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Preserving the Past


By Sandie Parnaby

Along with the all the concrete items that we make at Grandma’s Garden, we enjoy the opportunity to help someone create their own custom stone. We like even better when someone has a stone that needs to be restored. While at a show in Ashtabula, a gentleman inquired if we restored stones. He explained that he had a donkey stone/planter that his late wife had made over 25 years ago. He admitted to running into it with the lawnmower and gluing it back together. The paint was so chipped and worn off, you could barely tell what it originally looked like. He asked if we could restore it to its original glory and we told him we would like the opportunity to do that for him. The man lived near Pittsburgh and brought it to us at a show in Middlefield. I admit that at first sight, I was a little nervous. This was going to be a challenge – it was green and fuzzy and the flower pots had no bottoms.

Dale gently cleaned it and we were surprised to be able to see some of the original colors and design. He was able to patch cracks and even created bottoms for the flower pots. Then it was my turn. I had taken photos from every angle to be able to re-create the original design. As I painted I became more excited at the progress I made in recreating the original design.

During conversations with the gentleman, I asked what kind of flowers his wife used to plant in the flower pots so we could surprise him by planting flowers. The look on his face when it saw it was priceless. We had accomplished our challenge.

Being able to take a piece the has so much meaning to someone and restoring it to its original glory is very rewarding. Do you have a garden stone or statuary that could use a little TLC?  Let Grandma’s Garden do that for you. Us at 16396 Main Market in Parkman (44080) or call Sandie, 440-477-0782.


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