by Rick Seyer

Shown here are pictures of the inside and outside of a downtown Middlefield Lunch Room and Cigar and Tobacco store.  This business was located in the same store front where “His Daughter” now is located.  The exact date these pictures were taken is unknown but was probably sometime between 1910-1915.  The names of the people pictured are also unknown.  Through the years, the downtown Middlefield business district had many restaurants that came and went.  One can still say today that you should never be hungry in Middlefield with more than 20 places where one can buy food.  On the counter is a display of postcards that were available for purchase.  Postcards were the method of choice to keep in touch from about 1905-1915 because a few lines sometimes were all that were needed.  The postcard on the bottom left of the display is of the Doerfer building, one of many “real photo” Middlefield postcards that I have in my personal collection.


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