Here are two great old pictures of Middlefield just after the turn of the century in the very early 1900s. This is a picture of the downtown area on what was then known as East Elm Street and West High Street. The Frank Johnson Drug Store was on the northwest corner of the intersection and the Hardware store owned by Frank Griffen was on the northeast corner. The Pool Hall building is now Middlefield Tavern and the Restaurant building is now His Daughter. All of the other buildings have been torn down. There must have been a special event this day sometime in the summer or early fall. The ladies are in long dresses and no coats and the men are all in hats. Back in this era, coming to town was a big deal and people dressed up for the occasion.

This picture is looking north on North State Avenue from the beginning of the intersection.  The small corner of the drug store is the back end of the drug store in the first picture.  Next to it was a harness shop and next to it was the Phil Doerfer Hardware Store and upstairs Dance Hall.  The dance hall was a very popular place with the town young folks and many romances started here. Notice that instead of parking spaces in front of the stores there were hitching rails.  This was at a time before the automobile when everyone, Yankee and Amish alike, used the horse and buggy for transportation.  Also notice that the streets were still dirt.  These buildings have all been torn down and now the mini park occupies this space.

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