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Living With Purpose


By Roger Kruse

What is the purpose of your life?  Why are you here? Is your life making a real difference in our world? These are easonable questions for us to ask. After all, your earthly life is limited in its duration and you have no idea when it will end.  Even a long life passes quickly by and each day lived is forever behind you. No wonder the Bible says that a “wise or prudent” person gives thought to his ways.  It is easy to just plow ahead carrying on with our daily routines without stepping back to look at the big picture. However, it does us good to evaluate what we are doing and why we are doing it!

The life we experience now is just a stepping stone to what lies beyond us.  The Word of God teaches that “God has planted eternity in the human heart.”  Each of us realizes deep down in our soul that we are part of something that will last forever. Because that is true, what we do now really matters. How we build our lives has ramifications not only for the present, but for the life to come. No wonder God tells us to be mindful of our choices and pursue the path of wisdom.

I am encouraged and challenged to know that God created each one of us with a specific purpose in mind. You are not an accident, or just the result of random circumstances. Not at all. Your Creator made you with a specific idea in mind. The Lord put you together uniquely because he wants your life to have an impact. He smiles when we pursue and discover the reason for which He made us. God wants to weave every decision you make and every action you take into a beautiful tapestry. You are free to choose, but our sovereign God promises to work in all things according to his purpose and for our good.

“OK Roger… you’ve got me thinking, but how do I tap into God’s plan and purpose for my life?”  Great question, let’s take some steps to help you make it happen!

1. The first and most important step is to ask God.  The One who designed you for a specific purpose takes delight in guiding and helping you fulfill it.  Sometimes we don’t receive because we fail to ask. God wants you to bring your every request to Him. His answer will soon be on the way!

2. Consider how God has made you.  What are your natural abilities and God-given gifts?  What are you passionate about and breathes energy into your soul?  Share your ideas with those who know and love you best.  Ask them for their input and allow their feedback to confirm the direction God is showing you.

3. Make a plan.  What preparation is required to put you in a place likely to succeed? If you need training, take a class.  If experience is required , volunteer. If money and resources are short, start saving.  Life is a sequence of steps connected by a common thread.  Let God help you pull the strands together in order to fulfill His wonderful purpose to bless you and make you a blessing to others.

4. Take a step of faith.  Every journey begins with a single, small step. After prayer and planning, simply do the very thing you have been guided to do.  Your action will lead to another step. This will begin a process that God will direct. Don’t let fear of failure stop you from moving in a new direction!

5. Measure your progress by your inner joy and the blessings you have brought to others. The legacy God wants for you cannot be determined by dollars and cents or success as the world defines it.  When you begin fulfilling your God-given calling and purpose in life, you will be building on a foundation that will stand the test of eternity.

6. Don’t discount your dreams. Your potential to make a lasting impact is real. Prayerfully figure out what steps God wants you to take and then go for it. With a confidence born of faith, you can affirm the words of Psalm 138:7, “The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me.”  So be it!

Roger Kruse is an ordinary guy who wants his life to matter. He recently returned from India and Indonesia where he helped to train men and women who are now investing their lives in the mission of Christ, bringing love, forgiveness and hope to those previously without it.


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