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Parkman Pathways – By Ellen Hershberger


Monday, July 1; I had blood work and dye CT scan done today. Then we spring cleaned Linda’s apartment. Our singing group enjoyed the evening at Neil Millers.

Tuesday, July 2: Driver Linda took friend Ellen and me around to Amish stores and lunch at Cal’s.

Wednesday, July 3: This was the monthly day at DDC and then I did payroll before going to Mary’s for the night.

Thursday, July 4: Baked cookies for Mary, did some cooking, laundry, cut her nails, and cleaned up garage. In the afternoon, I washed my dresses at home.

Saturday, July 6: A day of cleaning, going to town, washing off the buggy, doing some extra windows, etc.

Monday, July 8: Did a big laundry, helped a friend a while, and did other odd jobs. Noah and Barbara went to Erie, PA. for the night to be there early in the morning.

Tuesday, July 9: Noah’s sister Emma Coblentz had serious heart surgery today and they are staying tonight again. I had the second CT scan.

Wednesday, July 10: A typical Wednesday going to town, doing payroll, keeping cool … It helps if the windows and curtains are kept closed. Noah and Barbara came home from Erie.

Thursday, July 11: My morning appointment with my doctor says I’m cancer free! Thanks to GOD! Ten of us started out for Topeka, Ind. to attend the National Singles Gathering.

Friday, July 12 – Saturday, July 13: We thoroughly enjoyed the group of 400 people, the food and the fellowship. Came home Saturday about 5 p.m.

Sunday, July 14: We were blessed with nine visiting ministers plus several other families in church today. All are welcome to come again.

Tuesday, July 16: Our employee, Raymond Miller married Cindy Wengerd today and we enjoyed the good food and fellowship. Singers were by Noah’s tonight. Aunt Sarah (scribe) was there and not feeling well with stomach pains.

Wednesday, July 17: A taxi driver at Walmart parking lot told me Sarah is in hospital having surgery for a perforated ulcer. I brought Michael and Jonathan here and we all went to Dairy Queen in Parkman and then visited at Matthew Yutzy’s a while.

Thursday, July 18: The boys and I spent the day with the Yoder children.

Monday, July 22: I had a good night with aunt Sarah at the hospital and came home in the morning after a few stops in town. Aunt Sarah came home tis afternoon after 6 days in hospital. A load of us went to the viewing of Katie Hostetler in the afternoon, and, in the evening, our singles had a picnic style supper by Martha. We had planned to be at Chicagami Park. But figured all would be wet from our welcome rain.

Tuesday, July 23: This morning, I had an appointment with Dr. Green, and then I sewed on a navy dress for the wedding on Thursday. Friend Gertrude came and spent the night. She now has two rooms by a granddaughter in Troutville.

Wednesday, July 24: We gathered at the William Bender home and got food ready for the wedding. Today was a perfect weather-wise day for great nephew Wayne and Bertha’s wedding. Aunt Lizzie and daughters Ruth and Clara spent the night here. They live in Mio, Mich. and came to celebrate aunt Fannie Yoder’s 90th birthday … and also to visit other relatives.

Friday, July 26: Worked for Jacie today and then finally went in to Bainbridge by Mary after skipping 3 weeks.

Saturday, July 27: After coming home at 10:30, I cut a summer dress from green material I bought in Indiana. Then, I helped at the neighbors. Have been having pain at my surgery site (from Oct. 1!) So, I just may stay home tomorrow.

Sunday, July 28: Church was at neighbor Menno Eicher’s’ today and is to be at Raymond Fishers next, LORD willing.

Monday, July 29: Sewed on the green dress today … I enjoy sewing! Then, tonight a group of 24 of us had a delicious dinner at Steven and Twila’s. Our menu consisted of ribs, steaks, loaded baked potatoes, corn, French fried onions, Bruschetta (good!), and homemade ice cream. As I was writing this early this morning, the wonderful sound of a refreshing rain was heard.

Tuesday, July 30: Our “Alma” group had a picnic at the park today with plenty of stories and comments to take home! (Smiles!) Then, tonight the singers were to Mrs. Martha Mast’s. I think there were seven missing, but it was still nice.

Wednesday, July 31: Had the usual normal, diversified Wednesday … very full. Then, this evening, our church district gathered at Mel and Kathie’s to celebrate Noah Yutzy’s 71st.

Y’all stay cool!

Saturday, June 1: Gert and I were by aunt Fannie, so that her family could help the young married couple move. They moved to the upstairs shop apartment at his grandparents on Mumford Road, the John Detweilers.

Sunday, June 2: We had visiting minister Wally Detweiler and wife in church today. In the evening, we three had an enjoyable few hours by Mel and Fannie Miller’s.

Monday, June 3: Today, I was doing odd jobs for Kathleen, and then a group of us took supper to Buster Schrocks. Very good, Mary. I chased up to Nauvoo Road and picked up my repaired heater.

Tuesday, June 4: Burr … at 48 degrees. I lit that heater this morning. Poor Millie shivers even with her sweater on and loves to lie in front of the heater. I had it in my head to start cinnamon rolls early, but then wisdom prevailed and, while in town, I got donuts instead. It was my turn to choose where to sing and we were by John and Esther Miller. What a joy to be with their special children. There was laundry to do, flower bed to weed, etc. … enough to keep me busy since my calendar says I’ll be gone the next 4 days.

Saturday June 8: Early this morning, at 4:30, nine of us headed out to visit uncle Merlin in Jasper, New York. Had a nice day of visiting and togetherness. 

Sunday, June 9: I was very glad to be home today as I was sick. Ugh … probably picked up a bug yesterday. Noah and Barbara were at Gentle Solutions, so I slept at their house nights, so Linda wouldn’t be alone.

Monday, June 10: Worked by Jaci for Mary, as she had a wedding to help with. I found another nice gift by my doorstop. Thank you!

Tuesday, June 11: My long list of things to do is slowly getting shorter, but a day like this is one – I enjoy. Even singles have things that need to be done. (Smile!) Of our 25 strawberry plants, we have 18 that grew and are just starting to ripen. We three visited newly widowed Susan Hershberger tonight. Also, there were neighbors and daughter Laura, Lester and 4 children around the campfire. They appreciated their visitors and mail.

Wednesday, June 12: After years of much back pain, it no longer hurts, and I just get maintenance treatments. So, this morning, I had one done here at the house before going into town to do my regular Wednesday thing. I came home, grabbed some lunch and went to Rose’s to give her a hand with lunch, etc. I hope to be more available for her. Then home to do payroll before enjoying my visitors of a mom and her 5 daughters. It was too short a visit and they also chatted with Linda a bit. Then, while I was helping with produce, standing by the wagon, the horse moved forward and drove the wagon wheel right over my feet! Ouch! Soon there was a chair there and ice packs plus a home remedy … and NO after effects, GOD is good! Then it was off to Mary’s for the night… and I won rummy (but only by three points),

Thursday, June 13: Mary wanted chocolate chip cookies and potato soup made, which was fun. The usual is to help her get dressed etc., but then the bus came 1 hour early! No shoes nor stockings on, nor apron, the cookies not put away, soup not made, bed unmade, and he left! A quick call to the office … yes, he’s coming back because he was early. So, I didn’t have a heart attack after all. Now, home to change clothes and go to the wedding of John Fisher and Elmina Stoltzfus, a beautiful setting, delicious food, good fellowship … and did it rain! Just rested and read tonight. Kinda wondered why I was so tired.

To my Secret Friend …. The birds really enjoy your gifts.

Sunday, June 16: We attended the funeral in Carrollton of cousin Ella Mary and then had good burgers plus more food in the evening with family.

Monday, June 17: Today I had my first dental appointment since knee surgery. Took prescribed antibiotic beforehand. So, hope for no infection.

Tuesday, June 18: I washed 11 dresses before joining our Alma Group this morning. We went to the Bainbridge Mall and also stopped at The Barn. Tonight, we sang at John and Lavinas who have two special needs daughters, Martha and Elma. One is blind and the other is almost.

Friday, June 21: We enjoyed good food and fellowship yesterday at the wedding of John Paul Miller and Christine Byler. Oh, it rained hard in the afternoon!

Born to Aaron and Rebecca Hershberger, a son, number four. He is named Laban. Grands are niece Rachel and Robert Hershberger and Abner and Mary Miller.

After work at 5 p.m., Minnie and I hope to attend the auction at Buster’s. Gertrude is still in Pennsylvania during June, attending several weddings of grandchildren.

Blessings of the LORD to all!

Wednesday, May 1: I think we knotted 11 comforters at DDC today. Later, I did Noah’s payroll and took it to Matthews. Noah and Barbara are still traveling by train.

Sunday, May 5: Communion services today at Deacon Dan Bylers where their daughter Rose and Noah Miller announced their wedding plans for May 23.

Monday, May 6: A beautiful day to dry all the Amish women’s laundry. Two young blessings came and cut and trimmed all our yards from my house to Noah’s shop. I had errands to do and, in the afternoon, fixed a casserole to take to Enos and Laura Hershberger’s with our group … a nice ending to the day. I was presented with another Secret Friend goody bag today. Thank you, thank you.

Wednesday, May 8: Noah and Barbara came home early this morning from their 15-day train trip. They were to points South and East.

Saturday, May 11: I started a fire in the stove again. It’s just too cool without heat in the house. Went to town and in the evening, we 3 went to Matt and Carol’s. The horse pulled us up Owen Road hill for the first time. The road guys setup their equipment again today. It’ll be nice to have our driveway entrances solid once more. Ervin A. Bylers started digging for their house up on the Moss Farm.

Monday, May 13 – Wednesday, May 15: Cut a suit but didn’t feel like sewing it and usually I enjoy that. Just feel blah with no energy because of a cold.

We were by Michael’s Tuesday evening and enjoyed Dairy Queen, thanks to my gift cards.

Thursday, May 16: I didn’t feel like doing much this evening and at 4 p.m. we went to John Yutzys’ and had a nice evening outside. Gertrude was here too and went along.

Saturday, May 18: Gert and I cleaned aunt Fannie’s house and, in the eve, I cleaned my floor.

Sunday, May 19: I went with Gert to her church district by her son Mahlon and Susann. In the evening, we enjoyed visitors Eli and Laura Kurtz, and Sam and Linda Bender and two little girls.

Monday, May 20: After a busy day with laundry and sewing, Noah, Barbara, and I went to Hillcrest to visit nephew Vernon Hershberger. He did not even seem to realize we were there and had a hard episode of breathing difficulties. But the medical staff got him comfortable with three medications.

Tuesday, May 21: Our “Alma” group enjoyed a tasty stir fry lunch at Marcia’s. Singers went to Rudy and Kathryn Detweilers’ in the evening.

Wednesday, May 22: Martha Wengerd and I had “Ladies’ Day” by Anna and then we visited Vernon again in the evening. He then passed away before midnight.

Thursday, May 23: Noah, Barbara and I spent the day with Vernon’s family. We were sorry to miss the wedding in our own church at Dan Bylers but took in the supper meal at the wedding of cousin Joe and Saloma’s daughter’s.

Monday, April 1. 2019: Today I was by Jacie working for Mary. Then I took two walks tonight.

Tuesday, April 2: Went to town and friend Gert came. Guess what we did?

Wednesday, April 3: Worked for Mary again and then went to Bainbridge for the night.

Thursday, April 4: Came home late morning and then, as always, made sure the payroll is ready for the guys to pick up.

Friday, April 5: To Jacie’s again and then to the Fish Fry tonight. The fish were really good. There was a big crowd and oh, so much stuff!

Saturday, April 6: It was time to clean this house and iron.

Sunday, April 7: I went to church with Linda who went in the wheelchair van.

Monday, April 8: Had enough laundry to fill all my lines. That’s what happens when you get behind. Our visitors group took supper to Lester and Mary Detweilers.

Tuesday, April 9: Bonnie took me to the school on Nauvoo whose students had written such nice letters last fall after my surgery. Both teachers and the seventh and eighth graders were away for the day. Then, Ellen Yoder and Cindy Mullet visited me in the afternoon.

Wednesday, April 10: Anna H. and I had Ladies Day by Martha Wengerds. Gert came in the afternoon.

Thursday, April 11: Gert went to town with daughter-in-law Mert. We had lots of visitors at Noahs in the evening.

Friday, April 12: Gert and I went to Mike Yutzy’s with Linda, Sister came later after a dental appointment. Had another welcome bunch of visitors tonight. Thank you all for coming!

Tuesday, April 16: Had heart check-up; all doing OK. Sister, Gert and I then met friends David and Leora for lunch.

Thursday, April 18: We had Aunt and Cousin day by Nancy H. Good turnout.

Friday, April 19: Turned colder and windy, and my fire went out, so I started it with instant light Charcoal.

Saturday, April 20: Spent the day cleaning by Aunt Fannie. They are getting ready for church and a wedding there.  

Monday, April 22: Noah and Barbara boarded Amtrak tonight, heading south.

Tuesday, April 23: Tonight, singers were by the grandparents of the burn victims. How touching when they came bounding in, eager to be at the grands’ house.

Sunday, April 28: I baby-sat at Mikes in Orwell while they were in church and then, this evening, went to Dan Yoders.

Tuesday, April 30: Came home from Dans; this evening after another enjoyable two days with their special children. Bobby wants us to know his 31st birthday is May 1!

Many thanks to my special secret friend for the sweet Easter bag of goodies.

GOD bless us all.

March 31, 2019: Greetings in the Lord’s Name. 

The wind whistles around my house as the snow flies, but that sounds better than the robin pecking at my windows.

The cardinal is visiting my refilled feeder and I can watch him as I write.

I took some R & R south, and so my diary is not kept up right now.

We heard cousin Neil H. in New York has not recovered his speech from a stroke. Some of the relatives want to visit him this week, Lord willing. So, I can put in 2 extra days by Jacie in Mary’s place.

Saturday, I was at nephew’s house and then in the evening, some more of the family came to eat Chinese and see the cute pony colt. It is a beautiful gray paint and is growing fast. I forgot to ask how many lambs they have by now, and we know spring is near and it’s lambing season.

The three aunts, sister, Gertrude, and I had birthday lunch with aunt Elmina on Saturday. My, she is frail at 85 pounds with heart issues. Gert then stayed here for the night. After all, we hadn’t played marbles together for weeks.

Thank you, secret friend, for the card and gift sent through the mail. Very nice!

God’s Blessings To All!

Friday, Feb.1: After I came home from Jackie’s. Gertrude came for supper and overnight.

Saturday, Feb. 2: Gert and I cleaned my house and then, in the afternoon, we visited Mrs. Anna Hershberger. Of course, in between we played marbles.

Sunday, Feb. 3: Gert attended church by her niece Ann and Wally and stayed overnight. The Yutzy family had supper next door at Noahs’. We heard Chris Fisher was found unconscious outside.

Monday, Feb. 4: Not so cold, but, oh, icy. Gert came back again. I made chicken and gravy for our group visiting tonight by Aunt Sarah.

Tuesday, Feb. 5: A bunch of us spent the day together cutting comforter blocks for CAM. Then, we two played marbles by Al Linda.

Wednesday, Feb. 6: Another eventful day at DDC quilting, sewing, comfort knotting, and visiting. Then, Gert went home and I went to spend the night at Mary’s in Bainbridge

Saturday, Feb. 9: The family invited me to join them at the Home and Flower Expo. The flowers were on their way out.

Sunday, Feb. 10: Bishop Chris was able to baptize his granddaughter today, though he feels weak. She is Mary, daughter of John and Ida Fisher.

Monday, Feb. 11: I suppose most everyone was shocked to hear of Bill Stutzman’s passing.

Tuesday, Feb. 12: Sarah and I took some lunch and had a few hours visit with Bill and Edna Byler. The next few days might not be of much interest to anybody.

Tuesday, Feb. 19: Got a good report at heart doctor’s today.

Thursday, Feb. 28: Eli Ray and Clara Kurtz had their third child, a son, this morning. Then named him Timothy. They live here in my house, my rental.

Our FATHER in Heaven always knows what is best,

And if you trust in HIM.

Your life will be blessed.

Tuesday, Jan. 1: I worked on bookkeeping, and made stuffing to take to our singles gift exchange. We gathered by Katie Troyer. Have one more gift exchange to go to.

Wednesday, Jan. 2: Today we had another fun day at the DDC quilting, sewing, etc. I get to see Bobby when I’m there. He is with his group of Special Needs. Then, tonight we were out with our visiting group.

Thursday, Jan. 3: This was town and payroll day.

Saturday, Jan. 5: Seems good to be doing my own work, so did laundry and cleaning and canned 11 pints of beef chunks.

Sunday, Jan. 6: We three plus other family members attended church at nephew John and Loris’ in Marty Mullet district.

Monday, Jan. 7: Sunshine in the afternoon. We had a group together in the morning.

Tuesday, Jan. 8: We had several hail showers in the morning. Sister and I visited Aunt Fannie Yoder in the afternoon.

Thursday, Jan. 10: Had my first appointment with Dr. Huang and we went over the last CAT scan. It shows only small spots left that they’ll watch.

Sunday, Jan. 13: What a shock for everyone this morning in church to hear of the passing of 35-year-old Mrs. Martha Miller.

Tuesday, Jan. 15: This was Farmington Senior Day and, this evening, singers were to Mrs. Mary Hostetler.

Thursday, Jan.17: Washed whites and got some things ready for the auction tomorrow. In the afternoon, 6 of us neighbor women visited by Mrs. Minnie Byler. She is having issues with shortness of breath and being weak.

Friday, Jan. 18: The women at our school auction sold lots of lunch and dinner take-outs, and there was a pretty good crowd there.

Saturday, Jan. 19: Today I had the privilege to be with the Levi Hershberger children’s’ brunch and gift exchange. The big snowstorm started before we got home in the late afternoon.

Sunday, Jan. 20: My, it was interesting to watch the snowstorm from inside my cozy house.

Tuesday, Jan. 22: This was “Alma” day by Nancy up on the hill. Then tonight, three of us visited Al Linda for the first time since she moved. Of course, we played marbles.

Thursday, Jan. 24: Gertrude came about noon, and then, later, she and three more if us were treated to a birthday dinner in honor of Gert’s 88th.

Saturday, Jan.26: Early this morning. 8 of us travelled to Summertown, Tenn. and attended calling hours for cousin Robert Detweiler. Sunday was his funeral and then we drove about 3 hours east to Deer Lodge to see where our Pennsylvania cousins moved. 

We came home Monday afternoon, thankful for a safe trip.

Blessings wished for all!

November 25, 2018: I don’t remember where I left off last time. Since the October 26 surgery and the 6 days in the hospital, the days kinda run into each other.

Maybe I could just write a shorter letter this time. I wish I could make it interesting and not bore you with the details.

Will just say it was cancer in the left lung upper lobe that was removed. I have appreciated every piece of mail and each visitor. My thoughts go to friend Katheryn H., taking chemo now.

Saturday, I was with Jaci, the first time now that I’m back. Didn’t do too much; it’s an easy job.

This past summer, I missed the Post luncheon because I went to it the wrong week! Leave it to me!

How many of us had family dinner on Thanksgiving thinking and talking about the fire tragedy?

May we enjoy the daily blessings of the LORD and you all have a blessed Christmas.

(Thanks to the staff for putting up with me.)

Monday, Oct. 1, 2018: I went to town, did a big wash including the front room curtains and made scalloped potatoes. The aunts, sister and hubby, two cousins and I had supper by Aunt Edna and Bill.

Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2018: I baked three recipes of muffins for DDC tomorrow, washed the windows, and hung up curtains.

Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018: We worked at DDC, then I did the crew payroll and went to Mary’s overnight.

Thursday, Oct. 4, 2018: Chilly today. After coming home from Mary’s, I cleaned floors and garage doors and windows. Two of our singles groups were invited to Melvin Brickers for a chicken dinner in honor of Leah Miller’s birthday. Mary Ann provided a number of guessing games afterward at the table.

Friday, Oct. 5, 2018: Always an enjoyable day at work with Jaci, doing one of my favorite things, cooking and caring for her.

Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018: A blessed day here with visiting ministers at communion services.

Sunday, Oct. 7, 2018: The Yutzy families had birthday brunch here for sister at her house. Then later, we heard Dannie Ray died.

Monday, Oct. 8, 2018: Noah, Barbara and I went to the viewing of Dannie and stayed for brunch. His daddy and grandfather are part of the carpenter crew. Singers were to Dan C. Bylers.

Tuesday, Oct.9, 2018: Warm and sunny. Baked whoopie pies because I had some sour milk on hand. Got the filling too thin, so they were messy for the ones eating them.

Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018: We were to Dannie’s funeral and I went to Mary’s for the last time until December.

Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018: Went to town and washed my dresses. Then Minnie, Kara, Barbara and I were so kindly treated to dinner (birthday again) by Phyllis. Thank you, Phyllis! (Smile!) Then I was dropped off at Michaels’ for the night.

Friday, Oct. 12, 2018: Happy Anniversary, John and Lori!

So, I baby-sat Emily and Isaac so Miriam could help her mom get ready for church. Michael,10, came home with me and we, along with Robert, 13, and Minnie went to the Benefit Silent Auction in Parkman. Minnie won two prizes and, toward the end, surprisingly. my number was called, too! (Smile!)

Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018: Spent the day with Jaci.

May we all enjoy GOD’S blessings.

Monday, Sept. 3: I was sewing on a summer dress. Oh, well, maybe it will be ready next summer.

Tuesday, Sept. 4: Barbara and I went to town and then, I did more sewing.

Wednesday, Sept. 5: An enjoyable day the DDC clinic as usual … quilting, sewing … and today we cut a lot of comfort blocks. Then I did the payroll and Millie got a haircut.

Thursday, Sept. 6: Barbara and I went to the wedding of Johnny and Rachel Burkholder in the daytime, and to Orwell to the wedding of Danny Ray and Leah Mullet where we stayed for supper. Is this how to lose weight? Barbara then stayed at Michael Yutzys overnight and Emily,4, spent the night with me.

Friday, Sept 7: Emily went with me to be with Jaci and we stayed until after 8 p.m. Then, Michael. Mary Ellen, Jonathan, and Emily slept here.

Saturday, Sept. 8: It rained most of the day and night, and we mostly took care of the children which included Isaac (1) and we did some cleaning. The children’s parents were at a school fundraiser in Sullivan, Ohio.

Sunday, Sept. 9: Rain all day … 4 – 5 inches! Baptismal services at Ray Fishers for Mark Kurtz and Roseanna Byler.

Monday, Sept. 10: I made fire in the stove for the first time. Went to town and, in the evening, our group took supper to Mrs. Saloma Miller and son Levi.

Tuesday, Sept. 11: This morning, I made a big batch pf rolls for the singing tonight at Dan Yoders. Also had a CT scan at the hospital.

Wednesday, Sept. 12: Today the. main concentration was doing the prep for tomorrow’s test.

Thursday, Sept. 13: Foggy and warm today. Sister went with me to the surgery center for a procedure.

Friday, Sept. 14: A nice drying day, so I scrubbed and painted the entrance and pantry floors. Then went with a load to the Fish Fry in Williamsfield. On the way home. We came upon the emergency vehicles at the site of the house fire on Route 87. Gert stayed here overnight.

Saturday, Sept. 15: Gert went to town and I went to Jaci’s.

Sunday, Sept. 16: We were just at home until evening, and then drove to Matthews.

Monday, Sept. 17: Cleaned my house today for my visitors tomorrow.

Tuesday, Sept. 18: Our “Alma” Group brought a good lunch, of course.

Wednesday, Sept. 19: Did the usual payroll, town, and chiro treatment. Then went to Mary’s for the night, the first time since July.

Saturday, Sept. 22: I was by Mikes and we canned salsa.

Sunday, Sept. 23: Council church was at Sam Benders in their new shop.

Monday, Sept. 24: A chilly day. Singers were to Bishop Bill Benders tonight,

Tuesday, Sept. 25: Today was the appointment with Dr. Green and the news was not happy. So, one day at a time and lung surgery is scheduled for Oct. 29, LORD willing.

Saturday, Sept 29: Savilla, Ida and I had a pleasant visit in Atlantic with Susan Yoder and mom. Mmmm, had grape pie with ice cream with our lunch dessert. Yum!

That’s all for this time. GOD’S blessings wished for all.

(* Due to a shortage of room, Ellen’s letter written for the Sept. 12 edition of the Middlefield Post was printed in the Sept. 26 edition.) 

Thursday, May 24: This is a rare day at home, all because I forgot to setup a transit ride to go to Mary’s last night. So, I washed dresses and rugs, ironed, and just puttered like the semi-retired person that I am. Oh, yes … I did a little baking and spending time with family.

Friday, May 25: After work, this evening, Linda, Jennifer, and I spent the evening with Gert.

Saturday, May 26: I was privileged to be with the Yoder children while the parents were helping with Betsy’s funeral.

Monday, May 28: Went to town and then washed off the front room ceilings and walls. We went to Mike’s in the evening.

Tuesday, May 29: With the nice, warm day, I washed bedding and curtains, and then the woodwork and windows, and hung the curtains back up.

Wednesday, May 30: A whole bunch of us were together to prepare food for the wedding tomorrow.

Thursday, May 31: A nice wedding day for Christopher and Mary. Two downpours in the late afternoon had everyone scrambling for cover.

Saturday, June 2: I was cleaning by aunt Fannie and Mel and he has swollen lumps under both arms. They’re scheduling a CAT scan appointment for him.

Sunday, June 3: Our church today and then the 5 Yutzy couples took supper to nephew Vernon Hershbergers’, along with their 2 married daughters and families. Sitting around the fire brought the day to a pleasant ending.

Monday, June 4: This morning by Mary and then a trip to town and our group visiting and eating supper with Lester and Sara Hostetler.

Thursday, June 7: An enjoyable day and evening at the wedding of Chester and Rosa Lee.

Friday, June 8: After work, we 3 took in the school auction on North Girdle Road.

Sunday, June 10: Our church took meatloaf meal to the Joe Weaver home for the family of invalid Edna Hershberger. This morning. John Yutzy had an accident on the way to church when his horse shied and dumped them into the ditch. A neighbor couple were with him and, all told, 5 children were on board. All were OK as far as I know, except John who has facial stitches.

Monday, June 11: We attended the funeral of Edna, whose birthday is today … 66 years old. We grew up next door neighbors from when I was 5 years old. Singles had supper with Sara Miller on 528 tonight. She has a cute apartment by her sister, in the house where she grew up.

Tuesday. June 12: Waking up early (as usual!). I stepped outside and just gazed at the awesome starlit shy! How I love the sound of peepers! I spent my day with Jackie.

Wednesday, June 13: With Jackie again today, as we gals are trading or filling in with all the weddings, etc.

Thursday, June 14: After coming home from Mary’s. I spent the afternoon with the five little people Noahs were baby-sitting. Then I baked two cherry pies for the auction tomorrow.

So, the weeks fly by, being grateful to be able to get up in the morning and do what the day brings to do.

Let’s remember the ones who have to wait for caregivers and for their families.

Thursday, April 26: Greetings to all in the LORD’S name. I see the birds really ate fast. The suet and bread from the feeder were gone in just one day. Think it’s those blackbirds.

After my overnight and morning stent with Mary, I worked on the payroll, spring cleaned the bathroom, stirred up a batch of cookies and baked just three pans of them.

Friday, April 27: For work today, Jackie’s daughter had me go along to her doctor appointment in Akron. Then, on the way home, she treated us to a nice lunch. A hard day’s work, don’t you think? (Smile!) Minnie, Gert, and I took in the auction at Busters’ in the evening.

Saturday, April 28: Aunt Sarah took my place at Aunt Fannie’s today, while I just needed a “catch up” day. Noahs and I were in Orwell a while.

Monday, April 30: A beautiful day to wash and dry bedding and white laundry. Went to town, visited a friend at Briar Hill, and took Bobby’s birthday present to him. His 30th is May 1.

Tuesday, May 1: Now, who would care to read that the two bedrooms are now cleaned and the curtains washed on these nice sunny days.

Wednesday, May 2: Each Wednesday is pretty much the same … go to town and pick up the payroll, stop by Kathleen’s if she needs me to, and then go to Mary’s for the night. This was the first Wednesday of the month, so we were at DDC Clinic to quilt and work on comforters.

Thursday, May 3: This p.m., I worked on a suit for 10-year-old Nancy Mae, and then I left early with a van to Woodside Rest in Holmes County.

Sunday, May 6: Today was our communion and we appreciated the visiting ministers. We drove the “newer” horse to Johns’ and partook of their grilled supper. Grove Road had some very torn up pavement areas.

Monday, May 7: I didn’t get much done after coming home in the late a.m. I just made a casserole and then took it along with our group to Dan Yoders’ for an enjoyable evening. The other four women always take along such tasty dishes.

Tuesday, May 8: Another beautiful day to spend in Chardon by the heart doctor. Wanted to meet a friend for lunch, but she wrecked her car, so I just came on home. Singers were to Katheryn Bylers’.

Wednesday, May 9: A different Wednesday in that eight of us took lunch to Aunt Fannie and Mel’s. Did payroll and finished Nancy Mae’s dress in the p.m. and then went along to visit Danny Rays.

Thursday, May 10: Was sorry to miss the wedding today ay Vernon Yoders, as we traveled to Andover for the wedding at Allen Masts. It was very windy up there.

Saturday, May 12: Forgot to say that usually when I bake, it’s for someone else, not for myself … at least, not the whole thing! So, I made more cookies and a chocolate cake and kept little Isaac for most of the day. Gert came and spent the night.

Sunday, May 13: We rested, read, napped, and played games, and then joined the family for a grilled supper. Three of the married ones joined us.

Monday, May 14 – Tuesday, May 15: Sister and I feel “fluish” these days with belly ache for me and chest cold for her. I finished the second suit, did a bit of other sewing, and baked bars for Kathleen. A guy was here and cleaned the couch and chairs. I didn’t go to the singing.

Wednesday, May 16: Washed white, visited Kathleen at the hospital, got chiropractor treatment, went home and washed dresses etc., ironed, and called it a day. Still wonder, should I go to the doctor tomorrow? Belly still hurts.

Thursday, May 17: Feel better this morning, so I cleaned the floors before Noahs and then headed out to West Union about 11 a.m. It took over five hours, (with a couple short stops) to get to our motel rooms in Seaman, Ohio.

Friday, May 19: We had a really nice day at the Yutzy-Miller wedding, with a delicious noon meal. Arrived home by 8 p.m.

Monday, March 26, 2018: Seven friends brought in supper to Linda here tonight. Then, to our delight, answering the door, we found Aunt Sylvia and two cousins from Michigan standing there. Aunt Lizzie was along also, so she and Sylvia slept at my house and the two cousins and the driver at sister’s house.

Tuesday, March 27: This morning we all visited Aunt Elmina at her new home by Nelson and Linda. Then, we went to the Melvin Yoder home for lunch. Their Pennsylvania children and some who live here were there to celebrate Melvin’s 91st birthday. They brought a delicious chicken dinner, topped off with homemade cake and Schwann’s ice cream.

I then went to town to do some errands and housework for Kathleen. 

We finished the day with the Alaska trip group at Spike and Rhodas.

Wednesday, March 28: Even though it was cloudy all day, I still did laundry and dried it outside. Then, I did the usual Wednesday things, going to town and doing payroll. 

We only had 16 to sing for Albert and Barbara Mast in Orwell. He had been confined to wheelchair and bed for about eight and a half years with transverse myelitis, which is in his spine. They appreciate visitors and mail.

Thursday, March 29: It is lambing season in Orwell, so we helped in the house with Miriam a while. Then the two school children came with us to spend the night. 

We were dismayed to learn Edna Kuhns had fallen next to her chair and broken her hip.

Friends Phyllis, Minnie, Gert, and I got together for supper and a few games of marbles.

Good Friday: Some of the family and I enjoyed a good supper at Noahs’.

Saturday, March 31: Doing my usual at Aunt Fannie’s, and Mel is not feeling well.

Their daughter, Mrs. Laura Hershberger, who lives in the other part of the house, fell while helping chase horses that had gotten out, and had to have surgery on a broken left arm. It will hinder her helping at some family weddings coming up soon.

Easter Sunday: We stayed home today and then visited in the Matthew Yutzy home in the evening.

Monday, April 2: Today I stayed with Jaci on Udall Road while Mary was off to be with husband Crist who was having eye surgery. Washed several loads of laundry for Aunt Fannie tonight and hope they’ll dry before the predicted rains in the morning.

Rhubarb is peeking through, and lilac buds are out!

Tuesday, April 3: I went to town and stayed to help Kathleen in the P.M. A message came tonight that Alton Yutzy died.

Wednesday, April 4: We had another enjoyable day at DDC making comforters and quilting. The beautiful blue cross quilt was finished for the Patchwork Auction coming up. A talented neighbor is the one who pieced the quilt together.

Thursday, April 5: After spending the night with Mary and coming home late morning, I cooked a pork steak dinner which we ate here at Eli Rays. Did payroll yet tonight.

Friday, April 6 – Saturday, April 7: Just did the usual jobs on Udall and Agler Roads.

Sunday, April 8: We were blessed with two visiting ministers in church today from Fremont, Mich. 

Supper out back where the young folks had gathered.

The Yutzy brothers went to Alton’s wake.

Monday, April 9: Our visitors group took supper to Mrs. Kate Farmwald tonight. Gute Shepherds’ Pie … Yum!

Tuesday, April 10: We had ladies day by Marie where some got their first peek at baby Maribeth.

Then, singers to Mrs. Saloma Miller tonight.

Wednesday, April 11: We joined others for a cousin/aunt quilting by Bert Kathryn, and were served a delicious frog-more lunch … a first for us.

So, this was a week of going away. Maybe Spring Cleaning next week?

Saturday, April 14: Tonight, we had 4 young ones here, and they all wanted to sleep in the same room. So, we pulled the mattress off the bed and 3 of us slept on it. Two slept on the padded box springs. Only when the lights were out did it become quiet! (Smile!)

Sunday, April 15: They did rainy day indoor activities after having breakfast in bed. One of my fondest memories is when Aunt Emma and I were guests of Helen Brucker in Cleveland, and she served us delicious toast, eggs and bacon in bed.

Tuesday, April 17: On our way home from Russell this morning, our transit bus was hit in Giant Eagle parking lot, I was ever so glad to have had the seat belt on!

Monday, April 23: Two closets and the bedroom dresser got cleaned!

Sister and I visited friend Kathleen at the hospital tonight.

That’s it for this time.

May we all be thankful for springtime blessings from GOD.

Monday, March 5: Our group had supper with Rudy, Kathryn and three girls. The evening went fast, with interesting topics discussed.

Tuesday, March 6: My family was secret friend to Linda and me, so we enjoyed a lunch out. I stayed in town to help Kathleen a few hours.

Wednesday, March 7: We had a pleasant day at DDC where a bunch of comforters were made for relief. Then I went to town from there and to Bainbridge and Mary’s for the night.

Thursday, March 8: After coming home from Mary’s, sister and I visited Aunt Elmina at her son Edward and Edna’s. She is recovering from a broken bone near her knee and hopes to move into her new house in a few weeks. It is on Ensign Road by Nelson and Linda Miller.

Saturday, March 10: Aunt Sarah and four couples of her marrieds and I ventured out to Troutville, Pennsylvania today and encountered very icy back roads. But we got to our destinations and visited cousin Edna Mae and Jonas. She is on low-dose chemo and holding up pretty well.

Sunday, March 11 and Monday, March 12: We were to church and I did another night with Mary. Then I went to town.

Tuesday, March 13: Friend Martha and I spent the day with Anna H. for her birthday today … her 75th. How did we get up here so quickly? Singers were by Jonas Schmucker’s for Eli Miller.

Wednesday, March 14: Two loads of us were by Ruth Troyer’s and quilted on a wonderful cross, done in blues.

Saturday, March 17: Coming home from Aunt Fannie’s, what a nice surprise! Cousin Ellen appeared at my door with Kate. She is from Cashton, Wisconsin. I had asked Gert to come also, so, in a hurry I made chicken noodle soup, etc. and we had supper. Gert stayed overnight.

Sunday, March 18: This p.m., Gert, sister and I went to Mel Yoders’ where cousin Menno and Dora, and Aunt Malinda were also there from Wisconsin. Monroe and Kate Troyer were brought Ellen along and were also there a while. 

Saturday, March 24: This has been a pretty normal week, just working as usual, going to town, helping Kathleen 1 day, and baking. (One cake fell flat, so the birds got part of it.)

Mary of Garrettsville, who had caregivers for a while, passed on Thursday. I believe she would have been 14 in May or June.

You all enjoy spring … and GOD’S blessings!

Feb. 26, 2018: Greetings in Jesus’ Name. This seems to have been a busy month, though happy and blessed.

I just kept a short diary of notes, so we will go with that.

Feb. 1, a load of us went to Sparty, Pa and spent the day with Sue Byler and her sister Erma.

Our one group enjoyed an evening with Melvin and Fannie Miler and the singers at Ervin Brickers.

So, like all of us, we keep the fires going, minding the daily family happenings, trying to stay on our feet when it is icy, and enjoying the winter season.

We visited Mike Yutzy who had his second back surgery. Then the next night the couple here left on Amtrak for the West. We expect them home tonight after being gone two weeks.

Sugaring is in full swing out back in the new sugarhouse and it’s a new experience with tubing.

I was sorry to miss the Post event, but there were circumstances.

We feel for the bereaved … four friends this past week.

GOD’S blessings.

Sunday, Nov. 26: Aunt Elmina picked me up and we attended church at Danny Ray and Sylvia’s. Then we had a nice afternoon visit there in Aunt Sarah’s nice apartment. Aunt Edna also came.

Tuesday, Nov. 28: I did my white laundry, mended nephews’ pants and went to Nova Care. In the evening, our singing group was at Bishop Crist C. Millers.

Wednesday, Nov. 29: After washing my dresses, I took a walk out back and then went to town. On the way home on Shedd Road, we encountered a runaway horse. Further down, Dan Troyer’s buggy was in the ditch, so we invited him into the car and chased after his horse. All the way to 168, he ran, and up north. The young man in the white van finally was able to grab him. We were so grateful to GOD for safety and that no cars were hit.

Thursday, Nov. 30: After coming home in the late morning from Bainbridge, I made chicken and took it out back for Noah Jr.’s. Three of their boys went deer hunting, so there were plenty of leftovers. They are busy getting ready for church.

Friday, Dec. 1: This was my day at Mel Yoders’, and then in the evening I cleaned my floors and walked out back.

Saturday, Dec. 2: I had planned on helping with church preparations all day, but then got a call from cousins of Fredericktown, saying they were already in the area and would like a guide for the day. So, I took off a few hours and “guided” them to Amish stores. Then I went back to help some … what little I can do.

Sunday, Dec. 3: Linda Yutzy was able to wheel back to church today. We were thankful for all the visitors.

Monday, Dec. 4: I went to town to get some food and fixed it for our evening group at Andy Schmuckers’.

Tuesday, Dec. 5: Today 86 year old friend Leora in Chardon had eye surgery at Hillcrest, so I stayed with her overnight.

Wednesday, Dec. 6: Leora’s friend Ellis took us for her check up. Then he brought me on home. In the afternoon, I went to pick up payroll, and then, to Mary’s for the night.

The nice folks at Nova Care released me and so, with some therapy at home, the knee is doing fine now.

January: We had the delight of having Aunt Sylvia and husband here one night, coming from Michigan.

This being the holiday season, we’ve enjoyed school programs and several get togethers with gift exchanges.

I was able to can most of the gifts of turkey and deer meat.

Our visiting group had a lively, pleasant evening with the Andy Burkholder family. Their three special children are a delight to be with.

Jan. 20: We had our family CHRISTmas gathering today, which is always enjoyable.

Jan. 21: We spent a few hours at the wake for Clarence Bender, and then aunts Emma and Sylvia and husbands spent the night at my house.

GOD’S blessings prayed for everyone.

Hello November … a happy month with all the birthday celebrations!

We had a rather smaller group at DDC today, but still enough to fill one quilt and get one comforter done, plus binding on a quilt. These are for their Benefit Auctions. On the way home, I stopped at the Baby Store on Newcomb Road where they have a variety of books, too. A wonderful one is “Safe in the Arms of Jesus”. It has stories of parents who have had stillborn babies. It is enjoyable, uplifting reading. My thoughts go to my own mother who gave birth to a stillborn son before she had the rest of us seven.

Friday, Nov. 3: After Nova Care, the aunts, sister and I joined together at Mel and Fannie’s for a delicious lunch. Recently, when one of the daughters opened Fannie’s sewing machine a chocolate wafer candy fell out. As she sewed, more wafers fell out to a total of 24. Checking in the pantry, an empty bag was found with little holes in it. A couple of wafers had teeth marks and some had pieces bitten off.

Sunday, Nov. 5: This evening’s winds brought down trees and branches in this area, one being here on Owen Road where someone called 911 because a tree had fallen on her car. Haven’t heard if she was injured. (Later, I found out she’s OK.)

Monday, Nov. 6: I had notice to be ready this morning, so here comes a van with nieces, sister, and great nieces. I could pick out and choose where to go and what to do. So, we went to Warren and had a happy day of shopping and eating together. Thanks to all … a nice birthday celebration. In the evening, our group visited Andy and Barbara Byler.

Tuesday, Nov. 7: We woke up to the hum of the neighbor’s generator which they hooked up Sunday night after the storm. Still no power in this area. This evening … all is quiet, so I guess power is back on.

Monday, Nov. 13: Allen and Bertha Mast came from Andover and picked up Fannie Miller, Noah and Barbara, Neil and Mattie, and me. We spent the whole day in Holmes County. We visited two of our dad’s elderly cousins and several Amish stores. In the evening, Robert and Rachel, John and Fannie visited us here.

Tuesday, Nov. 14: Now it’s back to the grindstone, putting stuff away from yesterday, doing therapy, and one last birthday lunch. Singers went to Nancy Byler’s tonight.

Thursday, Nov. 16: I worked for a family in Solon for 14 years and every year since, for 23 years, they have sent me a Thanksgiving box from Harry and David. So, tonight Noahs, Eli Rays, and I shared the steaks, potatoes and apple dumplings here.

Sunday, Nov. 19: Today Linda went to church with us in a wheelchair van. It was just down the road.

Tuesday, Nov. 21: Friend Susan Yoder of Pennsylvania came today. She picked up Savilla, Ida and me for a day of fellowship. We ate lunch out and stopped at a couple stores. We four had traveled west for six weeks in 1971.

Wednesday, Nov. 22: Sister and I (she mostly) made turkey dinner for the ones out back since they have a very busy week getting ready for church and helping with the benefit Fish Fry.

Thanksgiving Day: We made another turkey dinner (mostly sister) and then enjoyed it with our Orwell family in their home. Meanwhile, we all do the daily dozens, enjoying GOD’s goodness of blessings.

I wish to thank everyone for all the gifts of get-well and birthday cards, the flowers, visits, money, and many other gifts of kindness. I’m about back to normal, whatever that is!

Aug. 8, 2017: Greetings to all in the Lord’s Name. Well, I guess it behooves me to write again. (If you don’t want to read it, just skip it.) I do enjoy the other writers’ articles.

I’m thinking of scribe Donnie and Nancy starting off on their train trip to Montana. I believe it is today.

Oh, the beautiful skies these days … just put there for our enjoyment!

Friday, Aug. 11: After being at Aunt Fannie’s today, we went to Marty’s auction awhile tonight. The food was good. I’m looking for a double bed, so when the aunts come there’s better sleeping room here with 2 beds.

Tuesday, Aug. 15: We are getting things ready for our yard sale. The family out back has canned 89 quarts of peaches this week.

Wednesday, Aug. 16: Yard sale was kinda busy in the a.m. and then it slowed down. I did my usual Wednesday stuff, picking up and doing payroll. Then I joined other singles and widows at the Benefit haystack and silent auction. There was quite a large crowd.

Thursday, Aug. 17: I spent an enjoyable day at Yoder’s where wedding services were held for the neighbors. So I was also blessed with the good meal and even visitors on the porch from the wedding.

Wednesday, Aug. 23 – Friday, Aug. 25: A load of us enjoyed the wedding in Marion, Wis.  at Isaac Hershberger’s. We had a safe trip and coming home is still the best.

Saturday, Aug. 27: We had baptismal services today and then sat around the fire out back … as we have been doing the past few weeks.

Monday, Aug. 28: Our singles group had supper with Katie Yoder tonight.

Tuesday, Aug. 29: We took time off today and went to Mike Yutzys a while to see and hold newborn Isaac Paul.

Wednesday, Aug. 30: I washed dresses, etc. and did some piece work, went to town and then to Sara’s auction tonight. Afterwards, got the payroll done before going to bed.

Thursday, Aug. 31: Decided to stay home from the wedding what with the knee pain and limping in front of everyone, etc. Sewed one pair of pants and fiddled around (without a fiddle).

Friday, Sept. 1: Another meaningful day at Yoders, and waiting for the confirmation all of surgery time next Tuesday for a knee replacement. So glad to have that done.

May God bless us all.

June 23, 2017: Happy June to everyone.

I started the month off by going to Mio, Mich. with a chartered bus of relatives who went up for a Byler reunion. It was just from Friday afternoon to Saturday evening, but well worth it. Aunt Sylvia took me around to visit cousins and stores, plus to aunts Lizzie and Clara’s.

We had sister’s day by Mel and Fannie on Tuesday June 6. She has cellulitis on her leg, but it was improving.

I took in the wedding of Stephen Miller and Susan Troyer, which is always a treat visiting and enjoying the meal.

On June 10, Noah and Marie Yutzy moved into the cozy upstairs apartment at his parent’s, until they can get into the house they bought.

We’ve enjoyed several campfire suppers with family.

Friend, Susan Yoder in Atlantic Pa., is caregiver for her 92-year-old mother, so a load of 11 of us visited them Monday evening.

In between going away, I do stay home several days a week and keep things going here.

The peas in boxes on the deck are surely an attraction for snails, UGH! Today I yanked them out (the plants, not the snails) and figured the snails can go elsewhere.

Several nights/mornings a week, Mary in Chagrin needs help, so that’s always something that doesn’t take up a whole day.

My kind renters power washed the two decks and the paint is here, so one of these days it will look better.

We’ve invited this half of our church to our backyard for tomorrow evening (June 24). The nieces have helped with washing ceilings and walls.

Need to fill in a job a few hours this afternoon, so I wish all GOD’s blessings until next time and more.

Monday, May 8: I washed the whites early … sunshine today! Then it was off to town … chiropractor and another appointment, shopping, etc. Did the darks this p.m. Had not done laundry last week. The lawns all got cut today … looks so nice and refreshing! Thanks to my renters and, for the other yard, grandsons helped.

Thursday, May 11: What a nice surprise coming home to cheerful packages on my doorstep! Thank you, Secret Friend. I’m spending the night at Mary’s. (Forgot to mention, our other client Mary celebrated her 103rd birthday on May 8!)

Friday, May 12: Even though it looked as if it might rain, I was pleased to get most of the windows washed outside before heading for home this morn. The rest of the day was more relaxed … just doing odds and ends. We got haystack take-out at the Firemen’s Auction at Busters’. Yum.

Saturday, My 13: Slowly and bit by bit, I do some of my work.

Monday, May 15: Today, I got x-rays on my bum, burning knee. Looks like major decisions need to be made sooner or later. We singles had supper with Sarah Byler where friend Lizzie Farmwald is visiting from Jasper, N.Y.

Tuesday, May 16: This morning, we took Aunt Fannie along to the Senior Center for the first time. Usually about 30 or so gather and we can visit, play games, quilt, etc. Each takes a dish if she wishes, and we always enjoy Katherine’s fresh bread baked right there. They have tasty breakfasts also, every Monday morning. This is at the Farmington Senior Center. In the evening, singing group was by Owen and Elva Yoder.

Wednesday, May 17: We had Ladies Day and then, in the afternoon, I did the usual payroll pick up and finished it in the evening.

Friday, May 19: Got relief at the chiropractor’s today. And, then, the visiting group enjoyed supper together.

Saturday, May 20: Started a fire in the stove again. Millie shivers and I also like a warm house. By morning, carefully, I was able to get he bathroom spring-cleaned. The girls came and helped with most of it. Bless them.

Sunday, May 21: After church, in the afternoon, Jon and Kathryn visited Linda here.

Monday, May 22: After helping Mary a while this a.m., I baked some pies minus one for Sage’s Apples as that’s where I got the apples. We, along with six other couples, visited Melvin and Laura Byler tonight. He is still quite weak from heart surgery.

Tuesday, May 23: Today was perfect weather to help 86-year-old friend Leora in Chardon. Five family members went with me and they cleaned windows and curtains, plus cut grass, weeded, and picked up a lot of sticks, etc. She was one grateful, happy woman!

Thursday, May 25: A rainy day. I counted 8 weddings in the Brief for today!

Friday May 26: Relaxing this morning, waiting to see if laundry would dry if I washed it.

LORD willing, I may take a ride to West Virginia Saturday.

My peas are about ready bloom in the grow boxes on the deck.

April 11. 2017: Hello to all! It is early, some work vans already going by, and the spring peepers singing their melodies I love.

Yesterday was such a perfect Monday laundry day! It gives Tuesday a new burst of energy to have the clothes, etc. put away.

Four of us had a job interview in Garrettsville to care for a lady who, if she lives, will be 103 in May! She’s quite sharp and knows where her things still are in the cupboards and throughout the house.

We visited Sunny Hope School one forenoon … a rewarding experience! Also went to Grandparents Day in Orwell School. Twas an interesting day with some game playing. The men and women lined up and the teacher gave an English word. Then, we were to say the German word for it. It was fun to see who was the fastest. There also was a contest of the creative talents of the upper grades who baked a lot of things and we were to taste them and cast our votes.

On Good Friday, many of the Yutzy marrieds were home for supper and the children were outside all evening in the balmy weather. A few little people stayed overnight.

Aunt Sylvia of Mio, Mich. came the 17th along with daughters Christina and Bertha. They each had a baby along, and I had the delight of hosting them here for two nights. In the daytime, they visited kin in Pennsylvania and in Freeport, Ohio.

We’ve surely had nice days to get spring work done. Some garden is planted and my peas are up in grow boxes on the deck.

Seems the flowering crab trees and lilacs are more full and beautiful now than in some years.

May God bless you all.

March 30, 2017: Greetings everyone in the name of our LORD!

I’ll write my piece this way this time and refer to my personal diary for notes and highlights for March.

Six of us church women visited Emma Miller one afternoon and then missed our taxi to go home because we didn’t see him sitting in the driveway 17 minutes! Poor guy! The car was obscured between two entrance windows. We called for another ride home. (Emma’s brother Allen is the one who died so unexpectedly recently.)

On March 4, while I was at Mel Yoder’s, he was taken to the hospital with what was discovered to be blood clots in lungs and one leg. He came home the eighth day and is doing well. On March 27, his children from Pennsylvania and here surprised him on his 90th birthday! I was privileged to be invited and it was the highlight of the day watching him open his 90 gifts.

Recently on a Sunday evening, the Yutzy families enjoyed supper at John and Lori Yutzy’s in their new home on Mumford Road. On that stormy Tuesday, the family “out back” came up with cooked ice cream thinking there was a freezer here. Fresh snow and salt were put in two large bowls with two smaller bowls with the ice cream in it. With us taking turns whipping and stirring, the ice cream was hardened enough to dish it out and eat it.

On the 17th, I got some peas planted in grow boxes and some tomato seeds started.

Neighbor Rose spent time in hospital and now, her husband was in this week, too.

The singles group took supper to Aunt Sara’s one evening and she got more visitors, too. It still seems kinda not real that Joe is no longer there and Sara is thinking of making some changes that come at a time like this.

Saturday the 25th was the funeral of 92 year old Marshall Johnson. I don’t remember how many years I worked for them when the children were small.

My weeks are mostly taken up with going with groups to the DDC Clinic once a month, to Senior Center, doing Noah’s payroll, and one or two nights a week with client Mary. There are still some days left over for extra care giving when someone calls. This semi-retirement isn’t half bad! (Smile)

I thank GOD to have health and strength to be out and about.

You have a happy month!

Saturday, Jan. 14: We had our last CHRISTmas gathering today here at Noahs’.

Tuesday, Jan. 17: Today Une Alma’s girls were here along with 3 caregivers who worked with us in Alma’s care.

Wednesday, Jan. 18: A pretty typical Wednesday with payroll, treatment, shopping, and going to Bainbridge for the night.

Thursday, Jan. 19: I have a hard cold so didn’t do much, but when the sun came out, I washed windows. (Smile!)

Saturday, Jan. 21: Today’s agenda included canning applesauce, cleaning, and eating Chinese with friends tonight. Then 4 young relatives slept here.

Sunday, Jan. 22: Mrs. Lydia Troyer is in Cleveland hospital so some of the grandchildren were here at Grandpa Yutzys’ while the parents were at the hospital.

Monday, Jan. 23: The first day of a new job, and it’s delightful!

Tuesday, Jan. 24: Visiting and helping a friend in Chardon today. Then the singers went to Sarah Hershberger’s tonight.

Wednesday, Jan. 25: On the job again and then to the free (donation) dinner at the Parkman church … they have this the last Wednesday of the month. Then, to Bainbridge for the night.

Thursday, Jan. 26:  After coming home in the morning, I did payroll and cleaned the floors. This PM, we received the very shocking news of the passing of Allen Miller.

Friday, Jan. 27 and Saturday, Jan. 28: Did 2 jobs and then went to the viewing in Parkman. One can hardly think of anything else. The families have our deepest sympathy.

Sunday, Jan. 29: Sister and I attended Allen’s funeral. We lived as next-door neighbors on Route 168 for nearly 40 years. The family has our sympathy.

Monday, Jan. 30: Oh, the snow! The beautiful snow!  It was treacherous going to Bainbridge this morning, but we made it. Came home and baked bread to take along to the singles supper by Barbara Weavers

Tuesday, Jan. 31: We had a delightful get together day with aunts and cousins by Roseanna Kurtz. Then, tonight the Alaska trip group partook of Spike Weavers’ homemade ice cream.

Wednesday, Feb. 1: Today, was the monthly gathering at DDC where 25-30 ladies do quilting, comfort knotting, sewing, etc.

Thursday, Feb. 2: Aunt Sylvia came from Michigan, so 5 of us had a nice supper together.

Friday, Feb. 3: Five of our aunts visited Fannie and Mel today and brought lunch. So, while I cleaned, it was a privilege to listen in on their conversations.

Saturday, Feb. 4: After coming home from Mary’s, I housesat at a neighbors. We enjoyed a dinner tonight with family.

Sunday, Feb. 5: Gertrude and I attended church by John and Ruth and then she joined family from Michigan at a relatives.

Tuesday, Feb. 7: Guess this was catch-up day with laundry, ironing,etc. We had a wonderful singing tonight by Mike and Mary Ann Miller.

Wednesday, Feb. 8: Nine of us relatives had an enjoyable day in Cleveland today and then I went to my overnight job.

Thursday, Feb. 9: This was payroll day and also going to the viewing of Enos Byler. (Their girls helped me for years with the dinners and cleaning.) Then, we gathered up the breakfast casseroles that the ladies prepared for the morning of the funeral.

Friday, Feb. 10: Aunt Fannie Yoder had a fall this week and is very sore so she mostly rested today.  When I came home, on my table were an orchid plant and a Valentine bag of goodies. So, many thanks to my “Secret Friend”.

Sunday, Feb. 12: Tonight, we visited the Matthew Yutzy family where her parents, Mose and Lydia Troyer are staying since Lydia’s triple by-pass surgery. The shop house there is being remodeled for them to move into.

May GOD bless you all!

Saturday, Nov. 26: I’m missing Alma’s auction because of a rather sticky back situation. So I helped a little and enjoyed when some of the family came together for a turkey supper.

Tuesday, Nov. 29: Just mostly taking it easy, but having blessed relief after a treatment again. Our singles group took supper to Joe Weaver’s last night and tonight the singers gather.

Wednesday, Nov. 30: Not doing much, getting a treatment every other day and fighting the flu and a hard cough. Did payroll.

Thursday, Dec. 1 (already!): We’ve been enjoying deer steaks, the results of a kind neighbor leaving a deer on the patio. I just did payroll and rested. Am feeling better every day.

Saturday, Dec. 3: By moving carefully and slowly, I was able to get my cleaning done. Thankful for it all.

Sunday, Dec. 4: Church was at neighbor Menno Eichers’. We played games tonight.

Monday, Dec. 5: Had an appointment in town, fixed some food this afternoon and then, tonight, our visiting group was at nephew Vernon Hershbergers. They appreciate visitors since he is housebound on full time oxygen.

Tuesday, Dec. 6: For the first time in several weeks, I did my own laundry … slowly, carefully, watching my moves. Then I went to Mary’s which is easy and light work for just a few hours in the morning.

Wednesday, Dec. 7: Had the privilege of spending the day with Marta, and then got a treatment. (Blessed relief!) And did payroll. How my life is blessed in so many ways, all gifts from the LORD.

Thursday, Dec. 8: A group of us went shopping … more for the fellowship, though. One little person stayed overnight,

Friday, Dec. 9: The highlight was the gathering of “the crew” tonight at Noah and Barbara Yutzys’. They served ribs, chicken, and plenty other dishes. There were about 50 or so there.

Saturday, Dec. 10: The month is going by fast. With the help of Cindy, we got some things done: canned ground cherries, did laundry, some cleaning, got started on CHRISTmas cookies and then went to an Amish store on the way to take her home. Good feeling.

Sunday, Dec. 11: We had family brunch and then rested and played games in the afternoon.

Monday, Dec. 12: Got to put my clothes away and in order and did other odd jobs.

Tuesday, Dec. 13: Seems it takes several trips to finish the Christmas shopping, so we did more of that today. Singers went to Neil Hershbergers tonight and from there I went to my overnight. My client is a sweet, delightful 91 year old, easy to care for and, after she’s up for the day, then I can leave. She likes to have baking and cooking done and, if time, light cleaning. We were out to lunch with a neighbor and then, in the evening, we went to the viewing of Dan Yoder.

Sunday, Dec. 18: It was quite a challenge for those who walked to church on Owen Road today. The road and driveways were solid ice.

Monday, Dec. 19 – Saturday, Dec. 24: We spent most of this week making goodies, going to school programs, etc. I was away from home several nights.

Sunday, CHRISTMAS DAY: I held down the couch all day, battling the flu.

Monday, Dec. 26: I recovered well enough to clean, get things in order and have company tonight.

Tuesday, Dec. 27: Just did laundry and odds and ends and then went with the singing group to Sam Kauffman’s for our gift exchange.

Wednesday, Dec. 28: As usual, did bookwork, payroll and then went to Mary’s overnight. Who wants to read this anyway?

Thursday, Dec. 29: After coming home this AM, I baked bread, made applesauce, tomato gravy, fried potatoes and fried mush for my two guests tonight. They left for home but soon came back, saying they couldn’t see to drive it was snowing so hard! So one slept on my couch and the other on my extra bed. (Smile!)

Friday, Dec. 30: We were up about 4:30 a.m., sitting in the living room. The roads were open soon and I went to Aunt Fannie’s to clean and to Mary’s for the night.

Sunday, Jan. 1: More icy roads and driveways going to church on Owen Road. We had 10 visiting ministers!

Monday, Jan. 2: Well, two more CHRISTmas gatherings today … brunch at nephew Lester Hershbergers and supper with the singles. Delicious foods, gifts and fellowship.

Tuesday, Jan. 3 – Wednesday, Jan. 4: Did the normals … going to town, bookwork, payroll, getting Millie a haircut, and 4 of us practicing a little skit for Thursday night.

Thursday, Jan. 5: We had sister-aunt day at Sara’s and then tonight, about 22 of our churchwomen and 6 or so girls were here at the other house. Twas a nice time of togetherness, fellowship, the joy of gift giving and snacks. A blessing we can get together like that.

Saturday, Jan. 7: I came home from Mary’s this morning and then went to Mal Yoders’. This evening, our little village here got together and played marbles and Gert stayed overnight.

Sunday, Jan. 8: Noah, Barbara, Gert and I went to the hospital and visited Lynda Troyer and Roman Matt Troyer. Gert, then, stayed with her sister for the night. Matt’s heart had stopped in the ER and was restarted with paddles She has to contend with the pain of broken ribs that happened in the process. Matthew Yutzys are renovating the old shop/house they used to live in. They will bring Carol’s parents to live there.

Monday, Jan. 9: Today was nicely filled with some caregiving, a meeting, more bookwork, and visiting night at Sam Fishers.

Tuesday, Jan. 10: The men here were looking for an ox that jumped out the window when spooked by hay being thrown down the chute. He was found down and across the road in the neighbor’s pasture. The family has now been working on meat cutting for a few evenings. We had a nice singing at Joe and Cindy Millers’.

Thursday, Jan. 12: I’ve been working on sewing a coat and I finished it tonight.

See you next month! GOD’S blessings to all!

Monday, Oct. 31: I started out the day happy, baking bread and making fudge. Then, while getting up from a chair, something felt like a tear in my knee. So I hobbled in severe pain, saw a chiropractor and it’s slowly feeling better.

Tuesday, Nov. 1: I like November … it’s birthday month for quite a number of our family. I was able to sew on scarves and also go to the singing at Aunt Sara’s.

Wednesday, Nov. 2: Another chiropractic treatment, I’m feeling so much better; I’m able to do a small laundry. The maple trees in back cast a golden glow into the house. A lot of leaves fall every day.

Thursday, Nov. 3: Coming home late morning from my over-night caregiving, I did payroll and sewed. Then I was taken out for an early birthday supper. After which, the 4 friends came here and we played marbles.

Friday, Nov. 4: I was up early, taking a shower before 4:00. My doggie was trying to figure out what’s going on. She was afraid she’s getting one too. And she did! Twas a regular workday.

Saturday, Nov. 5: Happy Birthday to me. Smile! One of Mom’s friends used to sing “Happy Birthday” to herself in bed before she got up. Some of my family took me out to celebrate.

Sunday, Nov. 6: We walked to church and were surprised how warm it was to walk home in the afternoon.

Monday, Nov. 7:I helped my client Mary this morning. Poor dear has a hard time from all the effects of a stroke. Then her daughter brought me to town where I shopped a bit, met with some friends for a while and, had a back treatment. Tonight, we had a lively time visiting at the Ervin and Lizzie Miller home.

Tuesday, Nov. 8: Aunts Edna and Elmina, sister, and I spent the day with Aunt Sara (Scribe). Our group had planned to sing for Jake Byler, but we got a call he had a stroke, so we didn’t go.

Wednesday, Nov. 9: Got some odd jobs done, including payroll, and then went to Linda’s Benefit at the Window Shop before going to the overnight in Russell.

Thursday, Nov. 10: We 3 caregivers joined the family of Alma Miller at her house to finish some sorting and packing They’ve done a good job of getting everything ready for the auction on November 26.

Friday, Nov. 11: After work, we had a nice dinner.

Saturday, Nov. 12: I didn’t feel very perky this morning, so I cancelled going to Aunt Fannie’s to clean. This evening, the family out back all came up and we sat around the table eating pizza and ice cream, etc. Are we spoiled???

Sunday, Nov. 13: Just a day of resting until evening, some of the marrieds got together.

Monday, Nov. 14: I sewed curtains and, in the evening, we gathered at Albert and Susan’s’. Another birthday cake and the trimmings! (Smile)

Tuesday, Nov. 15: A load of relatives traveled to Troutville, Pa. for the funeral of cousin Monroe who died of cancer. My dear friend, Katherine, also passed on tonight, in Michigan.

Wednesday, Nov. 16: Got the curtains finished, did payroll, had chiropractor treatment, etc.

Thursday, Nov. 17: Such a beautiful day again. I was by Aunt Fannie’s, cleaning.

Saturday, Nov. 19: A sad morning for me to miss Katherine’s funeral today. But we’ve changed this gathering several times to go to Pennsylvania, so we prepared food and spent the day with Susan Yoder and her mother. Seven of the Detweilers went along to their brother Henry’s.

Sunday, Nov. 20: Church was out back at Noah Jrs and, since they put in a sidewalk last week, Linda was able to wheel back and be at services.

Monday, Nov. 21: A much needed day at home doing lots of jobs around here.

Tuesday, Nov. 22 – Wednesday, Nov. 23: Went to an overnight and got home late am. Then, in the afternoon, had a chiro appointment and went grocery shopping.

Thanksgiving Day: Some of our family spent time together, and then we had 3 little ones overnight.

Friday, Nov. 25: We are preparing food and baby-sitting. The food is for a weekend gathering. More stuffing and turkey Yummm! Suite me! GOD be with you all.

Saturday, Oct. 1: I went to Mikes and stayed overnight. It was enjoyable doing last minute things for church there.

Sunday, Oct. 2: After services today, I came home and joined the rest of the family at sister’s.

Monday, Oct. 3: Did some caregiving a few hours and, this evening, our group visited at Mrs. Mary Hostetler’s.

Tuesday, Oct. 4: It was a beautiful day to wash and dry curtains, so that’s what I did. Also ran some errands and, tonight, had a new stovepipe installed, to my delight! (Smile!)We sang for Joe U. Miller this evening.

Wednesday, Oct. 5: Three great-nieces came and shined up my house for church services. I went to an overnight job … although it is for a friend, so not so much of a “job”

Thursday, Oct. 6: After coming home this morning, went to town and then had playtime with two little ones. Took them home before bedtime. Their parents had been to a wedding.

Friday, Oct. 7: My usual happy Friday work. Picked up fish dinners at the firehouse for us at home.

Saturday, Oct. 8: Communion services were here at renters’ house. Some of the marrieds came for sister’s birthday “surprise (?)” and a few stayed overnight.

Sunday, Oct. 9: My singing group was here for dinner and then this evening, there was more family time at Noahs’.

Monday Oct. 10 and Tuesday, Oct. 11: Had a new caregiving place these 2 days.

Wednesday, Oct. 12: Got some laundry done, had a chiropractor treatment, and sister and I visited Kathleen and had Chinese lunch. Then … on to the Wednesday overnight.

Thursday, Oct. 13: Today was “catch-up day with payroll, some bookkeeping, cleaning out the icebox, etc. My poor neighbor fell yesterday, so when my doggie dashed across the road to her house, I stopped in to chat when going over to fetch Millie.

Sunday, Oct. 16: We all had a delicious haystack brunch by Junior and Marie. In the evening, we had visitors, which was appreciated and enjoyed.

Monday, Oct. 17: I was at a caregiving and also got caught up on bookwork. What nice balmy days!

Tuesday, Oct. 18: Got a big wash done and other odds and ends. Evening singing was at Smileys’ Johns.

Wednesday, Oct. 19: I was doing caregiving today, and then tonight I went to South Russell by a client.

Thursday, Oct. 20: It is often kind of late in the morning when I come home from Mary’s, so I don’t always get a lot done, just payroll, etc. We enjoyed a supper of tacos at Mikes. The women went to a Silent Auction for a while in Orwell.

Saturday, Oct. 22: The main event for the family of Allen and Nancy Hershberger today was the surprise 50th wedding anniversary by their daughter Cora and Chris Fishers’ place. They had the traditional corner fixed with cake and flowers. They also served the wedding dinner, which was delicious.

Sunday, Oct. 23: This was our church Sunday, and tonight we had singing with the marrieds and Orwell friends at Matthew Yutzys’.

Monday, Oct. 24: Doing some caregiving today, and our hearts and thoughts are with those we hear are in hospital.

Tuesday, Oct. 25: After going to town and on errands, I did some white laundry and other odd jobs. Linda here had a good dinner brought by the women of her former church.

Wednesday, Oct. 26: Today we traveled to Punxsutawney, Pa. with a wheelchair van so Linda could visit her pen pal, Mrs. Edna Schlabach. Edna and her deaf husband Roman have a son who recently died in his 30s. Seven others went with us.

Thursday, Oct. 27: It seems like we’ve been on the go a lot this week. Today we attended the wedding in Andover at Truman Hershbergers. It rained most of the day, but that’s all right … we had warm places to go to and the food and fellowship is always enjoyable. May GOD bless you all.

Sunday, Sept. 11, 2016: We received the message of the passing of Mrs. Ada Kurtz. Our visiting group had enjoyed an evening with her not long ago in August. The past week has been busy with caregiving and attending two weddings. The Thursday weddings had that wind and rainstorm, blowing the tents and soaking up the yards. We are thankful for the rains and abundant harvests, gifts from GOD. Alma seems to be getting weaker as each week passes.

Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016: It’s been quite a week, getting the message Wednesday evening of the passing of Joe. Such a shock to all. So, Thursday we spent most of the day there with Aunt Sarah, and. Again, in the evening to sing for a while. So many memories … Joe starting the singing group some 20 years ago, and think of the Benefit Auctions he hosted, the bus trips he organized, etc. But, we do not want to give glory to man … but to God only. Our hearts go out to the family. Yesterday, after the funeral, I spent the evening with Alma, along with some of her church people.

Monday, Sept. 26. 2016: Now a week later … Alma passed on last Monday afternoon and her funeral was on Thursday. So I did most or part of my usual Friday and Saturday jobs, and niece Barbara and I had an interview for another caregiving job. Sunday (yesterday), while at our council church, sister Barbara had another gall bladder attack. We ended up at the ER and she was admitted as of last night.

 Friday, Sept. 30, 2016: Where did the month go? Sister had two separate operations … Monday to take the stone out of the bile duct, and Tuesday to take out the gall bladder. She’s home and doing OK. Thursday, we got all the laundry done for them and for me. Then I spent the night at a former client’s in Chagrin. The family here had a birthday celebration for Linda Yutzy Wednesday evening the 21st. You all have a blessed month.

Friday, July 22: Well, another big Hershberger gathering has taken place. There also was the delightful Post luncheon this afternoon.

Saturday, July 23: I skipped going to clean Aunt Fannie’s house and instead, went with sister to Orwell. While the men worked on restoring the old barn at Mike Yutzy’s, we women baked and made lunch. The night before, 2-year-old Emily was quite traumatized when the farm rooster attacked her. She has marks on her head and arm, and slept very little. She ate and played and slept during the day, though.

Thursday, July 28: After doing the laundry, I was privileged to visit our friend Alma Miller and her daughters Marie and Ruth who were her caregivers today. It saddens our hearts to see the effects of the stroke Alma had. Her daughter Marie is here for the week from her home in Kentucky. The night before, she received the devastating call that their 1-year-old grandson had been run over by a taxi in his driveway. He’d been playing in the gravel by the side and no one saw him move into the car’s path. He needed surgery on is liver and is sedated. The tire marks go all the way up his body, missing his head, but scrapping his face.

Friday, July 29: The benefit auction tonight looked to be selling things well, and the Silent Auction was profitable. The little boy is recovering and the doctor is pleased with his progress. Sunday, July 31: After church, eight of us headed out to Mio, Mich. I parked my things at Aunt Sylvia’s and thoroughly enjoyed the visiting of relatives and friends, plus the good meals. Came home Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday, Aug. 3: Another traveling day … relatives going to Troutville, Pa. to visit cousin Edna Mare who has been battling cancer for several years. The little one in Kentucky is home from the hospital. I spent the night with Alma Miller and daughter on Georgia Road.

Thursday, Aug. 4: Did some shopping this morning, payroll, and then back to Georgia Road for the night.

Friday, Aug. 5: Coming home in forenoon, catching up on the few things, like appointments. Then meeting friends for dinner. On the way home, stopping for ice. While I paid for it, they, being helpful, loaded the ice in the car. Oh, discovering down the road, instead of a block of ice, a bag of cubes was put in. No amount of talk persuaded them not to turn around and put the cubes back and get a block. Me, feeling all guilty and all as usual. Part of life. Ice surely does melt fast these days. Not to complain … soon it’ll be cool, then cold! If my tally is close to being correct, from this last church letter, there are now about 94-100 weddings published this year.

Monday, Aug. 15: Aren’t we thankfully enjoying the rains. Today we canned lots of corn in the family, a satisfied feeling at the end of the day. Our visiting group spent the evening with Mrs. Ada Kurtz, being outside on her porch.

Saturday, Aug. 20: Had the privilege of being with Alma two nights on Georgia Road. They appreciate their many visitors. The effects of the stroke have left her right side stiff and the right eye seems to be blind. A lot of hustling and bustling going on this week, getting ready for the young folks’ singing and supper at the “Back Forty”. Linda Yutzy was happy to acquire a recliner, feeling relief to be able to get her feet up.

Sunday, Aug. 21: A quiet day and then a very nice evening out back with a tasty supper and rewarding singing with around 50 young folks. The girls brought salads and desserts and burgers were grilled for the main course.

Wednesday, Aug. 31 – Friday, Sept. 2: We spent the weekend in the Lancaster, Pa. area with four singles from here. More of our 2014 Alaska trip group joined us for a Saturday pizza supper … then going to church Sunday. Back on the Zimmerman farm for lunch and supper where their children did chores so the parents could be free. They have a pond where they built a water slide, 30’ by 115’, that was used by some of the bravest. (Smile!) We spent some time in the home of Levi and Rebecca Esh, and also drove in the driveway of author Linda Beiler, but she wasn’t home. Monday was brunch at a friend of the traveling girls. We stopped at a few stores and visited in the home of our tour guides, Lester and Edna Faye Burkholder. The 8 and 10 year olds with us thought the Hershey Chocolate tour, the water slide and sleeping in a motel were the highlights. The countryside was beautiful and clean. Now, back to the normal schedule … caregiving, cleaning, whatever. Alma on Georgia Road remains about the same, maybe regressing some each week. They appreciate the many visitors! Keep on coming. May you know the blessings of GOD!


July 18, 2016*: I’m listening to a wonderful rain! How thankful to our LORD for it! The flowers seem to be smiling. Two Yutzy couples and I started out for Clintonville, Pa. to visit a Yutzy sister. Then, the taxi car broke down near Champion. So we were brought home in different vehicles and tried again the next week. After that drive, we had a pleasant evening of visiting and celebrating her birthday. When I arrived at Melvin and Fannie Yoders’ Friday morning, Mel was on the couch resting his broken heel. He had fallen the night before and endured much pain during the night. He is scheduled to get a cast today. A local family enjoyed an outing at Hocking Hills on Saturday where they and many others observed a strange encounter. A man was standing in the river tugging a large log and heaving it on the shore.

Then, he picked up large stones, throwing them behind his back as he made growling noises. When he started climbing up the rocks, the people scattered in directions away from him. Someone mentioned he might have been on drugs. Our singing group gathered at the Dan Yoder home where I’ve spent a day a week now. The DDC had a good attendance on Wednesday, where we quilted, sewed, knotted comforters, and what have you. We take our own lunches. This week on the agenda are two weddings, lotsa laundry, doggie haircut appointment, a Hershberger family reunion … all if we live and the LORD wills.

I want to make stuffing to take along with the singles tonight at Esther Lou Miller’s. Guess we’re having breakfast at Farmington Senior Center this morning. Then, I need to go to town on some errands. May GOD be with you all. July 25, 2016*: My letter got lost in the mail, so will write another one. (I mailed the first one a week ago last Monday!) Friday was the Hershberger reunion, held at Bert Kathryn’s. And we surely enjoyed the Post luncheon in the afternoon. Saturday, sister and I helped Miriam with lunch when a bunch of guys were tearing off siding on the old barn at Mikes’. They estimate that barn may have been built in the 1800s. The night before, their rooster got on 2 year old Emily, pecking her head and arm. Neither she nor her mom got much sleep that night, but, then, Emily played, ate and slept well on Saturday. Aunt Edna and I visited Alma today, and it brought tears to see what a stroke has done to her. Her daughter Marie of Kentucky was expected today and will stay most of this week.

Alma is staying at her daughter Marcia and Will Byler’s Then, this evening four of us made a call at Mary S. Millers. She had many callers today. I washed blankets, rugs and what have you today after giving Millie a treatment for fleas. Ugh! Lou Miller, who is recovering from a broken knee, is now allowed to put some weight on it. Tomorrow, I hope to attend another wedding, LORD willing and we live. I appreciate all the invitations, but cannot attend all of them. We’re enjoying the many organic vegetables here on the farm. People are waiting on sweet corn and melons, but there are lots of other goodies to choose from. May the LORD’S blessings be with all who read this. (* Ed. Note: Ellen’s first letter was posted on July 18. It finally showed up on July 26! Makes you wonder what adventures it had along the way!)


June 21, 2016 and June 27, 2016: * We’ve been enjoying the beautiful weather, being outside, working or relaxing. Much appreciated are the rain showers. Monday evening, the neighborhood had a nice strawberry and ice cream social at John Troyers’. They’ve had an abundance of berries. Blueberries are starting to ripen at the Matthew Yutzy farm on Farmington Road. I enjoyed being at Yoders the week of the wedding of their daughter. Then we attended the Benefit at Busters. Lotsa people and many things to sell. Sunday, we attended church at John Lesleins where our three aunts, two of the husbands, plus Joseph Yoders were there, also our Aunt Emma and Andy Weaver and Uncle Melvin and wife from New York. The three aunts are from Mio, Michigan. Linda Yutzy is still getting therapy at Briar Hill. She welcomes visitors. She is getting therapy for her shoulder replacement surgery. Several families of ours recently visited Melvin Yoder on 168. He had a heart oblation. This was the second attempt, so we hope it was successful. In between whatever is going on with life we seem to take in a wedding or two each week. So far this year, there have been around 75, according to the church paper …could be more as not all who are published get printed. On June 7 was the wedding of Noah Yutzy III and Marie Bender. Noah Jr. and Marie Yutzy have moved into the upstairs of the former Joe Weaver home on Hayes Road. They had a very nice wedding with plenty of food. I was quite pleased to see a Cedar Waxwing close to the feeder … first time I’ve seen one. We look forward to our South Dakota trip group coming Wednesday evening. Our visiting group enjoyed an evening at Bush Dans on the 15th. We go once a month and always have a very enjoyable time together. Singers were to Esther Lou Millers. She is quite handicapped with a broken knee, but has kind caregivers. The singles took supper to Mrs. Elmina Kurtz Monday evening. We’re sorry to hear of Mrs. Alma Miller’s series of strokes. She spends time with her two daughters. Her daughter Marie of Kentucky was with her a few days last week. Marie and Lester’s son Marlin recently had cancer surgery. Our heart goes out to all who are in distress. Today, there were about 32 Amish women at the Farmington Senior Center, quilting, visiting, playing games, doing handwork, whatever and, of course eating the carry in lunch. I do some sewing and am still working on the cleaning … closets and whatever. Had the two little people spray-hose down the deck and garage. They spent the night here Sunday night after the family supper. It was the first time on the new patio … and it was perfect weather. Sunday evening, the four married families had a cookout here on the new patio. The neighborhood was invited to John Troyers for an ice cream and strawberry social! The weather was perfect to sit under the shade trees. Niece Cindy helped me scrub down the entrance and paint outside chairs. We then joined several of my former workers for our yearly luncheon. On Wednesday evening, the South Dakota trip group came for visiting and snacks. That’s all for now. You have a blessed month. How blessed we are! God bless everyone! (*From the editor … Ellen sent her letter for this issue on June 22. As it had not arrived here by June 27, she wrote another letter, which was picked up rather than mailed. “Parkman Pathways” in this issue is a compilation of the two letters. We thank Ellen for her extra work, and, since this same thing has happened to two other of our writers in the last two months, we wonder if the vicissitudes of the US mail are increasing.)

May 25, 2016: We’ve been attending weddings and had the pleasure of having my aunts Emma and Sylvia and husbands here overnight. They live in New York and Michigan, respectively. Linda Yutzy made three trips to the ER recently after a fall out of bed. She had shoulder replacement surgery and is at Briar Hill for rehab. The singing group sang at the Sam Kempf and Jake Byler homes this month. We are anticipating a trip to Lancaster, Pa. this Saturday and Sunday.

The four little ones from Orwell were here Friday and Saturday while their parents helped with their school lunch at a horse sale in Sullivan, Ohio. Friday, I went with the seniors to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. There were numerous delays and so we didn’t get to go to the Art Museum. We were promised a free trip to there now.

On Wednesday, five of the younger great nephews went with me to Chardon to help a widow friend in her yard. Am working on sewing shirts for the upcoming family wedding and I still have over half of the spring-cleaning to finish, so I’d best get to work. GOD’S blessings wished to all. Oh yes … last night our South Dakota trip group surprised Andrew Bender for his 17th birthday celebration. It seems those treatments are helping my back.

Saturday, April 2: Spent the day with Aunt Fannie and Melvin cleaning and enjoying lunch together. (I cleaned my very dirty floors before I left in the morning.)

Sunday, April 3: A quiet day at home and then some family came for the evening.

Tuesday, April 5: Joining two friends, we, along with nine others, had a delicious lunch at Niece Ada’s. Singers were at Matthew Yutzy’s. Carol is getting better and is very much enjoying her mail. Wednesday, April 6: We had a wonderful day at Aunt Edna and Bill Byler’s where eight sisters celebrated an 80th birthday of one of them. They came from Michigan and New York with their husbands. Also joining were six nieces, helping with the good meal.

Friday, April 8: I spent the day with Aunt Fannie and Mel, and then this evening, we celebrated Mike’s birthday in Orwell.

Saturday, April 9: This was a pleasant day of just cleaning my house at my own pace (which is no longer very fast) and doing a little sewing, ironing, etc. I ended the day with supper with friends.

Sunday, April 10: We had all day services at Melvin and Kathy Millers.

Monday, April 11: The morning was taken up with a walk … partly in the rain … faxing the payroll, cleaning next door, and an afternoon appointment with a nap afterwards. Then, our visiting group was at the Andy R. Byler home in the evening.

Tuesday, April 12: Not having slept much, I just dawdled in the morning before spending the afternoon at Briar Hill. Friends from Thompson gave me a nice supper invitation by Aden and Miriam Millers. A group of nine singles brought supper to Linda Yutzy’s here at Noah’s.

Wednesday, April 13: This was a full day after finally deciding to go with the load to the back clinic in South Dakota. This meant working on laundry, getting caps ready, starting to pack and baking cookies to take along was on the agenda … while thanking God for the strength to do it all.

Saturday, April 16: Nine of us started out this morning, traveling over 600 miles, stopping for the night in Williamsburg, Iowa.

Sunday, April 17: From our motel on a hill, I was astounded early this morning to view the wide and awesome sunrise. God’s glory! We arrived at Canastota, South Dakota mid-afternoon.

Monday, April 18: Well, we got our first treatments this morning and then the rest of the day was spent visiting with many others who are here from different states. I met one of my circle letter friends from Indiana! (Smile!) It rained most of the day and was cold while, at home the temperature was 78 degrees, Oh, well.

Tuesday, April 19: Oh my, we are sore from our treatments, but are committed to the daily appointments. Reading, writing and playing games are on the agenda … and some of our group are pretty sharp when it comes to these games! While a few of us took a long walk, stopping at two yard sales; three of the men caught fish at a beautiful lake.

Wednesday, April 20: Rain and cold, so most of us stayed holed up in the activity room. Also, we asked and received permission to wash and fold bushels of sheets and towels.

Thursday, April 21: We took the afternoon off and went to see the famous Corn Palace and the Cabala store which was about 45 miles away.

Friday, April 22: Our last treatments were this morning and then we were homeward bound.

Saturday, April 23: After traveling 12 hours yesterday, it helped to make it home by 3:00 this afternoon.

Sunday, April 24: We had a beautiful day for Communion today.

Monday, April 25 to Wednesday, April 27: Am just working on catching up … laundry, caps, putting things away, appointments, etc. Sure am glad for the fire in the stove yet.

Thursday, April 28: The day was filled with doing payroll, a stint at the nursing home, and finishing ironing the five caps. It’s a good feeling to have a closet and drawers with clean clothes in them.

Friday, April 29: Spending a pleasant day with Aunt Fannie and Mel cleaning in my slow way. Oh, well, just so long as I get it done. God’s blessings to all.

Saturday, Jan. 23: Brrr … I was glad for a basement to hang the curtains that I had washed. We’re glad for the winter as it is, freezing some things and bringing birds to the feeder.

Sunday, Jan. 24: We had brunch with Johns and Noahs, followed by games and reading.

Monday, Jan. 25: I made Swiss steak and mashed potatoes and the rest of our group brought more food and we all had lunch by Albert and Barbara Mast. The Singles went to Emma Miller’s for another good meal and fellowship.

Tuesday, Jan. 26: Happy Birthday, Aunt Sara (Scribe)! We had Ladies’ Day at Carol’s. Tonight, I joined the crowd at Busters’ to hear John Keim and others talk about the new Gentle Solutions Facility.

Wednesday, Jan. 27: I spent most of the day cleaning and getting things ready for my Ladies’ Day tomorrow.

Thursday, Jan. 28: A delightful day of visiting here when nine women came from our former church on 168.

Friday, Jan. 29: Even my puppy was surprised this morning to see the snow!

Saturday, Jan. 30: Part of the family spent the day renovating the front of the basement. We did some baking and cooking, and had a few over-nighters.

Sunday, Jan. 31: Baptismal services were held today for Raymond Fisher Jr. and Noah Yutzy Jr. Later, we all had supper at Noah and Kathy’s’.

Monday, Feb. 1: Making potato salad and keeping an appointment was on the agenda for this morning. Then, at 3:30, four couples and I took supper to Mrs. Katieann Yoder in Atlantic. Also joining us was the David Mullet family who lives there.

Tuesday, Feb. 2: Our family always loved Cortland apples when growing up. so I was quite pleased to find some this late in the season. A friend brought us four pecks today, so I made two pies for them and we met for lunch.

Wednesday, Feb. 3: This was DDC Clinic day where we quilt, knot comforters, sort material, sew blocks together or just visit.

Friday, Feb. 5: After doing the whites early, I went to the bank and did some shopping, And then I did the color wash. I also baked a batch of cookies.

Saturday, Feb. 6: Guess I wrenched my back again, according to the pain I’m feeling. So, today I just did more bookwork and slowly cleaned my house. Then friends took me to a good dinner tonight. A delightful end to the week. Some of the first maple tappings were seen today, or the preparations for it (the scattering of the buckets).

Sunday, Feb. 7: Some of the family had brunch along with three little visiting sisters. Later we spent a few hours with Mikes in Orwell.

Tuesday, Feb. 9: I had an enjoyable day again at Tinkers’ Creek School and then this evening, our group sang at Daniel Burkholders. Let’s keep them in our prayers.

Wednesday, Feb. 10: Today, I kept busy with bookwork and a mid-day appointment. The blowing snow brings the cardinals to the feeder.

Thursday, Feb. 11: The whole morning was spent in making nine stops, which included shopping for groceries. I’ve got a rebuilt washer on hold since mine is worn out, leaking oil and water.

Friday, Feb. 12: Today was spent with Aunt Fannie and Melvin Yoder. Later, coming home from Cortland, we were on 88 in a snow squall, going very slowly, hardly being able to see the road! Scary, but God led the way.

Saturday, Feb. 13: It was a cold day for moving, but with plenty of help they got Linda Yutzy’s things moved over here to her brother Noah and Barbara Yutzys’. It is a nice apartment in the walkout basement where she won’t have but small half steps to get in and out. In the midst of the busy morning, the chimney burned out, causing some concerns.

Sunday, Feb. 14: We attended church today at Albert Millers’ and then had a quiet evening with family here.

Monday, Feb. 15 – Wednesday, Feb. 17: I’ve just been doing mostly bookwork, baking, laundry and watching it snow. Our day at Senior Center was cancelled on Tuesday due to the snow. My driver got stuck in a driveway because we came too early, before the snowplow. A friend took two of us to Mary Yoder’s to take advantage of the 2 for 1 Tuesday dinners.

Thursday, Feb. 18: I had an interview to do volunteer work at Briar Hill.

May God be with us all!


Friday, Jan. 8: After a day of cleaning and more errands, our church women enjoyed the evening together with a gift exchange.

Sunday, Jan. 10: Noah Yutzy Srs. and Noah Yutzy Jrs. and I were to church by Billy Bylers way up north. In the evening, I went to the viewing of Nelson Miller. Let’s remember his sister Esther who lost a dear brother.

Monday, Jan. 11: The four of us were to Alliance for sister’s knee check-up, and then back to Menard’s for some shopping.

Tuesday, Jan. 12: We baked, did laundry, cleaned cupboards, etc. Singing was cancelled tonight. The rest of this week was filled with the daily things, appointments, etc. And we enjoyed Friday with nephew’s family. The two oldest came for overnight.

Sunday, Jan. 17: We attended church in the cozy basement of Andy Millers and then, in the p.m. we drove over to the viewing of Andrew Yoder. There were oh, so many there, sharing in their parting of their 19 year old son.

Monday, Jan. 18: We are glad for this real winter weather even though it meant being in the cold somewhat at the funeral of Andrew. This evening, our singles group visited at Esther Miller’s home, whose 2 brothers have passed on.

Tuesday, Jan. 19: There were only about 10 of us Amish women at the Senior Center instead of the usual 20 to 25. Some drivers didn’t want to go out. We were working on a quilt.


Tuesday, Dec. 1: Had the day off and did bookwork most of the day. Singing group was by Dan and Esther Millers.

Thursday, Dec. 3: Three of us were able to do well with shopping and errands in Middlefield and Chardon. I spent the evening doing bookwork as I had done the laundry in the morning.

Friday, Dec. 4: Spending most of today with my client.

Saturday, Dec. 5: My friend passed late this morning, another phase of the journey of life.

Sunday, Dec. 6: Church was at Melvin Kauffmans with 5 welcome visiting ministers. In the evening, supper was brought in by the family next door.

Monday, Dec. 7: I’m thankful to have been able to do the laundry for us here while sister is still laid up. Our visiting group was at Eli and Mattie Millers’ in Mespo. Eli’s brother Joe and wife from Kentucky were also there.

Tuesday, Dec. 8: The morning was spent taking the doggie to the vet and taking Jonathan, 3, home to Orwell.

Wednesday, Dec. 9: Today, I was in the school room once again, not doing much, but enjoying being with the children.

Friday, Dec. 11: After a day of laundry and the usual daily tasks, some of our family took in the benefit auction at Joe’s.

Tuesday, Dec. 15: This was a day of baking and errands. The evening was greatly enjoyed with the singing group at Henry Millers’.

Wednesday, Dec. 16: We visited Melvin and Fannie Yoder in the a.m. and then I did payroll in the p.m.

Thursday, Dec. 17: I went into town with sister for her knee therapy and then we spent a few hours in Orwell with nephew’s family. We brought a few of the little people home with us. Some of the family were by John Fishers’ for an evening of visiting.

Friday, Dec. 18: This was laundry day, and then tonight, we enjoyed a CHRISTmas program.

Saturday, Dec. 19: I was so lovingly included with my brother Levi’s family in Carroll County at Levi Jrs’. Breakfast brunch was served and, later games, skits and the traditional snacks were enjoyed.

Sunday, Dec. 20: After church at Marvin Kauffmans’ and naps at home, we drove to John and Loris’ for the evening.

Monday, Dec. 21: We did errands, shopping and sister’s knee therapy in town. We also took Jonathan home. He had stayed 4 nights.

Tuesday, Dec. 22: We did laundry and washed ceilings and walls in sister’s kitchen. Later, we all enjoyed the CHRISTmas program at Tinker’s Creek School.

Wednesday, Dec. 23: We attended a third CHRISTmas program tonight. They were all enjoyable.

CHRISTMAS DAY: I was privileged to partake of the CHRISTmas dinner with friends gathered together.

Saturday, Dec. 26: Our family gathered here for the noon meal and then had exchange of gifts, games and singing.

Monday, Dec. 28: I had several hours of errands and a doctor appointment and then acted lazy the rest of the day. We sorrow with the John Byler family in their loss.

Tuesday, Dec. 29: I spent a few hours by Miriam in Orwell. Then our singing group had a joyful evening of gift exchange and singing.

Thursday, Dec. 31: After appointments in town, we drove into Cleveland and visited cousin Elva and son Andrew at the Seidman Cancer Center.

New Years Day: Waking up early gave me the opportunity to bake bread and cake rolls before helping a friend for a few hours. Our singles group had our yearly supper and gift exchange at Esther Lou’s. She had made chop suey.

Saturday, Jan. 2: Most of the day I was with Aunt Fannie Yoder’s family who were gathered at the Enos Hershberger home.

Sunday, Jan. 3: We were blessed with 10 visiting ministers in church today at Chris Fisher Jrs’.

Monday, Jan. 4: This was laundry day, plus errands and some food shopping. Our visiting group spent the evening with the John Fisher family. He has been undergoing treatment for cancer.

Wednesday, Jan. 6: Some of us relatives (including those from Michigan and New York) had a gathering at Joe and Sara’s.


Thursday, Nov. 5:
This has been birthday week. I was taken out to eat several times and feel “birthdayed” out, but thankful for all the kindness.

Sunday, Nov. 8: Church and supper were at Noah Yutzy Jrs. today. We had the delight of having the Orwell family here overnight.

Tuesday, Nov. 10: I spent a few hours at the hospital with my client.

Wednesday, Nov. 11: This evening was the large benefit Fish Fry for the Mast family. A small group of us had a nice visit with Gertrude Byler.

Friday, Nov. 13: A trip into town in the morning and then baking Whoopee Pies in the p.m. My family got one over on me with a surprise birthday supper at sister’s house. Some of the grandchildren stayed overnight.

Saturday, Nov. 14: The girls who stayed overnight, four of them, went with us to the Craft doings at Joe’s Shop.

Sunday, Nov. 15: It is 10 years today our mother passed on her sister Emma’s birthday. We were happy to visit with John and Ida Fisher at Hillcrest Hospital this p.m. He’s been in there about three weeks and they are glad for visitors.

Tuesday, Nov. 17: A busy day with laundry, baking and helping with getting the fish ready for the Benefit tomorrow. Singers were to Crist and Barbara Millers.

Wednesday, Nov. 18: Today, our church worked on the Benefit Fish Fry for John and Ida Fisher. 1000 take-outs were sold, plus the stands were full later. Over 30 gallons of ice cream were sold and more could have been used.

Thursday, Nov. 19: Friend Boby so kindly took me to visit friends in Pennsylvania.

Sunday, Nov. 22: After church we three had early supper at Mike and Miriam’s’ and then brought the three youngest home with us.

Monday, Nov. 23: While baby-sitting the three, granddaughters of sister Regina and Emma Sue helped us clean the kitchen cupboards, singles were to Mrs. Mary Millers tonight.

Tuesday, Nov. 24: In early morning, we were to town to get turkeys for the crew, plus other errands. Then, before noon, we headed to Alliance where sister Barbara had knee surgery.

Wednesday, Nov. 25: I did some baking and cooked a turkey before going along to bring Barbara home. We hope she doesn’t develop staph infection like she did with her other knee surgery.

Thursday, Nov. 26: Two of the married families shared a bounteous dinner at sister’s (Noah’s) at noon and stayed for leftovers for supper.

Friday, Nov. 27: I left the house about 6 a.m. or before and was with my client 10 hours. It seemed so good to have her home from the hospital.


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