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Students Create 3-D Art

High school art students Kaitlyn B., Katlyn L., Adriana N., Brittni L., Faith P., Robbie M., Eric P., Hayden C., Parker K., Trey S., Julianna P., Trevor B. and Jacob G. show off their 3-D projects after learning about figurative sculptures.tif (MP Photo/CSD)

High school art students have been learning about famous figurative sculptures from around the world. Figurative art are works that derive from real object sources. Teacher Amy Alvord had her students apply these concepts and work collaboratively to create giant, three-dimensional heads.  Students got extremely creative with their work and Mrs. Alvord was pleased with how their projects turned out. Great work everyone!

Glue Helps Classroom Skills

Kindergarten students use glue to decorate their papers. The project was a useful lesson in how to use supplies correctly, follow instructions, and fine-tune motor skills. (MP Photo/CSD)

Kindergarten students are officially settled into “big kid school!” In Mrs. Ashley Derecskey’s class, students spent time recently learning how to use their materials correctly. Students heard the story “Too Much Glue” and then used glue to decorate their paper bodies with different craft items. Mrs. Derecskey says the experiment is a great way for students to practice literacy, direction following and fine motor skills all while having some creative fun! Great job pups!


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