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Northeast Ohio Rocks!


By Colleen Lockhart

Are you one of the lucky people who have found a painted rock?  Painted rocks have been popping up across northeast Ohio thanks to the Facebook group “Northeast Ohio Rocks”.

While setting up for the Huntsburg Memorial Day ceremony where the Huntsburg Grange offers free hot dogs to Veterans, Donna Grossman looked down to discover a painted rock on the floor of the picnic pavilion.  She had heard about the mysterious rocks but this was the first one she had ever found. When she let the other Grangers know about it, they helped her follow the instructions on the back of the rock by taking a photo, sending it to Facebook and taking it to another location to re-hide. Donna and the other Grangers are hoping that the next person to find it will continue to participate in the Northeast Ohio Rocks tradition.

The purpose of the rocks is to spread random acts of kindness throughout Ohio as an unexpected way to brighten someone’s day, and for them to pass it on to another person to keep the kindness going.

Anyone can paint a plain rock in bright colors with a word of inspiration or a scene, include instructions on the back, and hide it somewhere that it can be easily found.  Hide it in plain sight like on a park bench, in a planter outside a store, or even on the floor of the pavilion in Huntsburg!  Help spread the happiness with a simple rock.


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