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Bunny and Peter 

Peter (left) and Bunny (MP Photo/Kathy Deptola)

By Kathy Deptola

Last July my friend Rebecca was doing “TNR (trap, neuter, return)” for cats in the Middlefield area. This is an invaluable service that she provides to various counties, for which she is rarely compensated. Upon closer examination of two cats she had trapped in Middlefield, she found that both cats had been shot. Due to the severity of their injuries, each cat had to have a leg amputated.

Bunny, lost her right front leg, and Peter lost his left rear leg. Both cats were no longer candidates as “outdoor cats”, especially given the fact that someone was using them as target practice.

Bunny and Peter have fully recovered from their surgeries in their foster home, and are looking forward to continuing their new lives – hopefully together – in another safe indoor environment. Peter’s still a little shyer than Bunny, but they are constantly making progress. They’re best friends, very playful, they compete to get affection from their people, they climb cat trees and other easy heights, and they love to groom and wrestle each other.

If you think you can provide a safe and loving home for both Bunny and Peter, please contact my friend Rebecca at 440-321-2485, or Kathy Deptola Animal Rescue at kdanimalrescue@gmail.com.

To the person that shot these cats: Did you even stop and think about what you were doing or about the pain you we’re inflicting? These cats suffered until Rebecca came along. She and her husband paid for their surgeries and nursed them back to health. The answer to abandoned, unfixed cats is NOT to shoot them, or poison them.  We should channel our energy into helping animals instead of harming them?

Donations can be made to Kathy Deptola Animal Rescue via PayPal or mailed to P.O. Box 132 East Claridon, OH 44033. All money collected will be forwarded to Rebecca to help with both cats’ medical expenses.


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