Joe’s wife zip-lining in Costa Rica.

By Joe Novak

It won’t be long before my wife and I start packing for our Caribbean adventure. Two weeks on a cruise ship with not a care in the world except deciding what I am going to order for my next dining pleasure. The food has always been great and we meet some of the most interesting people while dining. We prefer to sit at a table for eight so that I can socialize with the other passengers; after all, these people have not heard my jokes. My wife is more reserved and quiet, however, being the good wife, she laughs at my jokes as if she has never heard them before.

The ship docks at many different ports and we love to explore the towns, beaches and shops. Most of the locals are friendly and know that the tourists put food on their tables. I especially like haggling over the price of an object and make a game of it as do the shop keepers. They enjoy a good haggle and I provide the entertainment, never getting obnoxious; that wouldn’t be fun.

I am especially excited about stopping in San Juan, Puerto Rico where on my last visit I found the most amazing little coffee shop. They roast their own coffee, have free Wi Fi and, oh, did I mention that the cutest waitress in all of the Caribbean brought me an exquisite cup of Joe? I plan on purchasing a couple of pounds of beans to take home; the waitress however will be staying since smuggling is illegal and I already know how to make coffee.

Both my wife and I feel totally relaxed as we sit out on the ship’s deck watching the ocean go by discussing our next adventure; New Zealand, the Orient or South America?

Our last trip to Cost Rica presented an opportunity to go Zip lining. This is where you climb to a platform 250 feet in a tree and slide across a river gorge on a cable attached at both ends. They strap you into a harness with wheels running on top of the cable and off you go 1,700 feet to the next tree at 40 miles an hour. There are eight cables, the shortest being only 1,100 feet as you work your way down the mountain. Exhilarating to say the least. When we reached the ground my wife commented that she enjoyed the thrill ride, kissed the ground and told me, “Don’t you ever sign me up for something this terrifying again. “She’s a spoil sport at times; as for me, I just refuse to grow-up.

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