Middlefield-based Chem Technologies experienced another profitable year in 2016 and announced to the 95 employees at the Christmas company luncheon on Dec. 16, that they would receive a substantial share of the pro ts. (l-r) Kevin Cohill, vice president of sales and marketing; Donna Decker, vice president of customer relations and purchasing; Chairman and CEO Jim Schill and Dan Breit, Chem Tech board member.

There was a lot to celebrate this past December for Chem Technologies. The Middlefield-based company experienced another profitable year and Jim Schill, CEO, was happy to announce to the 95 employees at the Christmas company luncheon on Dec. 16, that they would receive a substantial share of the profits. “We are extremely proud of the performance of this company,” he told the group. “At this time last year, we forecasted an extremely profitable year. We didn’t see the increases we hoped for, but is was still a good year. For 2017, it will be the third year in a row, that we are forecasting large increases in our business.” He added. “And if we are anywhere close, it will be an all-time record year.” In preparation for the increase, Chem Tech has added another 36,000 square feet, totalling 72,000 square feet in the existing Plant 2 on Routes 528 and 87, which will be used for warehousing and additional manufacturing equipment. The head office and Plant 1 is located on the north-east end of Middlefield on Bonner Drive.

“If we are accurate with our predictions,” said Schill. “We will also add an additional mixing line.”  This will total nine lines between the two plants. “We are very optimistic about the future and are forecasting even greater growth in 2018.” During the address, Schill reminded his workforce, “The company is not for sale now, not for sale next year, not for sale, as far as I am concerned ever, and,” he added, “I have made future arrangements, that as long as we maintain relationships as they are with our customers and employees, when I am no longer involved, the company will continue to be privately owned.” Schill also committed to the group that as the business picks up, employees would receive incremental wage increases,  Chem Tech will continue to fully-fund employee health insurance and the company will initiate a 401K plan.

Chem Technologies is a manufacturer of cutting-edge custom mixing and chemical dispersions and blends. For more information visit


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