By Colleen Lockhart

Elizabeth Noreika is the newest member of the Fox 8 family, joining Bill Martin as co-anchor of Fox 8 News at 7 p.m. Noreika grew up in Geauga County, watching Fox 8 News and actually visited Fox 8 News as a high school student interested in TV news.

Noreika went to school at beautiful Ohio University, studying political science and telecommunications, then went straight to her first job in Oak Hill, W.V. as a weekend weather person and a multimedia journalist. She moved to Charleston, W.V .and stayed there for several years, then worked in Boston as an anchor and reporter and now is back in Cleveland.

“There’s nothing like coming home and being able to deliver the news to the people who matter most to you in this world. Fox 8 has given me the wonderful opportunity to be able to do so and I couldn’t feel more blessed or happier,” said Noreika. “I anchor the 7 p.m. with Bill Martin and play a reporting role in the other evening broadcasts.  Being part of the Fox 8 team is so surreal at times, because most of the people who work here are the same people who worked here when I was still living at home in Huntsburg.  It wasn’t even like I was starting at a new place and having to get to know everyone, it’s more like I came back to where I’m supposed to be and I was welcomed with open arms. Everyone here is as friendly and genuine as they appear on screen and they have made me feel so very welcome.

Noreika grew up in Huntsburg and her first job was at the Huntsburg Dairy Whip.  She attended Huntsburg Elementary School, which is no more and makes her kind of sad, but she does like to visit the grounds during the Huntsburg Pumpkin Festival. She is a graduate of Cardinal High School in Middlefield. “One of my favorite places is the Century Village in Burton and Sun Rise Farms,” Noreika said.

“There is just something different about the air in Geauga County that makes me feel right at home as soon as I’m there. It’s so nice I don’t have to go months, or even years before experiencing the wonderful sense of home anymore because I’m already here. Being able to deliver the news to the people who matter the most to me in the world is such a blessing and very rewarding. I am so happy to be home.”


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