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House Cleaning aka Mouse Cleaning


By Ellie Behman

Ron and I looked forward to a few days at the cabin after being away for a while. I wondered if there would be the usual water bugs or bees all over the floor. I was pleasantly surprised to see no evidence of bugs anywhere. This was going to be a great mini vacation. My optimistic outlook, however, was short lived.

As I began to arrange the clothes in the drawer my hand touched something furry. My geriatric screams could be heard clear across the county. There, nestled in a nest of shredded bedding was a tiny mouse who was staring back at me with her beady little eyes. I even thought I heard her scream when she spotted me.

Ron rushed in when he heard my “not so feminine screeching”, thinking I must have seen Big Foot. But that’s another story. Anyway our afternoon of “cat and mouse” began. By the way, whose bright idea was it to leave our cat at home? Oops, that would be me.

All I could think of was that we make plans and then life happens. Our plans were to rest but life handed us a quest. These tiny little mice had done their damage; chewed a sweater of Ron’s, a flannel shirt, a scarf and some unmentionables. They sure must have something against him.

Our relaxing getaway became an unnerving hunt for unwanted visitors. The nights made me the most jittery. When the lights went out, the little crunching sounds they made kept us awake and sent shivers up and down my spine.

After an unsettling couple of days, we thought we had solved the problem, until I unwittingly opened another drawer. Yup, there she was taunting me with those glaring little eyes. Then I remembered a saying I once heard,. “Just when you think its safe to go into the water.” Uh oh, I can hear the terrifying music from the movie Jaws in my head. Well, my new saying is, “Just when you think its safe to open a drawer, stand back cause there may be more.”     


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