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Third Graders Find Volume Of Objects Using Water


Mr. Claire Zurbuch, Cardinal’s “Science Guy” recently came to help Miss Barb Tropf’s third grade science classes continue their study of the properties of matter. He came to help them find the volume of irregular shaped items. By using Archimedes’ method of finding the volume (amount of space matter takes up), students submerged objects into a container filled with water. They measured the displaced water with graduate cylinders to find the volume of various objects: a softball, pop can, brick, rock and a piece of wood. They

Third grade students partner together to find the volume of a rock using water and the Archimedes’ method.

found that mass does not determine volume, but size does. Mr. Z. finished up the experiment by measuring a rectangular prism. The third graders used their multiplication skills learned in Mrs. Christine Hiller’s Math class to find the volume of the prism. Then they used the same displacement method to prove their math was correct. Thanks Mr. Z.



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