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Third-Grade Recycled Economics Projects


Prior to the end of school, third-grade students in Miss Barb Tropf’s and Mrs. Melissa Cardinal’s homerooms did a “Recycled Economics” project. They used recycled materials to create a product to “sell,” even creating a logo and slogan to go with it. Students in Mrs. Chris Hiller’s and Mr.

Cardinal third-graders Madison F. and Brynley K. display their recycled economics projects. Madison F.’s project ended up being a “top seller” in the recycled economics store.

Mike Topalian’s classes were given a “salary” for the week, and after paying for their expenses, they used the leftover money to make purchases at the “Recycled Economics” store. Some students were so impressed with the products that they spent all of their money on one item. Actually, only one student, Emily M., left the store with money. Students selling recycled products kept track of their sales and counted their money to determine how much money they had raised at the end of the day. After they paid their expenses, they figured out their net profit. Mercedes B. and Madison F. were the top sellers. Great work everyone!

Ryan C. creates a product to sell using recycled goods in the Economics Store at Cardinal Intermediate School. Third graders participated in the project prior to the end of the school year. (MP Photos/CSD)


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