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The New Bookmobile!


By Nick Fagan

As I wrote last month, the new bookmobile has arrived!   While it is good to have it in our garage, there is still a lot of work to be done before it hits the road.  We are aiming to launch it in late April. It has been a real experience since it has arrived from Wisconsin. Let me just tell you, this thing is BIG.  The manufacturer said it would be 11’8” tall.  Well, we measured it and it actually came in at 12’ tall.   We were initially worried that it wouldn’t fit though our garage door.  Luckily, we have some room to spare. It is also longer – about 35 feet – and wider than the old bookmobile. In the fall we made some adjustments to our schedule in anticipation for the larger vehicle – however, we did not realize how HUGE it would be. After seeing the behemoth, we discovered that some additional schedule adjustments are needed. Some stops may be relocated or combined with others.  We are working hard to serve as many people as possible and make sure options are available. We will notify you of any updates or changes a couple weeks in advance.

So what needs to be done before it hits the road?  Well, we all need to learn to drive it and become comfortable with it. Because it is bigger, we have to be extra cautious.  Luckily, it drives really well and we are getting the hang of its size.  We are also practicing backing into drive ways and it is a little trickier than before.  So parents please remind your children stay calm and far back from the bookmobile while it is backing in.  We don’t want anyone hurt and we need to concentrate on the maneuver.

You may have seen us test driving the new bookmobile.  As I write this article, the new bookmobile is a large white vehicle.  One driver joked that it reminded her of “Moby Dick,” the great white whale from the famous book. We’ve been practicing driving at the fairground and the roads we normally travel.  We’ve been backing into our regular drives to make sure it will fit.   So if you see a strange vehicle pulling in, please don’t be alarmed.

The new bookmobile won’t stay bright white forever. By the time this edition is published, it may have already been “wrapped” with graphics. After the wrap, there will be no mistaking that it is a bookmobile. It will feature a countryside scene with books and reading kids.  The inside has tan and green shelves. Right now most shelves are empty and we will fill them with books shortly. It also is very spacious inside and we can’t wait for you to see it.  We hope you are as excited to see the new bookmobile as we are!


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