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Pancakes, Maple Syrup Teach Lessons

PHOTO: First grade teacher Mrs. Kate Pike discusses maple syrup and pancakes with students. Mrs. Pike made students pancakes during a recent lesson on solids, liquids, and gasses.

First graders in Mrs. Kate Pike’s and Mrs. Darcy Horvath’s classes will likely never look at making pancakes the same again! Recently, they got a special treat while learning about solids, liquids, and gasses. Their lesson started with a brief video and explanation from Mr. Z. on how real maple syrup is made, a staple here in Geauga County. That was followed by Mrs. Pike making the classes pancakes – but while she made them, she demonstrated how the pancake mix was a solid, then when mixed with the ingredients it turned to a liquid, followed by the pancakes “bubbling” up from gas as they cooked on the griddle, and then finally the solid final product of a pancake. Each student got a pancake with a sample of pure maple syrup and “fake” maple syrup. Students taste tested and at the end took a poll to see which syrup they liked better – pure maple syrup won!

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