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Johnson Rubber Employees Gather


By Colleen Lockhart

Some connections keep people together and having been a Johnson Rubber employee seems to be one of those connections.  Johnson Rubber was one of the largest employers in Middlefield beginning in 1895 until its closing in 2008. On the third Thursday of every month, former employees of the former Johnson Rubber Company get together at a local restaurant to keep in touch with longtime friends and to renew old friendships.

This has been going on for about 12 years and they have, at times, had more than 30 individuals attend. One employee worked for Johnson Rubber for 47 and a half years. Others check in with 45, 44, 42, all the way down to nine years.  The average number of years worked for this group is about 29. That is a lot of history shared among work friends who also share a bond that seems to be unbreakable.

The next gathering will be on Sept. 21 at 11:30 a.m. at Roby Lees Restaurant; 425 Ridge Road, Newton Falls.  Former hourly, office and salaried employees are invited to attend even if they have never attended before.  It is very important to contact Jeannie Babb at 440-749-0518 so she can make reservations.  Email sugarsoreo@twc.com up to the night before the luncheon for a last minute reservation or cancellation.


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