Jim McClintock from Company 119 in Chardon could not wait to sink his teeth into this desert after dashing to win it at the Annual Meeting for Destination Geauga held in the Huntsburg Community Center on Jan. 27.

On Jan. 27, Destination Geauga led by executive director, Lynda Nemeth, held their annual meeting at the Huntsburg Community Center. More than 100 members gathered to enjoy a light dinner, a wrap-up of the year’s events, an introduction to the coming year’s events, and marketing opportunities for the members. Tina Moody, Board president conducted the formal aspects of the business meeting and Lisa Crilley Mills wrapped up with some strategic, time-management  tips.

The Desert Dash, as always, was a big hit as well as a substantial fundraiser. In the Feb. 17 issue of the Middlefield Post, Lynda Nemeth will write a more in-depth article about the event and Destination Geauga plans for 2016. Below are some photos highlighting the evening.

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