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Fitness Walking Spring 2018 Class Recap    

The Middlefield Fitness Walking Class. (l-r) Shari Palla, Mary Lou Garver, Jim Sasak, Pam Potter, Lois Ann Renner, Anthony Boyk, Aimee McGowan, Garrett Rose, Adam Warren and Billie Warren. (not pictured) Rick Seyer, Linda Smallwood, Ethel Selby and Vikki Naples. (MP Photo/ Frank Bucci)

By Coach Jim “Spudd” Sasak, MBA, M.Ed.

It’s been over a decade since I stood in front of a gymnasium at KSU-Ashtabula filled with anxious students ready to have a purported Expert-in-the-Field teach them the enormous difference between ‘Walking’ and ‘Fitness Walking’ and how much the latter would improve their overall health in a scant 13 weeks. Truth be told, I think I was as nervous as everyone else at our first class in Middlefield this spring, but after a quick orientation we got right down to business, and the fun and camaraderie commenced.  

As one of the County’s Top Endurance Athletes, (42 Marathons + 30K Touring bicycle miles), I believe the program I present at these classes is pliable enough to help recovering Couch Potatoes of all ages. (Spring Class ages ranged from ages 30 to 86.)  The program is based upon three things: 1. The ‘Eight Best Movements for Health’, gentle stretches; 2. A form-based brisk Fitness Walking Mile; 3. Very simple changes to our consumption habits from the “Garden of Eden Diet.”  In 13 weeks I saw incredible changes in my class and I am so proud for them.

It has been a great pleasure and privilege to share my passion for Moderate Fitness Recovery with my new friends in Middlefield. I am amazed at how well the class progressed through the semester and in fact how much they taught me. Special kudos go to the small band of hearty souls who braved the discouraging weather that befell 19 of our 26 class sessions.  And finally, my appreciation pours out to Mayor Garlich, Councilmen Blue and Hornung and especially to Billie and Vikki at the Rec Department who made everything run so smoothly. And lest I forget, many thanks to Lake Health Systems for sponsoring our Fancy Walking Class T-Shirts.


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