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The Joys of Spring


By Ellie Behman

Running streams, the awakening of life,

The sounds of nature are alive throughout the woods.

Rising from their quiet nesting places to welcome the spring,

tiny birds call to each other high atop the budding trees.

The squirrels leave their

empty nut shells scattered about,

letting us know that they are back

after the long, cold winter.

All around us is the busy

hustle and bustle of creatures

that yearn for the warm sun.

How unlike is this vast wooded paradise

from the sounds of the city,

Long lines of traffic,

everyone rushing to work

or somewhere else

they feel they need to be.

City air is thick with fuel and waste,

everyone is moving quickly,

horns honking, loud voices chattering.

The woods and the creatures

within provide a

soothing balm for man’s

troubled soul

The air is clean and crisp,

the water from a nearby brook

runs crystal clear as it makes its

way over rocks and crevices

Spring has allowed us to witness the rebirth of nature in all its glory.

If  this peace and tranquility

could be sealed in a bottle

and released into our busy

day to day lives we would slow

down long enough to enjoy the beauty that our Creator has displayed before us.

The joys of spring and the re-birth of nature go hand in hand

with the Easter message,

Just as the buds in

spring rise from the earth

we are reminded of the risen Lord who promises us everlasting life.


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