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Geauga County 4-Hers won two of the top Ohio State Fair sewing prizes. Rachael O’Reilly of Flockmasters 4-H club won the Clock Trophy for the Sundresses and Jumpers project with her floral print sundress, and Keziah Burden from the Feathers and Fleece 4-H club won the Clock Trophy for the Tops For Tweens project with her salmon tunic. The clock trophy is awarded in 20 different sewing projects and is the culmination of three days of judging at the State Fair. The contestants are judged on Fashion, Design, Fit, Construction, Grooming, Posture and Poise, and Personable Qualities. Both these girls will be bringing animal projects to the Great Geauga County Fair as well as modeling their winning sewing projects at the Style Revue.


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