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Message from the Mayor- Nov. 2016


By Mayor Ben Garlich

We will soon celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. This is the time of year I hope we all take time to reflect and give pause to the many positive aspects of life we as Americans enjoy. I remember living at home as a teenager and my parents saying if you have your health you have everything. These words didn’t mean much then, but the older I get the more impactful these words become.

We recently went to the polls and voted in a safe and fair environment. It is a privilege that we should all be thankful for. Many areas of the world do not have this opportunity. We recently celebrated Veterans Day. We owe the lifestyle and freedom we enjoy to those dedicated brave people that sacrificed a portion of their lives to ensure we retain our freedom. My thanks to all that served. Just before I wrote this article I took a drive around our Village that had a light covering of snow.

The roads were plowed and salted, the police were on duty and the businesses were active. I looked at the entrance signs with the fall mums and our freshly painted fire hydrants and thought how thankful I am this is my home and my community. It is a safe and friendly place to live. I spent last Saturday with the police, Village personnel and Councilman Hornung collecting food and money for those in need.

I am thankful we live in a generous community that cares about sharing and giving to causes that support our local area. We will have our annual Christmas tree lighting Friday the 25th at 7 p.m. downtown at the minipark adjacent to the Middlefield Bank plaza. This year we will light a couple of additional trees and add a nativity scene. It will look fantastic, so I hope you will come enjoy some hot chocolate, enjoy the holiday music provided by the Cardinaires, see your neighbors and look forward to the Christmas season. I encourage you to spend your holiday dollars local. Be informed, be involved, shop Middlefield and visit www.middlefieldohio.com


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