.

Our thoughts are with granddaughter Mae and Al Kauffman as their daughter Martha Mae is in Rainbows Hospital since Wednesday after being transferred from Geauga Regional Hospital. They are still running tests, but are treating her for an infection somewhere. She is 4 years old.

On Wednesday, Aug. 23, Richard and Sue and three children, Ray and Judy, daughter Sylvia and I, all Millers, Ellen Hershberger and Noah Yutzy Barbara left for Marion, Wis. for a wedding. We returned home on Friday evening, August 25th. Twas a big wedding where they served almost 500 people!!

Today the Fair starts. Will be a little chilly, but maybe it will warm up by the weekend.

This is also the weekend where, on Monday, people walk across the Mackinaw Bridge in Michigan. Sister, Mrs. Albert Sylvia Miller, and her son-in-law plan to participate. It is a 5 mile walk. They get shuttled across and then walk back. No motor vehicles are allowed across at that time. “Not for the faint …!”

First time grandparents are Joseph and Betty Yoder, Mumford Rd. Their daughter Ruth and Crist Weaver, son of Chester and Nancy, had a little Christopher, Congratulations!

Our sympathy goes out to the family of Marvin E. and Martha Miller in the passing of their 6-week-old baby. The funeral was on Monday, Aug. 28.

You all have a Happy Fall … season, that is!

July 20, 2017: It’s Thursday evening after a beautiful wedding day at Dave and Cora Kurtz for their daughter Miriam and David son of Marvin O. and Mary Alice Miller. The wedding was on Mumford Road and the groom came from Colorado. A small busload came from Colorado. Coming from Munfordville, Ky.  were the bride’s sister Christina, husband and baby. They arrived a week early to help out. The couple has plans to move into what was grandparents John and Ada’s house once Robert and Linda Miller move to the home they bought and are remodeling on 168.

On Friday, July 28, there is to be a surprise open house for my sister, Fannie Yoder, in Parkman. So, hopefully, sisters Eli and Clara Kauffman, Liz Yoder, Albert and Sylvia Miller and our daughter Betty and Melvin Byler will come from Michigan. Melvins want to help me sort through “Stuff”.  Fifty years accumulation is no small task !

Twins, a boy and a girl, were born to first time parents, Danny Ray and Christina Byler.  Grandparents are Marty and Clara Kurtz and Allen and Ann Byler. Great-grands are Crist and Clara Hershberger.

Spending the week in Cooks Forest in Pennsylvania are Dan and Sylvia Miller and children, Perry, Katie Ann, and son David, Bob and Sylvia Hershberger and family, and Danny and Karen Miller and little girls. Tomorrow, Friday, Aden and Rosanna Troyer and children, Maria Miller and I plan to go down and surprise Dans just for the one day. Leaving at 5:15 a.m., so I best get to bed.

Neighbor Roman Schlabach was at work this morning when he had some kind of spell where his one arm was kind of numb. They took him to the hospital and checked him out. Then he was able to come home with orders to see his doctor tomorrow. They thought it might have been a mini stroke. I stopped in after the wedding and he seemed pretty good.

Sunday morning: a cloudy morning, but the weatherman says not so warm today. This will be nice for working outside. I need to go through my flowerbeds. With all the rains we had it makes them grow … the WEEDS, that is!

Born to Joe and Sara Bricker early Sunday morning, July 23, a son named Nathaniel. He has two happy sisters and one little brother to greet him. Grandparents are Roman and Ada Schlabach of Shedd Road and Ervin and Gertie Bricker of Clymer, N.Y.

Our prayers go to the Eli Troyer family as he battles with cancer and also to widow Nancy Mast who isn’t feeling well.

Wedding season isn’t over yet as I have 3 invitations here and more coming. One is in Mio, Mich. and one in Marion Wis. on Thursday, Aug. 24.

A Happy Birthday to sister Mel Fannie Yoder on Friday, July 28!

You all have a good week. Enjoy these nice summer days, too. Soon they will be over!

June 26, 2917: Monday morning and a nice day. It has cooled off, making it good for working outdoors.

Gardens and produce patches are flourishing. Some fresh produce is being sold at produce stands. Farmers have put up lots of nice hay. And so, the busy summer continues.

Our sympathy to the family of Mrs. Betty (John) Miller of Old State Road in the passing of their mother, Her funeral was on Saturday, June 24. Also our sympathy to the family of Mark and Esther Byler in the passing of their son David. His funeral was on Sunday, June 25. He was one of their special sons.

On Friday, June 23, I went along to a Downs Reunion in Holmes County with son Perry, Katie Ann and son David. We went with more families on a chartered bus, leaving at 5:30 a.m. and returning at 6:00 p.m. There were people there from Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa, Pennsylvania and other communities of Ohio. There was a total of 120 Downs children there, plus parents, grandparents and siblings. Lunch and supper were served by local Holmes County churches and was held at Mt. Hope Auction house. It was a very interesting day.

Still many weddings going on. I have plans to leave Wednesday, June 28 at noon for a wedding in Ossineke, Mich. of a great nephew Jerome Schmucker. Also going are Mrs. Katie Yoder, Miss Esther Miller, Miss Ellen Hershberger, and several nieces. The wedding is on Thursday, June 29. We plan to come home after the wedding on Thursday afternoon.

On Sunday evening, June 25, our family had a cookout at son-in-law Philip and Martha Millers. Our family was all able to be there except Marks, as they also had company. Joe was especially missed, as he loved family cookouts.

Mrs. Martha Miller (John Mat) has moved out to her son Paul on Gates Road. Her new address is 4861 Gates Rd., Middlefield, Ohio. We will miss her in the neighborhood!

On Saturday June 24, Andy and Elizabeth Miller, newlyweds, moved to the home on Newcomb Road where Marty and Mary Miller lived.

Congratulations to Richard and Susan Miller on their 25th wedding anniversary on June 25!

Happy Birthday to sister-in-law Mrs. Crist Clara Hershberger on June 27.

May 15 – 17, 2017: Sunday afternoon. Came home from church at neighbors Bill and Betty Bylers. Visitors were Noah and Edna Schrock, Roman and Ada Schlabach, Jacob and Ellen Schlabach and children, and some youth.

The sun is trying to peek through and it is a little warmer. A fire in the kitchen range still feels good in the morning. Hope it warms up to stay soon, as my fuel supply is getting low.

Have some peas and lettuce up in my mini garden. Have a few strawberry plants and hope they didn’t get froze, as I didn’t cover them.

On Wednesday morning, May 17, I have plans to go to Cass City, Mi to a wedding of a great niece. The wedding is on Thursday, May 18. After the wedding, I plan to go to my daughter Betty and family and spend several weeks. They live in Mio, Mi.

Born to grandson Norman Ray and Mary Ann Byler in Michigan on May 15, a daughter named Kaylene Sue. She joins one sister and one brother.

On June 8, grandson Stephen and Susan Troyer, daughter of Marty and Ida plan to be married.

On Tuesday, May 9, daughter Sylvia, Mrs. Gid Freida Bender, Mrs. John Kathy Mullet, Mrs. Rachel Schmucker and I went to Carrolton County, Ohio to visit Mrs. David Ida Miller. Also going along to visit at Danny and Karen Detweilers were Ray Judy Miller and her three daughters, Ruth Ann Hershberger, Regina Miller and Maria. I tell you, that is some very hilly country!

The blood drive here on Saturday, May 13, brought us 62 donors. I forgot to send out letters until it was too late, and the count was down a little.

Monday morning and it’s a beautiful day. Have the laundry on the lines and they should be dry by the time I get done writing my letter.

Sunday evening, May 14, supper guests at Dan and Sylvia Millers were son Danny Ray and Betty, daughter Rosanna, Aden Troyer and 3 children, brother Perry, Katie Ann and son David and I. We had grilled chicken and burgers with all the trimmings and ice cream. Twas a little cool to sit outside.

There is a chartered bus leaving for a wedding in Cass City, Mi after midnight Wednesday, May 17 and returning after the wedding Thursday evening, May 18.

You all have a good week!

April 27, 2017: Feels like spring has sprung into summer. I love it! But it sure makes the grass grow! Almost can’t keep up with cutting lawns.

Farmers are sowing oats and I see the neighbors have gardens plowed. I have only a small raised garden, but have some peas and lettuce planted.

There are quite s few of our Amish ladies being patients for therapy at Briar Hill. Heard cousin Mrs. Roman Mat Troyer is there. A few weeks ago, the girls and I visited at Briar Hill. It is a very nice facility.

On Monday, April 17, sister Mrs. Albert Sylvia Miller and 2 daughters, Christina Wagner and baby, and Bertha Bontrager and baby came down from Michigan. They spent the afternoon at cousin John and Kathryn Schrocks. Then they spent the evening here, and some of our children came to join them.

On Tuesday morning, the Michigan women and I and sister Edna Byler and sister Elmina all went to visit our sick niece Mrs. Jonas Edna Mae Miller in Troutville, Pa. We returned again that evening.

Amish schools are having their year end picnics. Sawmill Lane School is having theirs this evening, April 28. We have three grandchildren graduating this year. Hopefully, the rain will hold off until after the picnic as the children will want to play baseball.

Some friends and relatives have been invited to the wedding of widower Melvin Gingerich and Barbara Schrock in Mio, Mich. on Friday May 5. If I can get a way to go along, I want to visit daughter Betty and family for a few weeks. Sister Sylvia and Albert are invited to a wedding there, so I can come from back from Mio with them on May 17.

I spent two days helping out at Sunny Hope School last week … helping with lunch as the main helper had gone to Munfordville, Ky. for a wedding. I plan to help out again next Tuesday. I enjoyed it very much. My, what dedicated teachers they have taking care of those special needs children. They have a beautiful school. They put an addition on last year,

We were glad to hear sister-in-law Mrs. Menno Hershberger of Cashton, Wis. is feeling better after being sick with kidney and liver infections.

Mrs. John Bricker Lizzy has been very sick after having heart surgery. She is now a patient at Briar Hill.

The next blood drive here at Joe’s Window Shop will be on Saturday, May 13.

Greetings from Amish Crossing Corner

By Sarah Miller

March 30, 2017: A rainy morning. We must be in the rainy season! Grass is really greening up. Will soon be time to start cutting lawns. But, first, I need to get twigs and small branches off.

On Wednesday, it was such a beautiful day, so I decided to catch up on my laundry. When I wanted to fill my washer, I had no hot water! Here I had run out of fuel oil! Not to waste such a nice day, I decided to heat water the old fashioned way, heating it in canners on my camp stove.  End results were … clothes all washed and dried nice and they filled my tank so now I have plenty of hot water.

On Saturday, March 25, daughter Sylvia and daughter Cindy, Mrs. Mel Ellen Troyer, Aden Rosanna Troyer and I went to the Market in Boardman. We had a great time browsing through the many different stands. Niece Martha Kuhns runs the Donut Shop, so we got a free donut. Great-niece Laura Kurtz runs the Restaurant, so we ate lunch there. Lots of nice produce gets sold and many other things as well. It’s well worth your time to go check it out.

Wednesday evening, my company was Joe and Katherine Byler, David and Marianne Miller, Emanuel and Liz Stoltzfus, Robert and Barbara Stoltzfus and Henry and Kathy Miller Jr. They brought snacks and coffee. A nice evening visiting … thanks to you all.

On Wednesday evening, a group of widow friends came and spent the evening here. They were Eli Katie Yoder, Owen Clara Miller, Merf Vera Detweiler, Mervin Kathy Wengerd and Vernon Linda Miller. They also brought snacks and ice cream. Thanks, girls.

Nephew Menno Hershberger of Cashton, Wis. Called last evening, saying my sister-in-law Malinda is not feeling well. Her liver is failing and is also filling up with fluid. She has heart problems. Her husband was my brother Menno and he passed away 2 years ago.

Thursday evening, my granddaughters Maria, Cindy, and Ruth Ann and John Mark Hershberger and children were my visitors. Ruth Ann brought some yummy bars. Thank you Ruth Ann!

Born to Marlin and Linda Miller son number two, named Micah John. Grandparents are Joe and Saloma Miller and Nelson and Ada Miller. Great Grands are Levi Saloma Miller, Mrs. John Mat Miller and I.

Friday morning I went shopping with daughter Sylvia. We stopped at Pine Craft Expo where many vendors were set up. I got a nice wren house and coffee and a fresh homemade donut. NOT good for my diet. BUT it was delicious anyway!

On Friday evening, April 8 was the Sunny Hope Benefit Auction at Buster Millers in the corner of Nash and Newcomb Roads. They hoped for a good turnout. There were live and silent auctions and a lunch stand and carryouts.

You all have a good week!

Feb. 16,2017: Winter came back. I think it looks pretty with a fresh blanket of snow. Should make the sap run when it warms up again.

Still quite a bit of flu going around, especially among the little people.

My company on Tuesday evening, Feb.14, included Owen and Cindy Miller, Philip and Martha Miller and two sons, Marty and Barbara Mast and children, Sally Mast, Marianne Miller, and Richard Miller and children. They brought snacks and coffee. We had a nice time visiting.

On Friday, Feb. 17, is the annual school spelldown. Our schools will meet at the Georgia Road School. There will be English and German spelling.

Son Wayne will be taking over Joe’s Window business as of now, which I am thankful for. I will continue to live here for the present. Later on, there will be some changes made.

A beautiful Friday morning. Seems so good to have some sunshine after lots of dreary days.

This was a busy place this morning with people bringing their pet dogs to be picked up for Pet Fix. They get dropped off here and then are taken to Chagrin Falls to be taken care of. Then they will be brought back here to be picked up this afternoon.

The big news in our area is the upcoming wedding pf widower Bill J. L. Miller of Princeton Road and Miss Lucy Schmucker of Patch Road. Their wedding is planned for Thursday, February 23rd. We wish them our best.

Tonight is the Benefit Auction at Buster Millers on Newcomb Road for Joe U. Miller, who suffers from cancer.

Happy birthday to grandson James P. Miller on his 20th (today)!

On March 4 through 18 and 25th, we will be hosting a Pancake Breakfast for the Maple Madness Tour. It’s all you can eat. Everyone is welcome. Hours are 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday the 4th and 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday the 18th and 25th.

The next Blood Drive will be here in Joes Window Shop on Saturday, March 11. So, mark your calendars! Blood is always very much needed.

I have a beautiful flower arrangement here on my table, a gift from a secret friend. Thank you very much.

Jan. 15, 2017: A nice winter day …NOT too cold and with some sunshine, which seems nice.

Another new year has begun and already half of January is … gone!

Monday, Jan. 15, is another red-letter day in honor of Martin Luther King Day. So, there will be no mail.

On Thursday, Jan. 12, sister Emma and Andy Weaver, their two daughters, Elizabeth and Ray Farmwald and Emma and Ephraim Mast and son from Jasper, New York spent the day with me.  Also, sisters Fannie Yoder, Edna Byler, and Elmina, Al Hershberger Nancy… a niece and her three sisters, Noah Miller Martha, Robert Kurtz Rosanna, Reuben Byler Irene and my daughter Sylvia and sons Richard and Ray. We had a nice time visiting and they brought a delicious lunch along.

This week we look forward to having daughter Betty and Melvin Byler come down from Mio, Michigan. They plan to come Wednesday evening and return home Friday morning.

Our thoughts have been with Mel Raber since hearing he was in the hospital. Also, his sister Barbara had surgery and, after coming home, she was rushed back to the hospital, needing blood transfusions. We hope they are both on the road to recovery now.

Jan. 16, 2017: Monday morning and the temperature is 27 degrees. Nice for the crews working out, not having to work in the snow.

My company last night (Sunday) were neighbors Melvin and Saloma Hershberger, Roman and Ada Schlabach, Uria and Rebecca Schlabach, sons Wayne and Judy and family, son Perry, daughter Sylvia and Dan and 3 children and granddaughter Maria. A nice time was spent visiting.

We will be busy next week getting ready for the annual Maple Syrup Meeting here. We expect between 75-100 people. We will again serve a chicken dinner on Saturday (Jan. 28). There will also be a Show and Tell on Friday evening, Jan. 27.

Our blood drive on Saturday, Jan. 14 brought in 53 donors. That was down quite a bit from last time. The next drive will be on March 11. Mary your calendars!!

Our thoughts and prayers are with Frank Foote, hoping he is feeling better.

You all have a good week!

Nov. 25, 2016: A nice winter morning … so far we are having a mild winter. Every day without snow and ice is fine with me! (And it saves on fuel!) Our sympathy to the Wallace Byler family in the passing of their father, husband and grandfather. He was 83 years old. His funeral was on Thanksgiving Day. Our family gathered at son Ray and Judy’s on Shedd Road on Thanksgiving Day. We missed Philip and Martha and boys as Martha’s family got together at Philips. Also missed daughter Betty and family from Mio, Mich. Also missed very much was Joe.

One of his greatest pleasures was getting together with the family. I wonder how many stores are over-flowing with shoppers! I wonder why they call it Black Friday. To me, it doesn’t sound very nice. I’ll pass on that shopping day, thank you very much! The school children are also on the count down to Christmas Day. We will be going to church on Christmas and then will gather at son Marks for dinner. We’ll have dinner at 2:00 and then have snacks later on. The baby of Cristy and Maureen Hershberger is still in Cleveland Rainbows Hospital. It weighs almost 6 pounds now but still has breathing issues at times.

They are hoping to be released before long. I am sure the children at home will be glad to all be together again. I’m looking forward to having sister Emma and Andy Weaver and brother Melvin and Mattie visit sometime over the weekend when they come down from Jasper, New York. May we all have the same spirit, not only at Christmas time but everyday. May you all have a Happy Christmas and New Year.

Oct. 30, 2016: A rainy, cool Sunday. So, a fire in the kitchen range feels good Neighbor Eli Bylers had church today with quite a few visitors. All were very welcome. Born to Crist and Maureen Hershberger, Mumford Road, a tiny 3 pound 8 ounce son, Joshua. Grandparents are Crist and Clara Hershberger and Mrs. Mervin Wengard Kathy. Baby Joshua is in University Hospital. Also, a daughter, Amanda, was born to Marvin and Arlene Miller of Garrettsville. Grandparents are Owen and Cindy Miller and Allen and Kathryn Miller. Our sympathy to the family of Dan and Sylvia Miller in the recent death of Dan. He had only found out a short time before that he had cancer.

Her address is Mrs. Daniel J. Miller, 1369 Kinsman Road, NW, North Bloomfield, Ohio, 44450. We will be busy this week getting ready for the Craft Show here next Saturday, Nov. 5. That is also the day of the Metzenbaum School auction. On Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 26, daughter Betty, Melvin and granddaughter Lorena came down from Mio, Mich. They came to help celebrate daughter Sylvia’s 50th birthday! We all got together at Dan and Sylvias on Thursday with the married grands coming in the evening for cake and ice cream. On Friday, Melvins went up to his family where they gathered to divide his parents’ things.

They were here for the three nights, leaving for home on Saturday afternoon. Their visit was greatly enjoyed. My visitors on Sunday evening were son Richard, Sue and children, and John Matt Miller. Supper guests at Dan and Sylvia Millers were Joe and Saloma Miller, Ray and Judy Miller, Bob and Mary Lou Troyer and children, and Dan and Leona Gingerich. Time to get the flowerbeds cleaned out. Also need to finish up the raised garden. Thoughts go out to nephew Monroe Miller who is very sick with cancer. They live in Troutville, Pa. Before we k now it, Thanksgiving will be here. I’m not sure where we will gather yet. With married grandchildren, we need to compromise on a date.

Oct. 2, 2016: A beautiful day after an all night rain. Feels fall-like with leaves beginning to change into their beautiful colors. First of all, my family and I would like to extend our sincere thanks to our churches, neighbors, and all our friends for all the meals, visits, beautiful flowers and everything that was done for us at the passing of our dear husband, father and grandfather, Joe. Your kindness will never be forgotten. And now we need to find a new normal, if there is such a thing.

In my last letter, I wrote about our trip out west and now I have beautiful memories of that, for which I am very grateful. On Tuesday, Sept. 27, sisters Edna, Elmina, cousin Mahlon Byler Gert and I went to visit our niece Edna Mae Miller and nephew Monroe Miller in Troutville, Pa. They both are sick with cancer. Later, we went to Smicksberg, about 40 miles from Troutville to visit our cousin Mrs. Fannie Detweiler. On Friday, sister Edna Byler and niece Bert Kathryn brought lunch and stayed for several hours. A nice day brightener.

Women are winding up fall canning and doing fall cleaning. I need to get my flowerbeds cleaned out. Sister Sylvia Miller from Mio, Mich. and sister Emma Weaver from Jasper, N.Y. may be down to visit this week, Thursday, hopefully, things will work out. Sylvia might stay for several days. If she does, she would like to go to the market in Boardman. Our hearts go out to the family of Henry Kauffman in Clymer, N. Y. in the tragic accident that killed him instantly. He was a young father and leaves behind a wife and four young children. A beautiful Monday morning, I suppose most women have laundry on their wash lines. I’m having some very welcome company, so I’ll wait until another day to do mine. Visiting with me this morning were Bob Sylvia Hershberger and little Mindy, daughter Sylvia, sister-in-law Levi Saloma Miller and her two daughters, Ada Weaver and Cora Kurtz. They brought coffee and snacks. Thanks ladies.

My company last night were sons Perrys and David, son Richards and children, son Marks and children, daughter Sylvia, Dan and children, granddaughter Rosanna, Aden and three children. In the afternoon, neighbors Bill and Betz Miller made a call. Sure helps to pass the time more quickly. I’m so fortunate to have most of our children living close by. What a blessing. Son Perry may be taking over in the window shop; for now, grandson Steven will be taking over in the office, which I’m thankful for. I will close with best wishes to all. Mail and visitors are always welcome.

Sept. 5, 2016: A beautiful day. Have the laundry on the lines and there is a nice breeze, so they should dry in a hurry. Our sympathy goes out to the family of Danny Kauffman who passed away Saturday morning, Aug. 27. The funeral was Aug. 30. He suffered with cancer quite a few years. He was 29 years old.

We are getting back in the swing of things after spending 16 days on a trip out West. Joe and I, along with son Ray, Judy and their daughter Maria, Eddie and Regina Miller, and Ellen Hershberger left on Sunday afternoon, July 31 for Mio, daughter Betty and Melvin Bylers.

On Tuesday morning, we (Joe and I and Betty, Melvin and three children, Matthew 19, Marcus 16 and Juanita 15) went to Flint, Mich. Where we boarded the train. We arrived in Malta, Mo. on Wednesday afternoon. We had a shuttle take us to friends Daniel and Lavina Bylers. Their 19-year-old son was killed in an accident when their driver crossed a railroad track and they were hit. After having supper there and spending the night, had brunch at John and Laura Weavers. They make rustic furniture at Daniel Bylers, and John Weaver has a big sawmill operation. From there we went to visit Joe’s cousin John and Kathryn Miller, where their family made a delicious lunch. There, we were picked up and taken to Gold Creek, Mo. where we spent 3 days. They took us through Bison Range which consists of 18,000 acres. We saw a bear and cubs, huge elk, antelope and lots of buffalo.

From Montana, we went to Seattle, Wa. We went up the Space Shuttle, took a boat ride over to an island, toured a high aquarium, went to a market and toured the Chihuly Garden and Glass House where all the beautiful displays of flowers are made of glass, even those in the gardens outside. After 2 days in Seattle, we went San Francisco, Calif. There, we went over the Golden Gate Bridge, toured the gigantic Redwoods in Muir Woods, wet our feet in the Pacific Ocean, and went to any different shops. After 2 days in San Francisco, we went to Glenwood Springs, Colo. There, they had trams going up the mountains where there were rides and shops, etc. One ride was on a swing going out over a 2400 foot gorge. Quite scary. I did not go on! After 2 days there, we started our long trek home, arriving n Cleveland Thursday morning at 2:45 a.m.

We had a friend pick us up and got home at 3:35 a.m. We slept and hour and 46 minutes and then went to a wedding at neighbor Joe Yoders, of their daughter Ruthie and Cristy Weaver. They will be living at her parents for the time being. Born to John and Ida Mae Hershberger, a son Nathan. He joins four sisters and two brothers. Thursday morning, Sept. 1, Joe and I, along with son Richards and children, son Ray and Judy, Mrs. Eli Weaver, Mrs. Dave Cora Kurtz, Mrs. Saloma and son Levi Jr., Mr. and Mrs. David L. Miller and two girls, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Miller and daughter and Tina Weaver, went to a family reunion in Crossville, Tenn. Brother John, Esther and son Henry, and daughter Martha and Elmer and 6 children were also there from Michigan. We came home Saturday evening, Sept. 3. We had a very enjoyable time. Sunday evening, Sept. 4, the Owen M. Miller family had a birthday celebration for Philip’s 40th birthday. Also, on Sunday evening, Sept. 4, daughter Betty and Melvin spent the night here.

They came for a family gathering with Melvin’s family on Monday, Labor Day. Also coming with them were Albert and Sylvia Miller and Joey and Betsy Miller who came to surprise Joe and Mary Yoder for their 50th wedding anniversary. They all gathered at Joe’s daughter Daniel and Rosanna Slabaughs on Monday, Labor Day. They all returned home Monday afternoon. The evening of Labor Day, our family and Bob and Sylvia Hershberger and children had a cookout at Danny and Karen Millers on Shedd Road … a very enjoyable evening. We missed those who didn’t come. The children had their first day of school today, twas a half day. We all (?) enjoy these nice warm days.

July 25, 2016: A beautiful Monday, but very warm. But, I think it’s better than shoveling snow. Lots of weddings still going on, and also family get-togethers. We had our family gathering at niece Mrs. Albert Miller Kathryn’s on Peters Road on Friday, July 22. This was the Menno and Fannie Hershberger descendents. Folks came from Fredericktown, Ohio, as well as from Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, Wisconsin and many local areas. We had rain in the morning and then it cleared up so the guys had quite a few ball games.

Brother-in-law Mel Yoder of Agler Road fell when the ladder tipped over and cracked his heel. He’s wearing a boot and using a walker. So, Mel and Fannie are both using walkers! They live with their daughter Laura and family. They added on an apartment for them quite a few years ago. Joe and I were sorry to miss out on the annual Middlefield Post picnic at the beautiful Fontanelle home. Their grounds are absolutely beautiful! They always serve a delicious lunch. But this was on Friday, the day of our family get-together. Maybe, next year?

Another great granddaughter for us, born to grandson Nathan and Ruth Byler of Mio, Mich. This is their second daughter. She is named Rosalyn. She has a 2-year-old sister, Julieanna. Summer is going by so fast. Already, the oats have been cut and shocked, making for some beautiful looking fields. We need rain for the hay fields and gardens and produce fields … and, of course, for the flower beds. The peaches from West Virginia should be coming in by the second week in August. For those who have ordered theirs, watch the Good News for the dates. William J. Detweiler made a trip to the ER after he connected his knee with a chain saw, needing staples put in. Also, Melvin A. Detweiler broke his leg in an accident cutting logs. We received word cousin Mary S. Miller died this morning.

She would have been 96 on Aug. 20. She was being taken care of by Katie D. Miller on Hayes Road for over a year. Viewing will be at a niece Betty and John P. Weavers on Gates Road. The funeral will be Thursday, July 28. A thought … Greatness does not consist in never falling, but on rising every time you fall. You all have a good week!



June 23, 2016: A little cooler this morning after a little shower. Gardens are growing by leaps and bounds. Strawberries are being enjoyed, but will soon come to an end. I made 11 quarts of freezer jam. Well, we finally have a pair of martins that decided to “honor” us by building in our martin house. Maybe, next year we’ll have more. This past weekend, we were privileged to have as our Saturday supper guests, sisters Clara and Eli Kauffman, Liz Yoder, nephew Joseph and Bertha Yoder, son Richards and daughter Sylvia and families. We also celebrated sister Clara’s birthday. Sister Sylvia and Albert Miller joined us later on after spending time with Albert’s family. Alberts were our over-night guests. We all attended church on Sunday at John and Sue Lesleins and then gathered at Edward Benders in the afternoon for snacks before the folks left for home. We sang awhile also. The sisters and nephew came from Mio, Mich. We are expecting Joe’s nephew Albert and Ada Marie Miller here for the night, tonight. They are coming for a Special Needs Meeting tomorrow, Saturday, June 24. Albert will be one of the speakers (Albert and Ada Marie came here from Ossineke, which is another hour further north of Mio. Mich.) Tuesday, June 28, is to be the wedding of Naomi Miller, daughter of Bill and Elizabeth, and James, son of Albert and Linda Miller. We hope to attend. Sunday evening, June 26, Dave and Cora invited all the Miller cousins on Cora’s side of the family for snacks, cake and ice cream in honor of Levi Miller Jr.’s (Steff) 50th birthday. This was to be a big surprise. There were over 170 people present! Great-grandson Lucus Hershberger, almost 4, fell and cut his one finger to the bone, needing surgery. We received a wedding invitation for Dorothy, daughter of Mahlon and Linda Byler, and Marty, son of Marty and Clara Kurtz. Heir wedding is to be on July 17. On July 22, 12 are planning on having a Hershberger family reunion at niece Kathryn Millers on Peters Road, They have a nice baseball diamond at their place which will be a plus, as the guys love to play ball! We expect folks will be coming from Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, different parts of Ohio and, hopefully, Tennessee and, maybe Kentucky! June 27: Monday morning and it is looking like another warm day. We had a little shower during the night. Daughter Sylvia and I plan to go to the Middlefield auction this morning, so I need to wrap this up.

May 26, 2016: Ahhh. Summer has arrived. Now we can get our gardens and flowers planted. Lawns are being cut several times a week. And, thus another season has begun. Farmer Joe is putting up first cutting hay. It’s a little earlier than some years. After a late start this spring, things may catch up after all. Sam J. Yoder of Tavern Road fell at work, breaking his elbow on Tuesday, May 24. Haven’t heard if he’ll need surgery or not. Lots of wedding invitations going out. We have 5 for the next several weeks. On Thursday, June 2 is the wedding of Martha Mae daughter of niece Irene and Reuben Byler of Nash Road and Freemon, son of widow Mrs. Marty Erma Miller of Shedd Road. Daughter Betty, Melvin and some of their family plan to come down from Mio, Mich. on Wednesday June 1 and leave for home after the wedding Thursday afternoon. On Friday, May 20, sons Joe, Richard, Ray, Mark, Wayne, son-in-law Dan, Joe and I left for Mio, Mich. to surprise son-in-law Melvin for his birthday. And we really did surprise him! We returned home on Saturday afternoon, having a great time. The weather was perfect for sitting around the campfire making more memories to tuck away. We missed son Perry and son-in-law Philip. Visitors at Richard Millers on Thursday evening, May 26, were Owen Miller Jr. and family, Dan and Sylvia Miler and Cindy, Philip and Marta Miller and sons, Joe and I. A nice evening to sit around the campfire. We were treated to ice cream, apple pie and more snacks. The benefit auction at the Middlefield Auction barn on Wednesday, May 25 was to help with hospital bills and was well attended. Lots of good food and many good items were sold. There will be a pancake breakfast at Marty’s Auction on Friday, June 3 and 4 for Alan Miller family. Alan is paralyzed from his chest down from an accident.

April 28, 2016: Rainy describes our weather at present. A little warmer weather wouldn’t hurt!! The community was again saddened, this time with the passing of Levi S. Yoder. He had taught school for some years and was also our Amish School Superintendent for quite a long time. And he was also the funeral director for our Amish community this side of Middlefield. He will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers also go to the family of Andrew and Viola Farmwald since the sudden passing of husband and father. His funeral was on Tuesday, April 25. We are getting ready for wedding services here for our granddaughter Susan, daughter of son Joe and Saloma and Mark, son of Vernon and Nancy Yoder. They plan to be married on Thursday, May 5. They will move into the apartment at Toby and Esther Stoltzfus on Shedd Road. Most Amish schools are finished for the year. Our school, Saw Mill Lane, had their picnic on Wednesday evening, April 27. We had a beautiful evening, although a little chilly. But, nice weather to play baseball. They had a campfire going where folks could warm up. On Saturday, May 14, will be Bloodmobile at our shop. And, on Friday evening, May 27, there will be a benefit auction for Saw Mill Lane School, also in our shop. Watch for the ad in local papers. Son Perry’s have their greenhouse about filled again, after fire destroyed most of their early plants. I need to go get some flowers before the wedding services here next Thursday. We are expecting daughter Betty and some of their family, and also sister Emma and Andy Weaver and some of their family from Jasper, New York and also a daughter from English, Indiana to come on Wednesday for the wedding. Plus coming are sister Sylvia and Albert and sister Clara from Mio, Michigan. So I will need to find lodging for them. Hopefully, it will warm up one of these days. When we were married on May 2, 1963, we had snow the day before the wedding and then, on the day of the wedding, it warmed up to 70 degrees. And the young folks played baseball. You all have a good week.Feb. 18, 2016: A good morning to all on this lovely morning … although it is cold with 14.5 degrees at 9:15 a.m. I have the laundry done, but it’s still a little chilly to hang out clothes and even if I could get to the wash line because the snow is too deep! Already half of February is gone, so now we can think spring!

Saw Mill Lane School mothers took hot lunch to school on Tuesday, Feb. 16. That is always a day brightener for the teachers and pupils.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Chester D. Byler and the Wayne M. Detweiler families as Chester and Wayne both have cancer.

Reports are Alan R. Miller of Georgia Road is making progress with his therapy having been paralyzed from the waist down in an accident. He is in a hospital in Pennsylvania.

Levi S. Yoder of Newcomb Road had a recent hospital stay for a few days but is home again. Our singing group had plans to visit them on Monday evening, Feb. 27.

Tonight, Feb. 18, our family plans to visit the Daniel Burkholder family. It was a year ago in January that he was hurt and is paralyzed from the waist down. He recently had surgery on a sore on his back, but is recovering at home.

Well, the old house on the corner ofvv Mumford Road and Route 168 is no longer. It was built in 1813 by John Colson. In 1905, Joe’s grandparents, Levi and Clara Miller, moved on this farm, renting it 50/50 with great-grandparents, Moses C. Yoders. Joe’s mother was born on this farm and never lived any place else. The farm was kept in the family until it was sold to Joseph and Betty J. Yoder in 2005. It is said this place was a stopping off place between Warren and Cleveland for slaves. Well, Joe is making a path so I can hang out some clothes. So I will finish later.

Leaving for Florida this morning, Feb. 19, were son Wayne, Judy and two little boys. They went with the chartered bus that goes back and forth most weeks. They plan to be gone for a week. Tonight, Joe and I plan to take granddaughters Kaytlin and Karen to the Benefit Auction at Buster Millers.

Today, Feb. 19, Joe and I went to the Air Works Expo down in Holmes County with son Ray, Judy, daughter Sylvia, grandson Allen Ray, granddaughter Maria, and Bob Hershberger Sylvia. Wow! What a crowd!

Well, our diet had gone very well. Joe lost 30 pounds. His heart doctor was very pleased. He was able to take Joe off one of his medications. If anyone’s interested in Joe’s story, you can call him at 440-834-0326.

Jan. 25, 2016: Winter is here  and we are burning the fuel we saved when it was so mild. I guess it all evens out.

The community was once again saddened with the passing of Andrew O. Yoder, 19, son of Owen and Elva. He passed away on Friday, Jan. 15 from cancer. The funeral was held on Monday, Jan. 18. Many relatives came from a distance. Coming from Macomb, Ill were niece Mary Ellen and Andy Mullet. Also, there were nieces and nephews Menno and Dora Hershberger, Ellen and Lester Mullet, Emma Mullet from Granton, Wis, and Edward and Nancy Hershberger from Lubin, Wis. From Mio, Mich. were sisters Liz Yoder, Clara and Eli Kauffman, Sylvia and Albert Miller plus niece Wilma Hochstetler and nephews Paul Yoder and Joseph Kauffman. Many came from Troutville, Pa. Our overnight guests on Monday evening were niece Mary Ellen and Andy Mullet. They left for their home on Tuesday morning.

We were gearing up for the annual Maple Syrup Producers Meeting here on Friday, Jan. 22 and Saturday Jan. 23. On Friday evening there were displays on various products and foods made using some maple syrup. On Saturday we served a chicken dinner. Last year we fed 131 people. The main speaker on Saturday Jan. 23 was Gary Grairm. He is affiliated with the Ohio State University. Ervin Gingerich Jr. of Georgia Road gave a talk on the Ohio Maple Association. Cheryl Turner gave a report on U.S.D.A. surveys and reports. Dan Milo from

Mentor, Ohio gave a report on O.D.A regulations on tubing, what solutions to use and not to use to clean out the tubing.

Stephen Chiles from New York State also talked on how to maintain tubing throughout the year. Among the biggest problems are squirrels that like to chew holes in the tubing. He also showed slides on how to make the best maple cream candy using a mixer to stir instead of by hand.

It’s Monday morning now and it’s a mild morning. We are thankful we didn’t get storms like the southern states did. Coming home from Florida on Friday Jan. 22 were son Ray, Judy, Allen Ray and Maria, and Danny and Karen Detweiler and daughter Barbara. They got into some stormy weather coming through South Carolina. Danny had gone down for back surgery and Rays went along for support. Ray got to attend the Benefit Auction for Haiti which is held in Florida every January. They had left on Monday Jan. 11 and returned on Friday evening Jan. 22. We look like “pale faces” compared to their suntans!!

Going to the Hartville Kitchen on Saturday Jan. 23 for a mini get together were members of the late Neil T. Hershberger family. A nephew, son of the late Albert and Emma Yoder, works (‘runs”) the restaurant and hosted the event. I haven’t heard how many attended. Sounds like fun!


Jan. 8, 2016: A chilly Friday morning. It seems a little more like winter since the weather turned a little colder. The fresh cover of snow looked pretty.

We had another busy, fun week. On Tuesday afternoon, our daughter Betty and Melvin Byler, sister Sylvia and Albert Miller, and niece Betz and Joey Miller came here from Mio, Mich. Also, coming from Jasper, N.Y. were sister Emma and Andy Weaver and brother Melvin and Mattie Hershberger. Our overnight guests were Andy’s and Albert’s. On Wednesday, they were here along with sisters Fannie and Mel Yoder, Edna and Bill Byler, sister Elmina, niece Ellen Hershberger, Barbara and Noah Yutzy, nieces Kathryn Miller, Martha Kuhns and our son Joe.

In the evening, our family, along with several married grandchildren gathered here in honor of Betty and Melvin. Melvin’s stayed at our place until Thursday afternoon and then left for home around 3:30 p.m.

The community was saddened with the passing of Nathan, 22, son of Johnny and Barbara Byler of Parkman-Mespo Rd. He died early Monday morning, Dec. 28, from an accident.

Our sympathy to the family of Allen J. Byler on Madison Road in the passing of their Dad. He was 77 years old.

Nelson J. Miller of Jug Road is in the hospital after what they think was a heat attack. They expect to bring him home from the hospital today, if plans hold. He is 83 years old.

Born to Matthew and Betty Miller, son number four, named Thomas Ray. Another great-grandson for Joe and me. Grands are Joe Jr. and Lome Miller and Ray and Laura Miller.

Saturday, Jan. 9, we have Bloodmobile here. So we are busy setting up for that. Hopefully, we’ll have a good turnout.

On Friday evening and Saturday, Jan. 22-23, is to be the annual Maple Syrup meeting here. We will serve a chicken dinner on Saturday noon. Last year we had over 100 people!

Our family Christmas this year was at son Wayne and Judy’s. All but daughter Betty and family were present. We had a great time. Men and women had a Chinese gift exchange, which was a lot of fun. On Sunday evening, Jan. 3, Joe’s family that live here got together at niece Ada and Crist Yoder’s on Mumford Road. We had a delicious meal. Coming were Crist and Clara Hershberger, Saloma and Levi Miller Jr. and Joe and I. The three brothers live out of state.

You all have a good week. Stay healthy and drink lots of water!


November 29, 2015:  Another nice November day. So far, our winter has been very mild, saving on fuel and with no shoveling snow. But all said and done, I’m kind of glad to see snow. And, I suppose, soon I’ll have to eat my words.

Thanksgiving Day, our family got together at daughter Sylvia and Dans. All but sons Rays, Marks and Philips had other plans. We had turkey and all the trimmings. In the evening, we had oyster stew, snacks and leftovers. We visited and then sang a while.

On Saturday, Nov. 21, we hosted the dinner for the A.F.S. exchange students and their host parents. There were 107 people here. Before we had dinner, Lester Schlabaugh gave the students a buggy ride, which they very much enjoyed. There were students from Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Spain, Greece, Egypt, Kenya, Italy, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, China, Thailand and Japan. After dinner, we were presented with miniature flags of each country the students came from. It was a very enjoyable evening.

On Saturday, Nov. 28, we had our annual family pig-butchering day. There where 15 pigs that were cut, packaged and wrapped. This is a day the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren enjoy … all working together, visiting and telling stories of the children’s “growing-up” days on the farm. Many things have changed … some for the better and some maybe not!

Allen J. Miller of Shedd Road who fell around 20 feet while climbing up his tree stand almost two weeks ago, still remains in Akron Hospital.  He had most of his ribs broken, plus other injuries. He is coming along as well as is expected.

Ervin Miller Jr. of Burton-Windsor Road was a very sick man. He had viral meningitis and was in the hospital for quite a while and then to Briar Hill for rehab. They are hoping to bring him home soon.

Emanual and Sara Hershberger have moved into a trailer at their son Emanual Jr. and Marthas on Newcomb Road Grandson Marlin and Marcia P. Miller, newlyweds, moved in where Emanuals lived on Route 168.

On Monday, November 30, Crist R. Hershberger has plans to have knee surgery. Hopefully, that will relieve his pain, once its healed.

Our churchwomen have planned to have out Christmas exchange on Monday evening, Dec. 14. My, Christmas is coming up fast! How many shopping days, left Katherine? I’ll let her say!

We need a little colder weather to make candy. The turtles set up better when it’s cold. Our family has plans to have our Christmas get-together at son Waynes, but not until New Years Day.

On Monday, Nov. 30, I plan to go shopping at our local Amish stores with daughter Sylvia and granddaughter Rosanna. The guys plan to go deer hunting, so the women decided to go shop. I think shopping would be the most fun! Ha!

Grandson Marlin Miller fell at work around 18-20 feet and broke his pelvis. He needs to stay off his feet for two weeks and then see his doctor. He was just married on Oct. 8. He’ll be off work awhile.

Time to get the Christmas cards done, bake cookies and make candy. Let’s remember the less fortunate, the sick and those in the hospital, etc.

You all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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