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A Look Back in Time by Rick Seyer


The gas station that was located on the southeast corner of the downtown intersection was both a Mobil Gas (top) and a Sohio gas station at different times. It was built in the 1950s after all the businesses that were previously located there were torn down.  The second story of one of those businesses was saved and moved just east of the intersection of Route 528 and 87 and made into a private home. It is the first home past the intersection on the north side of the road. When the gas station opened it was operated by C. J. Ohl and Kenny Barnes.  There were many different owners as time went by and I believe the last owner was Vern Pitcher.  When the station closed, it was then rented by a few different people but none of the businesses stayed very long.  One of those businesses was Mike’s Electric (center).  This may have been the last business to occupy this site before the entire southeast side of the intersection was torn down to make way for the parking lot for Middlefield Banking Company (bottom).  Note the grain silo in the background of the second and third picture.


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