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By Lynda Nemeth, executive director Destination Geauga

Have you commented on something wonderful your friend has only to find out they bought it locally at a store you have never been in? Or  worse yet, a local store you didn’t even know existed? Maybe as Ms. Geauga, I am overly attuned to all the great places to visit in the county but I am still mystified when I mention a store and someone says “Where’s that?” So I have decided to take matters into my own hands in a fun and fruitful way.

On Friday, Dec. 9 Destination Geauga is offering its first ever Exclusive ‘Shop like a Local-Holiday Shopping Tour’ with Ms. Geauga as your personal guide. While we will be marketing this outside of the county, when I mentioned it to a couple of local people I was surprised by the level of interest from those that live in the county. So I decided why not share it with those that may benefit the most, the locals who would return on a regular basis. Here is your opportunity to see a side of Geauga County that may be new to you. We will begin at 10 a.m. at a central pick up point (TBD on west side of county) and work our way around  the county with approximately 12 stops.

This is going to be a lively excursion, with a good bit of walking to get in all the fun stops on our agenda. The cost is $57 per person and includes your guided tour with transportation for the day,  lunch, a ‘goodie bag’ with some special shopping offers from some of the stores we will visit, a map of our day’s route (so you can find everything again!) lots of fun and even a surprise or two along the way. We will have you back to your car at around 4 p.m. for six full hours of shopping! Here is the perfect opportunity to get a whole lot of your Holiday shopping done on one day, and not have to worry about anything except enjoying yourself. Not to mention the added benefit of keeping our money local and helping our local businesses have a successful Holiday season.

So make your list, grab a friend, and give us a call if you would like to reserve your seat! We would like to thank Crooked River Adventures for their generous donation of their minibus and driver to make this day possible. If you are ready to join the fun, give us a call today to reserve your seat 440-632-1538, space is limited and payment must be made at time of reservation.


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