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Message from the Mayor


I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas and New Year holidays and found time to relax with family and friends. I like a white Christmas but prefer non-hazardous driving conditions more than a white Christmas so per my taste this year was perfect.

The Village held two council meetings in the month of December but as is the practice, we cancelled all other committee meetings for the month, which makes for an easy meeting month. We are now looking forward to an active and successful new year.

We are beginning  the year with new leadership created by the retirements of Dan Weir and Charles Ehrhart. Dan and Charlie were seasoned and dedicated employees and will be missed. I wish them both good health and happiness as they start a new phase of their lives. Their positions were filled by Leslie Gambosi-McCoy and Joe Tucholski, respectively. We look forward to working with both Leslie and Joe as they bring a new and different energy to their positions. I am sure they will be successful.

We are still closing the books for December but the financial information available shows for the fifth straight year of improvement in our income tax year over year. This is important as it is the true indicator of the vitality of our Village. Revenues have increased an average of 5 percent per year and I firmly believe this year will be stronger than the previous five. We’ve had numerous inquiries regarding potential businesses relocating to Middlefield and  I am confident some of the major empty retail space will be filled this year. Our motto “Middlefield Means Business” will be more important than ever over the next year as we work to attract services and employment.

In order for our Village to be successful we need an education system that is financially solid and attractive.
People shop where they live and a majority live in an area with a high quality educational systems. I know the Cardinal levy failed by less than a dozen votes in November. We need to support and work together to ensure our youth are provided a quality education which benefits all of us now and most certainly in the future.

Thank you again for all of your positive support and your contributions to our Village.

Be informed, be involved, shop Middlefield and isit ww.middlefieldohio.com.


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