Fourth graders Elizabeth L., Michael K., Austin J., Kamryn F. and Morgan C. are recognized as Young Entrepreneurs for the second quarter creating and running a successful business plan at the December Entrepreneur

Young Entrepreneurs Recognized

Business is good in fourth grade as all students continue to capitalize on opportunities in the Entrepreneurial Fair. The Entrepreneurial Fair offers each student an opportunity to develop a business and sell their products to classmates, using the money earned in their token economy system. Students work in partnerships, develop viable business plans, set prices for products, offer incentives for consumers to purchase their products, and in four separate Entrepreneur Fairs offer their products for purchase.  After the Fair students must count their money, deduct any overhead, calculate profit, and divide their earnings equally within their partnership. This a great opportunity for students to apply their math skills and test their social studies entrepreneurism content standards.

In the second quarter students in Mrs. Santoro’s and Mrs. Farrow’s homerooms had an opportunity to be entrepreneurs and develop a business plan. Based off of those plans, six students were selected  from the two classes as Young Entrepreneurs for the second quarter. They are Kayleigh D., Elizabeth L., Michael K., Austin J., Kamryn F. and Morgan C.  Kamryn and Morgan posted the biggest profit from the fair, earning $1,320.


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