The Fort Huntsburg Band (l-r) Chris Tenny, Jim Hein, Don Burrows, Mary Heath and Bill Heath.

By Bill and Mary Heath,Fort Huntsburg Band

How about a few words from the southeastern edge of the snow belt, Huntsburg, Ohio? ome sweet ome for the Heath family and a lot of friends.

I first came to Huntsburg in 1962 to a home on rinceton Road that I rented for $60 a month. Hard to believe isn’t it? Anyway, except for a short two-year span in the middle, I have been in Huntsburg ever since.

When I go to the newly founded Huntsburg Historical society meetings, I feel like a newcomer. Most of the families represented are either lifelong residents or close to it. I wasn’t raised here. I was raised in Concord Township in Lake County, but consider Huntsburg to be home now that I have lived here all these years. Anyway, usually when someone says you are history, it’s not a good thing. I would be happy to be part of Huntsburg history.

That brings me to my favorite subject, the Fort Huntsburg Band. We started the FHB as we affectionately refer to it, in the early 90s. I had started playing in a band called Just Country before that time and in fact the very first time I played out, as we say, was in the old Open Kitchen restaurant that was pictured in the Feb. 3 edition of the Middlefield Post. It was known to us as the Dutch Country Kitchen back when, along with a few friends, we played music every Sunday afternoon.

As is usually the case in life, we needed to have a name change because there was another band using the same name. Because we started to hold rehearsals in my garage here in Huntsburg, we jokingly started calling the garage Fort Huntsburg. Well, I guess we carried the joke too far because I think everything I own except my underwear has an FHB on it. That along with our love for traditional country music has kept us doing our thing for about 26 years. We have been blessed to have a steady clientele of local summer festivals over the years, and Eagles, VFW’s and American Legions in the winter. We are also proud of our long association with the Great Geauga County Fair and glad to be back again this year. We are looking forward to being part of the Huntsburg Grange summer concerts on July 16 and the famous Huntsburg Pumpkin Festival in October.

How long can we keep this up? Only the Big Guy knows and I ain’t asking. I guess we will keep playing as long as the Classic Country Music lovers keep coming to hear us. We’ll keep an eye out for you!  To contact the band, call 440-636-5178 or


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