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Summer Friends and Fall Plans


By Lynda Nemeth, director Destination Geauga

It’s funny, no matter how old we are there is that air of expectancy right before school starts. When we were kids it was all about getting those final days of summer in and reminiscing about all the great things we did with our friends before it was back to reality. It was school shopping, and hoping we got the right teacher and were in our friend’s class. Well I’m not heading back to school, but here at the beginning of August, I find myself reminiscing about a great summer where we met lots of new friends.

Looking at the guest book in our Destination Geauga Office we have seen visitors this summer from all over Ohio, a good many of the states, and even several countries including Italy, Mexico, England, Germany, Puerto Rico and Russia. We even saw delegates during the RNC from Florida, Utah, and Washington D.C. Now we find ourselves gearing up for Fall activities including thinking ahead to the Fair, and our Fall Passport program. (You can read more about our ‘Fall into Savings Passport’ in another article in this paper so be sure to check that out!) We’ve also begun working on membership renewals and soon we will begin working on our 2017 Geauga County Guide, hard to believe!

So while I’m pretty sure no one is going to take me school shopping, I hope I get some new friends in my class (i.e. new members to include in the next Visitor Guide). So before the bell rings, I hope you will take a few days whether you are going back to school or not to enjoy these dog days of summer. Because before you know it we’ll be complaining about the cold temperatures, hail and sleet, and the inevitable snow day.


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