Monday, Sept. 24: Nice and cool which is way more comfortable than the warm days we had. Betty babysat a little girl today. She is 2 years old and fun to have around. Wayne and I went to a friend’s house tonight.

Tuesday, Sept. 25: A rainy day and Betty had more kids here to babysit. She stays pretty busy, which I’m glad for.

Wednesday, Sept. 26: I went down to my parents for the day. Sister Elizabeth was there, too. When I got home, Wayne was starting to do tomatoes for a batch of salsa. The girls and I were invited to a Pampered Chef demonstration, so Wayne said,” Go, I’ll be alright.” We got back home to the best salsa we ever tasted! Wayne put in a little bit of this and a little bit of that, so he probably won’t be able to make a batch like that again.

Thursday, Sept. 27: Brother Wally’s birthday. You’re catching up with me, Bro! Betty had more babysitting to do.

Friday, Sept. 28: Brother John’s birthday! Hey, you’re catching up with me, too!

Saturday, Sept. 29: A nice day, though a bit cool. Betty and Norma were the only ones home, so they did my errands.

Sunday. September 30: John. Betty and Baby Karin were here for supper. Also, here were Betty’s sister Mary and David and two children. Wayne deep fried fish and French fries.

Monday, Oct. 1: John and Betty’s little nephew, age 5 months, is in the hospital with some major issues. She wants to go to the hospital tomorrow and asked us to care for Baby Karin, of course, we’re just overjoyed to!

Tuesday, Oct. 2: Baby Karin was happy and cooing today and we thoroughly enjoyed her. Wayne asked me why we didn’t have the grandkids first!

Wednesday, Oct. 3: Fall is here! The leaves are falling like crazy. I enjoy the Fall. But not so much what comes after.

Thursday, Oct. 4: Laura is on tour to NYC for 4 days.

Friday, Oct. 5: Rose Edna was home today, so she cleaned the house. Betty went to school to help Katherine. Wayne is starting with a cough and cold, Oh no!

Saturday, Oct. 6: Katherine is off to Myrtle Beach for a week. Laura came home from NYC and she had a good trip. It was interesting hearing about different points of interest, etc.

Sunday, Oct. 7: Betty and Norma babysat John Betty’s sister Amanda and Andrew’s children today, so Wayne and I were alone all day. It felt like we were the only people on earth! The girls came home at 6:30, so the evening wasn’t so quiet!

Monday, Oct. 8: – Thursday, Oct. 11: It’s been warm again until Thursday when it cooled off quite a bit. By evening, we stated a fire in the stove. No sense in being cold when you have a woodshed full of wood and a stove to put it in!

Friday, Oct. 12: John and Betty’s one-year anniversary! It’s hard to believe it’s been a year. Rose went to Kentucky to visit a friend. She’ll be back tomorrow night. Andrew’s driver didn’t show up at the usual time this morn. We found out later he had hit a deer and damaged the van. He did show up with a different vehicle then.

Saturday, Oct. 13: Wayne is pretty sick. He sounds horrible when he coughs. Probably a touch of pneumonia which he gets very easily.

Sunday. Oct. 14: We went to church, though Wayne probably shouldn’t have.

Monday, Oct. 15: The school Moms took cake and ice cream to school for Teacher Miriam’s birthday.

Tuesday, Oct. 18: Katherine brought a crab home from her trip and has him at school. She lets him out to crawl around and started checking papers and forgot about him. When she thought of it again, he was nowhere to be seen. She looked high and low and finally found him under some drawers right by a rolling wheel.

Wednesday, Oct. 17: I was by myself all day today. I enjoy it very much once in a while!

Thursday, Oct. 18: I went to get groceries. I got cold and was glad to get home to the warm stove.

Friday, Oct. 19: Betty’s not used to being the only one at home to do the cleaning, but she did a good job. Laura did some last night to help her out.

Saturday, Oct. 20: Rose, Betty, Norma and I went to the Windsor Fire Department Chinese Auction tonight. I actually won three items. Then, Rose won a raffle item which was very exciting, a big cart piled high with baking supplies. You name it; it’s in there … including the containers to put the finished product in!

Sunday, Oct. 21: Another lazy day. This afternoon Norma declared she is going out of her mind because all we do is sit and read. We finally played four games of Sequence. Then, tonight, we walked over to neighbor Davids.

Monday, Aug. 27: All five girls were home today. We had corn to can, so that got done in short order. It was a very warm day. Norma is looking forward to having school start next week.

Tuesday, Aug. 28: Rose, Laura and I, along with sister-in-law Laura and her daughter Elizabeth, went to the coffee shop in Burton for breakfast. Another very warm day and I got overheated and couldn’t cool off despite the fans I had going. All the girls were home today again and it’s getting to me! Too many mouths and opinions!

Wednesday, Aug. 29: I was dreading another hot day, then it rained and cooled off. Instant relief! I went to my Aunt Betty’s tonight for her birthday. All my girl cousins and aunts were also there. It was a crazy evening.

Thursday, Aug. 30: A cooler day. Yay!

Friday, Aug. 31: Four girls home today, so they did laundry, cleaning, lawnmowing, weedeating, and baking.  I help along where I can and then I try and stay out of their way!

Saturday, Sept. 1: Wayne and Andrew went to help at his place. Rose, Betty and Norma did some painting.

Sunday, Sept.  2: John, Betty and Baby Karin came to stay the night.

Monday, Sept. 3: We all went over to help at John and Betty’s house. I did my part by holding Baby Karin! I thoroughly enjoyed it, too!

Tuesday, Sept. 4: First day of school for Norma. It was also my grocery day and Betty couldn’t go along. A bee had stung her foot and it was all swollen and she found it hard to walk.

Wednesday, Sept.5: We went to a benefit auction tonight. It was very warm again.

Thursday, Sept. 6: Thankfully, it cooled off a little.

Friday, Sept. 7: The work today was up to Rose and Betty. Betty and Norma were invited to the neighbors for a sleepover, so it was pretty quiet around here.

Saturday, Sept.8: Brother John, Laura and two boys and we went to Deer Park and the Spillway. We stopped at a little store to buy bread to feed the fish and everyone came out with bags of bread in each hand. Altogether, it was close to 100 loaves and it wasn’t long before it was all gone. It was hilarious.

Sunday, Sept. 9: We drove to my parents for the evening. It rained all day, so it’s wet, wet, wet! 

Monday, Sept. 10: Went to a friend’s house for the day. It’s nice to have Betty out of school and home to help.

Tuesday, Sept. 11: Went to a bulk food store, a salvage store and a fabric store. Then, tonight, was the first parent/teacher meeting. The girls told me, “This is your last first meeting, since Norma is in eighth grade and will be out of school after this year.”

Wednesday, Sept. 12 – Wednesday, Sept. 19: Normal everyday life in the Detweiler household, which I am glad for. Everyone’s been pretty healthy the last while and I’m still moving, which is a plus. Pain’s no fun, but you learn to live with it and keep on going!

Thursday, Sept. 20: Rose and Betty were taking something out to burn in the pasture when our “unbroken” colt started to come towards them. He’s very unmannerly, so Rose got scared and jumped up on the rack that holds a haybale. They then heard a loud guffawing and Andrew was laughing his head off. Boys!

Friday, Sept.21: Rose had everything looking spic and span today. Betty was her helper. I went to the store to get supplies for tomorrow.

Saturday, Sept. 22: We had a Byler cookout today for all my family, including our married children. Brother Steven had a birthday (number 40), so we gave him 40 gifts. We blindfolded brother John and wife Laura and gave Laura a bowl of cool whip to feed to John. It was hilarious. He had cool whip in his beard and all over his face!

Sunday, Sept. 23: We babysat a friend’s little girl, Eva, today. She is so easy to care for and fun to have. It made Betty and Noma’s day complete!

Monday, July 16: Very warm again. We didn’t do more than we had to!

Tuesday, July 17: There were quite a few yard sales in Windsor, so I went to see if I could find some bargains.

Wednesday, July 18: It cooled off a bit. Katherine is getting ready for her teaching job at school. She is looking forward to it. This will be her second year of teaching.

Thursday, July 18: We picked up my parents and went over to John and Bettys for the evening. Baby Karen was passed around all evening.

Friday, July 20: I decided to sleep in this morning, but it didn’t come to pass. I woke up early!

Saturday, July 21: I baked cookies and puttered around while the girls did the other work. Wayne went to help John.

Sunday, July 22: We went to church and, then, went back for supper.

Monday, July 23: Laura had a Tupperware demonstration here. Wayne and I went to friend’s house.

Tuesday, July 24: Norma went along to help me with groceries today.

Wednesday, July 25: John and Betty came tonight. It’s such a joy to cuddle Baby Karen.

Thursday, July 26: I took Betty and Norma to the circus tonight. They don’t use any animals anymore, so that was different.

Friday, July 27: I went thrift store shopping and, on the way home, we broke down. Thankfully, it was at one of the first places to drop off. I didn’t get home until close to 9 p.m.

Saturday July 28: We cared for a neighbor’s three little girls. It was enjoyable.

Sunday, July 29: Went to my parents for supper.

Monday, July 30: A dreary day. Laundry was finally dry by 8 P.m.

Tuesday, July 31: Katherine and I went down to my parents. Katherine cleaned their house. Betty and Norma babysat today, and then tonight, some of their school friends came to spend the night. They put up a tent, I hope the noise level won’t go up too far!

Wednesday, Aug. 1: I didn’t hear too much out of the girls until about 3:30 a.m. I told them to be quiet and they said they were trying to stay awake until Wayne and Andrew go to work. That’s at 4:30 and 4:45 a.m. After that, they conked out and slept until around 8:30 a.m. Tonight we had Karen, so, of course Betty and Norma want to go to bed early!

Thursday, Aug. 2: Wayne had his annual checkup at his heart doctor’s. I went along and picked up some things we needed.

Friday, Aug. 3: Cleaning day … the day everything is scrubbed from top to bottom. I can’t tell the girls that something isn’t necessary to clean because they do it anyway. So, I mostly get out of the way and let them have at it.

 Saturday, Aug. 4: Wayne, Betty and Norma worked in the garden while Laura did the housework. The rest were off somewhere or other.

Sunday, Aug. 5: We went to church and then, back for supper. My wrist is really bothering me. I can hardly hold anything and even twisting it a little bit is very painful.

Monday, Aug. 6: The mothers had to clean the schoolhouse today. Since I’m not worth anything at cleaning, I sent Betty out. Katherine does her own classroom with Betty and Norma’s help.

Tuesday, Aug. 7: There was a volleyball game here for the church men and boys. They got rained out for a bit.

Wednesday, Aug. 8: We talked to John and he said Baby Karen is sick with a cold. Poor little dear.

Thursday, Aug. 9: Katherine learned how to work the sewing machine! She’s tried before and could never do it. So now, she’s all excited. I gave her some simple things to do like hemming straight edges, so I guess, that’s a start. Tonight, we went to the library.

Friday, Aug. 10: Our annual neighborhood cookout was tonight at Freeman Bylers. We had an enjoyable evening and didn’t get home until 11 p.m. Pretty late for these old folks!

Saturday, Aug. 11: Betty was hanging up laundry on the pully line when, all at once, down it came! It had broken somewhere. So, she ended up rinsing the laundry again and hanging it on our other line.

Sunday, Aug. 12: John, Betty and Baby Karen came tonight, also, my parents. Karen weighs about 10 pounds and is as adorable as ever.

Monday, Aug. 13: We couldn’t do laundry today because the belt tore. Very frustrating. So tonight, Wayne had to fix that and also the pully line. Then, he had to go to a wood frolic for the school. Some of us others husked a bunch of corn to can tomorrow.

Tuesday, Aug. 14: Since I can’t do much to help with canning corn, Katherine decided she wants to do it by herself. So, I left her detailed instructions and Betty, Norma and I went to the park. Sister-in-law Laura and her two boys went too. The kids scootered, ripsticked and bladed. When we got home, Katherine head everything under control and the last jars were cold packing. She said she enjoyed doing it.

Wednesday, Aug. 15 – Friday, Aug. 17: Norma is slowly getting her school things together.  She’ll be in eighth grade. It will seem very strange to have only one in school.

Saturday Aug. 18: Laura left for Cooks Forest for a while. We had Baby Karen today. Tonight, Andrew and Rose Edna played Blokus with Betty and Norma, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Sunday, Aug. 19: To church and then, home the rest of the day.

Monday, Aug. 20: Got groceries today with Norma’s help.

Tuesday, Aug. 21: I had a doctor appointment today.

Wednesday, Aug. 22: Betty, Norma and I went to Carroll County at sister Elizabeths.

Thursday, Aug. 23: I went yard sailing to the Orwell yard ales. Found a few bargains.

Friday, Aug. 24: Finally, a whole day at home! It felt so good!

Saturday, Aug. 25: Wayne and I went to a benefit breakfast for a school. Betty and Norma went to a babysitting job with Rose. Andrew and Katherine were also gone, so only Laura was around.

Sunday, Aug. 26: Wayne’s back gave out this morning. It’s been bothering him all week. But this morning, he could hardly move. So, he spent the day holding still. It was a little better by evening. I often have to think of the saying, “Growing older isn’t for wimps”!

Monday, June 18: Very warm. It didn’t cool off much during the night. There was a nice breeze though; so that helped.

Last Saturday, Norma was over at John’s house with Wayne and Andrew. Andrew found a pair of handcuffs and slapped them on Norma’s wrists and they locked and he didn’t have a key to open them. They ended up grinding the handcuffs off, leaving her with a small bruise. I’m so glad I wasn’t there! More grey hairs!

Tuesday, June 19: Grocery day and, thankfully, it was more pleasant. I wanted ice cubes but had to stop at three places before finding any. Guess the heat had everyone out buying ice.

Wednesday, June 20: Big News! We are grandparents! John and Betty had a little girl late last night. They named her Karin. My five girls and I went to the hospital to see her. She’s very tiny…only 5 pounds 7 ounces. Betty and Norma had to call all their friends! (smile)

Thursday, June 21: John and Betty and Baby Kanin came home from the hospital today. Can’t wait to go hold her again!

Friday, June 22: We took supper over for John and Betty and, of course, took turns holding Baby Karin all evening. She just sleeps and eats.

Saturday, June 23: Rainy day. Laura and Katherine went over to John and Bettys and helped out with her housework.

Sunday, June 24: We went to church at neighbor Allens, then came home to rest and then went back to Allens for supper. Of course, everyone wanted to hear about Baby Karin.

Monday, June 25: Norma went to work with Laura, so that left Betty to do the laundry. I straightened up the house and did the floors. It felt good to have a nice day after the dreary weekend we had.

Tuesday, June 26: Betty’s turn to help me with groceries today. Am always glad when that day is past.

Wednesday, June 27: I went to help get ready for nephew Christopher’s wedding. Neighbor David’s two girls, Rebecca and Naomi came to stay for two days. They went to a wedding in New York.

Thursday, June 28: Christopher and Karen’s wedding day. Twas a nice day for it. Rebecca and Naomi had fun, so the girls informed me.

Friday, June 29: Rebecca and Naomi went back home this morning. Wayne, John and Andrew went fishing on Lake Erie tonight and took Betty and Norma along. They were excited and had a blast. They caught quite a few fish, but not quite their limit.

Saturday, June 30: Betty and Norma went over to help John and Betty with her housework. And, of course, to hold Baby Karin. They will stay overnight.

Sunday, July 1: We went to church over close to where John and Betty live, so we visited them afterwards. Baby Karin is so adorable … and why wouldn’t she be? (Smile.)

Monday, July 2: Today was our School Trip. Betty and Norma both went and they were very excited. Wayne and I also went along. We had a good day with nice weather and the girls loved getting wet … especially at the Cave of the Winds. It’s always nice to get home safe and sound.

Tuesday, July 3: We all felt jet lagged from our busy weekend. I decided to sleep in and let the girls do the same. I can only sleep so long though, so I was up by 9 a.m. and the girls slept till close to noon.

Wednesday, July 4: I went to help get ready for my cousin’s daughter’s wedding. The girls did outside work and Andrew goofed off and went fishing. Very, very warm today.

Thursday, July 5: Went to the wedding and it was another warm day. But, we made it.

Friday, July 6: What a gorgeous day … way cooler and very comfortable.

Saturday, July 7: Laura, Betty, Norma and I went to the Ox Roast in Mespo to walk through the flea market. I found nothing of great value, but the food was good!

Sunday, July 8: To church and then we went down to Wayne’s sister Viola and Norman. They invited the Detweiler families for a steak supper.

Monday, July 9: It seems like a long time since I’ve seen John, Betty and Baby Karin. I hurt pretty badly this morn. It’s a little harder to move.

Tuesday, July 10: Went to Madison Aldi’s today since the Chardon one is closed for a while. I liked it.

Wednesday, July 11: Betty, Norma and I went and picked blueberries, a favorite fruit of ours. And then, what joy!, John, Betty and Baby Karin came tonight. Baby was held all evening, of course. She now weighs more than 6 pounds, but she’s still pretty tiny.

Thursday, July 12: We’re having some beautiful days … very comfortable and not extremely warm.

Friday, July 13: The girls did laundry and cleaning and I puttered around outside. Tonight, we went to watch a baseball game between the church men and some boys. The boys won.

Saturday, July 14: Katherine went over to help Betty and I rode along and held Baby Karin for a while before coming back home again. It just seems you can’t get enough of her. 

Sunday, July 15: I think the Dog Days are settling in with a vengeance. It had to have been close to 100 degrees in the sun today. We walked over to neighbor David’s this evening and that helped to pass some of the time.


Monday, May 21: We had the shock of our lives this morning. Katherine’s boyfriend’s Dad died early this morn of a possible massive heart attack. I went down this afternoon. Katherine will stay until after the funeral.

Tuesday, May 22: We had a wedding in our church and we went, though our hearts really weren’t in it. With having church here this coming Sunday. It’s going to be one busy week. Rose and Laura are working. On the cleaning every spare moment they have.

Wednesday, May 23: I went to get church food supplies and then, tonight, we all went to the viewing. It is still hard to grasp.

Thursday, May 24: We all went to the funeral. This afternoon, the girls did all the outside work: mowing, weed eating, blowing, etc. Looks nice. If only it would stay this way!

Friday, May 25: Brother Joe is 50 today. Will have to wait to celebrate because there is too much going on.

Saturday, May 26: The final day of getting ready for church. Everything looks so nice and clean that, for a minute, I thought it would be nice if no one showed up and it could stay clean! (Smile!) That feeling passed, though.

Sunday, May 27: T’was a beautiful day, so the children could play outside after church. I had invited some of the neighbors for supper, so we had a good evening of visiting.

Monday, May 28: Memorial Day. Betty and Norma did laundry while I cleaned up the church mess. We then drove over to John and Betty’s place on Montgomery Road to help them. I mostly just sat and watched the others work. I feel drained and exhausted way down to my toes.

Tuesday, May 29: Mom, Sis-in-law Laura and I went to my brother Joes for the day. Mary Jane had back surgery, plus her sister died. 

Wednesday, May 30: I could sleep all day! I tried to rest a lot, but it seems there’s always something to do.

Thursday, May 31: We were invited to a wedding, but didn’t go as I just didn’t feel up to it.

Friday, June 1: I feel some better today. It seems I’m a wimp after working hard for a few days!

Saturday, June 2: Brother Steven’s birthday number 40! Lots of milestones this year.

Sunday, June 3: We rested and then, this afternoon we went to John and Betty’s.

Monday, June 4: It seems nice to just have the normal Monday work today. There’s always quite a bit of laundry, though!

Tuesday, June 5: Went to get groceries and then Betty, Norma and I went to the library tonight. Wayne went fishing with a neighbor.

Wednesday, June 6: Went to Wayne’s brother Chester’s to help get ready for their daughter Martha’s wedding. It was cold this morn and chilly all day.

Thursday, June 7: We went to the wedding. It was chilly this morn, but it warmed up and was a beautiful day.

Friday, June 8: For some reason, I had a busy day. John and Betty came tonight, so we grilled and sat around the fire.

Saturday, June 9: What a beautiful Saturday. Wayne and Andrew went to help John at his place. Norma went along, so it was pretty quiet around here!

Sunday, June 10: Rained a lot of the day. Church was at neighbor Allen’s. Then, we went back for supper. So, the day seemed very short.

Monday, June 11: Laura’s birthday. She’s 22 years old now. All my girls are very opinionated, so, you can imagine how it sounds sometimes with five girls from ages 13 to 24!

Tuesday, June 12: Rose and Laura’s very good friend got married today, so I went to the wedding. Then, this afternoon, Katherine was getting ready to go to the wedding when her boyfriend called and said he couldn’t go as their barn was burning down! Another shock! Wayne, John and Andrew went fishing. It was not a good evening. They only caught one keeper.

Wednesday, June 13: I went down to my Moms. Sis Elizabeth and Sis-in-law Laura were there, too.

Thursday, June 14: A calm, relaxing day. I need more of those!

Friday, June 15: Wayne invited the church men to play volleyball tonight. There weren’t enough here, so the girls played too.

Saturday, June 16: We’re getting lots of strawberries out of our patch. We love strawberries! I prepared some for the freezer.

Sunday, June 17: Today was the warmest day of the year so far. It’s a good thing it wasn’t a workday. It took most of our effort to breathe! I’m thankful we have fans.

Monday, April 23: A beautiful day. I feel a lot less achy on these days, nevertheless, I’m just trying to ignore my affliction and keep on living! It could be a lot worse!

Tuesday, April 24: Rainy day and colder, Boo hoo! I love my nice warm stove!

Wednesday, April 25: The girls are really getting into spring cleaning. They are doing the upstairs bedrooms.

Thursday, April 26: Sunny today. Yay! The girls finished up with the upstairs.

Friday, April 27 – Saturday, April 28: Our school did the lunch stand at the machinery auction and that made for two very busy days. Everyone did their part, so it was enjoyable.

Sunday, April 29: Went to church and then rested the rest of the day. It felt so good to just sit and relax!

Monday, April 30: Betty has been studying hard for her eighth-grade achievement test.

Tuesday, May 1: Last day of school. Betty did her test this morning and she did very well. She got a 96 percent average.

Wednesday, May 2: We cared for a friend’s 8-month-old baby. Norma was delighted. She claims all babies as her own when they’re here.

Thursday, May 3: Katherine went to school to finish up some things. It was nice to have Betty and Norma at home. Now if they’ll cooperate at all times and have no spats!

Friday, May 4: Katherine hitched up the horse and drove us down to my mom’s. The girls cleaned the house while Mom and I visited.

Saturday, May 5: Wayne drove over to John’s place to help on the house. Betty and Norma went along.

Sunday, May 6: I scootered to a friend’s house with Betty and Norma. ‘Twas a relaxing day.

Monday, May 7: Lots of excitement in the neighborhood. There was a drug bust on our road. The SWAT team was there and they got the guy they wanted. Hopefully all suspicious activities that were going on around here will now cease.

Tuesday, May 8: Grocery day. Now, I have help which is nice. Betty and Norma will take turns going with me.

Wednesday, May 9: We had a mini yard sale out by the road. Got rid of about half and put the other half out beside the road for free.

Thursday, May 10: I went to my cousin’s wedding.

Friday, May 11: Today was my annual yard-sale day to the Cortland-Howland areas. I found a few bargains.

Saturday, May 12: Our school picnic was today. It was dreary and cool, but we survived. I was glad to get home to have some heat!

Sunday, May 13: Went to church at neighbor Dave’s and then went back for supper

Monday, May 14: It’s hard to get the girls up and going in the mornings. They say they haven’t had their fill of sleeping in since school’s out. I say the work needs to be done, too!

Tuesday, May 15: Norma’s 13th birthday. No more little girls! How sad.

Wednesday, May 16: We’re getting ready to have church here, so we’re into more cleaning, plus doing the outside work.

Thursday, May 17: Rose Edna’s 23rd birthday. Wayne and I went to a wedding. ‘Twas a beautiful day.

Friday, May 18: The girls are trying to get the outside work done on these nice days

Saturday, May 19: I went to the greenhouse and got some flowers to plant. Wayne went fishing and brought home his limit.

Sunday, May 20: We drove down to my parents’. Brother John and Laura were there, too.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018: Found out that brother Wally may not have pleurisy after all. They did find an abscess on his lungs that they will have to do surgery to scrape it off.

Laura baked bread which turned out good, also Whoopie pies. Very hard on the diet!

Wednesday, March 28: Mom and I went to Carrolton today to visit with sister Elizabeth. Then tonight we went up to see brother Wally at the hospital. His surgery will be tomorrow.

Thursday, March 29: My mind was up at the hospital with Wally. Was glad to hear everything went well.

Friday, March 30: Good Friday.

We were invited to Wayne’s sister Sally and Steven for a fish fry. They were very good

Saturday, March 31: Norma bought the twins over for a while.

Betty has a very sore toe and it’s starting to swell up.

Sunday, April 1: My Birthday. 

They sang “Happy Birthday” at church while we were eating. I wasn’t the only one. Our neighbor has one today also!

John and Betty came tonight, so I made pizza. We sure do enjoy them.

Monday, April 2: Katherine’s 18th birthday.

Rose Edna got a cake for both of our birthdays.

Wayne is getting sick.

Tuesday, April 3: I went to Aunt Betty’s for the day, with Mom and cousins.

Betty can hardly walk because of her toe and Wayne is very sick with some kind of respiratory illness. I made two doctor appointments for tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 4: I took Betty to the doctor and told the driver she could leave for a few hours until the appointments were done. When we got in, they told us Betty’s doctor isn’t in and can’t see her. There were a few stores a little ways down the road, so we went shopping. We had some laughs and we almost lost our bonnets. Plus, we looked like two old grannies limping along. We then went back to the doctors’ office till Wayne got there for his appointment.

Thursday, April 5: Andrew’s 20th birthday. Where have all these children gone?!

Betty’s toe is actually getting better now. It opened up and drained, so it doesn’t hurt so much. Maybe the tide has turned!

And Wayne has pneumonia in his left lung. He sounds horrible when he coughs. The doctor gave him a shot and antibiotics.

Friday, April 6: Wayne has been home from work three days this week. He’s getting tired of sitting around. I think he’s getting better, though. He doesn’t sound like he’s coughing up his insides any more.

Saturday, Apr. 7: Wayne actually spent a lot of the day outside, puttering around. I’m so glad he feels better, for his sake and mine!

Betty’s toe is getting better, though slowly. We think there was something in there causing infection. So, hopefully, things will soon be good as new.

Sunday, Apr. 8: We were home all day until tonight when we walked over to neighbor Davids. Thankfully, Wayne feels good again!

Monday, April 9 – Saturday, Apr. 14: I was home all week. 

We had some beautiful days, so Andrew and a few of the girls started cleaning up the branches, etc. in the woods.

Betty and Norma finally had their Easter hunt at school. They were waiting for a nice day.

Sunday, April 15: – Thursday, Apr. 19: This week has been cold, so back to being cooped up in the house. And it snowed almost every day.

John and Betty came last night for the evening, which, of course, we enjoyed.

Friday, April 20: Rose Edna and Laura were both home today. That hardly ever happens, so they did laundry and cleaning.

Saturday, April 21: A nice day, so Laura and Andrew washed off the siding on the house, and Rose, Katherine, Betty and Norma cleaned up some more in the woods.

Sunday, April 22: What a beautiful day! We enjoyed it to the fullest.

Neighbor Ruebens came over tonight and Katherine had a few friends here, so we grilled burgers.

Thursday, March 1: John and Betty both have birthdays this month, so we went over tonight with goodies to celebrate. They’ve been married five months on March 12 and John really looks like a man with his beard!

Friday, March 2: We didn’t have school because of the weather, so the girls did the cleaning. Three neighbor families came for the evening, so the men played crook, the women talked and the children played.

Saturday, March 3: There wasn’t much to do today because the girls did everything yesterday. We don’t bake a lot anymore because we’re trying to eat more healthy.

Sunday, March 4: John and Betty came tonight. John stuck his nose in a book, so the rest of us played a game.

Monday, March 5: Twas a bad day for me, so I didn’t do too much. The girls do very well in helping, though sometimes the younger ones grump a little bit!

Tuesday, March 6: Grocery day, then parent/teacher meeting at school tonight. I was exhausted by bedtime.

Wednesday, March 7- Friday, March 9: Andrew didn’t work for a few days because of no logs. But I guess there will be some there for next week. It’s hard to keep him busy at home, there’s not enough work to do! I did hint that he could do laundry!

Saturday, March 10: There’s school, lots of snow around. Winter is sticking around.

Sunday, March 11: Betty and Norma were bored out of their minds until tonight. Then we went over to neighbor Allen’s. They have five small children, including twins. So, no boredom there!

Monday, March 12: We had friends here tonight, so I baked raspberry rolls. The girls cleaned up the house after they got home from work.

Tuesday, March 13: The birds are really chirping away. It just sounds kind of unnatural since it still looks like the middle of winter.

Wednesday, March 14 – Tuesday, March 20: It keeps getting cold every night. I’m sticking close to home these days, dreaming of the nice warm weather we’ll have in the future! I do hurt, but it could also be worse, so I try to be thankful for the good things in my life.

Wednesday, March 21: John called and told us to come over tonight as they’re cooking down maple sap. He helps Betty’s dad. So, we went, though Wayne was the only one who went to the sugarhouse. The rest of us just sat and talked.

Thursday, March 22: Andrew has a bad cold and looks miserable. Everyone’s taking turns with it, I’m just glad it’s not something worse. 

Friday, March 23: Some of the neighbor ladies and girls had a housewarming for two neighbor girls who moved to a new abode.

Saturday, March 24: Norma brought the twins over to care for, to give their Mom a break. They were very good and we all enjoyed them.

Sunday, March 25: We went down to Wayne’s parents tonight. They’re doing pretty well at this point.

Monday, March 26: A beautiful day, though cold.  We still have snow and the maple syrup makers are having a heyday with all the syrup they’re making. It turned out to be a good year with all this cold.

Mom called this morning and said my brother Wally is in the hospital with pleurisy. He had a dusty workplace. He must feel some better because when Mom called him, he told her, “It’s a boy!” (Smile.)

Monday, Jan. 29 – Wednesday Jan. 31: It’s warming up … almost 50 degrees. Betty is studying for the Spelling Bee and she and I are both growing tired of it.

Thursday, Feb. 1: It’s been more painful to get out of bed the last while; then it takes awhile to get anything done. I try to think of people who are much worse off than I!

Friday, Feb. 2: Back to being cold. I just stay close to the stove and try not to get all stiff and sore.

Saturday, Feb. 3: Andrew went skiing, which always makes me nervous. I’m always glad to see him come home safe and sound.

Sunday, Feb. 4: John and Betty came tonight, which made our Sunday complete. Then, when they were on their buggy to drive home, the horse couldn’t move. He was all stiff and sore. Maybe he has RA too, like I do! They ended up getting a driver to go home.

Monday, Feb. 5 – Thurs. Feb. 8: I’ve been at home most every day. I feel like a hermit. And yet it also is nice to hibernate!

Friday, Feb. 9: Spelling Bee Day! Betty did well. She was in 10th place, but was mad at herself. She went down on a word that she never spelled wrong before. So it goes!

Saturday, Feb. 10: Saturdays are pretty calm around here most times. The major wok is usually done by then and there’s just laundry and tidying up to do. Sometimes there’s baking. It’s hard to find enough for all five girls to do, so sometimes they play games or read.

Sunday, Feb. 11: We went to visit friends … someone who has the same affliction I do.

Monday, Feb. 12: The sun came out today! Makes me realize how we hardly ever see its brightness in the winter. It makes me feel brighter, too!

Tuesday, Feb. 13 – Saturday, Feb. 17: Just normal living in the Detweiler household. I’m hoping for an early Spring.

Sunday, Feb. 18: John and Betty came tonight. Yay! They came with a driver and drove the horse and buggy home (Which was here from last time). This time, the horse could move … he had had a long rest.

Tuesday, Feb. 20: I went to get groceries and came home just in time for a hot lunch at school. Then, tonight, I took three of the girls to the eye doctor.

I was bushed by tonight.

Wednesday, Feb. 21: Rose Edna and Laura went down to Grandma’s to start her Spring Cleaning.

Thursday, Feb. 22: Rose and Laura went down to Grandma’s again.

Friday, Feb. 23: The big kids were all off somewhere tonight, so Betty, Nora and I played Catch Phrase, a game we all like.

Saturday, Feb. 24: Rose, Laura, Betty and Norma all went down to Grandma’s and finished most of the cleaning. Brother Joes two girls helped also. Katherine did the work here at home.

Sunday, Feb. 25: We went to church at Aunt Betty and John and then went to my parents for the rest of the day. (That made for a short day!) Brother Johns also came, which was nice. John brought us a gallon of fresh made maple syrup. Yum!

Thursday, Oct. 26 (Saturday), Oct. 28: Our Lancaster, Pa. trip!

What a trip!  Brothers Joe and Mary Jane, John and Laura, sister Elizabeth and Wayne, my parents, and Uncle Allen headed off for the Big Valley. First, we went to Jack’s Mountain which is a lookout point where you can see for many miles. It is truly amazing how far you can see. And, of course, brother John had to pretend to fall into the gully!

We, then, went to Indian Echo Caverns where we went deep underground and saw stalagmites and stalactites and water dripped on us. We had a tour guide who told a story about the shapes of the rocks and, in the middle of her story, she went, “Boo!” at a scary place and scared my Mom. That was funny.

Then, on to Lancaster and by then it was late enough to go to our motel.

On Friday, we visited step relatives and shopped at a few stores. Then Saturday, we stopped at a bookstore before heading home. We went through Maryland and West Virginia and up through Southern Ohio, so we could drop off Elizabeth and Wayne at their home in Carrollton. I was tired when I got home, but glad I went.

Sunday, Oct. 29: Still felt bushed when I got up to go to church this morn, but came home this afternoon and just rested all evening.

Monday, Oct. 30: It is very cold. I went to get a treatment (massage). The kids were ready for a home cooked meal. (I guess I was missed for that reason!) We made mashed potatoes, meat, corn and applesauce … fruit for dessert.

Tuesday, Oct. 31: Grocery day … it’s a struggle going my myself, but the driver helps me.

Wednesday, Nov. 1: Would you believe we went back to Lancaster, Pa to visit friends. We had a narrow escape from an accident, so I was very thankful to get home safe and sound at 9:00 tonight.

Thursday, Nov. 2: I did the morning work and than took it easy the rest of the day. The girls and I went to the library tonight.

Friday, Nov. 3: Tried to put everything in its place and organized so the girls can clean faster tomorrow.

Saturday, Nov. 4: Did some baking and cooking. The girls did the usual cleaning and laundry. Rose Edna is enjoying herself in Florida.

Sunday, Nov. 5: John and Betty came to visit! That was exciting for us. I still miss John coming in the door every evening. I’ll get use to it, I’m sure.

Monday, Nov. 6 – Tuesday, Nov. 7: I am doing some sewing and mending besides the usual cooking and baking. Oh, and did some ironing. Guess I’m still good for something!

Wednesday, Nov. 8: I was alone all day and enjoyed it immensely. I just do what I can and then rest.

Thursday, Nov. 9: Betty and Norma drew names at school and are looking forward to the Christmas season. I hope I can keep my head together to do everything I need to do.

Friday, Nov. 10:  Another cleaning day has come and gone. These weeks just fly by as though they had wings. We celebrated Wayne’s birthday.

Saturday, Nov. 11: Wayne’s 50th birthday. He went to help John at the place he bought. I went to Holmes County with my Mom and others to do some shopping.

Sunday, Nov. 12: To church, and then tonight we went to visit longtime friends and neighbors, Dan R. T’s.

Monday, Nov. 13: I went to have an upper endoscopy done … which is putting a scope down my throat and, yup, they found something … a hiatel hernia, which explains the heartburn, nausea, and chest pain I’ve been having.

Tuesday, Nov. 14: I got groceries. When I got home, I dropped a gallon of milk and it splattered on the groceries, the ceiling, walls and floor. And some of those walls were 7 or 8 feet away!

Wednesday, Nov. 15: Very cold. The stove was going on high most of the day. I decided to wrap the Christmas presents I have and now I know what I have and who to buy for.

Thursday, Nov. 16: Tonight, we all went to visit John and Betty and also had birthday cake and ice cream for Wayne’s birthday. Twas an enjoyable evening, though it felt strange to think this is now John’s home.

Friday, Nov. 17: I cooked 3 turkeys and then canned them. Laura has been doing some Fall cleaning … windows, walls, ceilings, curtains, etc. Rose Edna is the organizer, so she does shelves, closets, etc.

Saturday, Nov. 18: The girls tidied up the house and did laundry. ‘Tis cold and snowing.

Sunday, Nov. 19: At home all day. We played games and also ate and snacked way too much!

Monday, Nov. 20: There’s still snow on the ground. It warmed up during the day. My Mom called and wants us to come down for Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, Nov. 21: Laura thoroughly cleaned the sunroom today. It was a beautiful sunny day.

Wednesday, Nov. 22: Colder today. This is the third day in a row I’ve been home and I love it! I made some goodies to take along tomorrow.

Thursday, Nov. 23:  Thanksgiving Day! We went down to my parents for the day. While we were eating, Dad choked on some food and we had some scary moments till we saw he was at least getting some air. He ended up in the emergency room and while waiting for a doctor to come in, it finally dislodged and went down. They had given him a muscle relaxant, so maybe that helped.

Friday, Nov. 24: A beautiful, sunny day, even if a bit cold. No school, so I had help today. Katherine worked outside and Betty and Norma did my errands and odd jobs.

Saturday, July 22: We had a huge downpour, 3 inches altogether. The water couldn’t drain away fast enough, so there was water everywhere … ditches full and overflowing over the road, and basement drains backed up.

We drove over to John’s place this afternoon and drove through deep water in three different places. It felt like we were in the boonies (wherever that is)!

Sunday, July 23: We went to church at neighbor Reuben’s and also went back for supper tonight.

Monday, July 24: Would you believe it was a cool day?  What a change from yesterday. It was very breezy too, so laundry dried nicely.

Tuesday, July 25: I found out Uncle David had an accident. He fell off a wagon and landed on his head. He has a concussion and a broken vertebra. Hang in there, Uncle, and get better fast!

Wednesday, July 26: Cool again. Norma is sick. Hopefully only a mild case of flu.

Thursday, July 27 – Saturday, July 29: We’re busy with work at home and then going over to help out at John’s place as often as we can.  I scootered over with Betty and Norma one day and shouldn’t have, because I was exhausted and not worth a hoot when we got there.

Sunday, July 30: We decided to go to the Parachute Club to watch the skydiving this afternoon. It made me want to anchor my feet to the ground!

Monday, July 31: Went to a friend’s house. We found out Eli Troyer died, which was a shock. We want to go to the viewing one evening.

Tuesday, Aug. 1: I went to Brother Johns to help pick chicken off the bone to freeze. It is for their daughter Elizabeth’s wedding which will be the last day of the month.

Wednesday, Aug. 2: I did odd jobs all day, organizing, etc. I also cut some fabric (which I do with spring loaded scissors). I  feel better than I have in a long while.

Thursday, Aug. 3: We had picked some hot peppers and had them laying on the counter when John and Andrew came home. Of course, they had to sample them! They bit into them like an apple and I never saw Andrew move so fast …to the sink for water!

Friday, Aug. 4: – Saturday, Aug 5: We’re getting ready for a yard sale at John’s place. There’s so much left there from the previous owners that they will try to get rid of it this way.

Sunday, Aug. 6: To church and then back for supper. It got very cool tonight. We’ve only had to use our fan a couple of times this summer.

Monday, Aug. 7: While having a conversation with someone today, I was fingering something on my lap and, when I finely realized what I was doing, I saw it was a huge bumblebee! It didn’t take long to get that thing off my lap! I didn’t feel a sting, but must be I got some of his “poison” on me because it did get red and irritated for a while.

Tuesday, Aug. 8: Today was the yard sale at John’s place. Lots of people showed up and we sold a lot of the furniture. I met some of his neighbors. I think I could make myself at home there!

Wednesday, Aug. 9: I went over to watch the yard sale again. Two whole people showed up! So I felt quite lonely!

Thursday, Aug. 10: We went to the park so Betty and Norma could roller blade. It was a beautiful day.

Friday, Aug. 11: We went over and did some pressure washing at John’s place. It’s starting to look better, but there’s still lots of work to do.

Saturday, Aug. 12: This afternoon, Rose Edna, Betty, Norma and I went to a Chinese Auction. I won four items and Rose Edna won 10!

Sunday, Aug. 13: Wayne and I went to church at a friend’s house. Twas an interesting day.

Monday, Aug. 14: I’m not feeling the best today. Every move I make hurts.

Tuesday, Aug. 15: It was so nice to be home all day long. I rested a lot.

Wednesday, Aug. 16: Home again all day.

Thursday, Aug. 17: I went to some yard sales in Orwell. Found some bargains, but came home a little early. I can hardly lift my right arm because of shoulder pain.

Friday, Aug. 18 – Saturday Aug. 19: Katherine will be teaching school this year, so she’s gearing up for that. She’s looking forward to it. Laura won’t be teaching and I think she regrets that decision.

Sunday, Aug. 20: This afternoon, we went to the viewing of Nancy Mast.

Monday, Aug. 21: Eclipse Day! Twas interesting to see how the moon covered the sun and it did get darker.

Tuesday, Aug. 22: Betty and Norma and I went to get groceries and last minute school supplies

Wayne’s Mom is in the hospital, so we went up to see her tonight.

Wednesday, Aug. 23: I fixed some dresses for Norma. I had gotten them at the yard sales. Then I also ironed them

My shoulder is still bothering me, but I try to ignore it. I have to, or I wouldn’t get very far.

Thursday, Aug. 24: I went to Dr. Lippy’s to check my throat. It hurts to swallow and I cannot raise my voice above the talking point, so I can’t sing at all. It wasn’t what they thought it might be, so I have to do more testing at the hospital.

Friday, Aug. 25: Betty and Norma’s cousin Lori came to stay until next week. She’s Norma’s age and they have big plans … sitting by the fire and sleeping on the trampoline.

Saturday, Aug. 26: Went to John’s place. It’s been a while since we’ve been there. John and Wayne tore out the old flooring and cupboards.

Sunday, Aug. 27: Wayne went up to the hospital.

The girls wanted to play ball at school, so I walked out with them. We, then, saw four deer in the field, so we watched them for a while.

Monday, Aug. 28: The girls went to the library while I had a doctor’s appointment.

Lori is still here and it seems they can’t get to sleep until late every evening. Maybe, I’ll have to separate them!

Tuesday, Aug. 29: Sweet corn time! We love corn, so we husk over 4 dozen every evening to eat.

Wednesday, Aug. 30: I went to help at Brother Johns. The wedding is tomorrow.

Thursday, Aug. 31: Allen Ray and Elizabeth’s wedding! It was a nice day and lots of people came. Very enjoyable. Lori went with us and then went home with her mom and dad tonight. We’ll miss her.

Friday, Sept. 1: Where has the summer gone?! We have leaves all over the yard already.  And it’s cold. I’m ready to start fire in the stove! Wayne thinks that’s ridiculous.

School will start Tuesday.

Saturday, June 24: We got up at 4 a.m. to get ready to go catch a bus to go to Clymer, N. Y. There was a Detweiler reunion there. We got home around 6… all tired out!

Sunday, June 25: I still felt tired when I got up this morning. We went to church and then came home and rested up. We stayed home all evening, which Betty and Norma thought was terrible. They were bored.

Monday, June 26: I sewed myself a dress! It took all day, but I did it!

Tuesday, June 27: Katherine and Norma were my helpers today getting groceries. I was cold when I got home, so I started the little buddy heater for a while and, of course, the others thought I was of my rocker!

Wednesday, June 28: Still cool, but not as bad as yesterday.

Thursday, June 29: The girls decided to do the yard work today since it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. So that kept them busy.

Friday, June 30: It did rain today for a while. This afternoon, we drove down to the ox roast and walked through the flea market. Wayne found some bargains.

Saturday, July 1: John bought a house and the former owners finally left. They left a mess, so there’s a bunch of work to do. We drove over tonight to explore everything.

Sunday, July 2: Betty and Norma went to church with friends and Wayne went to a neighboring church, so I had some peace and quiet for a while.  We, then, went to neighbor Davids for the evening.

Monday, July 3: Rose Edna, Betty and Norma went over to John’s house and started cleanup. Then, we drove over tonight.

Tuesday, July 4: We went over to John’s house this afternoon again. He has a pond there, so Wayne, Betty and Norma fished for a while, too.

Wednesday, July 5: We were home all day and caught up with things here at home.

Thursday, July 6: Back to John’s place tonight. It looks a lot better but still lots more to do.

Friday, July 7: The girls stayed busy at home.

Saturday, July 8: Our school had a lunch stand at an auction, so Betty, Norma, Wayne and I went to help. It was a long day, and I was pretty tired by tonight.

Sunday, July 9: I asked Norma to bring me something to drink in a glass this afternoon and she started pouring it in while she was walking. It turns out, she had the glass turned upside down and was pouring it on the bottom. Luckily, she caught herself before she spilled too much.

Monday, July 10: I went to the doctor. I have a bad sore throat. He gave me some medicine and, if that doesn’t help, I need to see a specialist.

Tuesday, July 11: Grocery day. Betty’s turn today.

Wednesday, July 12: I went to help get ready at my niece Kathy’s wedding.

Thursday, July 13: It rained this forenoon, but then it turned out nice the rest of the day. It was an enjoyable day at Kathy’s wedding. Uncle David was there harassing some people as he likes to do at times! (Smile)

Friday, July 14: I did some outside work with Betty and Norma’s help while Katherine did the inside work and laundry.  She then decided to trim a tree (flowering) that was getting too big and trim it she did! She practically butchered it!

Saturday, July 15: Betty, Norma and I went to pick blueberries, a fruit we love. Then tonight they went to a sleepover with friends. So it was quiet around here.

Sunday, July 16: We drove over to brother John and Laura’s this afternoon. Our horse drank too cold water and got sick, so he had to be led around for a few hours until he got better. Then, on the way home, we got caught in a storm. Thankfully, it wasn’t too bad.

Monday, July 17: A beautiful, sunny day. So far, it it’s been warm during the day, it had at least cooled off during the night.

Tuesday, July 18: and Wednesday, July 19: It’s been pretty warm these two days. I guess this is more like dog days weather.

Thursday, July 20: Today was my annual yard sale-ing day. Sisters-in-law Mary Jane and Laura also went along. It was pretty warm, so we had all the windows open. Laura’s cap blew off her head and driver Peg caught it just as it was going out the window.

Friday, July 21: It seems like every day is getting warmer and warmer. This morning, I was warm just getting dressed, so it’s hard to get going with the housework, etc.

Exciting news! Our next-door neighbors, Allen and Martha Miller, have twin boys! They named them Matthew and Michael.

Saturday, May 27: John came home from his hunting trip and yup, he got a bear … a very small one. Betty and Norma were excited and happy.

Sunday, May 28: We went to church and then to neighbor Dave’s for supper.

Monday, May 29: Memorial Day. The big kids went fishing. Wayne worked till noon and then, tonight, we went to the produce auction and came home with some shrubs and flowers.

Tuesday, May 30: Betty went with me to get groceries. The cart I took at Walmart gave me quite a scare. There was a rat in it … thankfully, a fake one someone had missed. But it still gave me a fright! A worker took it then.

Wednesday, May 31: I made six batches of freezer jam. The strawberries are nice, big and yummy. Our favorite fruit!

Thursday, June 1: The poor colt still doesn’t have a name. No one can agree, so that’s how it stays for the time being. Someone came up with the suggestion that we can wait until the colt is broke to drive and when Wayne drives her, whatever comes out of his mouth will be its name. I don’t know if that’s a good idea!

Friday, June 2: Today is brother Steven’s birthday. It seems like it was only a few years ago when he was born.

Saturday, June 3: We had some excitement in the neighborhood tonight. Dave’s hay started burning in the haymow and they had to call the fire department, Luckily, they got it out before the barn started burning.

We made John’s bear steaks on the grill tonight and invited the neighbors over to eat it. The men and boys enjoyed it … but, not so the women!

Sunday, June 4: We drove down to my parents for the evening. Brothers John and Steven and families were there, too.

Mom made Frogmore stew,

Monday, June 5: I had a doctor appointment today. I so wish this pain would just up and disappear.

Tuesday, June 6: The kids and I went to my parents for the day. It was very cool and I got all stiff and sore. When I got home. I decided we have a stove for a reason, so I had Betty help me get it going. It feels Good!

Wednesday, June 7: Still cold. I love my warm stove!

John smashed his thumb at work. It’s swollen black and blue. He soaked it and put salve on it. He says it’s really hurting bad.

Thursday, June 8: A nice sunny day.

Katherine came up from the basement and said she is 20 years old now …  a jump from 17. I asked her why and she said she tripped and her feet were going a mile a minute to stay under her. I guess it took a few years off her life!

Friday, June 9: Cleaning day. Katherine did the house cleaning while the rest did laundry and outside work.

Saturday June 10: Everyone was off somewhere. Andrew went fishing and brought home a huge walleye. I’m ready for some fresh fish,

Sunday, June 11: Laura’s 21st birthday.  We went to my nephew Paul’s for supper and the evening.

Monday, June 12: Rose Edna, Katherine, my Mom and Dad and I went to the ear doctor to get our ears checked. Rose Edna and I only needed a cleaning (wax buildup), but Katherine had no wax … she has a small hearing loss. My Dad has severe hearing loss; so, guess we’ll have to speak up around him!

Tuesday June 13: It was very warm today. No complaints here. It’s what I’ve been waiting for.

Wednesday, June 14: Laura painted the kitchen. She likes painting, so she usually gets that job.

Thursday, June 15: It’s been a very warm week. The girls have finally finished the Spring Cleaning!

We still want to paint the living room, though. Another job for Laura!

Friday, June 16: No one did more than they had to since it was so warm.

Saturday, June 17: I baked bars and cupcakes despite the heat.

Every inch of Wayne’s body was wet from sweating so much.

Betty and Norma had friends here to camp out.

Sunday, June 18: The girls’ friends went home this afternoon and then, tonight, we walked over to neighbors Allen’s to visit a bit.

It really rained for a while tonight.

Monday, June 19: Had a massage and foot treatment again today. Some of it hurt, but most of it felt good.

Tuesday, June 20: We all went to the library to get a fresh stash of books.

Wednesday, June 21: Rose and Laura wanted to go to Cherry Valley Furniture Store, so I went with them and got some things I needed.

Thursday, June 22: It really rained.

Wayne went to work at 1:30 this morning. He had some things he had to work on that he can’t do when the mill is running. He’s the mechanic, so he gets all the “fun” jobs!

Friday, June 23: It poured down rain again this morning.

I went to do some errands. We’re planning on going to Clymer, N.Y. tomorrow, so I needed some food.

Saturday, April 29: A dreary day. Everyone was listless and un-energetic, including myself.

Sunday, April 30: We went to church and then home to rest. It was a beautiful day.

Monday, May 1: Raining again. Wayne brought fish home from the freezer and we took fish and French fries over to Daves and made it for their supper. We still have lots of fish in the freezer.

Tuesday, May 2: We were invited to a wedding, but didn’t go. It was cold and rainy and I knew I would suffer.

Wednesday, May 3: Grocery day. School’s out, so I had help again. Yay! John started playing ball at the ball field with friends. Laura got the downstairs bedroom ready to paint. She’ll work on that tomorrow.

Thursday, May 4: Another dreary day. How can there be so many. Laura got the bedroom painted. I’m so glad that’s done. The girls put everything together tonight and will have a nice clean bedroom to sleep in now.

Friday, May 5: More rain … Boo Hoo. Everyone was gone tonight but Betty, Norma and me, so it was pretty quiet.

Saturday, May 6: Still raining. The stove was going, so I sit and soak up heat every chance I get.

Sunday, May 7: Finally, a sunny day … though cold. So I tried to soak up more heat!

Monday, May 8: I had a doctor appointment today.  The girls mowed the grass which almost looked like a hayfield after all that rain last week. Laundry dried fast.

Tuesday, May 9: Sunny and cool.

Wednesday, May 10: I had an appointment for a massage today to see if it helps my aches and pains. It did feel good, though some of it hurt. I am very sore tonight. We had some excitement in the barn this morn. Katherine went out to get something and discovered a newborn colt.

Thursday, May 11: The girls are still working on Spring Cleaning. It seems never ending, but they can only do it in the evenings and between their jobs. The colt is doing well … very active already.

Friday, May 12: The girls are tossing names back and forth for the colt. Everyone has his or her preference.

Saturday, May 13: Our school picnic was today and it was beautiful. The children launched helium balloons so the sky was very colorful for a while.

Sunday, May 14: We went to church and then we went down to my parents for the evening.

Monday, May 15: Norma’s 12th birthday! She’s growing up way too fast. I bought her a couple goldfish and she was tickled pink.

Tuesday, May 16: Went to get groceries. It started off chilly but turned out to be nice and warm.

Wednesday, May 17: Rose Edna’s birthday, She turned 22. Dave’s daughter Nancy is getting married tomorrow, so I went over today to help a bit.

Thursday, May 18: We all went to the wedding all day. Twas a warm, sunny day … my kind of weather. It was windy, though.

Friday, May 19: Now we’re back to cool weather again. It was so nice to be home all day and nothing pressing to do. The girls, of course, did the usual laundry and cleaning.

Saturday, May 20: Only the 3 youngest and myself were home today. So it was a very calm day.

Sunday, May 21: Some of us school parents went to church at Teacher Miriam’s house. Tonight, we went to neighbor Reubens for supper. John and some of his buddies left around 4:00 for Canada to hunt bear. They’ll be gone all week.

Monday, May 22: It’s been cool again. I thought I was doing a wee bit better, but when it’s cool and rainy, it just seems like a losing battle.

Tuesday, May 23: The bathroom got thoroughly cleaned today, so that’s another room crossed off the list. There’s a few more to go yet.

Wednesday, May 24: I went to cousin Ida and Mel to help get ready for their daughter’s wedding tomorrow.

Thursday, May 25: Today was the wedding of nephew Joseph, my brother Joe’s son and Elizabeth, Mel and Ida’s daughter. It was a dreary day, but we still had a fun day. (It was also brother Joe’s birthday!)

Friday, May 26: Wayne actually started a fire in the stove and it feels very good.  I had a very fitful night, so I didn’t feel too chipper today.

Saturday, Apr. 1; All right. I’ll admit it. Today is my 50th birthday. Just last week, I was 20! I don’t know what happened to the other 30 years. It’s mind-boggling.

My parents and brothers and wives picked me up and took me out to eat. We went to Boardman so Sis Elizabeth and hubby could come too. They met us there, coming from Carroll County to do so.

Sunday, Apr. 2: We went to church … and then home for a while and back for supper. Today is Katherine’s 17th birthday.

Monday, Apr. 3: A beautiful, sunny day that turned into a rainy evening. Rose Edna and Laura both had dentist appointments to fill teeth, so they didn’t talk too much tonight. I actually sewed on a dress today. It took me a while, but I got most of it done.

Tuesday, Apr. 4: Grocery Day. Rose Edna didn’t work, so she offered to go with me. It was so nice to have someone to help me.

Tonight was our last Parent-teacher meeting for this school term. Betty and Norma are looking forward to summer vacation, and I think I am too!

Wednesday, Apr. 5: Today is Andrew’s 19th birthday. I can hardly believe it. He was my little Cabbage Patch baby … ‘cause he looked like one! (Smile!)

I had a surprise this afternoon. Around 2:30 when all the schoolchildren and teachers came to sing Happy Birthday to me and they presented me with 50+ gifts. They also sang some other songs. It really touched me and made my day.

Thursday, Apr. 6: Went to a friend’s house for the day. Twas a dreary, chilly day.

Friday, Apr. 7: Rose Edna was home today and sewed up a storm. She’s sewing for some upcoming weddings and has around 15 dresses to make, which includes us all. She’s around half done.

Saturday, Apr. 8: I baked cookies, something I don’t do much of any more. Otherwise, it was just a normal Detweiler day!

Sunday, Apr. 9: Home most of the day. I was on my easy chair so long that I worried I was stuck fast! We went to a neighbor’s tonight, then.

Monday. Apr. 10: I went to the doctor today. I seem to be improving slightly. (I wish I could run some races!)

Tuesday, Apr. 11: I went to Chardon with Wayne tonight to get some flooring for the upstairs. I had banana bread in the oven and forgot to take it out when we left. When we got home, I had some well-baked bread! Luckily, it was in the cookstove oven, which I had shut off just before leaving.

Wednesday, Apr. 12: I went down to my parents for the day. Sis Elizabeth came too and so did sis-in-law Laura.

Thursday, Apr. 13: What an action packed day! Katherine brought her two little children here again and Laura brought her six scholars home for lunch and an Easter Hunt. Then, to top it all off, my Mom and her friends brought a treat for all the schoolkids.

Friday, Apr. 14: Good Friday. Wayne and the boys didn’t work, so I made breakfast, or should I say brunch, since it wasn’t very early any more. A nice sunny day, though a bit on the cool side. The dandelions are popping like crazy.

Saturday, Apr. 15: The girls are starting to delve into Spring Cleaning. They did the basement and are doing the upstairs now. Shouldn’t take long at the rate they are going.

Sunday, Apr. 16: Easter Day. We went to church and then home to rest. Tonight, we walked to the school playground so Betty and Norma could bat some balls. Some of the neighbor kids came over and joined in.

Monday, Apr. 17: I went to Cousin Idas with Mom and Aunt Betty and her girls, She wanted help with canning some chicken for her daughter Elizabeth’s wedding.

Tuesday, Apr. 18: I’m still getting birthday cards every day. So far, I have 114. I feel honored.

Wednesday, Apr. 19: Betty and Norma had to take different lunch boxes to school. Anything was OK, so Norma took a laundry basket and Betty took a large vase.

Thursday, Apr. 20: Someone sent me a note to be ready to go somewhere at 10:30. It turned out to be some of the church ladies and they took me out to eat. Thanks, ladies!

Friday, Apr. 21: It’s cold again. Katherine did some more painting and I tidied up and mostly took it easy. The girls have the upstairs done and decided to do outside work before doing the main part of the house.

Saturday, Apr. 22: The boys were gone, so we didn’t have to worry about them getting underfoot. I baked, Katherine did laundry, Rose cleaned and organized, and Laura, Betty and Norma mowed the grass.

Sunday, Apr. 23: Wayne was sick this morning, so he couldn’t go to church. Hopefully, it’s just a 24-hour flu.

Monday Apr. 24: Wayne did feel better by last night and went to work this morning. It was totally beautiful today. Laundry dried in a jiffy. The big kids had those tired looking eyes again!

Tuesday, Apr. 25: Got up to rain. Betty and Norma were disappointed because they had plans to have a wiener roast at school. It did quit by noon though and the afternoon was nice. So, they got to play ball after all.

Wednesday, Apr. 26: Last day of school! I’m glad for a while! The girls are doing the outside work this week. They’re up on roofs and in the woods … I’m better off not watching!

Thursday, Apr. 27: I’ve gotten 125 birthday cards now! Thanks everyone! I’m working on fixing some dresses for Norma. It takes me a long time because my fingers don’t wan to cooperate, but eventually, I’ll get it done. It was nice to have Laura, Betty and Norma here all day.

Friday, Apr. 28: Another beautiful day. Betty and Norma are enjoying being at home, even if they have to help me!

Saturday, Feb. 18: The boys worked and only three girls are at home. Twas a beautiful, sunny day … 70 degrees! Neighbors are gathering sap and making maple syrup. Betty and Norma went down to Freeman’s sugarhouse tonight.

Sunday, Feb. 19: Went to church and then back for supper. Heard  a story of how a mother in our church got locked in the phone house. Her daughter locked her in, intending it to be a short time, but she forgot and went indoors. Mom ended up calling the neighbors to rescue her and found all her children inside, reading. Daughter had to write 50 sentences.

Monday, Feb. 20: Laura’s first day back at school since she came home from Florida. Her school kids had a fit about how tan she is.

Tuesday, Feb. 21: I went to Carroll county for the day. Visited at Sis Elizabeth’s.

Wednesday, Feb. 22: This has been a nice sunny week. Will March be cold and windy?

Thursday, Feb. 23: Had a doctor appointment today and also got some groceries.

Friday, Feb. 24: Katherine brought the two children she baby-sits for home for a while. They love being here, jumping on the trampoline, etc. Rose Edna and Laura scootered down to my parents to start Spring Cleaning their house tomorrow.

Saturday, Feb. 25: I guess the tide has turned. It stormed during the night and went down to the 40s. Brrr!

Katherine started rollerblading to a friend’s house this afternoon and a half hour later, I was startled to see her come back home. She was all bloody and dirty. She had hit a rut in the road, fell and scrapped up the side of her leg. So, she got doctored up and then called a driver to go later.

Sunday, Feb. 26: We went to a neighboring church and then home to rest. Later on, Wayne’s sister Sally and hubby came for the evening.

Monday, Feb. 27: Katherine’s leg still hurts, but it’s healing. The girls did the usual laundry tonight and then all went to bed early … it’s Monday night! Betty and Norma set up the stamping supplies and are occupied making cards.

Tuesday, Feb. 28: Nice again, in the 60s. Rose Edna and Laura went back to my parents and will stay the rest of the week to get the house finished.

Wednesday, Mar. 1: My Dad’s birthday! He seems to be doing very well and we’re so glad. I took Betty to the dentist and Laura also had an appointment.

Thursday, Mar. 2: Snow on the ground again. Wayne is staying at work overnight to get caught up on some things.

Friday, Mar. 3: Rose and Laura are still cleaning away at Grandma’s. We went down for my Dad’s birthday tonight. Brother John and Laura were there, too.

Saturday, Mar. 4: Finally, Rose and Laura are done at Grandma’s! Katherine, Betty and Norma have had to hold down the fort here.

Sunday, Mar. 5: To church and then, later on, we went to Daves for supper.

Monday, Mar. 6 – Wednesday, Mar. 8: Not much happening, just the same old daily dozens.

Thursday, Mar. 9: Today would be my Grandpa John S. C. Miller’s birthday were he still living. He would be 100 years old. I have lots of memories, which gives me a longing to see him and Grandma again.

Friday, Mar. 10 – Monday, Mar. 13: It is cold outside, so I like to stay close to the stove. That cold just seeps into my bones.

Tuesday, Mar. 14: I went to visit a friend who has cancer. I found her in good spirits and had a good visit with her and other longtime friends.

Wednesday. Mar. 15: John and a bunch of his friends very suddenly decided to leave for South Carolina  to escape the winter, I guess. I told him I’m going to stow away under the seat. They left at midnight.

Thursday, Mar. 16: Neighbors Daves and Davids came over. The men helped Wayne put up trim, and we ladies visited. John called and said that it’s windy and a bit on the cold side there in South Carolina.

Friday, Mar. 17: John’s birthday! And we won’t see him! We went down to my Uncle David’s to celebrate his birthday. He’s as crazy as ever! (Smile!)

Saturday, Mar. 18: John came home around 5:00. He wasn’t all that much impressed with his trip. There wasn’t all that much to do and what does he want on the beach all day. That’s coming from a boy!

Sunday, Mar. 19: To church and then to neighbor Reubens for the evening.

Monday, Mar. 20: The school kids have to take turns taking something to school that has a smell. They have to close their eyes and guess what it is that has brought. Norma got it into her head to take one of the boys’ stinky socks from the day before! No one guessed right … some of them said spoiled food or something rotten. It makes my stomach turn to even think of it!

Tuesday, Mar. 21: Went to get groceries today and then Wayne and I went to visit friends tonight.

Wednesday, Mar. 22: Katherine brought her two little children here again … then, she could work around the house, too.

Thursday, Mar. 23: A beautiful day again.  I went to school and dressed up as a puppy to surprise the children and teacher. They, of course, were sure they knew who it was!

Friday Mar. 24: Christina sent over two  pies again! Wow! They didn’t last more than 24 hours! We went to a benefit for my brother Joe and Mary Jane. They had to redo their house because of mold.

Saturday, Mar. 25: Katherine and I went to do some errands including buying paint for the upstairs.

Sunday. Mar. 26: Happy Birthday Uncles Sam, Dan and David! No, they’re not triplets. Sam and Dan are twins and David happened to be born on their birthday.

Monday, Mar. 27: Last night, on our way to visit Reubens, I fell and had bruises in 4 different places. My left leg had a huge bump. I was very, very sore today.

Tuesday, Mar. 28: Andrew didn’t go to work today because of a breakdown there so I put him to work painting his room upstairs. He insisted he didn’t know how and I told him that this was a good time to learn! The excuses kids come up with when they don’t want to do something!

Wednesday, Mar. 29: Andrew and John were both home until 2 p.m. when they went to work to fix what broke down. Laura and Katherine painted the upstairs hall.

Thursday, Mar. 30: Twas dreary all day. Laura did some painting tonight. I will be glad when that’s done!

Friday, Mar. 31: Rose Edna left at 3 A.M. to go to Kentucky to a friend’s. They will stay 1 night and come home tomorrow evening.

It has been quite an uneventful week for me. I was home every day, which I like, but it can also get depressing, especially on a day like today … very dreary and rainy.

Saturday, Jan. 14: Andrew worked all night, so he slept all day. It was a bit hard to get the girls started with the daily dozens. No one was really in the mood. They finally got it done, though. Wayne and John both went to work, so no males around to interrupt us!

Sunday, Jan. 15: We slept in and then had a late breakfast. Tonight, we went to some friends for supper.

Monday, Jan. 16: Dreary. I dread Mondays. The kids have these dark, bleary eyes and are off to bed by 6 or 7 p.m.… all but John. He worked at sawing logs for a while. He’s grown up and thinks like an adult now! I waited years for that! Hopefully, the others will follow suit.

Tuesday, Jan. 17: Still dreary. Katherine and I went to run some errands.

Wednesday, Jan. 18: I went out to the school to look through their library books. I usually find a few that aren’t suitable to put on the shelf. Came home with Betty and Norma and Katherine had baked cookies and bars and also started supper. What a good feeling!

Thursday, Jan. 19: Everything is wet, muddy and brown outdoors. Would be nice to see snow again.

Friday, Jan. 20: Katherine did the cleaning today.

Saturday. Jan. 21: Betty and Norma went to work with Wayne and did some odd jobs there. The others were all gone, too, so I was alone. I enjoyed it immensely!

Sunday, Jan. 22: Still wet and muddy. Neighbor Freeman, Barbara and family came for the evening, which we really enjoyed.

Monday, Jan. 23: Katherine started a babysitting job. She’s usually good with children, so hopefully, this will pan out. I picked up Rose Edna at work and we went to Costco and stocked up on groceries.

Tuesday, Jan. 24: Betty’s 13th birthday. We gave her another Lego set. Soon we won’t have room to display them all! There was a guy at school today doing a puppet show, so I went out to watch also. It was funny and the children really enjoyed it.

Wednesday, Jan. 25: I was all alone again today. I enjoy it so much, I feel guilty! I did ironing and some organizing.

Thursday, Jan. 26: Finally, SNOW! It looks so nice. Wayne and I walked over to neighbors Reubens through the weeds. I don’t think I’ll try that again. The ground was so uneven that I had to hang onto Wayne’s arm and his arm hurt when we got there.

Friday, Jan. 27: Rose Edna was home, so she did the cleaning. Since Katherine is working every day, the girls all have to pitch in the evenings.

Saturday, Jan. 28: I went down to my parents for the day. Their secret friends came too and revealed themselves, so I wanted to be there, too. I think the girls like when I’m gone! Andrew went to Pennsylvania skiing, which makes me nervous. I try not to think about it too much.

Sunday, Jan. 29: We got up to a winter wonderland! Lots and lots of snow. It looks beautiful. Tonight, we went over to Reubens again, but NOT through the woods. Wayne made me get on a toboggan, and then he, Betty and Norma pulled me over. It’s no fun being at their mercy like that! It can get quite scary! I had a lap full of snow.

Monday, Jan. 30: I dreamed all night that I was eating bowl after bowl of soup. When I got up at 4 make coffee, my stomach felt queasy and upset from eating all that soup! Rose Edna left this morning for Florida. She’ll be gone 2 1/2 weeks.

Tuesday, Jan. 31: Katherine brought the two children she baby-sits for, here for the day. They are 3 and 5 years old and very likable. They had a ball and didn’t want to go home.

Wednesday, Feb. 1: Our former teacher, Rachel, invited us school mothers to her house for the day, so some of us went. She has a nice new house.

Thursday, Feb. 2: Laura and Betty went to clean at one of Rose Edna’s jobs after school. It made for a long day. Wayne dressed a huge pig tonight, so there’s some work ahead for the next few days.

Friday, Feb. 3: Wayne worked on cutting up meat tonight. I went to get supplies for him.

Saturday, Feb. 4: Wayne had a full, busy day. His brother, Chester, came up to help. Andrew, Betty and Norma helped, too. The others were working. We made it through our first week without Rose Edna!

Sunday, Feb. 5: To church and then, tonight, we went to brother John and Laura’s for supper.

Monday, Feb. 6: Laura left for Florida this morn to join Rose Edna. So now poor Katherine has the brunt of the work, besides substituting for Laura. Betty and Norma will just have to help a little more.

Tuesday, Feb. 7: Went to get groceries and then to the parent/teacher meeting tonight. The snow’s gone! The weather is very up and down.

Wednesday, Feb. 8: Katherine is starting to panic about getting all the work done I told her if something doesn’t get done, it doesn’t matter. We’ll just do what we can. We made pork ribs for supper and they were good.

Thursday, Feb. 9: Snow again! The weather is very unpredictable.

Friday, Feb. 10: Betty and Norma saved up their money and bought another Lego set, so they worked on that tonight. They must have a dozen sets now!

Saturday, Feb. 11: A quiet day with only Andrew, Betty and Norma here. We had cookies to bake and the morning work, which didn’t take long, so we did whatever we wanted the rest of the day. Neighbor Christina sent over two pies, which is a treat! They didn’t last long. Thanks, Christina!

Sunday, Feb. 12: Rose Edna called and said she’s ready to come home. We are ready to have her back.

Monday, Feb. 13: Hot lunch at school. We had all pizzas: hot, vegetable, and fruit. Yummy! The sun came out and made it seem warmer than usual. It is a red-letter day when the sun comes out!

Tuesday, Feb. 14: Katherine, Betty and Norma cleaned the entire upstairs tonight after school. It’s getting colder again.

Wednesday, Feb. 15: I went to friend Katie’s today. I picked up Mom and Sister Elizabeth comes walking out, too! What a nice surprise. A few of my aunts and cousins were there, too. An enjoyable day.

Thursday, Feb. 16: Rose Edna and Laura came home! It was so nice to see them. There were tired from being on the bus almost 24 hours, so they went to bed early. Rose brought me a tiny palm tree. I’ll plant it and see what happens.

Friday, Feb. 17: Rose Edna and Laura got up early and went to one of Rose’s jobs. Then they came home and cleaned our house. Laura decided to let Katherine finish up the week by teaching today, too.

Saturday, Nov. 26: I went to pick up church supplies. Betty and Norma helped me. Katherine got things ready at home.

Sunday, Nov. 27: We had a good day with having church services here and then we invited the neighbors back for supper. I didn’t feel too bad.

Monday, Nov. 28: I was drained today. The girls all worked today. Wayne was home because of deer gun season. The crew went hunting, but Wayne didn’t, so he went down and did some laundry. Around 11 a.m., Laura came home with her six students and put them to work around the kitchen table and then she cleaned up the mess from yesterday. That was so wonderful to me.

Tuesday, Nov. 29: Grocery day … I still don’t feel up to par. Sister Elizabeth’s 40th birthday is today.

Wednesday, Nov. 30: My Mom’s birthday .I wrapped some Christmas presents. I wanted to see what I have and what I still need.

Thursday, Dec. 1: Cold today and it SNOWED some. Rose Edna is getting back into sewing again since church is past. She sure makes things fly. Betty and Norma made chains and are counting down the days until Christmas.

Friday, Dec. 2  –  Thursday, Dec. 8: Everyone is beginning to get into the Christmas spirit. Betty and Norma are constantly saying their lines for the program. So, there’s s plenty of noise around here!

Friday, Dec. 9: I got some food ready to take along to our annual Byler Christmas gathering tomorrow.

Saturday, Dec. 10: We got together at Brother Joe. Twas a crazy, but enjoyable, day. We all took gifts and had a Chinese gift exchange. We came home with four of our own gifts.!

Sunday, Dec. 11: Church was next door at Allen and Marthas. We, then, went back for supper.

Monday, Dec. 12: I took it easy today. Rose Edna made buckeyes to pass out to friends, etc. for Christmas.

Tuesday, Dec. 13: Grocery day and I had to go alone because Katherine went to work with Rose. My driver helped me.

Wednesday, Dec. 14: Finally did some more Christmas shopping. I’m slow this year, plus, it’s hard to know what to get adult children. Rose Edna made supper tonight.

Thursday, Dec. 15: Brrr! Hibernating weather! It’s very windy and cold … 14 degrees!

Friday, Dec. 16: Still cold. I have nothing planned for the next few days, so I can stay indoors! Yah! Rose Edna and Katherine did the cleaning today, so I had to move around to stay out of their way. My fingers are inflamed and hurt bad.

Saturday, Dec. 17: A nice, calm Saturday … I should finish up Christmas shopping, but I’m not in the mood.

Sunday Dec. 18: We slept in this morn. This afternoon, Wayne took Betty and Norma down to his parents so they could sled ride on the hill there.

Monday, Dec. 19: Betty and Norma are getting more and more excited the closer Christmas comes. I think I know their program lines as well as they do.

Tuesday, Dec. 20: Rose Edna gave us all gifts she got us for Christmas. She gave us way too much.

Wednesday, Dec. 21: We got our deer meat back.  John had shot two deer a week ago. So I made 2 big batches of chili soup. Tonight was Laura’s turn to give us all gifts. She, too, gave more than we expected.

Thursday, Dec. 22: I finally went to finish my Christmas shopping. My brain is about fried trying to keep everything straight and organized. I got a surprise today. We got a delivery of a new couch. That was my gift from Wayne. Christmas Program at school tonight!

Friday, Dec. 23: No school today! Norma went to work with Rose. Betty helped Laura with cleaning and Katherine did a mountain of laundry. We exchanged name gifts tonight.

Saturday, Dec. 24: We opened our Christmas gifts today since we have to go to church tomorrow.

Sunday, Dec. 25: Church was next door and a good thing, cause Norma got sick and had to go home. Katherine went home to take care of her. She threw up countless times and was flat on the couch when I got home. It’s a good thing we had our Christmas yesterday. My Mom and Dad came up for supper, oyster soup and ham. Then, of all things, Wayne got sick while they were here!

Monday, Dec. 26: What a day! Andrew, Katherine, and Betty got sick during the night, so they and Wayne and Norma were all flat on their backs. Then, to top it all off, John came home sick! I stayed busy trying to get them to eat chicken noodle soup … or drink ginger ale.

Tuesday, Dec. 27: I didn’t think John would be able to go to work this morn, but he did. I think he pushed himself. Wayne and Andrew went, too. Betty and Norma felt well enough to go to school, also. I guess they had a 24-hour type of flu. So far, Rose, Laura and I haven’t got it.

Wednesday, Dec. 28: The snow is almost gone. The flu must have hit Katherine the hardest, because today’s the first day she’s back on her feet.

Thursday Dec. 29 –  Saturday, Dec. 31: Got some food ready and then went to Wayne’s sister Barbara and Leroy Benders for the Detweiler Christmas gathering.

Sunday, Jan. 1: New Years Day … we went to a neighboring church service and then home for the rest of the day.

Monday, Jan. 2: Back to school and work …

Tuesday, Jan. 3: It sure can get pretty noisy in the house when we’re all cooped up in here in the evenings.

Wednesday, Jan. 4: I guess we’re all back in the groove again since Christmas is past. Rose Edna keeps us all hopping and doing our part!

Thursday, Jan 5: Laura and Betty scootered down to my parents and started cleaning their house tonight.

Friday, Jan. 6: Katherine, Norma and I went down to my parents so the girls could all help with the house cleaning.

Saturday, Jan. 7: My hands still hurt pretty badly, but I managed to bake cookies.

Sunday, Jan. 8: We went to church and then back for supper.

Monday, Jan. 9: The church ladies got together tonight for the annual Chinese gift exchange.

Tuesday, Jan. 10: Grocery day and it started getting icy. Very hard to walk. Betty and Norma went home with some school friends for the night, so it was pretty quiet here!

Wednesday, Jan. 11: All day at home … yes!!!

Thursday, Jan. 12: It rained all day. It’s very wet and soggy outdoors. The four oldest were all off somewhere tonight, so it was rather peaceful.

Friday, Jan. 13: These dreary days have a way of getting to you. Every time the sun peeps out, I get all excited!

Monday, Oct. 31: John started home from Colorado this morn. We’re looking forward to having him home again!

Tuesday, Nov. 1: Beautiful … warm and sunny. The girls care since they are doing the outdoors work. Wayne and I went to the parent-teachers meeting tonight. The teachers gave us a quiz and I won. They gave me a candy bar.

Wednesday, Nov. 2: The girls are still working outside. John came home around 4 p.m. Betty and Norma had huge grins. He was hungry for a home cooked meal. Luckily, I had potatoes cooking. He loves mashed potatoes.

Thursday, Nov. 3: John left again this morn at 1:30 to help dismantle a mill his boss bought. He’ll be gone another few days.

Friday, Nov. 4: Rose Edna spent all day organizing and cleaning. Then, tonight, she and Laura went down to clean my parents’ house.

Saturday, Nov. 5: I heard John come in late last night and then get up at 4 a.m. to go to work. He was exhausted by tonight. Hopefully, his busy life will slow down somewhat. We were in bed tonight fairly early when I happened to think of the ice cream we had gotten earlier and forgot to eat. (We have no freezer.) I yelped out loud and scared Wayne. He, Betty and Norma then got up and ate the ice cream.

Sunday, Nov. 6: My parents and brother John, Laura and boys came for supper. We made some of John’s elk steaks. They were very good. We played a couple games of Confusion … not my favorite game, but the kids enjoy it.

Monday, Nov. 7: I was home all by myself today … a rare treat! Rose Edna came home and disturbed my peace at 2 p.m..

Tuesday, Nov. 8: My annual Cousins Gathering was today. I call it “My Therapy”! But we got crashed! My aunts and Mom came and surprised us. They stayed about an hour It was a real circus for a while there!

Wednesday, Nov. 9: The girls did some more deep cleaning despite the dreary day … and laundry always needs to be done no matter what the weather.

Thursday, Nov. 10: Katherine and I drove down to my parents for the day.

Friday, Nov. 11: Wayne’s birthday! Katherine brought home an ice cream cake after work.

Saturday, Nov. 12: Rose Edna and I went to Holmes County with come others, shopping. It was a fun day.

Sunday, Nov. 13: We went to church and then home and back to the neighbors for supper.

Monday, Nov. 14: There were some friends here for the evening.

Tuesday, Nov. 15: Katherine and I went to get groceries and were home by noon, so I could go to the hot lunch at school. We had turkey and all the trimmings. Katherine worked hard today and then her back started hurting.

Wednesday, Nov. 16: Katherine got up with pain, so I sent her off to the chiropractor. Now the work rests on the other girls for a few days.

Thursday, Nov. 17: Rose Edna told Betty and Norma that if they help her good, they might sleep with her in her bed. (We’ll see how that goes.)

Friday, Nov. 18: Rose Edna came down to the couch at 1:30 last night because she couldn’t sleep with the girls in her bed. (I didn’t think it would work.)Katherine is still on the blink with her back. We decided she could substitute for Laura and Laura can stay home to do the work. So they did, and everyone was happy!

Saturday, Nov. 19: It snowed and even accumulated. Betty and Norma love it. The others, not so much. I’m okay if I’m inside looking out!

Sunday, Nov. 20: Still cold and snowy. Wayne got our second stove going and it feels good. Neighbor Allens came over for the evening which made our day.

Monday, Nov. 21: Another day alone for me, which I enjoyed to the fullest.

Tuesday, Nov. 22: I went to the surgery center with my parents. Dad needed hernia surgery and he did very well. He was ready to go home by noon.

Wednesday, Nov. 23: There’s still snow here and there. It was wet and dreary today. Finally, Katherine is back to helping with the work!

Thursday, Nov. 24: Thanksgiving Day! We went down to my parents for the day. We had turkey and everything that goes with it!

Friday, Nov. 25: The girls really cleaned up a storm today. We have church services here on Sunday, so they want everything immaculate.

Saturday, Oct. 1: Another dreary day … the third in a row. We went to communion church and then went home to rest and relax.

Sunday, Oct. 2: A long day at home. Betty and Norma got so bored. Fall is here, the way it looks and feels. Betty found a kitten beside the road. Of course, she had to rescue it. She brought it home and fed it. I’m not crazy about cats, myself.

Monday, Oct. 3: Betty and Norma got up early so they could go out and care for their new little kitty. They’re trying to think up a name for it.

Tuesday, Oct. 4: The teachers stayed after school, so I made supper and sent it out to them. Then, later, we had parent/teacher meeting. Katherine started working at a pizza place.

Wednesday, Oct. 5: We had a birthday party at school for two of the teachers … ice cream, cake and other goodies.

Thursday, Oct. 6: I substitute taught Laura’s kids today while she went to a wedding. The children want me to come every day! I did enjoy it, though I was tired out by tonight.

Friday, Oct. 7: The days are getting shorter and shorter. It’s nice … in a way

Saturday, Oct. 8: Wayne and I went to a neighboring church and the girls went to a cookout at my brother Stevens.

Sunday, Oct. 9: Went to visit Leroy and Barbara Bender tonight. That broke the boredom for the girls.

Monday, Oct. 10: I hurt terribly. I’d like to just curl up and not move. My joints just scream at every move.

Tuesday, Oct. 11: I rested a lot today. The girls keep everything going pretty smoothly.

Wednesday, Oct. 12: Went to a friend’s for the day. It was a beautiful, sunny day.

Thursday, Oct. 13: The girls are into deep cleaning. Every inch is scrubbed, scoured, sorted and organized under Rose Edna’s supervision.

Friday, Oct. 14: John is getting his gear ready to go elk hunting in Colorado. His bear is in the house. Do I have to have an elk staring at me too?!

Saturday, Oct. 15: Rose, Betty, Norma and I went to the fire department Chinese Auction tonight. I did not get a thing, but Rose won three times.

Sunday, Oct. 16: To church and then home … and then, back to the neighbors for supper.

Monday, Oct. 17: Well, John’s off … with his bag and baggage. It’s no fun watching him go, knowing he’ll be gone over two weeks, We’ll miss him.

Tuesday, Oct. 18: Grocery Day, which is always tiring.

Wednesday, Oct. 19: A beautiful day! John called and said they’re in Colorado now. I’m glad they got there safely. I’m still hurting pretty badly, so not worth much around here … the poor girls

Thursday, Oct. 20: Wayne is very sick with respiratory issues … cold, cough, etc. He gets it every year. Twas a rainy, dreary day.

Friday, Oct. 21: I’ve been thinking of John and the other boys at their campsite. They’ll be hunting all next week and who knows if they can get to a shower or not. Won’t they be a smelly bunch!

Saturday, Oct. 22: Our Anniversary! A lot of water has gone under the bridge in those years. We had some narrow escapes, but we’re still kicking … just not too high!

Sunday, Oct. 23: We went down to my parents and took supper. Brother Johns were there, too. Dad is doing much better and looks good, too.

Monday, Oct. 24: Chilly but windy, so laundry dried well.

Tuesday, Oct. 25: I may be feeling slightly better. Lots of leaves around. Betty and Norma had some of the neighbor children here to play in them.

Wednesday, Oct. 26: Sister Elizabeth came for the day. We visited school for a whole this afternoon.

Thursday, Oct. 27: John called this morning and said he shot an elk last night. Everyone is so excited for him. Norma jumped completely off the floor and Betty screamed.

Friday, Oct. 28: Finally, some sun after a couple days of rain. We need some nice warm days to work outside and get everything winterized.


Saturday, Sept. 3: What a day! We had people here for supper and we had the mashed potatoes all ready and put back on the stove to stay warm. Of all things, it the container sealed… and sealed tight it was! We tried for almost an hour to open it and Andrew finally saved the day by using two different tools to pry it open. I was ready to drill a hole into the lid!

Sunday, Sept. 4: We went to church and then home to rest and read. Later, we went for a walk.

Monday, Sept. 5: Labor Day. Everyone was off fishing except Laura. Wayne, Betty and Norma worked in the garden. I puttered around and kept the house tidied up … a never-ending chore!

Tuesday, Sept. 6: The first day of school. Katherine was also gone. SO I was alone … and I enjoyed every minute of it! Laura is teaching Special Ed. again … for the sixth year.

Wednesday, Sept. 7: Grocery day … so Katherine went along to help.

Thursday, Sept. 8: We went to Wayne’s nephew Leroy Millers’ wedding. He married Mary Beth Miller. It was very nice until late afternoon when it rained quite a bit.

Friday, Sept. 9: All alone again today! Ahhhhhh!

Saturday, Sept. 10: Laura and Katherine went down to clean my parents’ house. Betty and Norma helped Rose Edna clean here plus they needed to mow lawn, so they stayed busy. John and Andrew weren’t much help, because they worked away today.

Sunday, Sept. 11: Happy Birthday Brother Robert! A nice day, but on the cold side. We spent all day at home.

Monday, Sept. 12: Very chilly … in the 40s. I had Norma start the heater for me before she left for school. It felt so good!

Tuesday, Sept. 13: I went down to my Aunt Betty’s for the day. My Mom and Aunt and some cousins were there also. We wanted to celebrate Betty’s 60th birthday! Tonight, Wayne and I went to the parent-teacher meeting at school. We have a new upper grade teacher, so we met her tonight for the first time.

Wednesday, Sept. 14: Katherine and I made salsa and we still have lots of tomatoes! Our garden did so well this year. Katherine then decided she wanted to make supper all by herself, so she made a casserole, vegetable pizza, and a dessert.

Thursday, Sept. 15: Norma had a dentist appointment to fill 2 teeth and she dreaded it. It turned out to not be as bad as she feared!

Friday, Sept. 16: The girls had only 1/2 day of school because of teachers’ meeting. They are enjoying school. We cared for little 1-year-old Naomi, daughter of neighbor Davids tonight, and we enjoyed it to the fullest.

Saturday, Sept. 17: A rainy day and, yes, I felt it in my bones!

Sunday, Sept. 18: Norma was at neighbor Davids today and opened a window to talk to someone outside. The window didn’t stay up, but slammed down on her two hands and busted open three of her fingers. It didn’t look nice. We soaked them in Epsom salt water and then bandaged them.

Monday, Sept. 19: Norma’s fingers look yucky. She was leery about being able to write at school, but she managed somehow.

Tuesday, Sept. 20: Wayne stayed at work tonight to get some things done. He’ll just stay for the night then, too.

Wednesday, Sept. 21: John and Andrew went fishing on Lake Erie They caught their limit, so now there’s more fish to eat. I felt horrible today. I can hardly pick up my left arm.

Thursday, Sept. 22: The girls like to do outdoor work on Thursday nights, so the yard got done and flowerbeds, etc got spruced up. Rose Edna has a knack to get everything in its place. She’s our organizer. Norma had a dentist appointment again to fill 2 more teeth.

Friday, Sept. 23: Rose Edna cleaned and organized the house. Betty and Norma came in to wake me this morning. I told them I’m hurting so bad I’d just like to stay on bed. They said, “Why don’t you?” and they pulled up my blankets, ticked me in and made me stay. They got ready for school, packed their lunches and then came in to say goodbye. Katherine was home to help me then.

Saturday, Sept. 24: Wayne and the boys have started building a buggy shed, so they worked on that today. They also cleaned up the garden, tilled it and sowed winter rye. So that’s past for another year. The rest of us did the daily dozens.

Sunday, Sept. 25: It’s getting cooler and the leaves have started falling. I love this time of year.

Monday, Sept. 26: We actually started fire in the stove. It felt good, too! Wayne and Betty went to pick grapes tonight. They came home with 3 crates full.

Tuesday, Sept. 27: Happy Birthday Brother Wally! Katherine and I started off to drive to Orwell to go to a few stores, but didn’t get very far because the horse was lame, so we turned around and came back. Katherine then called a driver to take us.

Wednesday, Sept. 28: Happy Birthday, Brother John! Katherine and I drove down to my parents, using Andrew’s horse. I was pretty nervous because he’s full of spunk. We met a truck and the horse decided he wasn’t passing that thing and backed us into the ditch. Luckily, it was almost level with the road, but it gave me a fright. I decided I wasn’t letting Katherine drive us home, so we called Wayne at work and he got off and drove us home.

Thursday, Sept. 29: We got up to rain. And, yes, I feel it terribly. Rose Edna started fall cleaning closets, so everything is taken out, sorted, cleaned … and it seems there’s always clothes to give away. Katherine started a new job at a pizza place in Orwell.

Friday, Sept. 30: It rained most of the night, so it’s a struggle to get laundry dried. Wayne was sick during the night, maybe a touch of the flu? He seemed to feel a bit better this morning, so he went to work.

Saturday, July 23: We went to a Detweiler reunion. All Wayne’s brothers and sisters and their married children and families were there. John got his bear back from the taxidermist. He had shot it last fall in Maine. He put it in the entry room for now and I don’t like it there. Every time I go out there, my heart jumps. Something about those eyes just scares me every time.

Sunday, July 24: It was very, very warm. We went to church and this afternoon walking home, I got overheated! I promptly took a shower which helped cool me down.

Monday, July 25: John left on a Western trip yesterday afternoon. Their goal is to see the redwoods in California. We have the map open on the table to follow their route.

Tuesday, July 26: My Great Aunt Mary died last night, so we went to the viewing tonight.

Wednesday, July 27: It’s still pretty warm. John called and said they’re in Nevada, ready to head into California.

Thursday, July 28: I went to the funeral of Great Aunt Mary. She was in her 90s and took a lot of care in the last years of her life.

Friday, July 29: All 5 girls were home today. It was nice because they can get a lot of work done in a short time, but sometimes the noise level gets to be pretty loud!

Saturday, July 30: A couple Rose Edna used to baby-sit for came for a few hours. They brought their two little boys along and they had fun playing.

Sunday, July 31: We rested and read and then visited at one of the neighbors tonight.

Monday, Aug. 1: Norma was sick. She was hot, then cold, had headache and stomach pain. She was on the couch all day.

Tuesday, Aug. 2: Warm and hazy. We’re missing John. He called and said they’re on Idaho now.

Wednesday, Aug. 3: A normal busy day with doing the daily dozens. I’m ready for some cooler weather.

Thursday, Aug. 4: I went to the wedding of my cousin Michael Miller and Rebecca Byler. Andrew, Betty and Norma are working on filling up the woodshed with wood for next winter.

Friday, Aug. 5: Today it was up to Katherine, Betty and Norma to do the weekly cleaning and laundry. They can do a pretty good job if they set their minds to it.

Saturday, Aug. 6: Betty and Norma were all excited this morn, cause Andrew decided to take them fishing. They caught only 1 fish, but they insist they had a lot of fun anyway. Today is the day John comes home!

Sunday Aug. 7: John wasn’t home yet at bedtime, but I heard him come in around 1 a.m. We went to church and then neighbor Freemans came for the evening. We enjoyed it immensely.

Monday, Aug. 8: John brought home two little redwood saplings to plant. He wants to plant them in pots and keep them in the house over winter. We’ll see what happens!

Tuesday, Aug. 9: Grocery Day. Betty went with me. She and Norma saved up their money and bought a big Lego set, so that kept them occupied tonight.

Wednesday, Aug. 10: Betty, Norma and I went to my parents for the day. Sister Elizabeth and kiddies were there, too. It was very, very warm. I’d say the warmest one so far.

Thursday, Aug. 11: Another very warm day. Rose Edna, Betty and Norma mowed lawn and there was hardly a dry spot on them from all the sweating. Betty mowed over a mouse, a frog and a snake. She was ready to call it quits after that. The girls finished putting their Lego set together. They have quite a few of them to display now.

Friday, Aug. 12: All 5 girls were home today again. Their mouths sure work good!

Saturday, Aug. 13: Extremely warm! I didn’t do more than I had to. Tonight at dusk, we went over to a neighbor’s field to watch some spectacular fireworks. It cooled off a bit tonight, so we can breathe better.

Sunday, Aug. 14: Wayne walked to a neighboring church and got caught in a downpour on the way home. He was soaked to the skin. Even his socks, way down to his toes!

Monday, Aug. 15: Everything is so damp and sticky from the humid weather. And it’s hard on my body, too. I’m hurting again.

Tuesday, Aug. 16: Everyone husked corn last night and then Laura and Katherine cut it off the cobs and Betty and Norma put it in jars this morning. Now there’s 34 quarts of corn all canned and cold packed. What a good feeling! Laura then baked cookies and bars with Betty and Norma’s help. She couldn’t find the right nonpareils (to decorate the cookies) to suit her, so she used Christmas ones and they sang Jungle Bells while they frosted the cookies. What will they think up next?!

Wednesday, Aug. 17: Laura is slowly getting ready for another school term. This will be her 6th year of teaching Special Ed.

Thursday, Aug. 18: I went to another wedding. We’ve had close to 15 invitations already this summer.

Friday, Aug. 19: Today was a pretty good day for me.

Saturday, Aug. 20: I baked cookies and also short cake to go with peaches.

Sunday, Aug. 21: The weather was more pleasant today.

Monday, Aug. 22: You can tell it’s Monday. Everyone was in bed by 8:00, except Betty and Norma.

Tuesday, Aug. 23: Grocery day, which is very tiring for me.

Wednesday, Aug. 24: I slept in and it felt good … but, lo and behold, when I wanted to get up, I could hardly move. I finally managed it and then we had tomatoes to juice. The girls did it while I gave instructions. It can get pretty frustrating for me.

Thursday, Aug. 25: Wayne’s nephew, Leroy Bender, got married and we were all invited, so we all went but the boys and Katherine.

Friday, Aug. 26: Betty and Norma invited some friends to camp out. I warned them to settle down by midnight. It remains to be seen if that’s what will happen.

Saturday, Aug. 27: Yep, they were in bed by midnight, but evidently didn’t sleep because at 2 a.m. when I looked out the window, they were sitting around the fire pit. At least they were quiet! They did go back to bed at 2:30 a.m. then and slept until 9 a.m.

Sunday, Aug. 28: Another long day at home and then to neighbor Davids to visit after supper. Monday, Aug. 29: A perfect weather day for me. We picked tomatoes and made more pizza sauce.

Tuesday, Aug. 30: Katherine, Betty and Norma thoroughly cleaned the basement, floor and all. We also had to finish canning the tomatoes.

Wednesday, Aug. 31: A rainy day! The girls say it felt cozy being cooped up in the house while it poured.

Thursday, Sept. 1: I can’t believe it’s September already. Betty and Norma are getting excited for the first day of school, which will be next Tuesday.

Friday, Sept. 2: It’s actually been cool this past few days. The girls have been working hard. Andrew was on his way to a ballgame with horse and cart when a pickup truck passed him and the rear wheel of the pickup flew off and up in the air. It hit the hill on the side of the road and rolled back to the middle of the road beside Andrew. He then pushed it off to the side and went on his way again. Thankfully nothing drastic happened.



Saturday, June 25: Wayne and John worked today at Wayne’s work place. Everyone else had their duties including Andrew … after he got up at noon!

Sunday, June 26: Church was at Crist Burkholder’s and then we stayed there for super.

Monday, June 27: I felt down today. I hurt a lot and nothing seems to be helping.

Tuesday, June 28: Hooray! I finally got a call that I can have the IV therapy that had helped me so much a few years ago. So, now I feel excited and hopeful! Rose Edna is sewing up a storm again. I don’t even have a chance to try to sew. She has the fabric cut and made as soon as I buy it … which, of course, I do appreciate.

Wednesday, June 29: Everyone’s gone but Betty, Norma and me. Katherine is at a babysitting job, taking care of a 4 month old and a 1 year old. She loves children, so she enjoys it.

Thursday, June 30: Laura was home today, so she and Katherine cleaned the house. Nephews Allen Ray, 9, and Paul, 7, were here al day. They stayed busy playing with Betty and Norma.

Friday, July 1: It rained this morn. We needed it desperately. Our yard is turning brown.

Saturday, July 2: A beautiful day. Betty, Norma and I walked through the flea market stands at the ox roast and then down to my parents. Wayne came down too, this evening.

Sunday, July 3: I chilled tonight and now I hurt. Wayne, Betty and Norma are going to sleep in the tent. I’m cold, so I’ll heap on the blankets and try to warm up in bed.

Monday, July 4: I had a bad night. I couldn’t move at all without excruciating pain. I didn’t even try to get up until 9 a.m. By then, Wayne and the girls had breakfast on the grill, eaten and then washed the dishes. Needless to say, I didn’t do a whole lot today. John, Rose and Laura are all out on the lake, fishing with their friends. Laura came home with 3 big walleyes that she caught herself. She was petty pleased with herself!

Tuesday, July 5: I sure don’t see much of John and Andrew the last while. They come home long enough to say Hi and Bye. I assume they still live here. Their bed sheets still need to be changed once in a while!

Wednesday, July 6: We went to Pymatuning to a cabin where brother Johns are staying for a week. The girls had fun playing in the water.

Thursday, July 7: Today was Teacher Rachel’s long awaited wedding day. Betty, Norma, Wayne and I went. The students sang 4 songs after lunch. Saw lots of old time friends.

Friday, July 8: Laura and Katherine got up early and cleaned the house before I got up. I actually lay there awhile … for at least an hour … so they could clean in peace. It felt good to get up to a clean house. We babysat three little children this afternoon. The girls love it!

Saturday, July 9: A nice, pleasant day. John was actually around long enough to have a conversation with. I still remembered how he looked! Andrew was here, too, so my memory of him is also refreshed! (Smile!)

Sunday, July 10: To church and then home to make supper for Katherine and her friends.

Monday, July 11: I started taking the arthritis treatments today. My hand is wrapped, so I can’t wash dishes this week. Betty and Norma groaned.

Tuesday, July 12: Two more treatments today. It was a very warm day. Laura was a special guest at a wedding and my thoughts were there … also with the many cooks who had to work in the heat. I wanted to go to a tent sale and Norma was worried that I would not have enough money to buy a tent!

Wednesday, July 13: Another very warm day. We had the fans going full blast.

Thursday, July 14: Today was much more pleasant. It was very comfortable and nice for the weddings that were held today.

Friday, July 15: This week, Katherine had to do the cleaning by herself. Betty and Norma did the laundry and other tasks. Andrew went swimming tonight. I always worry a bit when he does, but he is like a fish in the water, so I try not to.

Saturday, July 16: Betty, Norma and I went to Windsor Amish Safety Days. There was a huge slide there and the girls had a ball going on it.

Sunday, July 17: A busy day at home … resting and reading. Neighbor Daves came over for a while tonight.

Monday, July 18: Betty, Norma and I went to pick blueberries. We were just done when I tripped on a piece of wood lying there and down I went with my forehead smacking into the ground. I heard a crackling and my neck hurt terribly, so I think it got jarred and out of place. The girls were scared for me and kept asking, “Are you OK?” They had to help me up and then I felt dizzy and nauseous for a while, but soon felt a little better. I was glad to get home and lie down.

Tuesday, July 19: I was very, very sore today. I was going to go to a wedding, but I changed my mind after I got up. I managed to bake cookies and do some other tasks.

Wednesday, July 20: Katherine and I drove to Maple Lane Fabrics to buy some dress material. Today was a very pleasant day and my soreness has abated. Wayne is staying at work overnight, so it seems kind of empty around here.

Thursday, July 21: Whew! Very warm. Katherine and I drove to Orwell to get some groceries and I felt sorry for the horse. I think I’m feeling a tad bit better; I got on and off the buggy a bit easier.

Friday, July 22: I woke up to a thunderstorm this morning. It lasted quite a while and poured rain. I could just see the thirsty ground soaking it up. I went to the Post luncheon, which was delicious as usual. Tonight, we went to a neighborhood cookout.





Saturday, May 28: A busy, normal day. Everyone had their duties.

Sunday, May 29: We went to church and then down to Wayne’s parents. We had a much-needed downpour of rain just before going to bed tonight.

Monday, May 30: Memorial Day. It was a perfect day for me … not too hot and not too cold. Wayne and John did odd jobs and Andrew went fishing. Rose and Laura are also gone and the rest of us did more chores around the house. We wanted to plant garden, but it was too wet since it rained last night. My Uncle Jonas died of a massive heart attack. He was not Amish and was never married.

Tuesday, May 31: Betty went with me to get groceries. The boys and Wayne finally got started with the garden tonight.

Wednesday, June 1: We’re having beautiful days. We finished with the garden planting tonight.

Thursday, June 2: Brother Steven’s birthday. I pottered around. I’m often bushed by evening with these long days. I wish I could say my pain is lessening, but I must say it’s getting worse, especially in my hands.

Friday, June 3: Wayne and the boys went fishing.

Saturday, June 4: Wayne and I went to Uncle Jonas’ funeral. Brother John and Laura’s two little boys, Alan Ray and Paul were here. Betty gave them a pony ride with the wagon. While they were riding, they exchanged caps and hats so the girls had hats on and the boys had caps!

Sunday, June 5: Wayne went to a neighboring church. It felt good to stay home and rest. Tonight, we walked over to neighbors David and Christina’s.

Monday. June 6: Beautiful day! I did some errands. I must say, on these nice days, I don’t have as much pain as other days.

Tuesday, June 7: Betty, Norma and I went down to my parents. Sis Elizabeth was there also and we exchanged children. Betty and Norma went home with her and Nathan, age 13, came home with me.

Wednesday, June 8: A chilly day. Katherine and Nathan picked lots of strawberries. We cleaned them, mashed them and out them in the freezer.

Thursday, June 9: Still cool. Laura and Nathan mowed lawn, weed-whacked and spruced up outdoors. We’re getting ready for a 50th anniversary celebration here, Saturday, for my parents.

Friday, June 10: Katherine and I went to get supplies for tomorrow. We’re having a haystack dinner for the anniversary celebration tomorrow. Rose Edna and Katherine thoroughly cleaned the house today. I think everything’s in order for tomorrow.

Saturday, June 11: The anniversary shindig was a big success. All my brothers and sis and families were here … and also most of my Aunts and Uncles. Dad and Mom knew to be ready to go somewhere by a certain time and we really surprised them. Elizabeth and I exchanged kids again. Am glad to have my girls back.

Sunday, June 12: We went to church and then came home and rested and slept. Even Betty took a nap, which is very unusual. Late nights do take their toll.

Monday, June 13: I went to the hospital with Dad and Mom. Dad had his second knee surgery done. He seems to be doing well, which we are glad for.

Tuesday, June 14: Wayne went to University Hospital with his Dad. He had surgery to replace a valve. He is doing as well as can be expected.

Wednesday, June 15: Grocery day. Norma helped me. We had an excess amount of garbage to put in the dumpster. I told Norma to go jump on the bags to flatten them. Laura went out to help her into the dumpster and, the next time I looked outside, Norma and Laura were both in the dumpster, jumping away. It looked hilarious!

Thursday, June 16: We went to the wedding of Dan Byler and Rachel Yoder.

Friday, June 17: It was a beautiful, sunny day. Tonight, Wayne and I went to the benefit auction of a friend.

Saturday, June 18: Wayne went to work today. We did our normal Saturday work.

Sunday, June 19: We started off at 11 a.m. and went to visit Wayne’s parents, then on to my parents for super. It was a long day, and was glad to get home.

Monday, June 20: Today was extremely warm … and I made a hot supper. What was I thinking? The girls got out the swimming pool and cooled off in there.

Tuesday, June 21: Today was much more pleasant. Laura, Betty and Norma scootered to a friend’s house. They had water bottles in their baskets and when they laid their scooters down, the friend’s dog came and sprinkled on the bottles!!

Wednesday, June 22: The girls and I drove to the Bargain Bin for their sale today. There were lots of yard sales around, but we didn’t bother stopping. It’s too hard for me to climb up and down from the buggy.

Thursday, June 23: Rose Edna is busy doing sewing for me. Katherine cleaned the house.

Friday, June 24: Betty, Norma and I scootered over to Brookside Bookstore’s grand opening on Cox Road. We took our time and it took us all afternoon.

Saturday, Apr. 30: Went to do some errands. It was a nice but chilly day.

Sunday, May 1: Went to church and then home to rest. Later on, we walked over to neighbor Daves for a while.

Monday, May 2: This is the first day of summer vacation for Betty and Norma. I had to break up a spat already. Hopefully, that’s not an example of what’s to come this summer!

Tuesday, May 3: Went to get groceries. Laura could go with me since school’s out. Betty and Norma were good friends today, thankfully!

Wednesday, May 4: I went to a few yard sales this morn. It was crazy and loaded with people. I wished I had stayed home!!

Thursday, May 5: Today was Ascension Day and Wayne didn’t work, so we drove down to my parents.

Friday, May 6: I picked up my parents tonight and we went to a benefit auction at the expo center in Mespo.

Saturday, May 7: Did odds and ends today. It felt like I lost a couple days of my life this afternoon. I was going through the doorway into the kitchen and John banged on the stove and yelled to scare me! Let me tell you, he succeeded! I couldn’t quit screaming for a full minute! Then, of course, his thinks that’s funny.

Sunday, May 8: It just stays cool and we can’t let the stove go out. I chilled this evening and could hardly get warm. I took a hot shower and finally, after I was in bed bundled under the covers and blankets … I won’t say how many … I felt warmer. Then, when I woke up during the night, I was too warm. I just can’t win!

Monday, May 9: Still cool, but at least I’m more comfortable today. Betty and Norma are loving not having to get up and go to school. They have to help me a lot. The thing they dread the most is peeling potatoes for supper, they groan at the mere mention of it. They do it, though, because they love to eat ‘em!

Tuesday, May 10: I went to a friend’s for the day. She has a greenhouse, so, of course, I had to buy some flowers.

Wednesday, May 11: It seems Betty is constantly getting slivers in her feet or hands that Wayne has to remove with his penknife. This morning, she was poking around on her foot and I asked her what she was doing. She retorted, “… trying to get out one of my “beloved friends!”

Thursday, May 12: It was beautiful today and doubly wonderful because I could go to a wedding and not get cold. Myron Hostetler and Anna Mae Detweiler got married. It was nice to see some old time friends.

Friday, May 13: I had lots of ironing to do, which is hard on my hands. I was up and going a lot and then tonight we drove to Orwell to get a few groceries. By the time bedtime rolled around, I was hurting.

Saturday, May 14: We got up to rain. No wonder, I was hurting last night! Our school picnic was today despite the cold. The children had fun anyhow, and we mothers watched the activities from the schoolhouse windows. Betty baked a cake tonight for Norma’s birthday, which is tomorrow, We celebrated tonight and she got another Lego set … that’s a birthday tradition.

Sunday, May 15: Norma turned 11 today. It actually snowed most of the forenoon. We got out our winter coats to go to church.

Monday, May 16: Spring appeared again. It’s nice and sunny again.

Tuesday, May 17: Katherine had a dentist appointment, so we drove out with the horse and buggy, taking Betty and Norma along, too. Afterwards, we did some shopping and ate at the Dairy Queen. Tonight, Rose Edna, Laura, and Katherine, went down to clean Grandma’s house. Since today was Rose Edna’s 21st birthday, we had everything ready, so when she walked in, we sang Happy Birthday. One more birthday in June and then we can have a break until November.

Wednesday. May 18: A beautiful day. I always take notice when the days are nice, because I feel better on those days. Betty and Norma did some laundry and I tidied up the house. I made taco salad for supper … a family favorite.

Thursday, May 19: At 4:00, when I was up making coffee for John, I let the dog out. I heard her make a weird sound. She turned and wanted right back in. I let her in and instantly realized my mistake! She had been sprayed by a skunk! Of course, I made her go right back out, but by then the smell was throughout the house. I even tasted it! UGH! There can’t be a worse smell! It just makes me shudder. Betty gave her a bath with vinegar, baking soda and dish soap, but the smell still lingers!

Friday, May 20: Rose Edna and Laura are getting ready to go on a trip tomorrow. They will be gone a week. We’ll see if we can survive without them!

Saturday, May 21: The girls are off and John and Andrew are gone for the day, too. It was a dreary day with rain most of the forenoon, so we were cooped up for a while.

Sunday, May 22: To church and then home and rest. The girls were bored, so we went for a walk and ended up visiting at Andy and Lucy Miller’s for a while.

Monday, May 23: Katherine got up and didn’t feel very good, so the laundry didn’t get done until this afternoon. It was a beautiful, breezy day, so the laundry dried fast.

Tuesday, May 24: We went to Paul and Julie Burkholder’s wedding. Came home around 4 and Betty was by herself since Norma had gone to work with Katherine. Betty planted some flowers for me.

Wednesday, May 25: My brother Joe’s 48th birthday is today. Betty and Norma found some kittens in the barn and they spent most of the day with them. I am not a cat lover, so I didn’t feel very enthused about it.

Thursday, May 26: The girls are sad because the kittens aren’t in the barn any more. Mom cat must have moved them. (Inside, I’m cheering!) I still get a whiff of that old skunk sometimes … especially after giving the dog a bath. (That seems to stir up the smell!)

Friday, May 27: We’ve made it so far without the big girls. Actually, it was quite peaceful! I know what Rose Edna will say: “The house needs my touch!” So be it! I really will be glad to see them tomorrow.

Saturday, April 2: Katherine’s 16th birthday. I bought her a cake. Wayne’s sis Barbara took me to the teahouse in Burton for my birthday, which was yesterday. That was a different experience.

Sunday, April 3: It was cold this morning … so was glad church was right next door.

Monday, April 4: A quiet day. I did some sewing and Katherine did the ever-present laundry.

Tuesday, April 5: Andrew’s 18th birthday. We’re almost birthdayed out by now, but I got him a cake anyway. Parent-teacher meeting was at school tonight where we had more cake (!) for Teacher Rachel’s birthday!

Wednesday, April 6: Still windy and cod. My joints feel it, too. Maybe I should move to a different climate! Eighteen more days of school … the girls are glad.

Thursday, April 7: I’m trying to get some mending done. Norma must be growing as her dresses are to short, so I want to lengthen them and make her a few new ones. Rose Edna is sewing Betty some new dresses; she’ll start wearing the “closed in front” ones soon. My babies are growing up! Waaaah!

Friday, April 8: Rose Edna and Katherine were home today, so laundry and cleaning got done in a jiffy. Laura, being a teacher, misses out a lot on all that fun work! She does help out sometimes in the evenings.

Saturday, April 9: We got up to lots of snow. Wayne had to shovel the steps and sidewalk. It seems so unreal.

Sunday, April 10: Still cold and snowy. I had an enjoyable day at home … all day. Even the girls didn’t say much about going anywhere.

Monday, April 11: I felt cold and achy all over, so I didn’t venture far from the stove.

Tuesday, April 12: Rose Edna was home again today, so she sewed. She made two dresses, two aprons, one cape, and two shirts. I feel God was looking out for me, giving her a sewing talent. She’s a whiz at it.

Wednesday, April 13: Katherine and I went down to my parents. Dad is still doing well since his knee surgery. I wish his Scleroderma disease could be taken care of as easily.

Thursday, April 14: The weather is turning very nice … beautiful and sunny. Betty and Norma got out the volleyball net, but could only put it up waist high, so that’s how they played. (No menfolk around to help.) Betty mashed potatoes for me tonight. I told her the secret to good masked potatoes is to whip them good and put in some sour cream. She answered, “Well, now that you told me, it isn’t a secret anymore.”

Friday, April 15: The weather is just awesome. My joints don’t creak and hurt quite so much when it’s sunny.

Saturday, April 16: I baked cookies to take along to church tomorrow. It was another beautiful day and so most everyone spent a lot of the time outdoors.

Sunday, April 17: We went to church, then home where we rested awhile and then we went down to Wayne’s parents for a few hours.

Monday, April 18: These beautiful days are just what the doctor ordered. Katherine and I went to visit school this afternoon. Katherine helped the teachers out with some lessons.

Tuesday, April 19: Very nice and sunny, but much cooler. Katherine and I went to get groceries and the house felt cold when we got home. Then, of course, I got all stiff and cramped up.

Wednesday, April 20: Shhhh! My peace and quiet day! But they are limited!!! Only seven more days of school!

Thursday, April 21: It is still on the cool side. John tilled part of the garden and planted onions and radishes.

Friday, April 22: It rained at intervals all day. Betty and Norma each took a small gift to school for Teacher Rachel and they had a gift roll. (The students all rolled their gifts up the aisles at the same time.)

Saturday, Apr. 23: Still dreary and cool. Wayne started the stove again this morning. Wayne worked on odd jobs around the house while the rest of us did the daily dozens.

Sunday, April 24: Beautiful day … and we spent it at home all day.

Monday, April 25: I went to a friend’s house. Betty and Norma are happy because this is the last week of school.

Tuesday, April 26: Katherine and I went down to my parents and stayed for the evening also. Wayne, Betty and Norma came down too, after school and work.

Wednesday, April 27: Sunny day, but cool. The stove seems to just want to keep on heating the house! This was my last “alone” day till school starts again in the fall so I tried to enjoy it to the fullest.

Thursday, April 28: Dreary! It rained at intervals all day long. The schoolchildren had a wiener roast at school and had to do their activities indoors.

Friday, April 29: Still dreary. The last day of school! I think I’m glad … for a while, anyway!

Saturday, Jan. 23: Oh my! All five  girls in the house at the same time just doesn’t work! Rose Edna and Katherine were giving Laura a hard time (all in fun) about getting busy and by the time all was said and done, Katherine was pulling Laura through the house by her legs. I guess the floor got cleaned with her backside! I can’t get a word in edgewise, so I just shake my head and sigh.

Sunday, Jan. 24: Today is Betty’s 12th birthday. I gave her a Lego set that’s pretty complicated to put together, but she loves it.

Monday, Jan. 25: It warmed up to 40 degrees. I went to visit friends. My hands are really bothering me. It really is something how you learn to do things without bending the fingers.

Tuesday, Jan. 26: Grocery day … a dreaded job. It’s getting colder again.

Wednesday, Jan. 27: Katherine subbed at school today because Teacher Rachel was sick. I enjoyed the quiet!

Thursday, Jan. 28: It started snowing tonight and doesn’t want to letup.

Friday, Jan. 29: Lots of snow around! I went to school with a treat for the children. I also dressed up as an old lady and they loved it.

Saturday, Jan. 30: I baked while the girls did laundry and cleaned. No shenanigans today, thankfully!

Sunday, Jan. 31: The weather was very mild. We drove down to Wayne’s parents and didn’t have to freeze.

Monday, Feb. 1: My neck is stiff and hurting. I can hardly move it left or right. I have to move around carefully.

Tuesday, Feb. 2: It was my turn to bake for the parent/teacher meeting, so I made ginger cookies. My neck is a little better.

Wednesday, Feb. 4: Tonight Wayne and I went to visit with Uncle Donnie (Post writer) and Nancy along with the rest of Wayne’s siblings and Mom.

Friday, Feb. 5: We babysat three little neighbor girls which is always enjoyable.

Saturday, Feb. 6: I could hardly get out of bed this morning. I was a hurting mess. Every inch of my body was in pain. Needless to say, I didn’t do much today. I am so thankful for my girls.

Sunday, Feb. 7: I actually made it to church today. It was a beautiful day, almost 50 degrees. Maybe that’s why I didn’t hurt so much. Norma has a cough that sounds like a dog barking, so she stayed home.

Monday, Feb. 8: Norma stayed home from school and was on the couch most of the day. Her eyes look shrunken and she has fever and headache.

Tuesday, Feb. 9: I went to get groceries Norma stayed home from school again. Rose Edna was home with her. My driver helped me with the groceries since Katherine couldn’t go along.

Wednesday, Feb. 10: So nice to be home today. I didn’t venture far from the stove. Norma stayed home again today.

Thursday, Feb. 11: Norma finally went to school today. Am so glad she feels better.

Friday, Feb. 12: Katherine taught at school for Laura. The annual eighth grade Spelling Bee was today. Wayne got two dressed pigs and started cutting up the meat.

Saturday, Feb. 13: A busy day with getting the meat all done and canning and freezing it. It’s so nice to have fresh pork.

Sunday, Feb. 14: We went down to my parents tonight. Some of us played games. The children went sled riding.

Monday, Feb. 15: We had friends here tonight, so I made crullers (doughnuts) today.

Tuesday, Feb. 16: I went to the Senior Center today and didn’t realize until I was out on the road, how terrible it was. The snow was heavy and wet, but we finally made it. Then tonight, I went out to eat at Mary Yoder’s with my Mom.

Wednesday, Feb. 17: I was one tired lady today. I guess yesterday was too much for me. I was cooking tapioca and Norma took a dry one and threw it on the floor to see if it would bounce.

Thursday, Feb. 18: Rose Edna was home today so she got the house looking spic and span. This afternoon she and Wayne went around to visit some furniture stores to check out bedroom sets.

Friday, Feb. 19: Wayne was taken by surprise recently when a few people asked him how he’s feeling, thinking he has cancer. We finally figured out they got him mixed up with someone else who has the same name.

Sunday, Jan. 10: It started snowing today and didn’t stop. By tonight, it was a real blizzard and we were dumb enough to walk to the neighbors. Except I didn’t walk. The girls made me sit on the little wagon and they bundled me up with a blanket and took off with me. It’s not as enjoyable as you may think! My life was in their hands!

Monday, Jan. 11: I went to our church ladies’ annual Christmas gathering tonight.

Tuesday, Jan. 12: Snowing again and temperature is down to the single digits. It looks beautiful from in here.

Wednesday, Jan. 13: A winter wonderland awaits outdoors. The girls love it. So far, they’ve had school every day.

Thursday, Jan. 14: Katherine substitute taught at school for Laura, so I was alone today. I enjoy it, but at the same time get frustrated when I can’t do something.

Friday, Jan. 15: Rose Edna gave me money so Betty, Norma and I could go out to eat. I think she just wanted us out from underfoot, so she and Laura could clean the house! We went to Mary Yoders.

Saturday, Jan. 16: The three oldest girls went down to my parents to clean some more of the house. They finished the extras and did some weekly duties, too. I baked cookies and took it easy most of the day. Very restful.

Sunday, Jan. 17: Another snowstorm tonight. Betty and Norma and a few neighbor girls went out sled riding on a hill by the school.

Monday, Jan. 18: Wayne is going to work with John this week. They’re setting up a piece of equipment. It was very cold today.

Tuesday, Jan. 19: Katherine hitched up the pony to the cart and gave Betty and Norma rides with the sled. They love it, but came in all cold and snowy.

Wednesday, Jan. 20: Katherine had a dentist appointment this morning, so that’s where we spent our morning. She had four teeth filled and, for some reason, her cheek was swollen, so she looked like a chipmunk.

Thursday, Jan. 21: Rose Edna is working on sewing. She’s a whiz at it, so it doesn’t take her long to make a dress. She likes to bribe the other girls to do something for her, telling them that she’ll make a dress! They do it willingly!

Friday, Jan. 22: Only one half day of school today because of Teachers’ Meeting. Betty and Norma helped with the housework this afternoon. It’s hard to believe January is almost gone.


Monday, Nov. 30: No work for the men today because of deer gun season. Wayne did odd jobs around the house.

Tuesday, Dec. 1: I went to get groceries today. I’m still hurting badly, so I move slowly.

Wednesday, Dec. 2: I went to niece Barbara’s for the day. Mom and Sis Elizabeth were there also. We had a fun day.

Thursday, Dec. 3: I went to do some Christmas shopping. It’s hard to shop for older children. I keep hoping something will jump off a store shelf and say, “Me! Me!!”

Friday, Dec. 4: I was home all day and what a lovely feeling. Betty and Norma had only 1/2 day of school because of Teachers’ Meeting.

Saturday, Dec. 5: The girls are still cleaning. One more room to go.

Sunday, Dec. 6: We drove down to my parents this afternoon. Brothers Johns and Stevens were there also.

Monday, Dec. 7: Sunny and beautiful today.

Tuesday, Dec. 8: Wayne, Katherine, Betty and Norma went to get their eyes checked. Only Wayne needs glasses. Katherine and Norma may need them in a few years, but are OK for now.

Wednesday, Dec. 9: Still nice and sunny … more like summer than Dec.

Thursday, Dec. 10 – Friday, Dec. 11: Got some things ready to take along Saturday to our annual Detweiler Christmas Gathering.

Saturday, Dec. 12: We got together at Wayne’s sister Elizabeth and Robert Millers. Everyone was there except for Ervins from Michigan.  It was so warm we only needed thin coats.

Sunday, Dec. 13: To church and then home to relax and rest. What bliss!

Monday, Dec. 14: Katherine and I drove to Maple Lane to do some shopping.

Tuesday, Dec. 15: “Grocery Day” … and I had to go by myself. My driver helped me, so I made it OK. It’s always a relief to get home, though.

Wednesday, Dec. 16:  I was alone today and loved it. All that peace and quiet!

Betty and Norma are excited about their upcoming Christmas Program. They have lots of secrets.

Thursday, Dec. 17 –  Friday, Dec. 18: We’re getting ready for Saturday. All my side is getting together here for our Christmas gathering. Thankfully, Rose Edna didn’t have to work, so she and Katherine made the pieces fly!

Saturday, Dec. 19: The house was full! We had a good day and it even snowed! The girls thought that was wonderful. We had breakfast haystack, which was a big hit and then snacks in the afternoon.

Sunday, Dec. 20: Wayne went to a neighboring church and the rest of us stayed home and rested up from our busy week.

Monday, Dec. 21: The countdown is on for the Program … and, then, Christmas.

Tuesday, Dec. 22: The Christmas Program was tonight. They acted out the Nativity scene which was very touching. Norma was an angel and Betty was part of the choir.

They also exchanged gifts afterwards.

Wednesday, Dec. 23: No school, so Betty and Norma helped with chores around the house. Still no more snow.

Thursday, Dec. 24: Anticipation is in the air. We made some Christmas goodies today and then exchanged name gifts tonight. I warned the children not to get up too early in the morning.

Friday, Dec. 25: I heard Betty, Norma and Katherine around 6 this morning. I finally got up at 7 and by then, they were getting impatient. But it was not too early to get the older ones up. Finally, by 8, we were all in the living room unwrapping gifts.

Saturday, Dec. 26: I’m still struggling along … some good days, some not so good, always some level of hurting. Such is life.

Sunday, Dec. 27: To church and then home. We had company tonight … neighbor Davids … that was a treat.

Monday, Dec. 28: Back to school for the 2 girls. They weren’t looking forward to it.

Tuesday, Dec. 29 – Thursday, Dec. 31: Back to routine again. Twas a calm week, which I like.

Friday, Jan. 1: New Years Day. We went down to my parents; we played games with Grandma!

Saturday, Jan. 2: Wayne went to work with John and Andrew also worked, so it was just the girls and me today. I baked cookies and raspberry bars.

Sunday, Jan. 3: It started snowing today and the ground is actually covered a bit. It’s cold too, so maybe winter has finally arrived.

Monday, Jan. 4: Betty and Norma received new toboggans for Christmas, so they went out to try them tonight, and had a blast.

Tuesday, Jan. 5: Rose, Laura and Katherine drove down to my parents and started cleaning the house. They’ll also work on it tomorrow.

Wednesday, Jan. 6: The rest of us drove down to my parents today. The girls really made headway with their cleaning.

Thursday, Jan. 7: It warmed up considerably today. Some of the snow melted. Tonight, we went to Costco and stocked up on stuff. I didn’t hurt quite so much today.

Friday, Jan. 8: January is well on its way. Time is so fleeting. Soon it will be Christmas again! I won’t ask Mom how many days!

Saturday, Oct. 31: Wayne set the clocks back one hour. It will be nice tomorrow morning. John left to go deer hunting in Southern Ohio. He will be gone one week.

Sunday, Nov. 1: We went to church and then tonight, we drove down to visit niece Rachel and hubby Marlin. We had a nice visit and it was a beautiful day for a drive.

Monday, Nov. 2: Katherine and I went to the library this forenoon and then came home and canned a batch of chili. Norma was so happy … she loves chili. But after she ate some for supper, I found a pile of beans in her bowl. So, I guess she likes beanless chili.

Tuesday, Nov. 3: My Cousin Get-together was today at Cousin Betty’s. Most everyone talked and a few listened! It was a Chicken Soup for the Soul day. We got home freshly encouraged and renewed.

Wednesday, Nov. 4: So far this week has been the ideal summer weather, perfect in every way. Is it Indian Summer? Katherine washed blankets, sheets and curtains.

Thursday, Nov. 5: I went to the dentist with Katherine for a check-up and cleaning. Wayne went fishing. He caught no fish and felt only one nibble all day. He insists he still had fun. I guess it doesn’t take much for him to have fun!

Friday, Nov. 6: It’s turning cooler.  Betty and Norma had only a half day of school because of Teachers’ Meeting this afternoon.

Saturday, Nov. 7: Brrr! Very chilly this morn. We got the stove agoin’ again. The girls thoroughly cleaned my bedroom and the extra bedroom also.

Sunday, Nov. 8: We rested today and then went to visit with neighbors Bertha and children tonight.

Monday, Nov. 9: Hopefully, this will be a quiet week. I love being at home, especially if it’s hard to move about.

Tuesday, Nov. 10: Another day at home. I puttered around and did some odd jobs.

Wednesday, Nov. 11: I went to my parents. Sister Elizabeth also came up from Carroll County. Today is Wayne’s birthday. I decided to wait until Saturday to celebrate. Norma thought that is terrible. She felt sorry for her Dad!

Thursday, Nov. 12: At home again all day … Yay!

Friday, Nov. 13: Rose Edna didn’t have to work today, so she got some more cleaning done. Laura came home after school and helped.

Saturday, Nov. 14:  I went to Holmes County to some stores. I bought Wayne a birthday gift and ice cream and cake in the way home. Hopefully, that will make Norma feel better!

Sunday, Nov. 15: We went to church and then, tonight, to Wayne’s parents.

Monday Nov. 16: We had hot lunch at school, so I took pudding and coffee.

Tuesday. Nov. 17: Grocery day for Katherine and me. The seat was lower, so Katherine didn’t have to manhandle me!

Wednesday, Nov. 18: I went to friend Susie’s for her birthday. Other friends were there also.

Thursday, Nov. 19: This week is proving to be as busy as last week was quiet. I went to Emma Burkholders to another gathering of ladies.

Friday, Nov. 20: Finally, at home again! I feel bushed and, of course, there’s the ever-present pain.

Saturday, Nov. 21: Rose Edna took Betty and Norma to a birthday party for a little boy she baby-sits for. Everyone else was off here and there except for Laura and me. So I puttered while Laura did laundry and some cleaning.

Sunday, Nov. 22: We got up to snow on the ground! Betty and Norma were all excited. We spent all day at home. I played games and colored a page in Norma’s coloring book and then Wayne played games tonight. So the day went pretty fast.

Monday, Nov. 23: The snow is still here and we had 17 degrees this morning. The girls bundled up to go to school. It warmed up quite a bit then. John went to West Virginia today and bagged a deer. That’s three so far this season.

Tuesday, Nov. 24: A sunny day! Katherine cleaned the sun porch walls and windows. I did my usual puttering and organizing.

Wednesday, Nov. 25: Wayne helped me prepare some food to take along for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. We’re going to my brother Johns.

Thursday, Nov. 26: Thanksgiving Day! Also by brother Johns were my parents and sister Elizabeth and family.

Friday, Nov. 27: I’m in Lancaster, Pa. on a shopping tour with Stutzman’s Tours. I’m Mom’s partner. I’m very tired but enjoying the trip.

Saturday, Nov. 28: I came home tonight around 11 p.m. It was a fun trip, but of course it’ll take a few days to recover. The family was glad to see me back. I’m glad they had a chance to miss me!

Sunday, Nov. 29: Up early to go to church and, yes, I hurt quite a bit. Came home and rested the rest of the day.

Monday, Nov. 30: Oh dear, oh dear! I wanted to spray plastic spray on my white cap to stiffen it and it turned out to be black paint! Why that paint was in the same place the plastic spray is kept, I’ll never know. That will teach me to look and read before I spray. The damage is done.


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