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Coffee Break with Sue – By Susan Yoder


Sept. 3, 2019: A happy Hello to all! Tomatoes galore, peppers, cabbages, melons and more … Can shelves and freezers are being filled from the bounteous gardens. What a blessing!

I’m trying something new this year, homemade sauerkraut. My sister shared her “method”. Shred your cabbage into a big bowl. Salt it (by guess and by golly), pack lightly into jars, put the lids on loosely and let set at least 7-10 days. Then tighten rings and put on your can shelf. We like sausage and sauerkraut baked together and mashed potatoes with browned butter on the side.

My Dad (Crist) is having his mitral valve repaired on Sept. 10. We are anxiously ready to have that behind us. Brother David and Barb and their family are planning to surprise Dad and Mom around the 14th. They are coming on the train and plan to stay a week.

Am feeling very newsless … so hope to add more later.

School doors have opened once again. When I saw the children walking past this morning, I got a big lump in my throat … going down Memory Lane. It’s hard to believe that Bill Stutzman (former teacher) passed on to his reward in February of this year. One by one, the Savior calls us home. To be ready when our time comes is the important thing.

Till next time, remember…  It takes no more time to see the good side of life that it does to see the bad side. Seek out the good!

July 18: A happy Hello to y’all! Whew! Sure, has been Warm! Writing this date reminds me of Aunt Martha (Coblentz). Today would have been her 93rd birthday were she still with us. 

We recently had another funeral on that side of the family when my aunt by marriage, Mary Byler (Dan C.), passed away, suffering from Alzheimer’s. She is deeply missed. Uncle Dan is 87 and fairly well. His address is 5635 Ensign Rd., W. Farmington, Ohio, 44491.

My folks, Crist and Barbara Ann, reported a very interesting afternoon when the “39ers” gathered at Neil Schmucker/Sam Kurtz homestead. Neil had invited the ones from this area and their partners who will, Lord willing, turn 80 this year! The ones in attendance were Joe A. and Esther Weaver, Jonas S. Yoder, Bill J. and Carol Miller, John E. Mast, Eli P. and Katie Weaver, Mrs. Andy U. (Anna) Byler, Lester (Sonny) and Mattie Detweiler, Joe E, and Irene Byler, (Lucy) Ervin Miller, (Henry) Laura Fisher, (Yogi) Jonas V. Miller, and Jake and Amanda Mullet.

Our new neighbors have arrived. Paul and Linda Burkholder moved out on Wednesday eve and on Saturday Nate and Reguna Weaver and three children moved in. Mom and I walked over a little bit to meet each other. They are doing some serious remodeling, expanding the kitchen into the garage.

Nelson R. and Barbara Miller have moved out “front” to the Westover home they bought. Their son, Nate and Barbie and family, have moved into Nelson’s house and our church continues to grow. (Marty) Bill and Liz Troyer moved into the former Perchuro home on Shedd Road. We hope these newcomers can all feel at home here!

Norm had an enjoyable few hours fishing on Lake Erie with son-in-law Jon Hershberger, his Dad, Bob, and Grandpa also went. We enjoyed a meal of fish and put the rest in the freezer for later.

Till next time remember “you can’t live a positive life with a negative mind!”

June 21, 2019: A friendly Hello to y’all. Squish, squish, squish … the sound of bare feet walking across the yard as our soggy weather continues. 

Despite the rain, strawberries are in full swing and delicious! You can’t beat local grown.

We have a filly in the barn going on 4 weeks now. I feel for it out in the pasture in the waist high grass. It’s been too wet to mow.

Dad and Mom, along with some others visited at Dan Jr. and Sara Ann Byers in Guys Mills, Pennsylvania, recently. We had an evening of butchering meat chickens recently, this time at daughter LeAnna and Noahs. We split 96 of them amongst six families. They are delicious on the grill. (They better be after all that disgusting work!)

We had the option of moving our mailbox to “our” side of the road, which is so much better than crossing this busy highway. Dad and Mom haven’t had that option yet. They are right next door and have a different route. Can you believe that? They are working with them to remedy this.

Our neighbors to the north put up a flag pole with a big American flag on it. To me, it’s heartwarming to see. It makes me think back to when I went to school (public) and we’d say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning also with the Lord’s Prayer. Times have sure changed and not always for the better. Young Robert Ohly is in the service, hence the flag.

“Let everything you do be done in Love.” (I Cor. 16:14) ‘Til next time … Stay dry!

May 24, 2019: A friendly Hi to Y’all! What beautiful sunshine we had today, much appreciated and spirit lifting!

We spent today with Dad and Mom Yoder in Mt. Hope. We rode along with some others who went down to the Memorial Day horse auction, the “big” attraction for lots of people by the looks of it.

We are looking forward to attending a few weddings in the near future. On May 28 it’s John Mark, son of Mervin and Miriam Troyer and Ellen, daughter of Dan and Martha Kuhns. Then on June 4, it’s nephew Steven, son of sister Barbie and Allen Ray Yoder and Susan, daughter of Dan and Lynda Miller.

Today was the funeral of Mrs. Robert (Viola) Burkholder, age 58. She was always a friendly lady. We wish her sweet rest. Our sympathy to her family.

Dad and Mom are enjoying their cards and letters (and visitors). Thanks to all you kind people! Dad is doing well from his surgery (bicep). He just needs to “rest” it for a while yet.

We had our annual spring cleaning there on Thursday for the family, an all-day/evening affair. We always look forward to being treated to Maggie’s Donuts in the morning and pizza in the evening! (Smile!)

I got to baby sit neighbor Paul and Linda’s little baby, John Allen, one evening recently.

‘Til next time!

Accept what is … let go what was … have faith in what will be.

April 26, 2019: Daughter Rebecca’s 23rd birthday! (Wonder how that happened so fast! Time really does fly!)

Our neighbors Paul and Linda Burkholder are the happy parents of their first son. They named him Allen and he was born on April 16. He was also welcomed by three sisters who are 2, 3, and 4! Grandparents are David and Cathy Burkholder and Neil Jr. and Martha Schmucker. Pauls will be leaving the neighborhood ere long. They are in the process of building a new home up on Durkee Road west of 608.

Our neighbors Jon and Kathryn Mullet are also moving up to Wiswell Road where they bought a home. And the neighborhood keeps changing!

The neighbors all gathered for an evening of singing and fellowship in honor of Mathew and Anna Marie Hershberger and family who will soon be moving to Colorado! We wish them all well in their new homes!

My dad recently had a test done to check out a leaky heart valve which will need to be repaired, hopefully before too long. They have plans to visit son and brother David and Barbara out in Missouri soon along with brother Crist, Virginia and family. They plan to go via Amtrak and expect to be gone five days. I’ve never been on Amtrak but they say the worse thing about it is the ride to and from the train stations (mostly at night). I must say I’m a little jealous. I told nephew Josh to check their suitcases when they get there, I may decide to sneak along. (Smile!)

My cousin Margaret Hershberger (Mrs. Gid) recently had a knee replacement done. She’s coming along nicely now. She did have a lot of pain and had a small blood clot behind her knee. We wish her well! Her address is 15419 Madison Road, Middlefield, OH 44062 if anyone wants to send a card of cheer. It will soon be a year that her Mom died.

Till next time!  Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms!

March 29, 2019:  A Friendly Hi to Y’all!

Spring has sprung! We rejoice! No early garden here yet, hopefully soon,

Barb Raber is feeling better after being in the hospital a few days … of course, it was right when Mom Emma went to Florida. All’s well that ends well.

(Erwin) Marcia Kuhns is down there (Florida) at the present along with some others who went to that wellness center down there. Hopefully, it will be warm here upon their return.

Our visiting group was at (Don J.P.) Martha/Al Miller home recently. Impressive at age 93, Martha stays busy working on carpet rags, tearing/sewing. She is blessed with a healthy body and sound mind.

Henry and Ellen Gingerich have recently moved from Swine Creek Road over to Georgia Road across from our sons Joey and Martha Kay and Aaron and Rachel. Ellen’s sister Dorothy and Bill Gingerich are in the process of building a new home just west of the farm they sold across from Chipmunk Lane also on Georgia. Changes everywhere.

We have been trying to eat more fruits and vegetables around here. Norm recently had a doctor appointment and I mentioned that he should stop somewhere and get some fruit. Well, he bought apples, pineapple, four kinds of berries, bananas, grapes, avocados, and kiwi! I’m not that “big” on fruit. And have to make an extra effort to eat it.

I know it’s healthier and one feels better if you put an effort in what you eat. I don’t think God intended for us to eat all that processed food and fast food … not all the time, anyway. Now to practice what I preached! (Smile!)

Till next time … Remember, coffee makes all things possible! 

March 1, 2019: Winter keeps hangin’ in! (This too shall pass …)

My mind keeps traveling south (Florida) as last year at this time we were there. We’ll pass on going this year. We have church here on the 24th.

We have another granddaughter. She was born to daughter LeAnn and Noah on Feb. 20 and was named Laura Kate. The other grands are Albert and Mary Ann Miller. The welcoming committee includes two brothers and two sisters.

We recently visited the Lester and Sara Hostetler home. Their daughter Kathryn also joined us. She is undergoing cancer treatments at this time, after having surgery. Send her cheer as she battles this awful disease. She is 58 years old and lives alone. (Kathryn Hostetler, 4525 Clark Road, West Farmington, Ohio, 44491)

My two Christmas cacti are blooming profusely at this time. Don’t know what I did wrong (or right?).

Our twin grands are really growing, both weighing over 9 pounds now! What a blessing after being so tiny!

The flock of wild turkeys have been coming up to the bird feeders quite regularly. There have been as many as 32! They are quite a sight, especially the toms when they start their “strutting”.

Crist J. Miller and daughter Sarah, Chester and Ella Miller, Rob Miller Jr. (Shmutz), along with several others are on a month long plus excursion to Arizona sightseeing and enjoying the warmer climate.

“You don’t need to know all the answers; no one is smart enough yet to ask you all the questions!”

‘Till next time … THINK SPRING!

Feb. 1, 2019: A Friendly Hi to Y’all!

Wow! We got some real winter weather after all!

Our chickens are finally laying again after about 2 months of hardly any. These longer days make a difference.

Dad and Mom had the Sum’s John gang there for a spaghetti supper made the way an old family friend did when they lived in New York. He was Italian, so maybe we could call the spaghetti “Olde World Style”? The sauce has pork roast, different kinds of sausage, etc. in it. It is quite good. We played a few “funny” games. (Them there Uncles and Aunts are quite precious to me. We missed Aunt Betty and John who were sick; also, John and Sue who live in Carrollton were missed.)

We recently spent an evening with Lester A. Miller with our visiting group. He seemed to be in good spirits and has a nice home there at his daughter Ruth and Jerry’s. They also joined us. 

Jerry’s have plans to take Les and head south in a month or so. (Florida!)

Our family has increased by three. In December, daughter Rebecca and Jon had a little Jonathan born Dec. 5. Bob Hershberger is the other grand. Then, on Dec. 12, son Joey and Martha Kay had twins, Isaac Lee and Jenna Marie. The other grands are Walter and Cindy Gingerich. The twins were 6 plus weeks early, so they spent their first 5 weeks at Rainbows, coming home on Jan. 18. They weighed some over 3 pounds each and are now over 6 pounds. So much to be thankful for!

Thoughts go to the Rudy and Fannie Miller family who had also been at Rainbows with their 9-year-old, Jonathan. He had been hit by a car the week before Christmas. He’s really had a time of it. I believe, he is now in a rehab center. Rudy’s home address is 9850 State Route 534, Middlefield, OHIO, 44062. They have seven other children at home. I’m sure they have their struggles.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you are right.” ~ Henry Ford

‘Til next time, curl up with a mug of coffee and watch the birds. 

Nov. 19, 2018: A friendly “Hi y’all”!

Writing this day takes me back 31 years to sis Betty and David’s wedding. Happy Anniversary! They are now “State Road Appliances” and “West Farmington Fabrics.” Check this out at 6022 Old State Road. You won’t be sorry!

Mel Raber Emma (widow) had a little fuss while mowing lawn and ended up with torn muscles (knee) and had surgery. Send her a line of cheer at 16271 Madison Road, Middlefield, Ohio, 44062.

It is disheartening to see the Steffee Farm being razed for a marijuana plant. It’s only 1/2 mile from here. The Daniel Fisher family who live there are in the process of moving up north somewhere. We wish them well.

Sis Barbie and Allen Ray (Yoder) are the happy first-time grands to little Adam born to son Adam and Liz on November 2. The other grands are David and Ruth Hostetler. The greats are Mahlon and Mary Hostetler (Carroll County), Al and Miriam Yoder, and Crist and Barb Miller.

It was challenging this fall to get the yards cleaned up. Leaves were a pain to burn due to the wetness. At least snow brightens the landscape and covers the “drab” … not complaining, just sayin’!

If you are able to bundle up and go for a walk, it’s a day brightener. Norm and I recently walked up the buggy/bike path northwest to the covered bridge and back … pretty near 6 miles total. I would like to walk it sometime with the leaves still on the trees. I think lots of people use this path to walk their dogs and also to bike, etc. It is very nice.

A sign on by bookcase simply states. “Of course, I have it all together, I just can’t remember where I put it.” That says it all! 

In the meantime, enjoy these happy holidays … not so happy for some. Let’s remember those less fortunate and especially those who recently lost loved ones. God be with us all!

“Til next time …

Oct. 22, 2018: A Friendly Hi Y’all! We have had lots of cool, rainy weather, but every day is a new day and we are too much blessed to complain.

We recently had the privilege of visiting with 98-year-old widow, (Don) Ada Byler going with our visiting group. She is still very sharp in her mind and interesting to visit with. She is on no medications(!) amazing in itself! A nephew, Reuben and Mary Byler live in the other part of the house and help Ada as needed. When asked what her “secret” is for her longevity, she says simply that it wasn’t her choice and she never thought she’d live that long. I’m sure she’s had many lonely times being that age and being widowed for 23 years.

Brother Crist and Virginia recently had to put down their main buggy horse they had just bought in May after having the vet out and treating it for strangles that just got worse. They say it was a rare thing. It was “just” a horse, but still a loss.

Matt and Katie Miller had some excitement when an opossum ended up in the cold air return in their bedroom! YIKES! A battle ensued, but they did get rid of it. They must be plentiful; (opossums, I mean) as Dad had a few trapped in his yard. They are a nuisance.

It is now 12 years that Grandpa Miller passed away (John S. C.). We have many nice memories of by-gone years. Time moves on.

‘Till next time … enjoy autumn.

Sept. 24, 2018: Beautiful fall days, such a blessing after all that heat and humidity.

I’m trying to get some fall cleaning done and some “rearranging” for the winter months.

Eli Weaver Ada took a tumble off of a step stool and ended up with several broken ribs a few days before church at their place. Ben Jr. Hostetler didn’t make it to church either after somehow scraping his hand and ending up at the hospital from excessive bleeding (from his blood thinner). His new granddaughter, Rebekah Lynn daughter of Lucinda and Dan was in church for the first time. The other grands are Ferdies. The little miss has two sisters and two brothers to make her feel at home!

Published to be married on Oct. 11 are Liz daughter of Dan and Nancy Kurtz and Allen, son of Marvin and Sara Troyer.

Oh! So now there are mice in the chicken coop?! Scared the daylights out of me when I opened the door and two young mice started running back and forth. I don’t know who was more scared! I got to thinking the chickens might kill them and (gulp!) eat them! And the eggs? More protein, I guess.

Daughter-in-law Katie and the girls had the misfortune of seeing a hawk coming into their chicken pen and killing a chicken. She tried to chase the hawk away but to no avail.

Till next time, remember the most beautiful things in life cannot been seen or even touched They must be felt within the heart.

Aug. 27, 2018: Summer is waning and schools have started. How time flies! Gardens are slowly being emptied with what I think is a bounties crop of everything for everyone. We are surely blessed!

Ben Hostetler Jr. is facing surgery, a valve replacement. (Forget to ask him about it, so I don’t know when.) He had a kidney transplant a few years ago, making this more of an ordeal. Send him cheer at 15705 Old State Road, Middlefield. It will be five years this September that his wife Betty passed away.

We spent a week at Cooks Forest along with others of the family including Dad and Mom (Crist and Barbara Ann). We had a nice time. I believe neighbor Barbara Hershberger and Esther are there this week with son and brother Andrew’s family.

I am feeling news-less … so will just add some odds and ends. 

“To be a friend one needs to be tolerant with an understanding heart and a forgiving nature, knowing that we all stumble now and then and that one who never makes mistakes, never accomplishes anything.”

“Some people make the world more special just by being in it.”

And here is a precious memory … In my diary from a year ago Aug. 29, it says: “Bob, Sara and girls were here this evening to fold napkins for the wedding.” (Jon and Becca’s.)

July 16, 2018: The weather has been uncomfortable. I must say I prefer … you all know … that four letter word! (Smile.)

Brother David and Barbara called with the happy news that they are grandparents for the first time. Their daughter Karen and John Mark Yutzy were blessed with a daughter, Kimberly Joanne, born on July 11. Uncle Josh was pretty excited, too.

Bob Hershberger and daughter Karen recently moved up into the apartment where his daughter Carol and David and family lived, and they moved into the house. That had been their plan all along. I’m sure they all have mixed feelings about it. So many changes.

Daughter Rebecca and Jonathan were recently visiting at Bobs. Upon leaving with the horse and buggy, something was felt on Becca’s foot and running up and across Jon’s leg. Gasp! Help! It was a mouse! Needless to say, they immediately bailed off. But no mouse could be found then. A few days later, they found it dead in the back. They probably scared it to death!

Son Aaron and Rachel are in the process of moving, still on Georgia Road but farther west, close to son Joey and Martha Kay. They were doing some remodeling.

Owen, son of Enos L. and Sara Miller, and Jayne, daughter of Walter and Cindy Gingerich have the invitations out for their wedding on Aug. 23. They bought the home where Aarons vacated, the former Andy Farmwald home.

We were on a two-day outing recently with the Yoder family celebrating Dad and Mom Yoders anniversary, 60 years, which was in December. We went as far as Niagara Falls, N.Y. We slept in Erie by the lake.

Till next time. Stay cool!


June 18,2018: A friendly Hello to y’all.

My, what splendid weather we’ve had! (It is a little on the muggy side today. I was out watering the raised beds this morning. I have a row of sunflowers planted along the outside of the chicken fence, growing quite rapidly now. I noticed the chickens pecked off all the leaves they could reach. Grrrr! I believe I’m a little “proud” when my plants do well … hanging baskets or whatever. But it never lasts; I certainly didn’t inherit my Mom’s “green thumb”!

We have a 3-week old colt and had to purchase another horse to drive. So far, we like him… not the fastest in town, but steady and, so far, sound.

We were blessed with granddaughter number 10. When Savannah was born to son Al and Katie on June 7, she was welcomed by two happy sisters. The other grands are Ivan Jr. and Martha Miller, making the Garrettsville writer one of the greats! (Smile!) The others are Marvin Bylers, Crist Millers, and Dan Yoders. Oh, I must also add we have six grandsons.

There are many sad and heavy hearts again with the three funerals we’ve attended since my last writing, that of Daniel M. Troyer, age 43, of West Farmington (Norm’s cousin), and my Aunt Martha Coblentz, age 92. They both passed away on May 22. Then, (Bob) Sara Hershberger passed on June 9. “We sorrow not as those with no hope but with our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith.” Mrs. Mel (Anna) Yoder, an 82-year-old widow also recently passed away. Let’s remember all the sorrowing families.

“Till next time, “Happy Summer”!

May 20, 2018: A friendly Hello to y’all!

‘Tis almost summer … so many blessings to enjoy … flowers, birds, weddings. 

And then too, we weep with those who sorrow. We attended the very sad viewing in Holmes County area of the husband of Norm’s cousin, Elsie, daughter of (Paul) Mary Hershberger. Daniel Schwartentruber was instantly killed in an accident while hauling a bench wagon with a tractor the day after the wedding of a daughter. Daniel leaves a family of eight, three married.

Bob Sara is back on the ventilator having complications since her heart transplant on May 8, a big disappointment for all, especially her family. Please keep them in your prayers.

May 29 is the planned wedding day for Rosanna daughter of David and Laura Kauffman and Robbie son of Bob and Linda Miller.

Donnie and Shirley Miller and family brought her parents home (Jake and Betz Gingerich). They are moving over to her brother Marvins next door.

My Mom (Barbara Ann) is feeling better since her last bout with AFIB. She spent a few days in the hospital to adjust her meds and get it straightened up. It was her first episode since having an ablation three years ago.

“Bear ye one another’s burden and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Gal 6:2.

Till next time, “Happy Gardening!”

April 23, 2018: We’ve had three days of glorious sunshine! Much appreciated by all, I’m sure.

I finally planted my early garden … not as early as I would have liked.

We had an enjoyable day at David Mary Ann Millers when she invited the Millers for a quilting bee. Not too many showed up. Aunt Katherine, where were you?

Mrs. Mahlon (Barb) Miller was surprised when her children had a 50th birthday party for her at their daughter Betsy and Marvin Millers. I dare say she was “speechless”!

Barb Raber gets a yearly expense paid trip from Pampered Chef. She took her Mom, Emma, along. I think it was to Florida(?) Hope it will be nice and warm here when they come back.

We have a few wrens around here by the sounds of things every morning at the crack of dawn. They’re just a chattering away. I love to hear them.

Recently when daughter LeAnna and Noah had church the boys (purposely) let loose (in the house) their two caged canaries in the evening. What a commotion! They finally caught one and put it in the cage and the second one went in voluntarily. It made for some excitement for adults and children alike!

(Bob) Sara Hershberger is still at Cleveland Clinic awaiting a transplant. The family takes turns staying with her.

Till next time, enjoy spring!

A note on my bulletin board: “If you can’t change your mind, are you sure you still have one?”

March 22, 2018: A Happy Hello to Y’all! Spring is here and all its splendor! Glorious Easter Time! The Lord Is Risen!

We spent almost two weeks in Florida at my in-laws. My parents also came. They rented a house in Pinecraft. We’ve had sunny days and also some cold ones … coming and going daily.

Rita Farmwald passed away on March 16, so we were able to attend her viewing. Many of her family came from up north for her funeral. Most of Rita’s siblings had come to spend time with her a week or so before her passing. A few had gone home already, only to return a few days later. She had not been well for some time.

If you ever come to Florida, visit Myaka River State Park. It’s very interesting to go on an airboat ride and see the alligators. Very worthwhile, we thought.

We were very sorry to hear of the deaths of both (Dan) Linda Miller and Owen M. Miller. Our sympathies to their families.

The Byler cousins gathered at (Ray) Betty Bylers. We were sorry to miss out.

We heard the happy news of a daughter Melissa Rose to Owen and Krissy Miller. Grands are David Kauffans and Marty Millers (who are down here at the present.)

I’m looking forward to starting some seeds in my raised beds. That is if the snow has melted!

Till next time … Happy Spring!

“Only one life, ‘twill soon be past …

 Only what’s done for Christ will last!”

Feb. 26, 2018: A friendly greeting to all

The weather has been spring-like with most of the sugarhouses boiling that sweet sap down to yummy maple syrup. Something I always would’ve wanted to do, but, then, it’s a lot of work, too. But, as one of our grandmothers used to say, “No work, no reward.” That’s true with anything.

Erick and Karen Raber were blessed with son number three. He’s named Leon Melvin. The little lad was born two days after the anniversary of his paternal grandfather Mel’s death. The other grands (besides widow Emma Raber) are Dan and Esther Mast. Oh, Ericks have two girls.

Daughter Rebecca and Jonathan have plans to move into the home they bought in the next week. They’ve done a lot of painting and also had the hardwood all refinished. This is on Jug Road in District 89 and daughter Regina and Steven Gingerichs home, which is on 168.

Does anyone know how to keep stinkbugs out of the house? They must have been hibernating inside for the last 4 – 6 weeks. There are always one or two a day crawling on the ceiling … or they’ll come out when it’s dark (to the light). They are so disgusting! Almost as bad as those furry, four-legged little creatures!

We are having church services here in a few weeks, so I’m trying to get the corners cleaned.

Til next time! And remember, if you can’t change your mind, are you sure you still have one? (Smile!)

Jan. 29, 2018: Cold again today. We’ve sure had a nice winter!

We are hoping our chickens will start laying again soon! We want to get some more chicks this spring and can the ones we have this summer … they will be 2 years old.

We visited at Uncle Allen J. Miller one eve. My folks (Crist and Barbara) and John Weavers joining us. We took some fresh steaks from our beef that we got done and grilled them. So now we are trying to decide if we want to get some more to chase out in out pasture. (We learned one thing; you need an electric fence to keep them in!)

(Bob) Sara Hershberger will undergo some testing soon to see if she can be placed on the list for heart transplant. She’s had problems for quite a while (weak, congestive heart). She’s 56 years old. Sent her cheer at 15275 Georgia Road, Middlefield, Ohio, 44062.

Thoughts go to the young wife and mother, Mrs. Raymond (Rebecca) Miller. She is the daughter of Donnie and Viola Schmucker. She is currently at University Hospital in Cleveland “fighting” for her life after giving birth to daughter number four. She had heart failure. They put in a device to make her heart pump and she had numerous complications. If the Lord wills, she will eventually need a heart transplant, too. Let’s all pray for her and her family. Their address is 4380 Johnson Road, Orwell, Ohio, 44076 if anyone wants to help out.

‘Til next time … think spring!

Aug. 19, 2017: A friendly Hello to y’all.

The busy days of summer are fleeing fast … schools are starting and fall is coming. It’s hard to believe; it seems like it was just springtime!

Eli Troyer’s had a good turn out for their auction. Their place has been sold to John Stutzman Jr. It’s adjacent to their property on Old State Road. We hate to see Elis move but understand the need to be with one of their marrieds. They are moving to their daughter Betty, the Robert C. Millers, out east of Farmington.

My uncle Dan and Mary Byler and most of their marrieds spent an evening at Dad and Moms (Crist and Barbara Ann). Found out cousin Edna (Kauffman) is counting the days till the eclipse. One of the ladies wondered if the chickens will roast and lay twice that day.

Oh, and I must tell on cousin Dan. He has a hard time with a coffee butler, or he did that evening. I believe I heard his wife Sara say he takes a lot of patience? (Smile) Better luck next time, Dan!

Sons Aaron, Rachel and children, Allen, Katie and children, and daughter Rebecca and her friend Jon Hershberger went to Niagara Falls, New York just for Friday eve and Saturday. Hopefully, it wasn’t too crowded and they had a nice time.

Our neighbor and good friend (Levi) Saloma Miller is planning to have a knee replacement done soon. Send her cheer at 15478 Madison Rd., Middlefield. It’s hard to believe it is almost 9 years that Levi passed away. The time goes by so fast and we don’t get done near what we should … on my part, anyway.

So many brokenhearted, sick, etc. people to cheer. Thoughts and prayers are with the Owen Miller Jr. family. Today is the funeral for their 19-year-old son who died of cancer after only being sick a short time. That family’ address is 17417 Tavern Road, Middlefield.

Sept. 7 is the planned wedding day for my cousin Billy, son of John and Betty Weaver and Malinda, daughter of Andy and Erma Byler, and also over at Raymond Miller Jrs. for their son Merlin and Rachel, daughter of David and Laura Gingerich who live in Kentucky.

‘Til next time. “And let us not be weary in well dong: for in due season we shall reap: if we faint not….” Gal: 6:9.

July 24, 2017: A friendly Hello to y’all! Hope everyone is enjoying these warm summer days and nice cool nights!

Zucchini and cucumbers are plentiful around here but not much else yet. We got a box of peaches for fresh eating. They are delicious!

We are looking forward to nephew Adam Yoder and Liz Hershberger’s wedding on Aug. 24. She is the daughter of David and Ruth who are also hosting the wedding of her niece Rachel Lynn Yoder (Marvin) and Lester Coblentz III on August 15.

Today my mom (Barbara Miller) is having a minor surgery done to “silicone” her vocal cords which aren’t working right since her parathyroid surgery last November, Hopefully, it will be successful!

Aunt Martha Coblentz recently had her 91st birthday. Her family gathered for the occasion. She is fairly well at the present.

Caleb, small son of Andrew and Krissy Miller, gave his family a scare after taking a tumble and having to be life-flighted. I do not have details of any serious injuries, so I’m assuming he’s at home. (I believe he’s almost 3 years old.)

Thursday, we attended the wedding at Dave and Cora Kurtzs of their daughter Marion and David son of Marvin and Mary Alice Miller of Colorado. It was a warm day, but enjoyable to be there. My cousin John A. Kurtz couldn’t attend. He had foot surgery and is laid up.

Well, news is scarce. Till next tome, enjoy a cup of coffee and stay cool! (Smile!)

“Today will never come again. Be a blessing. Be a friend. Encourage someone and take time to care.”

June 2, 2017, A Friendly Hi Y’all!

It’s awesome summer time! Gardens are thriving; we are blessed beyond words.

We recently gained another grandson, Steven John who was born to daughter Regina and Steven Gingerich on June 10. The other grands are Walter and Cindy Gingerich. That gives us six grandsons. We also have nine granddaughters.

My nephew Matthew and Fannie Detweiler and family recently moved over to the “Farmette” they bought from her uncle Andy and Edna Fisher when they moved to Colorado. (They can see Pikes Peak from their property. Imagine that!) Andy’s never had any children, probably making their move easier. We’ll just be satisfied with sightseeing out west someday.

Daughter Rebecca and her special friend Jon Hershberger had a scare recently when making a left turn into our driveway from the south. They were in the traffic lane waiting for a southbound car when a semi came flying around the bend. He laid on the horn (and the brakes) coming to a stop just as they turned, “bumping” their hind wheel. It did break the hood on the truck, so he (the trucker) chose to call the cops. He was in the wrong, but didn’t seem very remorseful, only saying what the buggies all do wrong on the roads. I’m sure we can’t be careful enough and there is always room for improvement.

I, for one, wish trucks would drive much slower, especially in the residential areas. It chills me when they are seen flying down Shedd or Georgia Roads. We need the Lord’s protecting hand daily!

There have been many weddings this year already. We attended several. Congratulations and the Lord’s richest blessings to you all! Each one is special no matter how many. I don’t like to hear people complain about weddings, I like to think (hope) God’s family keeps growing!

‘Till next time, be happy!

Feb. 16, 2017: Hello to y’all!

Wow! February is half over. How did that happen?

Lots of sickness around. Shteff has a cough, bad enough that he wasn’t in church.

Mom and I spent a few hours having coffee break at Dan and Kathys. Laura Kauffman also joined us. Kathy is about back to normal after having a knee replacement in December.

Spending a day at Daniel and Betty Burkholders were my folks, Crist and Barbara Ann, Mel and Lynda Smucker, Molly Kuhns, Barb Hershberger, Rav Betty Byler, Rav Esther Gingerich, Sam Edna Kauffman, Kathy Miller and daughter Ruthie and children, sister Betty Detweiler and myself. (Betty’s first husband was my Mom’s brother Lester C. Byler. He passed away from MS at a young age.)

The big air works auction in Mt. Hope is coming up soon. Hubby always looks forward to that. I’ll stay here and keep the home fires burnin’.

Recently spending a day at the Miller girls Katie, Anna, Clara were aunts Katherine, Betty and their daughters, Barbara Detweiler, Wayne Liz from Carroll, Ida Byler and Amanda, Cindy Byler, Emma Stoltzfus, and Rachel, my Mom and sis, Betty Detweiler, Barbie Yoder and Marcus, and Leanna and the writer. We had an interesting time.

Our thoughts are much with the Harvey Weaver family who are keeping vigil at husband and dad’s bedside after he had surgery to repair an aneurysm and is not well.

Remember … yesterday’s history … tomorrow’s a mystery … so enjoy today!

‘Til next time …

Jan. 16, 2017: A friendly Hello to y’all!

We are still waiting for snow … will this be a repeat of last winter? (Frown!)

We had church here twice, so now we’ll try to get some other things done … puzzles for one, a winter favorite pastime.

Also we have some shut-ins we’d like to visit. My cousin (Mel) Marie Yoder is laid up with a broken collarbone after falling on ice. Mel Raber and daughter Barbara are both ailing and are in the hospital at this writing.

Shteff (Levi Miller Jr.) was able to be in church again! He seemed happy to be there.

Us church ladies had our annual gathering at Jake Betz Gingerich recently. We had a nice evening and even had a few “strange” ladies come by, a Lizzie from Lancaster, Pa. and a Wanda from Holmes County, Ohio. I failed to get their last names. I’m guessing Andy Laurie Hostetler and Adam Mari Miller might know who they were, Hummm. (Smile!)

We had the David Kauffman family and their marrieds here for our annual Christmas get together. We missed Danny, but life goes on.

Spending an evening at Uncle Allen J. Miller recently were David Detweilers and Rachel, the Allen Ray Yoder family, and us. We were revealing ourselves as Secret Friends for 2016. Also joining us were my parents, Aunt Betty and John Weaver, Aunt Katherine … oh, and I mustn’t forget cousins Emma Stoltzfus, Cindy and Betzy Dans Ray Jr. and children. (Ray loves to have his name in the paper!) (Smile!)

Mrs. Eli Weaver Ada has a hip replacement scheduled for Jan. 26. Send her cheer at 15880 Old State Road, Middlefield, Ohio, 44062.

“Til next time, wishing you all a blessed 2017!

Nov. 26, 2016: A friendly greeting to all! My! Time has a way of slipping away. I missed the deadline again! Sorry, Jacquie! Mom had a minor surgery done recently on her parathyroid. It was “stealing” calcium from her bones. Hopefully, this surgery will help fight the osteoporosis that is ravaging her bones. Then my folks went on a 2 day Lancaster tour with Bill Stutzman.

We are remodeling at the present, taking a wall out, enlarging our living room for our “growing” family. Norm had some unexpected time off work, so I was glad he had that to keep him occupied. Most of the Gid Hershberger family spent Thanksgiving in Munfordville, Ky. With the David and Laura Gingerich family who moved there this past summer. We Miller cousins had our annual gathering at Cathy Yoders (Marvin) on Election Day. And, to our utter amazement, who should come waltzing in after lunch but six of our Moms/Aunts! Of all the nerve! (Love you Aunts!) (Smile!) Your days are comin’!

The Aden Miller family recently moved back into our church district. They built a new home on Old State Road. I’m sure they are glad, as their oldest, Jolene, has been attending first grade at Hickory Grove School since school started. Our 5-year-old grandson Noah was recently overheard calling his little sister Emily a “chore”plant. His mom has told him he’s a “house”plant and 1 year old Emily loves going to the barn with Dad … sooo … (Smile!) There is nothing more heartwarming than the smile of a child.

Nov. 1, 2016: Oh my, this letter had completely slipped my mind! Had an enjoyable eve when some long time friends got together … Anna Marie Yoder, Linda Miller, Linda Hershberger, Betty Detweiler and last but not least Cindy Shrock who came dressed as Clyde or Chuck or Charlie … whoever it was. Smile! It was Halloween! Some church families plan to spend tonight at Crist Miller (Sue Johns) for his recent birthday.

We have this bright orange tree right outside the front door and it’s really bright with the sun shining on it. Awesome! The leaves seem slow in coming down or maybe I’m like Crankshaft? NOT! But it’s always nice to have the yard all cleaned before that first snowfall. On Saturday is to be the annual craft show at Joe’s Window Shop. It will be put together by (Ray) Judy Miller. I’m sure Joe is missed. I can just see him “shuffling” around with a friendly greeting for all. My parents, along with a load of Betsy cousins are visiting their cousins in Mercer today … the Jake E, Byler family. “Shteff” Levi Jr. Miller is in the hospital at this writing, stomach issues. Sure hope he’s gaining.

We recently had a foreign exchange student here from Bavaria, Germany. Her name was Helena Brach-Maeir. She is studying law at CWRU. She met daughter Rebecca at Hershbergers where she works. Helena wanted to visit an Amish home. It was very interesting to talk with her and hear how they live. She said there is one highway there that has no speed limit and they go way over 100 MPH. Can you imagine! I surely hope they wouldn’t be texting or talking on their phones if that’s the case! Yikes!

She will be leaving the states in January of 2017. If nothing turns up, we Miller cousins will have our annual gathering on Election Day. This time it will be at (Marvin) Cathy Yoders in Burton. It’s always nice to catch up with each other. A sign on my kitchen wall that a friend gave me says, “I don’t have a problem with caffeine. I have a problem without it.” Till next time … Happy Thanksgiving!

Sept. 28, 2016: A Happy Hello to y’all! Autumn has arrived in all its beauty … awesome! Norm’s folks Dan and Mattie Yoder recently spent 5 days here. We visited each of the children and then also the two new schools where the grands are … Hidden Meadows on Curtiss-Middlefield in Farmington where the teachers are Alma and Erma daughters of Albert Jr. and Martha Miller and then Shady Maple on Georgia Road where teachers are Emma daughter of Mark and Emma Hershberger and Esther daughter of Albert R. and Emma Miller. Eli Weaver Ada recently had back surgery.

The way I understood it, they removed a spur from the tailbone that was pressing on a nerve, hence the pain going down her leg. We certainly hope it’s a success! My Mom and I, along with my two sisters Betty and Barbie and sister-in-law Virginia recently went to the teahouse in Burton for a unique dine-out. We were celebrating the end of Virginia’s treatments, hopefully for good. She has always appreciated the “Victorian” era. We also browsed the couple of stores that have this old looking stuff that’s all the craze now. We had a beautiful day to enjoy it. And … Now what?? A groundhog (AKA woodchuck) underneath the pallets of stacked wood. We’ve seen it go in and out for a few weeks already.

But it never comes out when the man of the house is in! (Smile) Mahlon and Barb Miller along with Donnie and Viola Smucker are spending some time at the outer banks this week. Published to marry on Oct. 11 are Becky daughter of Chris and Kathy Burkholder and a son of John and Sarah Mullet of Carrollton. Also published are Jacob son of Joe and Mary Ann Weaver and Amanda daughter of Mel and Marie Yoder whose family went through an ordeal, losing son-in-law Henry Kauffman Jr. in a car/buggy crash. The rest of the family is recuperating. This happened in New York State. ‘Till next time, let us do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God! Enjoy fall while it lasts!

Aug. 31, 2016: A friendly Hi Y’all! We are enjoying cooler days finally! All in all, we had a beautiful summer. It seems everyone had or has plenty of garden goodies. Schools are starting. Are those sighs of relief I hear from all you busy mothers? I remember those days. My kids say they can still hear me say, “Oh! I can’t wait till school starts!”

Looking back, I can truly say time went way too fast. Yesterday was the funeral of a dear friend, Danny, age 29, son of David and Laura Kauffman. He battled cancer for almost 10 years. It started as bone cancer and he lost his one leg. He gallantly bore his cross and didn’t complain. He will be greatly missed. Send mail to his family ay 16453 Madison Road, Middlefield, 44062. I’ve been to many garage sales this summer and the day of reckoning has come. I must tackle my storeroom! Oh my, why buy things only to store them … just in case someone might need it? No, I’m not a hoarder. (Smile!) But then, a bargain isn’t a bargain if you don’t need it.

Son Joey and Martha Kay along with Steven and Marta Miller and Ches and Becca Kurtz are spending this week at the outer banks of North Carolina. They did have a storm move through; luckily it hadn’t materialized into a hurricane. “God comforts us not by changing circumstances, but by changing our attitude towards them.” ‘Til next time ….

July 22, 2016: Dog Days! And it sure feels like it! Pant! Pant! Can’t be too far from the fan these days. Don’t know how we grew up without one. I do remember sleeping out under the stars if it got too warm. On the 18th was the funeral for widow Rob (Emma) Miller. Also, J.J. Lizzie Miller passed away. To son Norman and Kathryn, a daughter (#3) named Rose Edna.

She also has two brothers. The other grands are Dan and Martha Kuhns. Greats are Bill and Edna Byler, (Erwin) Edna Kuhns, Crist J.S. Millers and Dan D. Yoder’s. Granddaughter Annamae said something sad happened (the above deaths) and now something happy! The baby was born July 19. Levi Saloma and Levi Jr. and more of the family went to Kentucky and surprised David and Cora Kurtz’s daughter Christine (Mrs. Marvin Miller) for her birthday! We recently celebrated Aunt Martha Coblentz’s 90th birthday. Gid Hershberger had invited all the Byler’s for supper. I think most of the locals were there, also Tom and Linda Byler from Pennsylvania. Great Aunt Mary is slowly losing out. She is lovingly cared for in the house of Katie D. Miller, a single lady with a heart of gold. God bless her for all she has done for Aunt Mary who never married and had no children.

Mary used to cook in the Johnson Rubber kitchen “back in the day”. My Dad still carries on about some of the yummy things she’d make. She will turn 95 on Aug. 20, as the Lord wills. When son-in-law Noah recently had their hay cut, and it got very nice, Isaiah, age 6, said, “I prayed so hard for a nice day. Now, look!” (Smile) I do hope he didn’t lose his trust when it showered before they had all the hay made. Remember … Faith looks up; sorrow looks back, and worry looks around. ‘Til next time, enjoy the fast, fleeting days of summer!

June 22, 2016: Beautiful summer days make for busy times! All 27 of our broilers are now in the freezer, minus the few that we’ve already eaten. They were tender and delicious … a little bigger than we wanted at 6 weeks old. But they are meat chickens and grow very fast. Mel Raber is home now after having serious surgery and is slowly getting better. Rob Em (Miller) is slowly losing out and is being lovingly cared for by her family at home in a hospital bed. There have been lots of weddings. We had 3 in our church district in 5 weeks time. Aunt Katherine and Joe recently enjoyed celebrating their 50th anniversary. Hopefully they’ll share detains in “Katherine’s Korner” and “Mom’s Diary”. Al and Linda Frey were blessed with a baby girl named Katy Lyn, after six boys! Their oldest is daughter Mary Ann. Grands are Albert Millers and Henry Frey and the lone Great is Mrs. Dan J. P. Miller (Martha). Strawberries were a bumper crop. We harvested around 20 quarts from our 25 plants in a raised bed. Daughter LeAnna and Noah had around 500 quarts from their 500 plants. My niece Karen recently called from Missouri stating that the temperature is in the upper 90s. Hopefully, the heat will stay out there! Only what we give away enriches us from day to day, for not in getting but in giving is found the lasting joy of living. ‘Til next time …

May 25, 2016: A Friendly Hello to Y’all! Hopefully everyone is enjoying these warm days to the fullest! Yesterday was “family time” at Dad and Moms. Getting their “spring work” done. I was reading in the paper about those 17-year cicadas. I’m still waiting to hear them. Am I just not recognizing the sound? We have been hearing and seeing a pheasant in our pasture. It sounds a lot like a chicken … speaking of which, ours are safely out in their chicken coop now.

We still need to put up a fence for them to be out in. The fryers are in a box stall in the barn. June 2 is the planned wedding date for Matthew son of Fritz and Martha Miller and Maria daughter of (Erwin) Marcia Kuhns. I’m sure it is a bittersweet time for them without husband and Dad here to share in their joy and to help along. Life goes on… On Wednesday, June 15, we plan to attend a nephew’s wedding in Holmes County … Michael son of Bert and Wilma Yoder and Ruby daughter of (Ivan) Sue Yoder in the Alpine area. An 8-year-old niece of mine was telling me something her Dad had told her and I said. “I wonder. I’ll bet he was just pulling your leg.” To which, she promptly said, “Huh uh. I was walking!” (Amelia Bedelia! Smile!) Aunt Martha Coblentz stays about the same.

Some of her nieces recently spent a day with her. Lord willing, she will turn 90 years old on July 18! She is mostly housebound and does enjoy visitors and/or mail. Her address is 15419 Madison Road, Middlefield. May 31, 2016: We are enjoying beautiful summer weather. Gardens are thriving, as are flowerbeds. Wedding season is in full swing now.

On June 7 is the planned day for Nathan son of David and Laura Kauffman and Cindy daughter of Jr. and Betty Troyer. We are hoping and praying that Nathan’s brother Danny will be able to attend! On Friday evening June 3, there is a benefit auction planned at Buster Miller’s for brother Crist and Virginia’s family. She is doing well at this time, but still taking treatments yet for a few months. She does have a downtime the week of her treatment. Rob Emma, a 90-year-old widow in our church, has not been doing too well.

Mel Raber had back surgery and is at briar Hill for therapy. He is slowly gaining. One-year-old Emily daughter of our LeAnna and Noah Miller gave us all a scare when she got stung umpteen times by honeybees. They have hives. They did get the ambulance, but Emily didn’t react to the stings … thankfully! Our family camped out here and spent Memorial Day helping out. The menfolk split and stacked firewood and we mulched. We also celebrated son Joey’s 22nd birthday! “Til next time. Enjoy summer!

April 27, 2016: A friendly “Hi, Y’all”! Everything is “greening up” and looking brand new! Danny Kauffman is spending time at Briar Hill hoping to regain strength to return home for Communion service at their house this weekend. We are all rejoicing after sister-in-law Virginia had a scan done and got good news. Instead of cancer on her lung, it was an infection and her liver was OK, too. She is still taking chemo for the colon cancer she had. We sorrow with the family of Andy Farmwald who died suddenly, leaving his wife and two sons. His mother and father, several brothers and sisters also survive him. He was only 51. Wedding bells are ringing for several couples for May 12: Martha daughter of Crist J. Miller and Jake son of Woody and Sadie Gingerich and also for Anna Mae daughter of Crist and Marie Detweiler and Myron son of Marvin and Mary Hostetler. The Miller brothers and sisters recently spent an evening at Ferdie and Sara’s … a housewarming since they moved into their new shop/house at their son Johns. Their son Andrews moved into their former house. We are enjoying some baby chicks. We just got them and have them in the house in two boxes with a heat lamp. We have 10 layers and 25 fryers, something new for us. Norm is in the process of building a chicken coop. Hopefully, it will warm up to stay soon so they can move out there. They are so cute, but I know they grow fast and don’t stay cute. Neighbors Paul and Linda are enjoying their new little one, Kaylene, born on April 19, 2 days before big sis Sara Jane’s first birthday. Grands are Daniel Burkholder’s and Neil Schmucker’s Jr. Greats are Andy Burkholder’s and Al A. Millers, Neil Schmucker and Dan H. Millers. Plant the seeds of love and watch them grow! ‘Til next time …Feb. 17, 2016: A friendly “Hi, Y’all!” It’s cold and snowy these days with lots of birds at the feeders. Ideally, we’d all enjoy these cozy winter days, but, for those who have to venture out, it’s a different story, especially for the aged and ailing.

Sis-in-law Virginia started chemotherapy this week. Danny Kauffman has been in and out of the hospital. He’s battling an infection in his leg (stub) and has had several surgeries. His address is 16453 Madison Road, Middlefield if anyone wants to send him cheer. He has cancer and has been through a lot.

We recently spent two days at the Cloverdale Horse Auction in Indiana along with Bill and Ray Gingerich, James Gingerich, Adam Yoder and son Aaron. It’s enjoyable to watch these fancy horses. After being there, I’ve come to the conclusion there are many people with more money than brains.

Jonas and Laura Byler were blessed with daughter number four. She’s named Lynda and was born on Feb. 5. She is also welcomed by one brother and grandparents David L. Bylers and Jake A. Bylers. Greats are Lester Lee Bylers and John H. Millers (Fritz) and Mrs. Andy Byler (Sarah).

Son Joey and Martha Kay recently had some big trees taken down in their yard, making me gasp. I love big trees even if they make messes. Possibly, I love them because we don’t have any.

Mrs. Noah Detweiler (Miriam) recently spent overnight at the hospital with symptoms similar to a heart attack. They said gall stones were the culprits.

‘Til next time, remember, you aren’t rich unless you have something that money can’t buy.

Jan.  20, 2016: Hello to Y’all! Beautiful winter days.

2016. Who would have thought! I remember going to school in the 70s and hearing about the “future” … robots, computers and the 21st Century, and here we are! It’s sad that today’s youth will never know the world free of all that technology like cell phones and all the evil that goes with them. But, as long as the Lord tarries, we journey on, one day at a time.

Today, a few of us went to go have a “coffee break” with Mrs. David (Ruth) Byler. David passed away in August. For many years, it was Eli Troyer, my Dad Crist J.S. Elmer Yoder and David. Now, most of the time it’s just my Dad of the “old ones”. Elmer Yoder moved and Eli Troyer hibernates in the winter. We are thankful that Dan and Ada Troyer moved here from Clymer, N.Y.

We heard from Dad Yoders. They had severe storms down there in Florida with several tornadoes going through not far from them. It’s not often they have tornadoes that far south.

I made some suet and put it out for the birds and since have had so many starlings! They act worse than pigs! So, no more suet! We are used to making choices, so the birds can too!

Today, accept others as they are. When you are friends with others, you are also a friend with Jesus!

‘Till next time … stay warm!


Jan. 6, 2016: A friendly hello to all! A brand new year and snow to go with it!

We are expecting the Yoder family from Holmes and Wayne Counties today. There will probably be between 70 and 80 people minus Mom and Dad who are wintering in the Sunny South.

The widowers of this area were invited to the Melvin and Carol Miller home one eve for a Christmas dinner, with around 28 in attendance. It sounded like they had an enjoyable time.

Elmer Weaver, 89, attended and since suffered broken ribs in a fall. He is spending time at Briar Hill.

A while back, I heard this different sound coming from the basement. Upon investigating, I saw there was a flock of turkeys right outside the window with several pecking on the window and the rest gobbling away. I chased them away in fear they’d break the window! Dad puts corn out for them, so they come up from out back most every day.

Sister-in-law Virginia is having her surgery soon to remove what’s left of the cancer from her colon. This is to be followed by chemotherapy. She has been doing well from her first round of treatments.

Aunt Martha Coblentz is at home again at daughter Margaret and Gid’s following her stay at Brian Hill. While visiting her there, we had the chance to talk with Rick Roose who has since passed away after suffering with Parkinson’s. He was always pleasant to talk with. Many of you remember Roose Drug Store with the wooden bench by the front door with the pay phone by it … and hearing his “hearty” laugh.

It’s not how much we have but how much we enjoy what we have that makes for happiness …

‘til next time … enjoy the snow!


Nov. 30, 2015: Hello to Y’all!

Greetings of love and cheer at this joyous time of year. (Where is the snow?)

We just came back from a trip to Missouri after spending Thanksgiving with our brother David and family … around 1600 miles round trip! Whew! We were gone five days. We had a good time of reminiscing and making new memories. They seem to like it out there.

Mrs. Gid Hershberger had outpatient knee surgery done recently. Aunt Martha Coblentz is at Briar Hill after fracturing her arm. They hope to bring her home soon.

We have trapped four opossums in the past month or so. They had been eating the cat food in the barn. They can be a nuisance. Now I know why they say, “grinning like a opossum”! They bare their teeth at you, looking like a grin.

Well, I’m feeling newsless, so will wrap this up for now.

I should have added to the above that my folks, Crist and Barbara Ann and sister Betty and David Detweiler and niece Rachel also accompanied us on our trip.

‘Til next time!

“Happiness resides not in gifts and in gold. The feeling of happiness dwells in the soul.”


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