Lynda-NemethBy Lynda Nemeth, executive director Destination Geauga

Who doesn’t enjoy going on vacation? Even the briefest getaway does a world of good for us, and why is that?

Well, usually we are turning off our brains from the norm and opening up to new sites, experiences and adventures. We are stepping away from our everyday routine to allow ourselves to be guided by more free-flowing schedule. We usually spend this time with people that we truly enjoy – family, or good friends.

We often find ourselves following the exact same path  everyday and never leaving the same little path our daily travels take us to. What people often don’t realize is that this simple recipe is available between vacations, and so very important for their own well-being, and we are so fortunate to live in an area where others choose to get away … to.

So shake it up a bit. You don’t even have to go far. Live in Middlefield? Grab a friend and make it an adventure by heading to Chardon or Chesterland. Visit at least two places you haven’t been and enjoy lunch at a new place or grab a buddy and hit a new golf course. Head down a road you’ve never taken. Don’t have a whole day? At your lunch break at work, skip the lunchroom gossip and take a walk or simply sit outside with a good book. You’ll feel so much better and refreshed.

There are so many ways to escape our veryday environment, and they all start with just breaking out of the norm. You don’t even have to go far to do it. Now, don’t forget if you need help finding those new places… We’ll see you on May 14 for the Spring Drive-it-Yourself Tour. 


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