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Hay, Hay, the Gang’s All Here

Elli's grandchildren (MP Photo/Ellie Behman)

By Ellie Behman

There is no better way to enjoy a crisp, sunny day in the fall than a hayride.  I wrote about such a day a couple of years ago and here I was, once again, planning another with my daughters, son in law Terry and three great-grandsons. They are growing like weeds and I wondered if they were too big to enjoy this annual outing, but I was so wrong. Come to think of it, I haven’t outgrown the desire to participate either.

When they were asked where they wanted to go this year, they unanimously chose the same farm we had gone in previous years, proof that tradition even lives in the hearts of the young. I felt the same way but silently wondered how I would manage climbing onto the large wagon without writhing around like a beached whale.  I silently thought to myself, ‘come on legs, don’t embarrass me now.’  Well I managed to get up, hold onto my dignity and we were soon on our way.

What a joy to sit atop the hay bales, take in the clear, clean air and ride out to the field where literally hundreds of pumpkins dotted the ground. The kids jumped off the wagon at the first stop and ran quickly to make their choices. The biggest kid,  Krissy, jumped down and grabbed the first pumpkin she saw. We laughed as Terry quipped, “You are a premature pumpkin picker.”  Guess she let the excitement of the day cloud her need to be selective when spotting the perfect one.

As for me, I decided to stay on the wagon and watch the others. Our driver told us to shout out if we spotted a pumpkin we just had to have and he would stop.  Well, shout I did and Terry was kind enough to hop off and bring me a pumpkin.  Great to have someone nearby to rely on.  After several stops we made it back to the barn, pumpkins and children (and Grama) bouncing all over the wagon.

Back at the barn the kids (and I include Krissy) ran to the soy bean box where they enjoyed burying one another. They then ran through the hay bale maze, and went on a ride inside little carts.  There we were, all ages, but enjoying the day together in the same way.

I believe the Lord set it up so we could enjoy each other’s company on a bright sunny fall day. I feel Krissy (my 50-year-old kid)  had the best time of all. When I got home, I smiled to myself as I removed my tennis shoes and found a little soy bean stuck under my toes. Another reminder for sure of life’s most important moments.  I heard that when you bring home sand from a beach it means you will return again to that very place.  Hopefully that little soy bean will lure us back again next year.

Ellie, a freelance writer for more than 40 years, has written more than 400 articles.  She and her  husband spend as much time as possible at their cabin where they enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area. This is where the majority of her writing is done as it is the perfect quiet setting for a writer.


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