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Burton Elementary First Graders Explore States of Matter

These Berkshire first graders, under the tutelage of Mrs. Bittinger, Mrs. Mann and Mrs. Chase, explored water and ice and other forms of solids, liquids and gases. (MP Photos/BSD)

First graders at Burton Elementary started their project with the exploration of water and ice; how it is formed and the changes that occur with different temperatures. Then they experimented with different solids, liquids and gases. The children were able to see first hand how a solid candle changed into a liquid with heat. They were able to touch the melted wax that cooled into a solid. They also spent one morning rotating to each first-grade classroom to experiment with different solids, liquids, and gases. Mrs. Bittinger’s room experimented with steam by measuring and mixing liquids, boiling water and then making Jell-o Jigglers. Once the Jell-o was cooled, they were able to enjoy a sweet treat! They recorded their findings on a data collection sheet. Mrs. Mann’s class made Oobleck, and started with dry and wet ingredients, measured and mixed, then made a liquid that with applied force would change into a solid. It was so neat to see the solid change right before your eyes!  The children worked with Mrs. Chase to discuss and record their predictions and data. What a great day! We came together as a first grade to learn and experiment what we were reading, researching, and writing about!


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