Ten-year members of the Geauga Safety Council celebrated on July 8 at Punderson Manor.

Ten-year members of the Geauga Safety Council  celebrated on July 8 at Punderson Manor.

By Colleen Lockhart

Safety is priority one! Geauga Safety Council held its first meeting July 7 and with the help of their members, celebrated their 10-year anniversary at their July 8 meeting. As part of our celebration, they recognized 44 members who have had continuing membership since the beginning. Past advisory board members were invited to attend. They also recognized benefactors, members who appreciate the benefit of GSC membership and helped contribute to the celebration.

There was a Power Point presentation highlighting the Council’s accomplishments and fun events held in the last 10 years. Geauga Safety Council exists for their members and they can help with workers’ compensation claims management, safety and health information, education, networking and get you in contact with knowledgeable people, including a BWC representative at every meeting. In the first 9 years, they have saved members a grand total of $774,498.821. Geauga Safety Council is one of over 80 safety councils in Ohio co-sponsored by the BWC, and are locally co-sponsored by the Middlefield Chamber of Commerce and are just a click away on the Chamber website where, you can learn more about the Geauga Safety Council, their guidelines, members meeting schedule, topics, and speakers. Geauga Safety Council is non-profit with guidelines, by-laws and a volunteer board and committee The only paid position is the Executive Secretary for administrative purposes.

All money goes to programming, lunch, and other miscellaneous expenses. Currently they meet at Punderson Manor, usually on the first Friday of the month. Pre-registration is required but non-members can attend. Registration starts at 11:15, with lunch and a 45-minute presentation from qualified speakers on pertinent topics approved by the BWC. New members join every year. You can be one of them. There are no membership dues or fees to join. Employers (private companies, self-insured, public employers and state agencies) may enroll at any time, but to be eligible for BWC in incentives, enrollment must be completed before July 31 of the current year. To learn more about becoming a member, contact Sue,

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