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Talking About the New Bookmobile


By Nick Fagan

It feels like I’ve been talking about the new Bookmobile forever, but it is (almost) ready to hit the road. The first full week of service will begin April 30. But I’m not the only one who has been talking about the new bus and we were happy to hear your excitement too. I wrote last issue about its larger size and word is spreading. Katy recently answered our office phone and a young boy asked, “When is the Big Bookmobile coming?” Katy asked if he meant the Bookmobile, but he replied, “I know when the Bookmobile is coming next.  I want to know about the really big new one!”  

When it first arrived, it was a big white vehicle. I’m sure we confused some people as we drove it down the roads and tested driveways. However, people soon learned it was the new bookmobile. Just last week, a young patron asked, “When is the big white bus coming?” We responded, “It was not white anymore.” Mid-March we drove the new Bookmobile to Twinsburg and a wrap was installed around it.  It took a whole week to get it done. Now, it is a big green and blue bus. Have you seen it?  It is hard to miss. The wrap features a scrolling landscape with sunrise, kids and of course, books. We recently drove past a school during recess and the kids stopped playing and looked on in excitement.   

It has been a lot of work getting everything ready and figuring out the new vehicle. Please be patient with us as we learn how to best serve you. It will take us a little while to get used to the new space. Also, parents, please remind your children to stay calm and far back from the Bookmobile while it is backing in.  

In other news, staff enjoyed the “Spring Fling” contest on the Bookmobile.We asked kids to make us laugh and the kids have really taken to the task. They have been writing down jokes and riddles and returning them to the Bookmobile. The contest runs until April 21 and then we’ll pick one entry to win a prize. We will also vote on our favorite joke. They’ve given us some good chuckles and we will share our favorites in future articles.  

We can’t wait to see you on the road in the New Bookmobile!


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