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Message From the Mayor


By Mayor Ben Garlich

The police held their semiannual Fill-A-Cruiser event this past Saturday. I appreciate those that man taking the donations, the chief and staff for organizing, Councilman Carl Hornung for adding his assistance as well as Charlie Ehrhart who attends and supports. It is fun to see residents you know as well as make new acquaintances with individuals who provide donations. The small army of volunteers from SS Edwards and Lucy Parish are to be commended for keeping the tradition alive and operating an efficient and effective distribution of food for the Easter and Thanksgiving holidays. The most important participants are the individuals that donate, and I am sure many of those are personally sacrificing to give. It is also rewarding to hear those residents who compliment and appreciate our Village police. Thanks to all that make this event a success.

Our second annual adult Easter Egg Hunt is this Saturday, March 19. More than 100 tickets have been sold. It is a fun event where you can socialize with neighbors and friends and have a chance at winning some fabulous prizes. Thanks  to the local merchants that donate great prizes and the Village Recreation Department for organizing this successful hunt. I hope the weather cooperates but regardless it will be an enjoyable evening. Hope to see you there.

This past Tuesday was Election Day. Even though only a primary election, it was very important. It seems like our country is divided but as you listened to the candidates, they all have the same goal for our country. We all want availability of employment, fair wages,  affordable health care, high quality affordable education and a country that continues to be a world leader. We desire a bright future for future generations that will enjoy the prosperity and freedom of past generations. Even though all candidates share the same goals, the differences lie in how they think these goals should be achieved. The majority of Americans still believe goals are achieved through personal discipline and hard work. It is important that we choose future candidates both locally and nationally that support our individual freedoms providing an environment for individual success. This vote and future elections are important and shape the future of our communities, county, state and country.

Please be informed, be involved, shop Middlefield and visit


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