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House for Red Tulip Project 


The Red Tulip was adopted as a symbol of hope and healing for the Red Tulip Project in Geauga County.  This group’s mission is to build awareness of the drug epidemic in the county and to raise funds to construct, maintain and operate a sober house for women.  The plan is to assist residents with transportation to counseling and job training and to provide resources to promote healing.

The Claridon Township Trustees and the Red Tulip Project signed the lease to the Kellogg house on April 4 and will  begin renovations to create a sober house for women in Geauga County.  A part of the house will be renovated and a part will be demolished for the new building. The home will house up to four residents and one house mother. The residents will have completed detox and an intense treatment program prior to being eligible for housing at Red Tulip. This will give them an opportunity to re-enter society without going back to the circle of influence they had when using. They will be closely monitored for relapse and have strict guidelines to follow. They will have assistance with resume writing, job seeking, and whatever life skills are lacking per each individual. The Red Tulip Board is working to obtain an agreement with Kent Geauga and Auburn Career Center to offer ongoing education as needed. Transportation to counseling, jobs, and 12 step meetings will be provided. Visitors will be carefully monitored and must scan ID in order to enter the house. They will only have access to specific common areas in the house.

The group will provide not only a safe home, but a smart home that will obtain baseline information and track physical changes using Fitbits. In this way, they hope to be a model for more long-term recovery homes to follow and provide information and insight to the medical and treatment communities. To contact the Red Tulip Project of Geauga County, call 440-537-3481 or email diankel46 @gmail.com.


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