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Life’s Many Doors


By Lynda Nemeth

“When one door closes, another opens.” I’ve been hearing that a lot lately, and while it’s true even more important is what happens on your journey between those two doors. After 10 years with Destination Geauga my contract was not renewed because of funding issues. With that door closed, my plan was to take some ‘me’ time before looking for my next door.

It’s funny what you don’t think about in between those doors are all the people that you have met along the way and how much they impact your life. Some people are in for the long haul, and some just for a few fleeting moments. The irony is you never know if some of those fleeting moment people might just be the next ones to fling your next door wide open.

Lynde Vespoli is a woman I have known for many years. She began her own company when she saw a need that was not being filled in the tourism market, and has been successfully growing her company the past four years. We had served together on the Adventures in NE Ohio Board, and worked together when Cleveland brought the Blount Cruises into port by putting together a ‘City to Country’ tour showcasing Cleveland and Geauga County.

In December her husband was suddenly transferred out-of-state and she needed to find someone to take over her company. All of a sudden a door was flung wide open. When she heard I was available, she said she knew “it was destiny” and this was what was supposed to happen. Knowing that this was going to be somewhat of a learning curve, I decided with the right partner things could move along quicker and with more potential to expand.

So I turned to my former partner from the Destination Geauga office Pegi Dickson, and together (again!), we are now the proud owners of the destination management company, Discover My Cleveland. We will be working with Group Travel and Corporate Groups to help them plan their tours, events, and meetings in the Greater Cleveland area. So some similarity to what we did together before on a much larger scale, and the best part, we still have the opportunity to showcase beautiful Geauga County to groups looking for a day away from the city. Visit   www.DiscoverMyCleveland.com. Happy Travels!


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