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Village of Middlefield Update By Mayor Ben Garlich

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Early November, the Village with the support of our recreation and police departments held a drug and gun awareness program for children. This is the second program held in the last few months. We think the subjects are so important in today’s environment, which was the reasoning for running the program twice in a relatively short period of time. Our village has experienced many opioid related events which some have resulted in heart-breaking deaths. It has taken lives of individuals with so much future ahead of them will lots to offer, not to mention the tremendous impact this has on families and friends of those victims. I recently saw a report from a fire chief whose territory had a 10 percent population addiction and responded to five calls per day for emergency assistance for an overdose situation. Stats show that opioid overdose accounts for more deaths than car accidents and guns combined. The problem is real and growing in all areas of our country, and to preserve our quality of life, this trend must  be reversed.

The attendance at both of our programs has been light which surprises and disappoints me. We owe to our youth and ourselves to educate as early as possible, relaying the tragic effect that can occur when addiction affects a family member and a member of our community. Please be involved to stop the advancement of addiction.  (photos) Graduates of the most recent drug and safety class taken with Officer Brandon Gray.

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