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A Look Back in Time

This picture shows what was one of the first fire trucks of the Middlefield Fire Department. The fire department was formed by many of the towns leading citizens after the second disastrous fire at the Ohio Pail Company. The pail factory owners threatened to take the company and all its jobs to Chardon because there was no fire department in Middlefield and they were tired of rebuilding. This would of been a killer to the community because the OPC was one of the few places where anyone who wanted to work could get a job. Village Council realized something had to be done and backed the formation of the volunteer department. Compare this fire truck to today’s trucks that now can cost $800,000 to $1,000,000.


This picture shows what is now the entrance to Sperry Lane off Route 608. It was originally what amounted to a dirt path leading up to Mineral Lake Park that was later improved and dedicated as a village street. There were no houses built yet. At one time the Cleveland and Chagrin Falls Interurban streetcar tracks ran right through the park and down this path to the car barn that was located behind what is now Pizza Hut. The Middlefield Fire Department sat on the corner that is now the Station Square parking lot. After the fire department moved to its present location, the building was remodeled and served as the Village Hall until the present Village Hall was built in 1983.


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