Fouth grader Elisabeth M. has her opinion on being tardy to school featured on the WVIZ/PBS Ideastream Education program NewsDepth.

Kudos to fourth grader Elisabeth M. who recently had her opinion published and featured on the WVIZ/PBS Ideastream Education program News Depth. NewsDepth is an award-winning instructional multiple media product that connects students to Ohio’s New Learning Standards. Each week students from across the state submit an opinion on various topics through the program’s Inbox. Elisabeth’s thoughts on being tardy to school were featured on the website for the program’s second episode.

She wrote, “I think there should be a consequence for being tardy to school. The consequence, I believe, should be an extra page of homework for being late to school. I believe this is a wonderful consequence because being late means your teacher may have assigned homework that is very important and for a side dish of knowledge a few extra questions to even it out. I also believe this is a terrific idea because you have missed a little bit of class and will need to make up in some way. The last reason I feel that extra homework is a nice reason, is you missed some of the class which also means you missed out on some learning that helps you stay smart. That is why I feel there should be some form of punishment for being tardy to class.” Elisabeth said she was very excited to hear that her opinion had been selected, adding she worked extremely hard and long, to get her thoughts together on the subject. Way to go Elisabeth!



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