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Village of Middlefield Update


By Mayor Ben Garlich

Memorial Day is just around the corner. The local VFW parade and ceremony will start at Village Hall at noon and end at the cemetery. We are encouraging any and all-capable to join and march in the parade. Children are encouraged to decorate their bikes with a patriotic theme and ride in the parade. This holiday is the perfect opportunity to have a discussion with our children and grand children about the reason we celebrate this day and the sacrifice many paid for our freedom. It is so important that we raise our children to know all things come at a cost, and the ultimate luxury we have in this country, is our freedom. I hope all of you will take an hour out of your day and pay tribute to those so deserving.

I was elated to watch the election results tabulate on May 2. The Cardinal school levy passed with a decisive margin. All those that worked to make this a success are to be commended but the real appreciation goes to the voters who voted in the affirmative and realized the value in sustaining an educational system that will benefit our youth as well as our communities.

Middlefield Village is reviewing options for establishing a community center. We feel there is a definite need that would be well utilized. Council has formed a committee and will engage with other groups that have shown an interest in making this a reality, which include Department on Aging, Kiwanis, Middlefield UMC and Cardinal Schools. First meetings are scheduled for this month and we are looking for any ideas that would help establish a facility that could be created cost effectively and be efficiently utilized.

The format for Middlefield Summer Fest will change this year. The Middlefield Activities Committee  (M.A.C.) thought after five years a format change was needed. This year, the celebration will start at 4 p.m. on June 17. Entertainment includes: economical food, the rocket car, Swifty the clown, The Eagles (tribute band) and fabulous fireworks. It should be a great afternoon to enjoy some good food, enjoy some great music, have some fun with neighbors and friends, take a rocket car ride and finish the evening off with our spectacular fireworks show.

We are looking forward to a successful, enjoyable event. Be informed, be involved, shop Middlefield and visit


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