By Lynda Nemeth, executive director Destination Geauga


Marketing researchers say it takes seven times to see the same ad or impression before it really sinks in and we remember it. At Destination Geauga we give our members a wide variety of tools to promote their businesses; the Visitor Guide, maps, the website, a mobile app, trade shows, co-marketing opportunities, you name it will do it. But sometimes the old basic ways may just do the trick.

If you drive through Middlefield on a regular basis you may notice our big storefront window changes at the beginning of every month. Not because we are crafty and clever, but in an attempt to get out a little cleverness and a lot of work each month, we let our members sign out our window to do their own display for a little extra recognition of their businesses. This is a great tool for new businesses, businesses that are not in the Middlefield, and even those that may not be a brick-and-mortar type store.

This program has become one of our favorites and not only with our members. Local residents have stopped in to the office to tell us how much they enjoy seeing the new window every month. If you have not been through Middlefield yet in March please make a point of doing so and checking out our window that is courtesy of Honey Hill Peddler General Store in Chesterland, a fabulous new treasure in our County. Because it is a great little store, we are hoping that displaying their wares in our window will help them reach a new audience in Middlefield.  Last month we were treated to a great educational display from Messenger Century Farm on Maple sugaring, complete with history and great recipes. There are only two months in the year that we at the office have to put on our creative hats and decorate it ourselves; for our two events, the Fall into Savings Passport, and the Spring Drive-it-Yourself Tour. Save the date as that will be coming up on May 14. In the meantime, enjoy our windows and be sure to take note of the businesses that have gone above and beyond to hopefully give you that seventh impression of them.


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