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GCPL Replaces Bookmobile, Improves Mobile Services


Geauga County residents should keep an eye for the new Bookmobile on the roads. This 35-foot bus, wrapped in a colorful, pastoral depiction of Geauga’s rolling hills holds approximately 4,000 materials and makes up to 33 stops per week, primarily in Amish communities.

This new vehicle replaces the 12-year-old blue Bookmobile that has faithfully served the county through rain, sleet, snow and sun. Over the course of time, the former Bookmobile’s maintenance costs began rising to the point where replacing it became the fiscally responsible decision.

“The new Bookmobile is our largest vehicle,” says GCPL Mobile Services manager Nick Fagan. “We’re often the highlight of people’s day. Having access to reading materials is important. Not everyone can get to the library, so when we can help facilitate education and entertainment through our collection via the Bookmobile, we’re having a positive impact on people who may not otherwise have an opportunity to get materials.”

“Serving as many citizens as possible is our goal,” says GCPL director Ed Worso. ”GCPL strives to effectively reach citizens wherever they may be. Geauga is a large county, and transportation is an issue for some of our citizens. If people can’t get to the library, then the library will visit them and ensure that all citizens have access to books and other materials.”

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