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Village of Middlefield Update


By Mayor Ben Garlich

It is amazing to me how fast time passes. It seems like we just celebrated Christmas and New Years and it is already the latter part of March. This past weekend, we changed to aylightsaving time providing extended daylight evening hours indicating spring is approaching. This winter was my type of winter as we would have short periods of snow followed by days of sunlight and snow disappearing. Although the winter was my type of winter, it was a rough winter for our infrastructure. As I drive locally and out of the area, I see the toll winter has taken on our roads and highways. The Village has done a review of all Village streets and failing storm sewer basins. We will prioritize repairs and fix those that need attention and repair as many roads and storm sewers as the budget will allow. We are also urging ODOT to address the state highways that intersect our Village and move the repair of North State up on their schedule. We ask for your patience as we process these repairs.

May 1st we will begin our Village single trash hauler program. I was informed early in the process by potential vendors that the political push back would probably prevent this from being successful. We did receive some passionate push back but realized the majority of our residents would experience substantial savings and be provided curbside recycling. The Village would benefit by having trash-hauler traffic limited to one day per week and be able to eliminate the recycling center located at our service garage. This recycling center was a constant maintenance issue as well as a general eyesore to the residents in the area. You will be receiving informational mailings over the next few weeks on plan options, monthly billing instead of quarterly and process for program roll out. It is our goal to make it a positive improvement for our residents.

I continue to receive comments, notes, letters and personally witness the professionalism and the above and beyond attitude of our Police and Service Departments. I appreciate our employees for coming to work daily with an attitude to serve the residents and having the skills to execute in a way that positively reflects on our Village. We are fortunate to have such a qualified team.

Please be informed, be involved, shop Middlefield and visit www.middlefieldohio.


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