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Message From Then Mayor- August 2016


By Mayor Ben Garlich

The Village, as most of you know, ran a promotional television ad for the month of August on Channel 3, Cleveland, WKYC. We ran this in conjunction with the Olympics knowing the viewer audience would be larger than normal. The ads promoted Village attributes for supporting manufacturing and emphasized we have a great area for families to grow strong. I’ve received lots of feedback from people in our Village and many from outside the area.

I am happy to say a large majority of the comments were positive. In addition, our Facebook activity has more than quadrupled during the month of August. It is exciting to hear ads on TV and radio promoting not only our Village but Middlefield Bank, Middlefield Library and even billboards on Interstate 480 for Rothenbuler Cheesemakers. All of these collectively help give Middlefield a wider audience as we strive to provide more employment, commerce and invite people to make Middlefield their home. Thanks to all who positively promote our Village.

I was disappointed to see our school levy failed. A quality school is absolutely imperative for a strong community. I am a member of the consolidation committee that has been discussing merging several districts with Kent State. I am involved solely to stay informed and make sure the best interest of our Village and residents is being served. All the governmental efforts to grow and improve this Village will be for naught without a quality education system. The ideal situation would be a local school that is supported and provides facilities and curriculum that will not only prepare students to compete in today’s world but give them an edge over others.

I hope that as School Administration and Board, residents and parents, and local government we can work together and make decisions to ensure we provide a top notch education for the youth of our area. I hope you all have and safe and enjoyable Labor Day and find time to attend The Great Geauga County Fair. Please be informed, be involved and shop Middlefield.


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