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Lines by Linda – By Linda Weaver


July 21. 2019: This finds it raining and a cool 66 degrees. So hard to believe after our warm humid days last week. Saturday, I kind of overheated and had quite a time cooling down. Seems the fan was just blowing hot air around. This morning, I’m now carrying a glass of ice water around with me. Yeah!

A week ago, Saturday eve, we were invited to a 70th birthday surprise for Alan Ward Sr. at their son Daniels. His wife, Bonnie, and children planned it and it was a huge success. Family and friends from near and far came for the occasion. The food was delicious and a huge cake, made by Alan Jr.’s wife Brandy, was shared by all, and was scrumptious! Thanks for the invitation!

The wedding at Mel and Miriam Slabaughs for their daughter, Carolyn, to Jonas, son of Kenny and Sarah Miller, was a beautiful day. A little warm, but there was a breeze under the tent in the afternoon. The food was delicious, and the family and friends who gathered for the occasion were many. We wish them God’s blessings in their marriage.

The family of John Slabaughs and Jr. Gingrich Ida planned to spend Friday night and Saturday at their son/brother’s/nephew’s cabin in Pennsylvania. The trip there was not the best, being the bus had no air conditioning, but many memories were made. (Smile!) This is a yearly get together, thanks to Ray and Mary Slabaugh. Twas enjoyed by young and old.

A son, their first child and named Jace Matthew, born to Norman and Maria Byler on July 12. Grands are Ray and Betty Byler and Urie Jr, and Susan Byler. Greats are Urie Seniors, and Mrs. Dan (Sarah), both Bylers, and Jake Yoders.

Brunch was enjoyed at Marty and Sara Jane Masts Sunday morning, with neighbors John and Mary, John Jr., Esther and family, all Slabaughs, and Bill and Dorothy Gingerich. Delicious haystack was on the menus and yummy fruit that Esther brought.

John Jr. Slabaugh is now scheduled for heart surgery tomorrow, July 23 at Cleveland Clinic. By the time this is printed, he should be well on his way to recovery. Remember him in prayer.

June 21, 2019: Hello Friends and Neighbors! We sure have had our share of moisture. The nice days make up for all the gloomy ones.

Born to Aaron and Wilma Mast are twin boys named Joshua Aaron and Ethan John. Grandparents are John and Mary Ann Mast and Ervin and Kathy Yoder. Greats are Lester Gingerichs, Mrs. Eli (Martha) Mast and William Bylers. Some of the church ladies spent an afternoon there last week. I missed out as it was the same day as Jake’s aunt’s funeral.

James and Sara Slabaugh are first time parents. Their son is named Matthew. He was born with a heart defect which doctors tried to repair on Tuesday. He passed away at eight days old. Grandparents are Mrs. Erwin Jr. (Ida) Gingerich and Marty and Susan Slabaugh. Greats are Pete Jr. and Emma Weaver, and Crist and Mattie Slabaugh. The funeral was Thursday, June 20. This angel baby was buried at the Hayes Road Cemetery. Minister Bill P. Weaver and Bishop Mose Miller preached the funeral sermon with Minister John Slabaugh reading the Psalms. Our sympathy to this young couple and the family. 

It was a beautiful day Tuesday for the wedding of Lester Miller, son of John Henry and Kathryn, and Ruthie Yoder, daughter of Eli and Catherine. They were married by Bishop Eli Yoder, father of the bride. Attendants were Allen Miller, groom’s brother, with Rose Beth Mast, the bride’s cousin and Eddie with Barbara Miller, the groom’s sister. 

We are currently enjoying a vacation at Pymatuning Lake. The men are having a hard time getting any walleyes. Although several 20 plus inchers were caught yesterday. Son Paul’s family and daughter Sara Jane’s family are here with us. Today is actually the longest day of the year. The first day of summer!

Have a beautiful summer and thank GOD for all the beauty He shares with us every day.

May 24, 2019: Good morning! This looks like a beautiful day … sun shining, birds singing, flowers blooming. But it is also a sad day as the funeral of a dear friend, Mrs. Robert (Viola) Burkholder. 58, is today. She had so many different issues and was oh so sick. We wish her sweet rest. Robert’s address is 2130 Hague Road, Orwell, Ohio, 44076. A word of sympathy and encouragement will help in the days ahead.

We attended the wedding yesterday of Christian Hostetler (Lee and Rosanne) and Sarah Miller (Joe Jr. and Saloma) on Shedd Road. It rained really hard for about 1/2 hour in the forenoon but otherwise it was a beautiful day, with family, friends and delicious food.

Last Sunday was the large funeral of Crist P; Miller, 90, who leaves his wife Mary Alice, seven sons and one daughter. They were the longest married Amish couple at 69 years, 6 months. The widow’s address is 15415 Burton Windsor Road, Middlefield, Ohio, 44062. Again, a line of sympathy/encouragement will help at this sad time.

This puts Jake E. and Sarah Yoder now the longest married at 67 years since May 15. They are 88 and 86. Jake just had gall bladder surgery last week, according to his daughters, so a line of cheer to 15850 Burton Windsor Road, Middlefield, Ohio, 44062 will bless them.

Another wedding is June 6 of Wayne Miller (John and Marie) to Linda Hochstetler (Paul and Amanda) right here in the neighborhood. We hope to attend.

John Slabaugh Jr. has his surgery date for July 23 now. The doctor will be out of town most of July, thus the later date.

Henry Frey is staying with his daughter Linda and Wayne Gingerich at this time. They had church services there Sunday and he was in attendance. Hopefully he can make himself at home while he’s there.

Tomorrow it will be 47 years since I started signing my name “Linda Weaver”.

April 29, 2019: Many signs of spring surround us, but the weather is rather cool and rainy. Our lawn is saturated and had actual puddles here and there. Most of it had be mowed at least once. It sure could use another mowing.

Jake has an appointment this afternoon at Dr. Harmat’s office to remove the stitches from his carpal tunnel surgery of last week. It has healed nicely and he’s looking forward to going back to work.

A benefit was held for Nauvoo Country School Friday eve with an excellent turnout. They served pizza, salad bar, and dessert. Son Bob and Martha’s children attend there, so we were invited. Each family invited 10 couples, which amounted to a lot of people. Always an interesting event.

Work on Bill and Dorothy Gingerich’s house and shop is progressing steadily. It is totally amazing what gets done in a day with a crew!

Many weddings are being planned for May. We are invited to three: Malinda Hostetler (Fred/Barbara) to Johnny Weaver (Minnie/Allen) on May 9, Emma Hostetler (Fred/Barbara) to Wally Byler (Elis) on May 16, and Christian Hostetler (Lee/Rosanne, Guernsey County) to Sarah Miller (Joe/ Salome) on May 23. These are all great nephews or nieces of Jake’s.

Marty Ray Mast (16) went back to his doctor today and, after an x-ray, they plan to do a less invasive surgery tomorrow morning. It seems there’s a bone fragment floating around in his knee area that’s bothering him. By the looks of the graft, that is coming along well. They will check it out tomorrow also.

John Slabaugh Jr. had his MRI on the 25th and plans to see his surgeon soon.

March 28. 2019: What beautiful weather we’ve had this week! Awesome sunrises from my kitchen window. Surely spring is on its way. 

We’ve had some really good freezing and thawing for the syrup makers, so it’s been a good year. John and Mary Slabaugh and we visited the Gingerich Family Sugarhouse last Saturday afternoon. We treated the men to pizza and ice cream. In return, we received some yummy maple syrup. Thanks, Guys! (If you saw a wagon load of oldies going down Georgia Road that reminded you of the Beverly Hillbillies, that was us! (Smile!)

Owen and Ellen Miller have a son, their third, born Friday named Michael. He also has one sister. By Saturday, they found out he has cardiomyopathy. Their first born, Matthew, also had it and lived less than 3 months. Grands are Mrs. Erwin Jr, (Ida) Gingerich, and Lee and Ada Miller. Our hearts go out to them all; may God be with them.

A 50th birthday surprise was held at Steven and Twila Millers for Marty Mast. It was planned by his wife, Sara Jane (our daughter) and included our combined families, close to 30 people. We were served a delicious steak dinner with all the trimmings. Marty also received 50 gifts.

Saturday is the farm disposal sale here at neighbor Bill and Dorothy Gingerich. This will be different for them, always having been farmers. We hope the weather stays nice for it.

John Slabaugh Jr. 44, has been having problems. He passed out a few times. This week the doctor told him he needs open heart surgery to scrape his heart muscle as it is too thick. He’s waiting to be scheduled. Jake’s two nephews had this same procedure and feel better. We trust John will feel better, too.

Feb. 27, 2019: Seems like winter is going to hang on for some time yet. The 7-day forecast is quite cold.

Two friends passed away last week. Ida (Mrs. Jerry) Miller, 76, and John Edward Detweiler, 59. Our sympathy to the families, I’m sure they will be dearly missed. They both needed care and it was lovingly given by their partners and family. We wish them sweet rest.

I finally had surgery on my nose last Tuesday (the 18th). This was for a “deviated septum” which means, in plain words, I couldn’t breathe (!) …  at least through my nose. Everything went well and by Friday the splints were removed and I’m feeling back to normal again (or as normal as I’ll probably ever be)!

We had an interesting day at John and Mary Slabaughs Thursday. I’ll let Katherine B, tell about it as she was there, too. Mary recently had carpal tunnel surgery on one hand and seems to be doing well. She does a lot of sewing and her hand kept “falling asleep”. Jake’s hand also bothers him quite a lot. He wears a brace to sleep.

Granddaughter Rosa Belle Mast (Marty’s) spent 10 days in Florida and wants us to go see it too. Maybe next year. Her brother, Marty Ray Jr., 16, had knee surgery by a Cleveland Clinic doctor in Strongsville from his juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. His tissue had deteriorated, and donor tissue was used to fill in the gap. He is doing well, but possibly a 6-month recovery is expected. And then, the other knee gets done as soon as possible.  Mail will reach him at 15088 Georgia Road, Middlefield, Ohio, 44062. He has lived with pain most of his life; we pray for healing. 

Son Aaron scalded his right hand Saturday afternoon when a motor was overheating. He thought he had let off the steam, etc., but, as he went to open the cap further, it shot out and up, thankfully missing his face. He had a burn team come treat it for him with the B & W method which kept it pain free. We thank God for people who help burn victims. They truly are a blessing.

John Slabaugh Jr. has been doctoring for heart related symptoms. He was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy.

Two loads consisting of Weaver family members visited with Bert and Lena Weaver last night in Jamestown, Pa. Their son Philip and daughter Jane from Montana were there. Bert also celebrated his 70th birthday the 15th. Lena seemed better than sometimes.

Jan. 31, 2019: Greetings from Georgia Road! We are having our coldest weather so far this winter. I trust that you are all nice and cozy in your houses. With the wind, we sure had some cold corners here and there.

This area has had many funerals since the new year began. Last week were two well known friends One was Mrs. Jake (Sis) Detweiler, 89, a widow who lived with her son Paul and Edna. There also was Eli Troyer Jr. 88, formally of this area but lately living at their daughter’s Betty and Robert Millers, West Farmington. Elis had been married for 62 years this past October. Our sympathy to his widow Fannie and family and to the Detweiler children and their families. 

An open house was held for Ray Yoder Martha’s 70th birthday yesterday. A lot of people had plans to attend but ended up staying indoors because of the cold. We were sorry to have to give up going.

Marty Mast’s daughter Rosa Beth, 19, had gall bladder surgery 2 weeks ago. She is feeling better and is back at Sunny Hope, where she teaches. Sara Jane is also feeling better since her bout with pneumonia in December. Yesterday, they had their son Marty Ray, 16, to the Cleveland Clinic about his knees. He needs major surgery as soon as possible, with a 6-month recovery involved. Not something to look forward to if baseball and basketball are your hobbies.

Another of our grandsons, Andrew, 14, broke his foot playing basketball. He has a boot that he can only take off to shower, but he has to wear it to bed. He is on crutches. His folks are Aaron and Rosa and we went to visit them Sunday evening, along with sons Pauls, Bobs, and Marty Masts. We took two freezers of homemade ice cream along as a surprise. They had decided to surprise US and had made some too! We took supper but had intentionally not told them about the ice cream. (I could have saved them a lot of work! Smile!)

Nov. 23, 2918: Here it is, the day after Thanksgiving. Were we thankful for our many blessings? For food, friends, another day to wake up with a sound mind, health, for God in heaven Who watches over us, for all this and more, we say “Thank You!” 

We were at daughter Sara Jane and Marty Mast along with John and Barb Mast, Eli and Catherine Yoder, and neighbors Frank and Jill Carter for a Thanksgiving clambake. Everyone contributed food, so we definitely had a feast. We hope everyone in Post-land had a blessed day, too.

Neighbors Alan and Bonnie Ward also invited us and John and Mary Slabaugh to join their family dinner if we didn’t have any other plans. How thoughtful of them, as it’s always so enjoyable to gather with their family, too. Thanks for the invite, Bonnie!

We heard of the sad happening on Peters Road … a fire caused by a gaslight. Our sympathy in their terrible loss of a 2 year old Several of the family are still hospitalized, some with severe burns, including the mother. May God be with them in these trying days ahead, healing their wounds and their sad hearts. For those who wish to send sympathy cards and help out, their address is Marvin and Marie Miller, 17225 Peters Road, Middlefield, Ohio, 44062. Let’s also remember them at Christmastime.

Wishing everyone Christmas blessings at this busy time of year … and remember the Reason for the Season!

Sept. 24, 2018: The air is cool and crisp the last few days, sure signs of autumn. Leaves were blown off the trees with our thunderstorm and tornado sighting close by. Nauvoo Road had high winds and damage here and there.

This past week, our Byler relatives gathered at Lee and Ida Bontrager on Monday eve in honor of my Aunt Marion and cousin Dr. Mark, and wife Angie (all Bylers) from Missouri, also Ray White and son David from Virginia. Dr. Mark gave an interesting talk on genetics and history from our Byler/Gingerich heritage, of which we have a gene that causes heart related problems. He wants to have the cousins get tested for this, of which I am one. We met again for breakfast at Dutch Country Tuesday morning, along with several others. Time went way too fast, and, before we knew it, good-byes were being said. We enjoyed them.

Silo filling at neighbor Bills and elsewhere is in season. Flowers are looking sad and forlorn.

Another death in the community was that of Freeman Gingerich Jr., 61. He was single and a son of Freeman and Mary, both deceased. Calling hours and funeral were at Maple View Mennonite Church. Our sympathy to the family.

An old familiar landmark was torn down and, already a new one is taking its place. This is at the former Erwin Gingerich Sr, farm, also owned by Erwin Jr. and now, by Erwin III. This is the huge barn there; I believe they used the same foundation for the new barn, so it ended up in the same exact spot.

Thanks to everyone for what was done for me after my scooter accident. The flowers, cards, money and delicious food brought in … and the visits … were so enjoyed. God bless you all, is our prayer!

Till next time…

Aug. 31, 2018: After several 90-degree days, we had a severe thunderstorm Wednesday eve, and it’s much cooler since.

Foremost in our thoughts is the loss of Jake’s sister, Mary Troyer (77). She had many health issues, of which the last was liver cancer. She died early Saturday, Aug. 25, at home with her loving family by her side. She will be dearly missed by all who knew her. She always had a smile for everyone and was so patient throughout her illness. We could all see her trust in God carried her each day. The family thanks everyone for their care and concern. All that was done for us showed your love for the special person she was. Her husband John will be so lonely and mail can reach him at 16334 Burton Windsor Road, Middlefield Ohio, 44062. He so enjoys mail and recently had his birthday (84) and with his many health issues, he is not able to get out much.

The funeral was Tuesday. It was quite warm but many came to show their respect. 

A birthday party was held for John Slabaugh Sunday evening. He was 70. His children, grands, brothers, sisters, neighbors, and church friends gave him quite the surprise! We missed it, but wish him many, many more years. They are on a surprise trip to Lancaster, Pa. with their sons Erwins, John Jrs., and Rays for three days. Hope they are enjoying themselves.

A landmark for our farm here is the old granary about 150 – 200 years old. It and the old outhouse will be taken down tomorrow. They are in a dilapidated condition and were here when my parents bought this farm and moved here 57 years ago, in 1961.

July 16, 2018: Hello to all on another warm and muggy morn. I’m spending my days by the fan since I had a mishap with a scooter, if you all could see my face, you’d know something happened. I ended up on the pavement with a broken nose and a cracked right shoulder, so writing is not easy! Quite painful, in fact. I’m getting lots of attention, which I don’t deserve! Our church families are bringing suppers. Jake thinks that is great! (Smile.) Sally Kuhns was the instigator. Thanks, Sally! I was glad I didn’t need surgery, so thankful to God for being with me through it all. My family and friends have been such a blessing … helping, encouraging, etc. The house is filled with flowers which are such a day brightener. My love to you all!

Two friends passed away recently, Mrs. Dan (Ida) Troyer, 87 and Mrs. Dan (Edna) Yoder, 83. We extend our sympathy to their families.

Our neighbors, Alan and Bonnie Ward, had an open house to show off their new barn, Saturday July 7. Many people came to wish them well. I wasn’t able to be there. Of course, I got in on the goodies… when they came to visit, Bonnie shared them with us.

We had welcome visitors at Pymatuning Lake while on vacation, with son Paul’s family and daughter Sara Jane’s family coming. Friends Bill and Joyce Fisher came Saturday eve; Frank and Jill Carter came Monday eve, and Debbie was there one eve. All enjoyable. Son Aarons and Bobs came on July 4 for the day. We celebrated Aaron’s birthday (the big 40) as well as Jesse’s number 7, Jason’s number 9, and Saralyn’s number 3.

Mary Troyer, Jake’s sister, has been in hospital for a week with a collapsed lung and other problems. She’s home now. But not well. Let’s remember her in prayer.

I almost forgot to tell you about the card I received in the mail signed by “someone who cares”. It said I “should start acting my age”! I blame K.B. Who else? What do you think? (Smile.) She tried to disguise her writing.

God be with you all till next time.

June 18, 2018: Hot and windy at 95 degrees, is what the forecast is for today. About the same as yesterday, it will probably take a thunderstorm to cool off.

Since last time, we have attended several weddings and tomorrow is Anna Marie Hostetler (Ell and Rosanne) and Adam Yoders (Bill and Kath). This will be held in Guernsey County, where Lees live. We hope to go as Rosanne is our niece. We need to get up about 3 – 3:30! That part of going, I do not enjoy.

We attended church in the John Mast district 21, last week, at great nephew Paul and Rose Troyer. Paul’s grandparents, John and Mary Troyer, were able to be there. (John had missed for a few months already, with his illness.) Everyone was happy to see them.

We welcome Aden and Martha Miller and five children. They bought Jake and Ellen Detweiler’s home, and Jakes built a new house, both on Chipmunk Lane.

Mrs. Bob Sara Hershberger passed away Saturday, June 8, from complications of a heart transplant. Left to mourn were her husband Bob, two sons, four daughters, mother Mrs. Simon (Clara) Gingerich. Two brothers and five sisters. Her large funeral was held Tuesday June 12. She will be missed by family, church. And many friends.

Neighbors Alan and Bonnie Ward dropped in for a short visit one eve. They brought their three grandchildren Ava, Clara, and Jarett, children of Kevin and Amanda Bush, from Pennsylvania.

John and Mary Slabaugh were visiting his brothers and their families in Kentucky last week. More of his family went, too. They enjoyed their trip.

Grandson John Paul Mast came home from Canada with a bear last week. Several of his friends got one as well. He had some stories to tell.

May 21, 2018: Hello! I’m sure everyone is enjoying these beautiful summer days like we are. A thunderstorm Saturday evening left 2 inches in our rain gauge, plus it was still raining Sunday. This makes the grass grow, grow, grow … and then it’s mow, mow, mow! 

Our children are taking turns having church. Son Bobs had it yesterday on Nauvoo Road. Son Aarons plan to have it this coming Sunday, the 27th, and daughter Sara Jane and Marty Mast have it June 3. We attended at Bob and Marthas where their other visitors were Minister Chester and Clara Miller, Marty and Sara Jane Mast and three children, and many young folks. It was an enjoyable day, renewing friendships of old, and having precious family time. A lot of families were missing, as was widow Dan Byler Ada (98). Enos Sara, Chester Clark both Millers, and I visited with her a while in the afternoon. What an inspiration we all got by her positive attitude and how she tells of her many blessings. With no children, and being a widow since 1995, she is loved by her caregivers, Reuben and Mary Byler and her neighbors and church family who visit her often and feel privileged to call her friend.

An alumni dinner at Windsor School was held Saturday evening. A delicious dinner was served by Mrs. John (Leona) Detweiler and family. Lots of reminiscing was shared by the many people there. We missed Dora Hostetler who passed away in September and who always accompanied Joe. John Detweiler was his usual rowdy self, after recently having heart surgery. Brother Eli and Kathryn Weaver, and Post writer Katherine and Joe Byler kept the place lively. LOL! (Is this OK, Esther?)

Many weddings on the agenda. This week, the 24th, is the wedding for Noah Ray Detweiler (Noah and Miriam) to Carolyn Fisher (Dan and Lori). The 31st is Wilma Miller (Sam and Sara) to Robert Stutzman (Dan and Susan) and June 7, I am to be a cook for the wedding of Daniel Miller (John Ray and Esther) to Mary Beth Byler (Eli and Betty).  Many more are on these same dates; we wish them all God’s blessings as they begin their lives together. Wake up and count your blessings daily.

A quote by Dolly Parton, “I believe that without God, I am nothing, but that with God, I can do anything!”

May 21: an update on Mrs. Bob (Sara) Hershberger, the new heart transplant patient. She received her new heart at the Cleveland Clinic on May 8, late evening, which will be two weeks tomorrow. She has been experiencing some complications, kidney problems which caused her to be put back on the ventilator. She is better this morning; her kidneys are working better again and they hope to take her off the ventilator today. They need our prayers and encouragement. Send them a line of cheer. At Bob and Sara Hershberger, 15275 Georgia Road, Middlefield, Ohio, 44062. Thanks!

April 21, 2018: Hello. The bright sunshine cheers us up this morning. But that wind sure is cold yet. We had 20 degrees earlier.

Jake is out filling the feeders so our feathered friends can eat, too. Woodpeckers just love that suet. Pileated ones came this past week again.

Visitors here Friday night were Roys and Lee Bontragers, Donnie Millers (Post writer) and Elwin Troyers. We sure enjoyed the evening. Donnie was sporting a huge patch on his eye. I’ll let him explain. He understands all that medical jargon better than most.

We have been invited to another wedding, that of niece Barbara and Fred Hostetler’s son, Ernie, to Rebecca Wengerd, daughter of Crist and Emma on May 17th.  We hope we’re able to attend.

Jake has gone back to working a few days a week at the Montessori School on Route 528 in Huntsburg. He recovered quickly from his knee replacement in February. Thanks to Dr. Sarkisian and the nurses, therapists, etc.

Friday, many schools in the area had Grandparents Day. We had to miss out on this because of both having doctor appointments. We tried to change them, but it was too complicated.

The school children sang for us last Friday afternoon. They sang some beautiful songs, and we enjoyed every one. “Thanks” seems a small word for their combined effort and for thinking of us.

Sister Mary and John Troyer are about the same. We visited there with brother Eli and Kathryn Weaver on Sunday eve. They both have serious health issues and appreciate cards and visitors.

Enjoy the beauty of the season … and thank God for all your blessings.

March 29, 2018: Hi to all! I missed writing last time, with Jake having a knee replacement at that time. Doctor visits, therapy sessions, and five weeks later, he is doing well. He was able to attend church Sunday again, after only missing once.

Several funerals were going on last week. Our sympathy to the two widows and families, and to widower Dan E. Miller at Orwell.

We are enjoying our many visitors … and food being set by friends and neighbors. We are blessed to live amongst these caring people,

Syrup makers had sort of a long drawn out process, with it staying cool so long. Jake Slabaughs and we got to visit the Gingerich family sugarhouse on Saturday afternoon for a time of reminiscing. If anyone saw a wagon that looked like the Beverly Hillbillies, that was us! (Smile!) Thanks to Erwin III for taking time to pick up us old fogies! Their gallons of syrup number is 3205 at this time … an excellent year.

We enjoyed attending the Business Expo at the sale barn Friday night. Talking to many friends, etc. was wonderful. The food was delicious, too!

Brother-in-law John Troyer has been a very sick man at Geauga Hospital for two weeks now. We went to visit him for a few hours, Tuesday. He has numerous infections, is a little better, but still weak. His wife Mary, Jake’s sister, is scheduled to have a procedure done at Cleveland Clinic next week concerning her liver cancer. Friends and family can wish them well at 16334 Burton Windsor Road, Middlefield, Ohio 44062.

Let’s pray for each other, not faint by the way.

Till next time.

Jan. 29, 2018: Hi to all in “Postland”. It has been a beautiful morning, but cold at 24 degrees. We sure have had some extreme cold and also warming trends. Seems a lot of pneumonia is going around. We hope to avoid these illnesses, but you never know.

Christmas and now, New Years are past and we sailed through January, too. Time just slips away and doesn’t wait for slow pokes like me. Saturday the 27th, Jake’s family, John and Mary Troyer, Eli and Kathryn Weaver, Roy and Esther Bontrager, Jake and I gathered at John’s daughter Arlene and Aaron Miller’s for a Christmas supper. Their other children, Johns, Sally, Marti, Rob and wife Laura, and son Danny Ray also joined us along with their grandchildren Steven, wife Barbie. Sally Ann and Carolyn. We enjoyed the evening with gift exchange, delicious food, and making precious memories.

We recently visited with Post writer Katherine Byler and husband Joe for her belated birthday, 70th! John and Barb Mast, and John and Mary Slabaugh were there, too.

John Mast had his 78th birthday in December and Mary had her 68th on Jan. 4. So we celebrated them all. Besides ice cream and cake, Mary made her delicious apple dumplings, Yum. Yum!

Marty and Loriann Gingerich are mourning the loss of their first child, a son named Jason. He was still born on January 16th, weighing only 3 pounds. He was buried at Yoder Cemetery on Newcomb Road the next day. Grands are John W. and Leona Detweiler and John and Nancy Gingerich. Greats are Chester Millers, Lester Sr. Gingerichs, Dan Wengerd Nancy, and Bill Detweilers. Their address is 14942 White Road, Middlefield.

Son number five was born on the 19th to Mark and Sally Kuhns. He is named Ethan. His grands are John Sr. and Mary Slabaugh and Henry and Linda Kuhns. The only Great is Ervin Kuhns Edna.

Menfolk in this area are starting to tap their trees for the maple season.  A lot of hard work goes into this project but with sweet rewards!

Nov. 28, 2017: Hello to everyone in Post land. It sure has been nice weather so far this week. The wash dried quickly in the sunshine and breeze.

A lot of men are out hunting, being gun season opened this week. Our menfolk hunt in southern Ohio and brought back five tonight. They were gone 2 days, but the stories usually last all year. (Smile!)

The two oldest Amish men in our community died a day apart. Enos Barkman, 94, died Friday the 24th, leaving to mourn him 4 sons, 4 daughters, 39 grands and 104 greats. His wife Lizzie (Schmucker) died 11 years ago. He will be dearly missed by his children, church and community.

James J. Miller Sr. died Saturday at 93. He leaves to mourn him three sons and four daughters. His wife Susie (Kuhns) died two years ago.

I attended the funeral for Enos yesterday at his son Davids where he had his home. Preaching was by a nephew, from Indiana, Bishop Bill Byler, and Psalms were read by Deacon Noah Jr. Detweiler.

Jonas’ funeral was today. My sister Sara and John Hershberger came, being Enos was John’s uncle by marriage. So I so I stayed to visit wither.

Bill W. Detweiler has been at the Cleveland Clinic for about two weeks. He ended up having heart surgery and hopes to come back home this week.

Thanksgiving was a time for family gatherings. Our family was at daughter Sara Jane and Marty Masts, along with brother Eli and Kathryn Weaver, Danny, Kaylene and Kari Miller, and Crist, Regina Miller and children, for a delicious clambake. They fed close to 50 people and there were lots of leftovers. Salads and desserts were brought in by the many guests.

Donnie Miller spent Thanksgiving at the hospital, going in Wednesday. He was able to come home Friday and was in church Sunday, Nancy, too. They were able to be at the viewing for Enos Sunday eve. It’s good to see them out and about.

Wishing all our Post readers a Blessed Christmas and New Year!

‘Til we meet again … God be with you.

Sept. 2, 2017: Here it is, Labor Day weekend and already, where did the summer go? It sure was beautiful while it lasted and I’m looking forward to nice days for a while yet.

Camping out at son Bob and Martha’s will be our families’ final doings for the season before school starts. This is planned for Sunday eve.

We enjoyed attending the wedding Thursday of Maria Gingerich (Bill and Lorene) to David Byler (John and Nancy). It was a nice day. Not too warm, with family, friends, and delicious food. The couple was given in marriage by the groom’s father, Bishop John Byler. Attendants were Aaron Raber (Ervin) with Liz Kauffman (Joe) and Steve Byler (Urie Jr.) with Rachel Gingerich, the bride’s sister. They will be moving to his parents, in the small apartment on Durkee Rd. Guests came from Guys Mills, Pa., Fredericktown, Ohio, and Guernsey County … and possibly more places.

The Great Geauga County Fair, in Burton, is going on at this time. Our neighbors Alan and Bonnie Ward are there with their three Percheron horses. Their whole family is involved, driving and showing, especially the grandchildren.

The church ladies on Nauvoo Road  came to surprise Sara (Mrs. Enos) Miller for her 80th birthday one evening. She also had cataract surgery recently. She has been a widow for 37 years now, so sending her birthday greetings would brighten her day, Send to her at 16365 Nauvoo Rd. Middlefield, Ohio, 44062.

We hope Donnie Miller was able to write in this issue to tell about his experience while he and wife Nancy and daughters Susan and Katie were out in Montana to visit his sister and nephew. Other family had gone along and everyone came home except him and daughter Katie (Mrs. Sam) Miller when Donnie ended up in a hospital. Many prayers were sent heavenward on his behalf and answered when they came safely home. Thank you, Lord, for Your protecting hand.

Our bishop, Marvin Detweiler, had a heart attack since my last letter. One of his stents closed up. He had quite a lot of chest pain. He was able to be in church Sunday where we had baptismal services for Allen Gingerich (Wayne and Linda) where he performed the ceremony. This was held at Dan and Kate Kurtz.

Planning their wedding for September 21st are Aaron Detweiler (Paul and Sadie) to Lori Ann Coblentz (Leroy and Linda) here on Chipmunk Lane. Congratulations!

I’ll let Katherine Byler write about our fun trip to Holmes County last week. It involved Johns, Joes and Jake. Need I say more?

‘Til next time …



July 19, 2017: Is everyone enjoying these beautiful summer days? We sure are but the humidity gets to me quite easily.

Gardens are doing well; flowers seem to be extra nice!

The stores are already full of back to school items. Give the children a break! I haven’t heard of any to have time to be bored.

Jake’s cousin Sheri (Sidley) Bates, 68, passed away July 13, calling hours were at Paine Funeral Home in Orwell. We attended last night with Roy and Esther Bontrager, and Elwin and Mrs. John (Mary) (both Troyers). Sheri had a stroke almost 12 years ago, and after that her speech was affected. She then ended up having cancer yet too.

Neighbors Alan and Bonnie Ward bought a John Deere gator recently and gave several of us neighbors a ride. They are also out and about with their Percheron team, getting ready for the upcoming fairs in the area. They also stopped with their wagon and I had a ride with the horses. They are in the process of adding a barn/shed to their property being as they have 3 horses now and their present barn isn’t big enough.

Visiting with John and Mary Troyer Monday eve were long-time friends Rudys, Mel, Adam, Lena and Savilla Detweiler. They lived as neighbors in the Windsor area when growing up with their parents Mel and Sarah Detweiler and Pete and Sarah Weaver (Jake’s parents), Roy Bontragers, Eli Weavers and we were there, too, making for an enjoyable evening.

Our church was at Erwin and Barbara Gingerichs Sunday, with 10 visiting families. Three of ours were missing, going to churches elsewhere. It was an interesting day. Come again, you’ all!

Grandson Kenny 11 (Aarons) had a bad dose of the flu over the weekend. Son Bobs and Marty Masts came and brought supper Sunday eve. Always a treat!

Send brother-in-law John Troyer a Happy Birthday greeting for his 83rd on July 28. He has long days at 16334 Burton Windsor Rd., Middlefield, OH 44962.

Thanks and God bless!

June 21, 2017: What an amazingly beautiful sky this morning! Off to the east, we see clouds with golden highlights and mixtures of pink and blue. Today is the first day of summer, and also the longest day of the year. Temperatures have been very pleasant since Saturday evening when we received a much-needed rain.

Farmers have made a lot of nice hay this past week when it was so warm. Many a load passed our house.

Congratulations to James Slabaugh (Marty and Sue) and Sara Gingerich (Ida) and Erwin Jr. (deceased) on their upcoming wedding July 6th. They are renting a house east of Middlefield on Kinsman Road.

Our renters Marty and Barbie Yoder and daughter Ellie moved back to their house on Chipmunk Lane beside her parents. They will be missed here, and in church. We wish them God’s blessings in their new home. New renters will be moving in on Saturday and they are newlyweds Owen (Marty and Ida) and Katie (Dan and Linda) Troyer. We hope they can make themselves at home here.

John and Mary Slabaugh had two nephews getting married last week. John’s brothers Lester’s and Wilmer’s were from Kentucky and had supper at Johns Wednesday eve.

We attended the graduation open house for my great nephew Jack O’Neal Saturday afternoon in Roaming Shores. We enjoyed meeting family and old friends we don’t see often. They served us some delicious food under tents that were set up. Going with us were Marty and Sara Jane Mast and sons Marty Ray and Luke and son Aaron with his sons Kenny and Jeremy.

We had a nice visit with John and Mary Troyer last Sunday, the 11th. Others there were Roy Bontrager’s, Elif’s. Clarence’s, and Eli As, all Weavers, and stopping in after church were neighbors Joe and Anna Miller. John is doing well since his recent hospital stay, but has problems with arthritis in his legs. Jake’s brother Eli also had a recent hospital stay because of his arthritis. Some days, when it’s really bad, he can’t even get out of bed.

My sister Sara and John Hershberger were here Friday and Saturday celebrating their 57th anniversary. We had dinner at Dutch Country together along with Ken and Ada Byler, and Marty and Sara Jane Mast and boys. They invited John’s brothers and sisters while here. They hail from McConnellsville, OH.

Today some of us church women plan to visit some widows and friends, so I better hurry along.

Enjoy the summer and God be with you all till next time.

May 25, 2017: Dear Friends and Neighbors …

Here we are at the end of May already. How does time slip away so quickly. Talk of time passing us by, today is our 45th Anniversary. Very hard to believe, but a lot of precious memories to remember.

It has been raining most every day this month. So the ground is pretty saturated. Our garden and flowers have not been planted.

Only one baby swan survived this year. Because of the warm weather in March and April, they laid eggs earlier than usual. Then it got cold and yes, the swans tried to protect the eggs, but something happened as most all of them didn’t hatch.

The house is chilly too, feels like a small fire would warm it up. Some years it’s almost summer before it actually warms up. This might be one of those times. This feels like a good soup night; let’s hope Jake agrees. (Smile!) He does like most kinds.

June 7 at 4:30 p.m. is the downsizing/relocating sale at Olin Jr. and Esther Yoders at 13949 Claridon Troy Road in Burton. They are moving onto White Road in our area.

Another wedding invitation for June 8th is for Melvin son of John Ray and Esther Miller to Rebecca daughter of Freeman and Sylvia Troyer. Congratulations!

We enjoyed ourselves at the Windsor Alumni Dinner at Windsor School Saturday night. The food was delicious and we won two flower baskets. Of course, John C. Detweiler entertained us as usual. Bill and Carol Miller joined us this year along with Eli and Kathryn Weaver. All the way from Illinois were the Albert Hostetlers who came with Joes. The men and women were siblings, and they were visiting family.

Memorial Day is coming up fast … hope we plan a picnic.

Blessings from above are being sent your way!

May 1, 2017: A rainy Monday morning with temperature at 65 degrees. Twill be cooler weather the rest of the week, according to the paper. And more rain … which happens at this time of the year.

A gathering at Dan Jr. and Cindy Shrocks Sunday eve for our Byler relation turned out well and the weather was perfect. My cousin Steve and Janet Miller from Virginia Beach, Va. and my aunt Marian (Mrs. Bert) Byler and daughter and son Dr. Mark Byler from Lees Summit, Mo. were the honored guests. Locals were Roys, Rays, and Lees all Bontragers, Ada (Mrs. Herman) Wagner, Ken and Ada, Crist and Ruth Bylers, Bill and Lorene and children, Jon and Becca Gingerich, Marty Masts and two sons, Michael and Cindy Shrock and 8-day old Michael Roy (who live right here), Jake and I were in attendance. This put the count right around 35. Marian is my only aunt left on the Byler side and will celebrate her 91st birthday Friday, May 5. She is in amazing good health. Her daughter Judy hasn’t been to Ohio for 15 years or more, so it was a pleasure to see her and refresh memories again.

Baby Michael Roy’s grands are Dan and Cindy Shrock, and Ken and Sara Bender with greats being Roy Bontragers

Gingerich Family Sugarbush had their open house recently. They had a good turnout and served burgers, hot dogs, chips and drinks. Jake and I were there Friday eve.

John and Mary Slabaugh, along with more relatives, attended a wedding last Thursday in Mays Lick, Ky. at John’s stepbrother Tim Coblentz’s. They also got to see stepdad Chris Coblentz.

March 29, 2017:  I believe spring has come! The sun is shining which sure helps. Colds and flu are still making their rounds among children and grown-ups both.

Traveling to Jasper, New York recently to attend the benefit auction of Dan C. Byler, formally of this area, were John and Mary Slabaugh, John and Barb Mast. Mrs. Joe (Katherine) Byler (Post writer), Marty and Sara Jane Mast, John Jr. and Esther Slabaugh, Eli and Catherine Yoder, and Mae and Marvin Shrock. Dan is their cousin and has many health problems. He is staying with a sister and family.

Paul Gingerich, 41, fell and badly broke his ankle. He needed surgery and had a 2-3 day hospital stay. He will have is 42nd birthday on April 13th. So, send a line of cheer to him …  and also to his wife Amanda who will have to put up with him! (Smile)

Sugaring is over with and it’s a good thing. Paul was walking home from the sugarhouse when his accident happened. The Gingerich family ended up with close to 4,000 gallons of syrup this season.

Marvin Detweiler’s church was held at Wayne and Linda Gingrich Sunday. Visiting was Minister Robert Kurtz and also many young folks. Council church is at David Fishers next.

John Slabaugh Srs, and Jrs., Marty Masts, and Jake and I enjoyed an evening with Uria Jr. (Sonny), Edna, and Steven Miller of Orwell recently. They used to live in this neighborhood and we were sorry to see them go. They say its been 20 years that they moved, which is hard to believe. Edna recently had surgery on a broken arm and, now, on her back. I hope we cheered her up! Steven has bought the farm and Sonny’s are putting up a small house next door. It will be nice when they all get settled in, but twill be a lot of hard work until then. Wish you better days ahead, Edna!

Happy Easter and God’s special blessings are wished to everyone in Post Land!


Feb.  21, 2017: Hello Friends …

The weather is having its ups and downs and we are all along for the ride. This makes for good sugaring. The men here made 90 gallons yesterday. They had company at the sugarhouse from Hershey Montessori Farm School where Jake works.

We received the sad news tonight of Melvin Raber’s death. He had cancer and only knew it a short time. He is survived by his wife Emma and 4 children, along with their families. He was 68.

Born to Mervin and Barbara Miller, a son, their third. He is named Adam James. He has one sister. Grandparents are Ida (Mrs. Mose) Miller and Edna (Mrs. Chester) Byler.

Florida bound last week were Elwin Troyers, Lester Miller, Marvin Detweilers, and Urie Jr. Bylers. We hope they are soaking up some sunshine to bring along home.

Bethany, 3, daughter of Reuben and Cindy Miller was taken to Rainbows in serious condition with a burst appendix. She had her at school that day for the Valentine’s party.

Harvey Weaver, 84, had surgery to repair an aneurysm, which was causing him breathing problems. No reports the last few days, but he may have had a stroke which has caused more problems. Our thoughts have been with the family often, as it’s been 3 weeks now since his surgery.

The spelldown for this area was held at Maple Valley School here on Georgia Road. Winners in German: Kathy Hershberger (John) 1st, Laura Byler (Elmer) 2nd, and Nancy Shrock (Jonas) 3rd. In English: Crist Miller Jr. 1st, Kathy Hershberger (John) 2nd, and Johnny Byler (Marvin) 3rd. Clearest spellers were Marty Weaver Jr. and Karen Miller (Wayne).

Visiting with Dan and Katie Troyer Thursday night were Noah and Sovilla Detweiler, John and Mary Slabaugh, and Jake and I. Dan had rotary cuff surgery 5 weeks ago, and now, hernia surgery. He is doing well and impatiently waiting to go back to work.

A group of ladies visited with 3 widows on Newcomb Road. Mrs. Gid (Elmina) Kurtz, 87, who has a small house at her daughters Esther and Sam Miller, Mrs. Dan (Sarah) Byler, 85, and Mrs. Dan (Nancy) Wengerd 91, who lives with her youngest daughter Nancy and John Gingerich. They were all in good spirits and glad for company. We had a nice visit with each one. There was Nancy Miller, Mary Slabaugh, Ida Bontrager, Jenny Byler and the writer. Lunch in town was also enjoyed. It was cold and snowy, and each widow had a cozy, warm house. I was inspired.

Our neighbor Bonnie Ward took us out to eat for belated birthdays, recently, Mary Slabaugh and I. It was quite an experience as we went to Quintealia’s Tea Parlor in Burton. For something out of the ordinary and delicious, I would recommend it. Thanks again, Bonnie!

My brothers Ken/Ada, Freeman/Barb all Bylers were at Marty and Sara Jane Masts recently for an enjoyable evening of visiting, along with lots of yummy food. Freemans 4 children and their families came too. Rick and Robin Gruber, Chrisy and son Braedon O’Neil, Jenny and Dr. Jamie Byler-Keschl and three daughters, and Mike, Michelle Byler and daughter Lexie. Our children and most of the grands attended also. A lot of reminiscing was done of the writer’s parents Freeman and Ida Byler. Precious family time…

Jan. 13, 2017: Hello Friends. A Happy blessed New Year to each and every one. It’s hard to believe we are in 2017. It seems time has a way of going quickly by … and we are not aware of it.

The weather sure has been up and down the last few weeks. A lot of rain fell this week, which I’m apt to grumble about, but guess we could be buried with snow. Ice has been a major factor lately. Now that we’re older, that is a real hazard.

People were still having Christmas get togethers with family. Many were on the 6th, which we call Old Christmas. My siblings haven’t gotten together yet, but we’re trying to pick out a date when it will work for everyone.

An enjoyable eve was had at John and Mary Slabaughs recently, for Mary’s birthday. Bringing cake and ice cream for the occasion was none other than Post writer Katherine Byler and husband Joe. Also there were Ray, John and Barb Mast, Jr. Gingerich, Ida and Mark and Sally Kuhns and boys. Johns little house was just a-humming with activity that night. John Mast told quite the stories about his school days. Tsk! Tsk!

Last night we visited with Elwin and Linda Troyer, along with Don and Nancy Miler, Roy and Esther, Lee and Ida all Bontragers. Elwin’s daughter Judy also joined us. Elwin had a knee replacement on Dec. 6. He is doing well and was able to attend church Sunday already.

Jake’s brother Eli also had a knee replacement recently (Dec. 1). He has to be extra careful, as this was number four or five … they lost track!

Marty Masts, our son Bobs, and we had supper there Sunday evening. Eli made a big pot of chili, which we all enjoyed and Bobs brought homemade ice cream … yummy to both. Their daughter Kaylene and granddaughter Kari were there, too.

Roy and Esther Bontrager hosted their daughter Roseann and Lee Hostetler and family from Guernsey County over the weekend. They were here for Roy’s Christmas gathering at Bill Gingerichs’ Friday and the Hostetler side Sunday at Robert Hostetlers’. They left for home Sunday eve.

Our church was Jan. 1 at Jake and Ellen Detweilers’. We were served oyster stew, warm ham and, of course, Christmas cookies. Our Bishop Marvin Detweiler had his 60th birthday Dec. 31, so he was given a wreath with 60 dollar bills fastened to it from all the church families. His granddaughter presented it to him. Of course, “Happy Birthday” was sung also to Dan Kurtz, Mary Slabaugh and Ella Miller. They all had recent birthdays. Visitors were Ellen’s folks, Robert and Linda Gingerich, and Bill and Cindy Kuhns. After dishes were done, we had an hour of singing which was enjoyed by all. A few families had get-togethers and left before lunch.

Nov. 25, 2016: Hello, Friends! We sure got our winter in a hurry after some beautiful days last week. We knew it was just around the corner, didn’t we? Now Thanksgiving is only a memory … that means Christmas is only a month away. The year is almost over … or, looking on the brighter side, a new year is about to begin. My plan is … hopefully, I can do better! (Smile!) We had the traditional turkey and dressing meal with all the trimmings at daughter Sara Jane’s.

The other children had their own plans. Christmas for our family is on the 31st, an exciting time for the children with programs, practicing, and making snacks. Jake had another 70th birthday surprise when the Gingerich family, Marvins, Erwin IIIs, Jr. Ida and Pauls invited out family to Paul and Mandy’s for an enjoyable evening of ice cream cake and other goodies to celebrate! We missed their Dad, our dear friend, Jr., so much, but those precious memories keep us close in heart.

Deer gun season opens Monday with many excited hunters out there. God luck to all … and, please be safe. Our thoughts have been with Will Kuhns, 19, the last few days. He got his hand in the edger while working. He is the son of Henry and Linda. Mail will reach him at 16465 Farley Road, Middlefield.

Oct. 25, 2016: Hello Friends! We are sure having cooler weather this week. The rain brought down many of those beautiful leaves. A fire in the stove feels toasty warm at night and early morning, so thankful for a cozy house to live in. I know I took my health for granted. One minute I was fine, the next I had difficulty breathing and chest and neck pain. This was Tuesday eve. By Wednesday eve, I was in the ER and by Thursday noon I had a catheterization and 2 stents put into veins that were 80 percent and 90 percent blocked. It happened so fast; I didn’t have time to be scared or worried. I also put my trust in the doctors. We know they are there to help us to better health.

And, especially, to God, whose presence beside me through it all was oh, so comforting. And, of course, Jake, our family and friends, all wishing me well, are helping greatly in my recovery. Visitors, calls, flowers, cards, baked goods, suppers … everything has been appreciated. Bonnie Ward (neighbor) sent several different kinds of soup … what is more comforting! Thanks to one and all. I am doing well and feel blessed. We welcome two new babies to our church … both from first time parents. Marty and Barbie Yoder have a daughter, Ellie Rose, born on the 10th.

First time grands are Erwin and Betty Ann Slabaugh and Ervin and Laura Yoder. Greats are Ervin Srs., John Slabaughs, Dan Hershbergers (both first time greats) and Bert Yoders. Eli and Marcia Mast welcomed a son, Jessie, on the 13th. First time grands are John and Mary Ann Mast and David and Linda Hostetler. Greats are Lester Gingerichs, Eli Mast Martha, and Andy Hostetler Katie. My sister Sara and John Hostetler were in the area for their brother-in-law’s funeral, Dan J. Miller. They stopped here on their way home to McConnellsville. Noah Detweiler had surgery Friday and had plans to stay one night. Today, five days later, he was still there, with some complications. Better days ahead, Noah! We, along with Roys, and Lee Bontragers, and Elwin Troyers, visited with Donnie (Plain Country writer) and Nancy Miller last night. It was good to see Nancy doing better. We all enjoyed the visit.

Sept. 30, 2016: Hello Friends! We are enjoying the cooler weather, but not so much all the rain. It’s turning out to be a nice breezy day with clouds and sun. The wash on the lines will probably dry. We were saddened by the passing of our friend Joe J. Miller. He was a part of our Post family. Our sympathy to Sarah and the children and grandchildren. Such a shock to lose him so suddenly. Also, Alma (Mrs. Jonathan) Miller, 83, here on Georgia Road died, her funeral being a week ago on Thursday.

She leaves three daughters Ruth (John) Miller, Marie (Lester) Byler of Kentucky, and Marcia (William) Byler. She will be missed in the church and neighborhood, a dear friend to so many. A widow for almost 7 years, she died after having numerous strokes. We’ve been to many weddings since my last letter, always an enjoyable occasion with family and friends. At the one, I got to sit beside Post writer, Katherine Byler. That was special! Thursday night, we were at John and Mary Troyers (Jake’s sister). Their son, grandsons, son-in-law and neighbors helped tear off the old roof on the house and start a new one.

A few of our grands were there, too. They got a lot done but, of course, it got dark too soon, so they had to quit. They were served pizza and ice cream with apple crisp or ground cherry crisp. Both were delicious! It was just like watching an ant colony there, with workers everywhere … a lot of them on the roof. Yikes! It was high and steep. Their grandson Paul Troyer is a roofer, so he was kind of the boss. (Smile!) Oh, yes, Paul and his wife Rose have son number three,named Isaiah. Grands are Andy and Dorothy Miller and Rob and Laura Troyer. Greats are John Troyers, Bill J. Millers and Martin H. Millers.

Another birth, a girl named Emma Kate to Danny Ray and Tina Byler. She joins three sisters and one brother. Grands are Lester and Marie Miller and Urie Jr. and Susan Byler. Greats are Mrs. Ervin (Ada) Byler, Urie Byler Srs. and Jake Yoders. I’ve had numerous birthday surprises already. On Monday eve, our former renters were here, Roy and Karin Burkholder and children, John Slabaughs, Mark Kuhnses and boys, Marty and Barbie Yoder and Marty Masts and family. We had lots of goodies. My sister Sara Hershberger, and daughter Ida and granddaughter Kara came and spent the day and took Sara Jane and me out to eat at Mary Yoders. It was extra special as they are from the Mt. Perry area and we don’t see each other very often. This was on Tuesday the 20th.

Wednesday, Sally Kuhns invited our neighbor Bonnie Ward and me for lunch for our birthdays. There, to help us celebrate were Mary and Esther Slabaugh and children, Karin Burkholder and children, Barbie Yoder and Sara Jane Mast. Haystack was on the menu plus soups, cake and ice cream. John Slabaugh hurt his knee Monday, so he was home. Jake has off Wednesdays, so they and Bonnie’s husband Alan joined us for lunch, too. I’ll sign off wishing you all a blessed fall. The trees are starting to turn, so, with some sun, we’ll have some beautiful scenery.

July 22, 2016: Hello Friends! Another month has gone by and it’s been quite warm and dry for this area. Our lawn is totally brown and crisp. Sounds like maybe a thunderstorm is brewing as I write. It sure would be appreciated. (Yes! We ended up with 4/10 inch of rain!) Later … Yesterday we attended the luncheon at Barb Fontanelle for the Post writers. So enjoyable and delicious! Thanks to everyone for this special event.

Donnie Miller and Jacquie Foote were missed. It was quite warm, but there were fans and umbrellas to keep it cooler. Dieter and Nancy Huth gave us a ride. We wish them well on their trip to Germany where they will stay for two months, visiting with friends and family. We received the death message of Mrs. Bill (Amanda) Miller, 67, this morning. She had leukemia for many years and was in remission at times. Our sympathy to her husband and family. Two more deaths over last weekend, of well-known ladies, Mrs. Robert (Emma) Miller, 90, and Mrs. Joe (Elizabeth) Miller, 95.

They will be dearly missed. Their funerals being Monday and Wednesday, respectively. My cousins, daughters of Uria and Ada Gingerich, are in the area for a 50th reunion of Zion Christian Fellowship School. Grace Hensley is of Oklahoma and Diane Hochstetler and Mary Esther Kauffman are both from Florida. We managed to spend an evening together Thursday. They picked up cousin Maurine Shetler of Mespo and we enjoyed salads at Dutch Country Restaurant. Then we went to Uncle Noah Gingerich who will be having his 89th birthday in August. He is staying at his daughter Ida and Melvin Millers at this time. We sure enjoyed the visit! It was amazing, but he did recognize Uria’s girls although he couldn’t keep their names straight. (Smile!) We, then, came to my house for dessert.


Maurine brought her good tea and some special popcorn. Thanks again! Daughter Sara Jane and son Marty Ray also joined us. The evening was way too short! The girls spent the day yesterday visiting graveyards. They found both sets of grandparents, and put in a new gravestone for their only brother, Andrew who died at 1 day old in 1949. This was in the Miller Cemetery on Burton Windsor Road. Our Gingerich grandparents are buried at Hayes Corner Cemetery and it is not in good condition anymore. Last night and today is the school reunion. I believe they are enjoying their stay very much. They are staying with friends in Hartville and are commuting back and forth daily. Last Friday night was our family camp-out at son Aaron and Rosas on Ireland Road. A perfect eve … cool enough that a campfire felt good.

We celebrated the July birthdays with cake, ice cream and, of course, S’mores. A visitor this morning was Mabel Miller of Holmes County. She used to board at Amanda Gingerich’s about 45 years ago. She was also here for the reunion at Zion. She had been a teacher there. Mary Slabaugh came with her and, of course, I couldn’t remember her name! (Sigh!) I’ve enjoyed the out-of-towners tremendously. I best sign off … wishing everyone blessings from above. ‘Till next time!

June 23, 2016: Hello Friends! Summer is here with all its wonders … for one, the longest day which has come and gone already! Seems like the weeks fly by and I don’t get much accomplished. Congratulations to Al and Linda Frey on the birth of a daughter, after six boys. She has been named Katie Lynn and has one sister. Grands are Albert and Mary Ann Miller and Henry and the late Mary Ann Frey. The only Great is Dan Miller Martha. Another baby to report on is son number four to Mark and Sally Kuhns. He has been named Micah and Grands are John and Mary Slabaugh and Henry and Linda Kuhns. His Great is Ervin Kuhns Edna. Also … son number four, named Timothy, was born to Stephen and Susan Yoder on May 24. He is also welcomed by two sisters. Grands are Eli and Kathryn Yoder and Robert and Anna Slabaugh. Greats are John Masts, Sam Kempfs, Esther (Mrs. Levi) Yoder and Chris Coblentz (Kentucky). This announcement is late due to the vicissitudes of the US mail. We’re thankful these three welcome bundles arrived safely to their happy parents. Our whole church family was glad to welcome Mary Slabaugh back to the fold after missing about 6 weeks since her knee replacement. A kind neighbor, Bonnie Ward, offered her a ride to and fro. We hope she will keep on improving. Al and Nancy Miller family were at Sara Jane and Marty Masts recently for supper. Joining us for dessert were our sons Pauls, Aarons, and Bobs and families for an enjoyable evening. A mis-step landed Al’s son James, 2, right in the pond. It was right at the edge and Luke, 8, quickly pulled him out. Mom had brought him a change of clothes, luckily! Our thoughts have been with the Erwin Gingerich Jr. family as it was a year now that husband, father and grandfather passed away. Today would also have been his birthday. Our sympathy to them and to all those of you also in sorrow. Son Bob’s children had a frightening experience Monday, as did their mother Martha. Three children went to the Family Market with pony and cart on an errand and the oldest, Lori Anne, went to get ice a few houses up the street (Nauvoo Road) with the baby in the wagon. Mom heard brakes squealing and, of course, thought of everyone that was gone. Just then, the pony and cart drove in, and then a car came across the lawn and hit a tree. No one was hurt, thankfully, except the driver had bumps and stiffness from the airbag. She said she looked up and saw the baby in the wagon and took the ditch instead of hitting them. We are ever so thankful for God’s protecting hand on our dear grandchildren and on the driver. They were walking on the walking-buggy path, so they weren’t even on the road. But traffic is really bad on Mondays anyway. The lady was from Pennsylvania and not familiar with our roads. I doubt if the children will even want to go on that road again, and I’m also thinking their Mom won’t let them! Sunday’s visitors in church for Marty and Barbie Yoder were both their parents, Erwin and Betty Ann Slabaugh family, and Ervin and Laura Yoder and family, and a few youth. Church is planned to be at Bill and Dorothy Gingerich next. We are sorry to hear Freeman Gingerich Jr. has colon cancer. He started chemo treatments this week. He will need surgery then, too. Let’s remember him in our prayers. Guess it’s time to close … the dog, Teddy Bear, wants attention (smile)! In Christian Love to All.

June 1, 2016: Hello Friends! We’ve been having beautiful weather, haven’t we? Not as humid and plenty of sunshine. We enjoyed the sale at neighbor Ida (Mrs. Erwin) Gingerich’s Saturday, as did many others. It was warm and humid and with a brief shower, but it kept going till almost 4:00. They had delicious food at the lunch stand, proceeds going for someone’s hospital bills. An interesting day bringing many precious memories of our dear friend Jr. Thoughts are with the family, being as it will be a year this month that he passed away Tuesday, we were at daughter Sara Janes helping her get ready for church Sunday.

Aaron Rosa, Paul Lydiann and Bob Martha, all Weavers, plus the children made for an enjoyable day. My niece Beth Bylers of Holmes County stopped in for a short visit. She is currently helping her cousin, JoAnne Kauffman, being as she had a knee replacement recently. We visited with Mary and John Slabaugh last night. She is doing well from her recent knee replacement, but still has pain if sitting in a regular chair. Their daughter Sally and boys were there too, also Erwin III and Ruth Ann.

The bloodmobile is coming to the school tomorrow, also for the new one which has been named Sugar Valley School. Work is going quite well with the new school. Hopefully, it will be ready enough to start the new school year. A group of young folks visited with A. J. (Andrew Jr.) Farmwald on Monday evening, Memorial Day. His father recently passed away of a sudden heart attack. Many weddings are being held at this time. The ninth is Rebecca Detweiler’s (Noah Jr. and Miriam) and Chester Ray Kurtz’s (Ches and Laura) special day. The sixteenth is Judy Miller’s (Bob and Mary Lou) and Ervin Miller’s (John and Susan) special day. We hope to attend both. We were sorry to hear Alma (Mrs. Jonathan) Miller had a few strokes recently. She missed church again Sunday. Her daughters are taking care of her. On May 25 we celebrated our 44th anniversary. Hard to believe … Blessings to all till next time!

April 28, 2016: Hello Friends! Greetings from Georgia Road on this dreary morning. We were enjoying the warm days, but it has been cooler lately, with a chill wind blowing. Rain is in the forecast. Two funerals for this community were those of Levi Yoder, 74, a cancer victim and Andy Farmwald, 51, who died of an apparent heart attack. Our sympathy to the families Levi’s funeral was Monday and Andy’s on Tuesday. We attended both viewings Sunday eve, along with hundreds of others. The school picnic and graduation ceremony is planned for Friday afternoon and evening. We hope to attend. They had their last day Monday the 25th. We already miss seeing the students come and go. It was a nice pastime for this grandma and grandpa. This is the sixth year in a row we had a grandchild graduate. This year it was Robbie son of Bob and Martha, who attended at Nauvoo Country. Grandson Kenny, 9, son of Aaron and Rosa fell 15 feet from a tree, when he was trying to rescue his brother’s plane. Kenny was only sore and with a sprained wrist from his adventure. X-rays were taken and he needs to hold still and not exert himself for a week or so. I reminded him his guardian angel was on his shoulder that day. (Smile!) His Mom and Dad were more shook-up than he was. We celebrated brother Eli P. Weaver’s and brother-in-law Roy Bontrager’s 77th birthdays one evening at Eli’s. We were sorry to see Eli’s son Clarence on crutches. He was to the doctor’s for x-rays that day. It happened already Saturday night while mowing lawn. The small bone was broken by his ankle. He needed to go back in a few days for a cast, as it was too swollen Monday. John and Mary Troyer were able to be there at Eli’s too and Clarence, Rebecca and family also joined us. It was a beautiful night to sit by the fire. Our Communion services were held at Jake and Ellen Detweiler’s Sunday. Visitors were Bishop Bill M. and Sally Byler, Deacon Noah Jr. Detweiler, and Dan and Ada Miller. Al and Nancy Miller were able to come at noon. Church is planned to be at Sam and Susan Detweiler’s next. Bye ‘til next time! Feb.17, 2016: Hello Friends! Greetings to everyone in Post-land. Hope you are enjoying this snow. Everything looks so beautiful … if I can stay inside! I did enjoy watching it from my windows. The last several inches were quite heavy and Jake was out shoveling with his snow scoop when one kind neighbor, Marvin Gingerich, came and plowed it for us. What a blessing that was! Sounds like it’ll warm up in the 40s and 50s by the weekend, which is OK by me.

Last Sunday, the seventh, Jake’s Aunt Emma (Mast) Sidley, 101 years old passed away. Visitation was Wednesday eve at Paine Funeral Home in Orwell, which we, along with Elwin and Linda Troyer, sister Mary (Mrs. John) Troyer, and brother Eli attended. It was a stormy night, but we had a good driver who got us there and back. This is the last of the Mast (Jacob) family. Emma’s son Donald just passed away two weeks ago and she just went downhill ever since. She has been in a nursing home for quite a few years now.

Returning from the sunny south on Friday were Rays and Roy Bontragers and leaving for Florida Monday were Marvin Detweilers and Urie Jr. Bylers.

Church was at Bill Millers Sunday and visitors were several young folks. Church planned to be at Mark and Sally Kuhns on Feb. 28. This Sunday, church is at our son Aaron and Rosas up in the Windsor area. We hope to attend if we can, along with our son Bob, Martha and family.

Friday eve we had a belated Christmas exchange with the Weaver womenfolk. It was held at Fred Hostetler Barbara’s. We were glad her mother Emma could be with us and her daughter Esther (Mrs. David) Troyer brought her twins Matthew and Mary Beth who are 4 months old and cute as can be. Lots of yummy food was enjoyed and, with 20 women/girls there were plenty of laughs. Thanks, Barb, for an enjoyable eve.

It’s son number three for Bob and Kristina Mast. He is names Matthew and he has one sister. Grands are John and Barb Mast and Mose Miller Fannie.

Feb. 19, 2016: Dan and Kate Kurtz were welcomed back to the fold after missing church three times. Dan seems to be doing well as he helped with the butchering of 20 pigs. Kate helped, too. They had a lot of orders for sausage, and, yes, we are enjoying some, too. It’s delicious!

Dan needs to do another test that we’re hoping shows he doesn’t need further treatment. We’ll have to wait and see. Remember them in your prayers.

Wishing you all God’s blessings!

Jan. 18, 2016: A cold morning at 4 degrees quite a change from our 30s and 40s. A beautiful sunrise this morning with streaks of gold reaching heavenward.

Six couples, church friends, visited with Dan and Kate Kurtz yesterday afternoon in Cleveland at University Hospital. Their children and a few nephews were there to see them also. Dan is feeling better since his surgery nine days ago where doctors removed 12 inches of his colon. His diagnosis of colon cancer scared us all. Everyone’s thoughts and prayers were with them for the last few months since he had been in and out of the hospital so often. Doctors couldn’t seem to pinpoint the problem. Their smiling faces told us Dan is now doing well and possibly able to come home today. After being gone for three weeks, home will look pretty special. They can be sent get-well messages at 15820 Chipmunk Lane, Middlefield, 44062. We have missed them the past two church Sundays.

An accident to another of our church friends, Alan R. Miller, has left us all devastated. He fell at work on Tuesday and is partially paralyzed. It happened near Akron, so he is there at a hospital. Plans are to bring him to Cleveland for rehab. Thoughts and prayers from neighbors, family and church friends have been many in the past week. His parents are Ray and Sara; his wife is Nancy, daughter of Ray and Martha Yoder. They have four children, 12 to 2 years old. Their address is 15530 Chipmunk Lane, Middlefield, 44062. Please send them a word of encouragement and cheer. Looking ahead, I’m sure the future looks mountainous, but one day at a time, God is there to help us through.

My brother Dan and Betty Byler were here for the funeral of Joe Kauffman, 85, on Tuesday the 12th. Also there were Melvin and Mary Jane Kanagy and Melvin Ray and Anna Kauffman, all of Kentucky. I attended the viewing with them Monday eve.

Tuesday, my Gingerich cousins and the Albert Miller girls were invited to Sheila Bylers. We had an enjoyable visit and did a lot of reminiscing. My grandmother, Sarah Gingerich, married their grandfather, Albert Miller, when both of their partners passed away. Albert was Sarah’s brother-in-law, making it pretty complicated. These girls seem just like cousins, being as they lived on the farm with my grandparents. There were eight of them, with seven being at Sheila’s, all local except Mary Ann Hostetler who came from Clymer, N.Y. Yummy soup was served!

Wednesday eve. Linda Troyer had a mother-daughter banquet! A gift exchange and great food was enjoyed. I think we’d all say she’s the “hostess with the mostest.”

A son to James and Katherine Miller named Jaylon Noah. Grands are Mrs. Mose (Martha) Miller and Edward and Betty Millet. Greats are Jake Yoders and Donnie Millers. He is welcomed by one brother.


Jan. 6, 2016: Hello Friends! It’s hard to believe 2016 is here, and the days are rushing by.

Two of our dear friends have passed away in the early days of this new year. Allen J. Byler, 77, passed away on New Years Day. He had many health problems and was on dialysis for some time. He leaves to mourn his wife Elizabeth (Kuhns), four sons, three daughters, 35 grandchildren and 74 greats. They had their home with daughter Martha and David Miller. The widow’s address is 16695 Madison Road, Middlefield, 44062. Allen will be dearly missed.

Gary Hein, 77, passed away on the fourth of cancer. He was Jake’s work driver for many years and we had many enjoyable trips together, longer ago. He leaves his wife, Pat, and four sons. In the fall they would take Jake and me, and John and Mary Slabaugh to Holmes County for the day. We did this for many years, making precious memories. Pat’s address is 16640 Nauvoo Road, Middlefield, 44062. If you rode with Gary, send Pat a note and a memory to share. He will be dearly missed by all who knew him. Calling hours, which we plan to attend, are tonight at Best Funeral Home.

We hope all who could, had a blessed Christmas. Our family gathered at son Paul’s in Windsor for ours. We had a delicious ham dinner with all the trimmings. The day ended with ham sandwiches and snacks of all descriptions. An enjoyable day.

Families are still getting together. Today, “Old Christmas” as we call it, the John and Barb Mast family will gather at Stephen and Susan Yoder’s. Saturday, the Roy and Esther Bontrager family plan to travel to Guernsey County to their daughter Roseanne and Lee Hostetler’s for their Christmas. Getting together today was the Crist Sr. Slabaugh family. This will be the first Christmas without their dear mother Amanda (Slabaugh) Coblentz.

The weather turned cold for a few days with a few inches of snow, but sounds like it will warm up again by the weekend …in the 40s! It’s OK with me. I’m not so crazy for snow since that winter we had last year!

Our thoughts have been with Dan and Kate Kurtz since Dan was taken to the hospital a week ago, by ambulance and transferred to University in Cleveland. His legs were numb (which can come from blood clots), and cause a lot of pain. They found a mass on his colon, but are still doing more testing. He has been a very sick man, not feeling well for several months already.


By Linda Weaver

Nov. 30, 2015: Hello Family and Friends.

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. Our family was blessed extra special family this year. Our children and grandchildren were all at Marty and Sara Jane Masts for a clambake. Joining us were Jake’s bother Eli and Kathryn Weaver, sisters John and Mary Troyer, Roy and Esther Bontrager, nephew Eli and Ada Weaver and daughter Betsy, nieces Sally and Martie Troyer and Kaylene and Danny Miller and children Duane and Carrie, and Aaron and Arlene Miller and daughter Carolyn. Everyone brought food to share so there was plenty for all.

Sunday church was at Martys for Jake and me. Our visitors were Bishop Roy C. Miller and Minister Levi Yoder Jr., our son Bob, Martha and children and Marilyn (Melvin) Miller. A scary thing happened to Marvin and Sara Jane Detweiler on their way out the driveway. Their horse spooked at a big stump on the left, stopped and started backing. The only thing is, on the right is a pond … and, yes, he backed the buggy right into the pond and flipped it on its side. We were so thankful both had jumped out, Marvin to hold the horse and Sara Jane jumped on the bank. You can imagine how this looked from the house! Of course, we didn’t know they were both out of the buggy, as, by the time we saw it, several men (10-12) had run to help. I totally panicked, yelling and crying (what I do best!), thinking someone might be in the water was so frightening to us women. But God has His protecting hand on them.

It had snowed all morning, so this grey stump really stood out, with the background of white. Our horse has shied from it already, too. The men unhitched the horse, got him up from where he lay on the bank, pulled the buggy out of the water and, besides being soaked from top to bottom on one side, there was no significant damage. The horse was led past the stump, of course, hitched up again and driven home. Sara Jane was pretty brave to get back on the buggy but also too shook-up to walk home. When they got home, their daughter was calling from Carroll County to say they have a new baby girl, after three boys.  This was Ida Mae and Paul Miller. Congratulations! After that frightening experience, good news was welcome!

My uncle Ray White, 87, and his son David from Virginia Beach, Va. and my Aunt Marian Byler, 89, from Kansas City, Mo. came to this area to visit with each other and us nieces and nephews this week-end. Bringing Aunt Marian were her son Dr. Mark Byler, wife Angie and son Luke. Daughter Sara Jane offered to have them all for brunch Sunday at noon. Joining us were Ada Wagner, Roy and Esther Bontrager, and Genevieve Arrowhead, for the meal. In the afternoon, my brothers Ken Freeman and daughters Robin Gruber, Chrisy O’Neil, and Dr. Jamie Byler (Keschl) came too. Mark and family just recently returned from being in Zimbabwe Africa for 11 years as missionaries. He told some interesting stories about their lives there. We had a precious afternoon together and a lot of reminiscing was done.

I best close wishing everyone a blessed Christmas and healthy New Year.



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