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Village of Middlefield Update


By Mayor Ben Garlich

Last Saturday, our recreation Department sponsored a drug and gun awareness program. The program was coordinated using the expertise of our police department and instructed by Officer Brandon Gray. The program was held at Village Hall. Two sessions were offered to provide more age pertinent material for the age of the grade school children attending. I was able to attend the first session for children from kindergarten through third grade. Parents were also in attendance and it was fun to watch the innocence and honesty displayed. I think gun awareness and drug awareness are both very important topics. We’ve seen news stories of children being injured or killed by a fire arm due to negligence of another youth. Our youth need to be aware of the dangers as well as proper behavior in those situations. The area of drug awareness is equally important as I have personally seen the heartache and torment created in family units by loved ones that become victims of substance abuse. Our county and Village are dealing with these issues on a daily basis as the problem continues to grow. We as parents, leaders and educators can’t put enough energy into educating and instructing our youth to avoid this growing problem. I firmly believe we will make more progress with preventative education than with treatment programs. I appreciate the parents and children that attended.

Our state legislators have and are proposing laws changing the structure of local income tax which will have a negative effect on Village finances. Our village has diligently  worked to cut costs to maintain a low income tax rate and affordable water and sewer rates while continuing to maintain excellent safety and village services. We have been creative in designing incentives to maintain and grow business which has provided a $500,000 per year improvement in income tax. We are making sure our legislators are aware of our concerns and invited them to public meetings for informed discussions. Our desire has been to continue to see improvement in income tax providing us the ability to continue to properly maintain our infrastructure and maintain the services we expect. We will provide updates as we progress.

I am so pleased the way the Cardinal community has rallied to support our local school and sports programs. We know the importance the local schools are to preparing students for productive lives and maintaining a healthy community. 2017 has been a year of positive news.

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